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American Made Jeans For Women

Blue Delta Family Quotes

The right and WRONG jeans fit for YOUR shape (straight, flare, boyfriend, or… skinny?)

These guys care deeply about the jeans and pants they make. Blue Delta jeans are by far my favorite, and they even made jeans to fit my lineman. Custom fit is the only way to go. And the fact that they are handmade in Mississippi is just icing on the cake.

Dak Prescott, NFL Quarterback and BDJ Family Member

Blue Delta is nothing but high quality. But better than that, there’s a level of personal connection and attention that comes with them that doesn’t happen with other brands. They care about your fit and hand-making you the best blue jeans in the world.

Jay Bilas, ESPN Analyst and BDJ Family Member

Pair after pair. Quality materials and the best fit. Ladies, get some! Because I love my Blue Delta jeans.

Laura Rutledge, ESPN Reporter and BDJ Family Member

American made, comfortable and durable. These are the best jeans I’ve ever worn. I love my Blue Delta jeans.

Ryan Newman, NASCAR Driver for Roush Fenway Racing and BDJ Family Member

Lost some weight and realized I have been cheating myself with the kind of jeans I wore. Upgraded to Blue Delta and there is no going back ever. I love the people, the quality and the jeans. Yet another thing that makes me proud to be from Mississippi.

Ben Mintz, Mississippi Sports Expert for Barstool Sports and BDJ Family Member

Blue Delta Family

Adjusting To What An American

For many readers who want to buy made in America jeans, adjusting to the higher prices will be a challenge.

Keep in mind, Levis and Wrangler sold made in USA jeans a few years ago and were priced at $250 and $275, respectively. Neither brand is known for high prices, but each did the math for what their American-made jean should costand both came up with a similar number.

The prices are higher because American labor and overhead are higher, and the scale that can reduce cost is no longer available for American factories.

Kimes Ranch Womens Anna Overalls Blue Cotton Blend Straight Leg

Kimes Ranch is on our list again, this time with a pair of overalls that are comfortable and functional.

99% cotton construction is at the base of these straight leg bib overalls, and the straps are adjustable for people of almost any height or size. The overalls have two back pockets and two side pockets for maximum space, as well.

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All American Clothing Co Jeans

Mens & Womens

All American Clothing Cos Origin and Manufacturing Locations

All American Clothing Company has been making American-made jeans for some time now and is utilizing one of the last major denim manufacturing facilities in Kentucky for most of their offerings.

The story of how this company came to be is a very interesting and brash one. From what I understand, the founder Lawson Nickol was working for another jeans manufacturer, and in 2002, that company decided to move a portion of its manufacturing outside of the US. This upset Lawson to the point where he left the company, recruited his son BJ and set out to begin his own venture the All American Clothing Co.

Unfortunately, the founder of the company passed away in 2019, but a group of American denim-loving businessmen, currently located in Arcanum, Ohio, own the company and share the same passion that Lawson held, keeping the production of their jeans in the United States.

What We Like and Dont Like About All American Clothing Co Jeans

Finding jeans made in America is a tough challenge as it is on its own, but then adding affordable and quality to the mix makes the pursuit almost impossible. Yet, upon stumbling into the All American Clothing Companies website, you are immediately greeted with simple and high-quality designs across a wide variety of styles that are affordable and, of course, made with American talent.

The Made In Usa Jeans List

Best Jeans For Curvy Women Made in USA: Steps To Success

These 10 brands are the only brands were aware of that make exclusively in their own USA factory. If we missed a brand, email us at . To see a list of more American made jeans brands , visit this article or see the bottom of this list.

Mens jeans over $200East Rutherford, NJ

Todd Shelton uses standard and custom fit options to help men find their best fitting jean. The company cuts, sews, and ships its jeans from its East Rutherford, NJ factory from imported denim. Available in selvedge and non-selvedge denim.

Mens jeans under $100Asheboro, NC

Texas Jeans is a division of Fox Apparel, which makes fatigues for the US military. Texas Jeans price their American-made jeans competitively, promoted on their website as, only a dollar to 2 dollars more expensive than what youre going to find in Wal-Mart.

Shop Texas Jeans

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Union Line 25309 Denim Carpenter Jean

Carpenter jeans are loose, comfortable, and easy to get around in so that those who work in carpentry get the functionality necessary to do their jobs well. Union Lines 25309 Carpenter Jeans are some of the best out there, and blue-collar workers from around the country utilize them in their daily wear.

This pair of jeans has the classic carpenter look, made from 100% heavyweight pre-washed denim. As with most carpenter jeans, the back pockets are double-stitched for extra reinforcement, and the complete design of these mens jeans is rivetless. Also, if youre looking for jeans made by bona-fide union members, Union Lines American-made jeans fit the bill.

Denim Jean Brands Made In The Usa

Whatâsmore American than blue jeans? You see them everywhere, from the farm to theoffice to the runway.But longbefore denim was fashionable, it was the workwear of choice for Americaâs goldrush workers in the 1800s. In 1847, LeviStrauss emigrated to the United States to join hisbrother. As the Gold Rush began to boom, they headed West and set up a familydry goods business, first in Louisville, Kentucky, and later in San Francisco.Among a wide range of products they sold cotton cloth. A customer, Jacob Davis,used Leviâs cotton cloth and rivets to make durable pants for gold miners. Heapproached Levi with the idea to go into business together. In 1873, Levis andDavis received a patent on denim jeans, and kicked off their long journey fromhardworking pants to iconic emblems of modern America.

Jeanswere born in the USA, and today thereare still brands are dedicated to manufacturing their jeans right here onAmerican soil. Many use cotton from the United States, too. Here are a few ofour favorites.

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The Diamond Gusset Jean Co

Next on the list is The Diamond Gusset Jean Co., which has been producing its unique jean concept for men since 1987. The company uses a gusset design sewn into the stride to maximize both durability and comfort.

Established in 1987, The Diamond Gusset got its name from the extra diamond-shaped gusset sewn to the jeans crotch area

While many of the companys early competitors have since taken manufacturing overseas, Gusset has grown stronger than ever and continues to produce its denim here in the US.

Its aim is to provide the most comfortable jeans on the market while continuously focusing on craftsmanship and improvement.

A $67.95-classic five-pocket jean incorporated with The Diamond Gussets signature gusset design sewn into the stride for exceptional comfort

The classic Gusset denim is the Regular Fit Industrial Blue, a classic five-pocket jean with the signature gusset and a slightly high-rise waist.

With a traditional straight leg and a comfortable fit, theres nothing not to love about the Regular Fit Industrial Blue. For this style, the denim is manufactured at Mount Vernon Mills in Trion, Georgia.

Why Is Owning A Jeans Factory Relevant To This List

We Try CUSTOM MADE Jeans *Is It Worth It?*

People who care about Made in USA jeans, not only care where the jeans are made, they care about the values behind the brands that make them.

Owning and operating a jean factory in the USA requires a commitment to people, physical labor, machines, and craft. This list spotlights the brands and people who have fully committed to the hard work of making jeans in America by operating a factory.

There are other brands that are also committed to making jeans in the USA and they use 3rd-party factories in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and El Paso . We list them below.

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Kimes Ranch Womens Jolene Flare Bootcut Jeans

Kimes Ranch is another brand that focuses on providing high-quality, durable jeans that can be used for hiking, working, or just wearing around the house. Their womens jeans are designed to fit comfortably, and are made from 11 ounce denim.

With a 99% cotton design, these low rise, American made jeans feature a fitted upper thigh and a flared bootcut. The silver stitching rinse wash allows for unique coloration and helps the color to last a lot longer than it otherwise may have. Overall, the Kimes Ranch Womens Bootcut Jean is a solid option for ladies that want something comfortable and unique.

Detroit Denim Co Jeans


Detroit Denims Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Made in Detroit, Michigan, jeans from Detroit Denim take sustainability to a whole new level. The company first began in a garage and soon moved to a space full of makers and other artisans in Detroit. They toured international factories producing jeans on a large scale and decided that they wanted to do business differently, even if it meant keeping things smaller. Detroit Denim continues to operate in Detroit and makes to-order jeans for its customers.

What We Like and Dont Like About Detroit Denim Jeans

Detroit Denim makes custom jeans for each customer. Whether you are particular about your jeans or just want the absolute best fit for your body, youll find what you are looking for at Detroit Denim. These are expensive jeans, but they are so well-made and custom-fitted that they may be the only pair that you want to wear going forward.

One of my favorite aspects of the jeans design process is being able to match the waist/hip ratio that works best for your body type with the type of cut and a leg design that you want. They will even sew your name and a quote or message of your choice onto the tag when they custom-make your pair of jeans.

If youre nervous about buying a pair of jeans without being able to try them on, Detroit Denim is also a great option since they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you dont love your jeans.

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Denim Jeans Styles By All American Clothing

Denim jeans are part and parcel of the arts and pop culture of the Americans and, more so, blue jeans. With the popularization of jeans culture through Hollywood movie stars, denim jeans became a fashion symbol and a sign of youth over time. All American clothing is proud to continue the culture by producing high-quality and comfortable jeans made right here in the USA.

All American Clothing produces eight different styles of American-made jeans, including:

  • Straight leg jeans
  • Classic jeans, among many others

If youre looking for high-quality mens jeans or womens jeans that will last for years, then All American Clothing has what you’ve been looking for.

Other Made In Usa Jeans Brands

True Religion Womens Bobby Jeans Low Rise Flare Distressed Size 27 28 ...

The following brands also make jeans in the USA.

In alphabetical order:

Left Field NYC over $200

Rogue Territory over $200

Tellason over $200

3sixteen over $200

To suggest that a brand be considered for this list, please email . To see a complete list of American made clothing brands, click here.

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Round House Five Pocket Heavyweight Stonewashed Dungaree

With over a century of manufacturing background, Round House has designed a variety of overalls and jeans that are made in the USA. The Shawnee, Oklahoma-based brand prides themselves in having dedication to the art of using denim.

These Five-Pocket Jeans are made from 100%, heavy weight, pre-shrunk cotton denim. It has a traditional zipper fly and every one of the 5 included pockets is extra deep, with some additional stitching and reinforcement on the back pockets. On top of that, the jeans have a relaxed fit design.

All American Clothing Co

All American Clothing Co. is a website committed to offering only USA-made apparel, including womens casual jeans in multiple styles. They are some of the less expensive jeans youll find on our list, but the quality is not sacrificed. Sizes run 4-18, and some styles come in tall lengths. The company offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more, plus free returns and exchanges. Youll also find special discounts for military and first responders.

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Schaefer Outfitter Jeans Ranch Hand Dungaree Original Fit

Schaefer Outfitter is a brand that prides itself in making Americas Finest Ranchwear. By being one of the last bastions of ranchwear that is designed and made in America, Schaefer has earned a fair share of lifelong customers.

These made in USA Ranch Hand Dungarees are one of Schaefers most popular items, made completely from 14.5 ounce cotton denim. The high quality denim is even produced in West Texas! The jeans feature reinforced outseams, a double stitched waistband and rear pockets, and rivets in the pockets. The jeans waist sits above the waist and flare at the bottom, so theyre cowboy boot friendly.

Where Our Clothes Are Made

11 American Made Workwear Brands You Should Know!

All our products are made in America, and presently they are produced in Illinois, California, Texas and Kentucky. If you’re not satisfied, we have a 30-day return policy after receiving your order for a refund or an exchange.

Our Story

Our mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the USA we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities.

Give us a shot and experience the comfort of American made!


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No More Household Names Like Levis Wrangler Or Lee

The Big 3: Levis, Wrangler, and Lee no longer make jeans in America. A few years ago, Levis and Wrangler sold a Made in USA jean for over $200but a recent search shows both have been discontinued.

Even well-known brands like AG Jeans and Lucky, which still have a reputation for USA made jeans, no longer make jeans here.

People looking to buy American made jeans will need to be willing to get familiar with a new brand, because there are no more household names making jeans in America.

Lc King Manufacturing Co


LC Kings Origin and Manufacturing Locations

LC King is another American jeans manufacturer that has a history and legacy of tough, rugged clothing for the outdoors. Founded by Landon Clayton King in 1913, the company is now under the leadership of his great-grandson Jack King. With a long history of jeans made for working men , L.C. King is a well-known brand of overalls and tough denim.

What We Like and Dont Like About LC King Jeans

The options for women are limited, but there are plenty of mens cuts and jackets and outerwear that will work for anyone. They have a lot of washes available in overalls and jackets but few cuts and styles in regular trouser-style jeans. They separate their products into workwear and western wear, making it easy for customers to find the right thing for their needs.

If you want a well-made pair of overalls or jeans designed for practical use, L.C. King will have just what you need. I especially like their line of jackets and outerwear, many of which are a cross between a heavy-weight shirt and a true jacket. Theyre perfect to pair with your jeans or overalls to keep you warm in the cool mornings.

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The Origin Of American

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were granted a US patent to add rivets to mens work pants, creating the first Made in USA jean in 1873. Nearly 150 years later, jeans have evolved from their workwear roots to an everyday American clothing essential.

Todd Shelton is mens clothing brand based in New Jersey. Founded by Tennessee native Todd Shelton, the brands collections offer industry-leading fits that are manufactured in the companys NJ factory and sold exclusively online.

American Eagle Womens Clothes & Jeans

Bullet Blues Fall Denim Forecast: Shop American

Feel good every day with womens clothing & jeans from American Eagle. From top to bottom, weve got you covered with on-trend options designed with the goal of making you feel like your best, most comfortable self all day every day. Try new womens jeans fits, ultra-soft t-shirts and sweatshirts, cozy sweaters and cardigans, and much more when you shop womens clothes at American Eagle.

Start your outfit from the bottom up with womens jeans & bottoms made in comfy rigid or stretch denim, cool corduroy, soft fleece, stretch khaki, or lightweight linen. American Eagle womens jeans come in tons of on-trend fits like Mom jeans, low-rise jeans, 90s jeans, flare jeans, and bootcut jeans, or in the tried-and-true classics like jeggings, cropped jeans, high-waisted jeans, and cropped jeans. Relax your look for comfy days with fleece joggers or form-fitting leggings and switch up your khaki or denim shorts game with Mom shorts, short shorts, midi shorts, and more to find the right fit for you.

Find other must-have womens clothing with tons of options for dresses, bodysuits, skirts, skorts, jumpsuits, and rompers. Try comfy clothes like joggers and hoodies for laid-back days, then switch up your look for a night out with going out tops and a denim jacket paired with must-have jean skirts or 90s jeans. No matter what your style is, you can find something that feels good at American Eagle.

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