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Banana Republic Athletic Fit Jeans

No Longer Do You Need To Settle For Stylish Jeans Or A Big Squatnow You Can Have Both

Best Fitting Chinos For The Fit Man | Banana Republic

A stylish pair of jeans can suit you well on date night, at work, and, assuming youve found a comfortable fit, at home while you lounge around without feeling restricted.

That last part, the one about the comfortable fit, is the most important. Unlike most of the dudes we feature in our magazine and on our website, I am not built like a perfectly symmetrical piece of chiseled marble. No matter how heavy or light I am, my ass has always been too big. Therefore, finding a pair of jeans that I lookand feelgood in has never been easy.

Ive only ever had luck with husky jeans that end up tight in the legs and loose in the waist. It wasnt until the athletic jeans entered the market in 2014 that my beefy brethren and I could slip into some denim without a worry in the world.

We always talked about how finding pants that fit was a huge pain, that nothing was made for people that had more athletic builds, especially athletic lower bodies, says Hunter Molzen, the founder and chief marketing officer of Barbell Apparel. Along with three other co-founders, Molzen and Co. launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to construct the perfect jeans for guys like them. They raised over $700,000.

Barbell Apparels athletic fit is tapered at the waist and allows for a little more room in the glute and hamstring area, according to Molzen, who adds: We also use a really expensive, high-performance stretch denim that allows for flex.

What is flexible denim made of?

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Uniqlo Stretch Selvedge Slim

UNIQLOs line remains relatively consistent through the years, but they do update their pieces seasonally to adapt to current trends .

You can usually make out a pair of selvedge jeans from the selvedge detail at the bottom of the jeans cuff. Its an unmistakable trait of all selvedge denim.

I bought my pair of Stretch Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans 4-5 years ago. Its got a relatively light fading on the front and back, its like a mid-wash pair of blue jeans. Currently UNIQLO offers 3 colors of their selvedge slim jeansnavy, black or white.

The pair I own is actually very soft, contrary to what youd expect from typical rough and raw selvedge denim which can be quite stiff. I cant speak to their current model, but upon reading reviews, the jeans might be stiffer and cut wider now.

What Are Athletic Taper Jeans

Why is this so important? Well, before the invention of athletic fit, you pretty much had to buy bulky, straight-legged regular fit jeans if you had a more muscled posterior or thighs. If you were lucky, you could afford to hire a tailor to make those baggy regular-cut jeans fit you. If not, you just had to wear looser pants to accommodate the shape of your body!

Athletic taper jeans give you the option of wearing pants that fit the upper portion of your legs and taper in the lower leg to give you a more modern appearance.

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Gap Selvedge Slim Jeans

The Selvedge Slim Jeans are Gaps best-selling slim fit. They offer a non-stretch version which is the one I have and a version with their GapFlex technology which Im sure offers a more comfortable fit, that takes away from the ruggedness of selvedge though. I personally enjoy the break-in process of a pair of thick, selvedge jeans.

This jean is made with Gaps premium, rigid-raw, Kaihara Japanese selvedge denim made on vintage shuttle looms. What I really like about selvedge jeans is the contrast brown thread stitching on the blue denim. And of course it has the ubiquitous selvedge detail on the cuff.

Like its younger brother, Banana Republic, Gap also offers tall sizes which is great for taller gents. Unfortunately theres still no short sizes and so men under 56 are pretty SOL.

Under 510 Bruce Slim Fit Jean

Banana Republic Factory Cotton Athletic

The pair that Im wearing below is the Bruce tapered fit jean in a dark wash. Its my favorite color of jean to wear mainly because of its versatility. Dark jeans literally go with anything. As for the fit, the dark blue Bruce runs slim in the waist and down the legs.

Its pretty slim, in fact Id go as far to say that it fits more like a pair of skinny jeans. Its got a mid-rise and all in all the dark wash Bruce is a solid pair of jeans.

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Ministry Of Supply Chroma Denim Pant

A few great pairs of jeans should be a style stalwart in every mans wardrobe. Trusty denim pants are meant to get us through the days casually cool and comfortably. Ministry of Supplys Chroma Denim Pant is out to do just that.

The indigo wash has a traditional rich, dark color that youd expect from a pair of indigo wash jeans. They use an innovative reaction dye that uses 1/2 the water of traditional dyeing methods to create vibrant tones meant to last through countless washes.

Mott & Bow Skinny Warren Jean

With Mott & Bow, you have the option of a skinny, slim or straight fit to choose from. You also have the option of dark blue, medium blue, and black and gray washes. There are wide variety of washes to choose from with each of the 3 fits.

I own a pair of Mott & Bows Warren skinny jeans which have a medium blue wash and a weight of 12.5 oz. The fabric is sourced from Italy with a premium and textured feeling along with the unique stone washed fading.

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What Are Slim Fit Pants

Slim-fit pants and jeans have a tight, form-fitting waist and thigh area and tapered legs below the knee that end in a narrow leg opening. You can think of a slim fit style as falling somewhere in between a regular cut and a skinny fit. Of course, you will find some variation from brand to brand, but usually, a slim-fit cut does not feel quite as glued to your body as a skinny jeans style, but they are more form-fitting than a regular cut!

Some big-name brands do sell slim-fit jeans, but you see this style a lot in trousers and chinos. In the past several decades, slim-fit pants have become a staple of the modern wardrobe for both men and women. This style presents the sharp, narrow silhouette popular in the workplace and modern fashion today.

Though you will notice some differences between slim-fit chinos, jeans, and trousers from brand to brand, you can always expect to find a close-fitting upper leg and a tapered lower leg. This sets slim-fit pants apart from other styles like skinny jeans, which have a straight leg below the knee. Slim-fit plants typically have quite a small leg opening of 9 to 20 inches, depending on the size of the pants.

As the name suggests, slim-fit pants often feel most comfortable on anyone with a flat, slim body type. If you have larger legs or lots of curves, you may feel squeezed inside the unforgiving shape of the slim-fit cut. On the other hand, if you have a slender frame, you will feel comfortable and look stylish in this style!

Ash & Erie Indigo Wash Essential Jeans

Banana Republic Mason Athletic Tapered Fit Chino Review

I love dark wash denim, and the Ash & Erie Indigo Wash Essential Jean has the perfect dark wash. Its a dark blue that has since faded slightly overtime. Its made with 11.5 oz cotton which makes it a mid-weight fabric thats ideal for spring and autumn.

The jeans are made in the USA which is a departure from most of the brands in this list who have chosen to manufacture overseas. These jeans are made for those who swear by US made products. You can wear them with a blazer and boots or sneakers and a casual button down shirt.

Ive worked with Ash & Erie in the past, you can check out my original Ash & Erie review for more information on the brand.

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Levis 511 Slim Fit Jean

The Levis 511 jean is their slim fit model. They also carry a flex version of the 511 slim fit jean which is made with Levis Advanced Stretch technology for extra give and flexibility.

The denim from Levis is good quality and holds up well, wash after wash. Levis recommends that you wash your jeans once every 10 wears at most to increase their lifespan and protect the environment.

I personally, rarely ever wash my jeans. The only time I do is if there are visible stains or Ive been sweating profusely. Other than that though, I hang em and wear em again and again. The 511 comes in a whopping 41 different colors on Amazon.

Trip To The Banana Republic Store

I had to figure out my new size.

I grabbed a stack of 35 and 36 waist and 34 and 32 length jeans in the Banana Republic store including the skinny fit for men, slim fit for men, and a Traveler line for men.

I strolled into the fitting area. I asked if I could take over a changing room because I was basically buying a new wardrobe .

The woman running the fitting room areas was super cool and said go ahead.

I set up camp in the fitting room and started trying on the jeans.

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About Ministry Of Supply

Ministry of Supply is engineered for comfort. They say that its scientifically better clothing. With temperature regulation, odor control and climate neutral certificationinnovation is the name of the game.

They believes that through science they can make you more comfortable and productive, no matter where you are. Theyre currently based out of Boston, Massachusetts and born in the labs of MIT.

Believe it or not, the company CEO and his wife own world records for running the fastest half marathon wearing a suit. Sure it was gimmicky, but it worked since Ministry received a ton of press from the stunt. Learn more about Learn more about the history of their flagship products: A Decade of Innovation in Comfort.

Peter Manning Slim Fit Jeans

Banana Republic

Ive been wearing these Peter Manning slim fit jeans in the original blue color for several years now. These are more classic slim fits compared to the tighter, trendier Johnny Stretch jeans which Ill cover below.

The original blue color is a tried and true classic blue wash, similar to that of your dads old jeans. Not to say these are out of style, but the wash is certainly more traditional.

Its made with 100% cotton, but does have a little bit of stretch to them. The leg opening isnt slim nor wide. All in all these jeans are average in every sense of the word. I do enjoy wearing them with certain outfits, but they are not my go-to jeans by any means.

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Apc New Standard Jean

The A.P.C. New Standard Jean is made with Japanese raw stretch denim. Interestingly enough, the jeans are unisex. Ive never worn unisex jeans before and Im not quite sure how they managed to create a fit suitable for both men and women.

Furthermore, its a straight leg jean with the classic five pocket styling and button fly. The first button is engraved A.P.C. rue Madame près du Luxembourg. Has contrasting caramel-colored topstitching. The New Standard jean fabric definitely had the indigo selvedge denim look.

Peter Manning Johnny Stretch Slim Fit Jeans

The Johnny Stretch Slim Fit Jean is a newer, trendier addition to the Peter Manning jeans collection. Its cut slim through the seat, thigh and leg. I opted for the light wash pair since I have an endless amount of dark wash denim in my collection.

Theres 98% cotton, 2% elastane for quite a bit more stretch than the regular PMNYC slim fit jeans.

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I’ve Probably Tested 100+ Skinny Jeans But This Is The Only Pair I’ll Rate 5 Stars

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Let’s be real: jeans are never anyone’s first choice when comfort is the goal. Denim can often be restraining and stiff. I totally changed my mind as soon as I slipped into theseBanana Republic High-Rise Slim Jean . They’re as comfy as leggings no kidding. The material is soft and stretchy, yet it doesn’t bag out. You could easily sit cross-legged on the floor in these pants without any irritation that’s the ultimate test.

I first purchased these jeans in dark blue, but now I want to go back for the medium wash as well. They look great with a t-shirt on the weekends but equally as cute with a blazer when I’m working. They’re my year-round staple. Treat yourself to a fresh pair for Winter your wardrobe deserves it.

Should You Choose Athletic Fit Or Slim Fit Pants Or Jeans

Why I’m Retuning My Banana Republic Traveler Pants

Most people choose between athletic fit and slim fit pants or jeans based on body type. Athletic fit pants are designed specifically to provide a comfortable fit for anyone with muscled or curved thighs. Slim-fit pants, in contrast, have a very close fit that clings to people with slender legs.

Another thing to remember is that while athletic fit pants almost always use stretch fabric, slim fit pants may not have any elastic in the weave of the cloth. So if you like feeling more ease of movement in your pants, you may prefer an athletic fit.

Ultimately, of course, you should choose whatever style of pants makes you feel comfortable!

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What Is The Difference Between Athletic Fit And Slim Fit Pants And Jeans

The biggest difference between athletic fit and slim-fit pants and jeans is that athletic fit pants include more space in the thighs for anyone with a bulkier body type. For this reason, athletic fit is not the same as slim fit.

That said, slim fit and athletic fit styles often share some similarities. For instance, the waist and leg opening may measure the same in both styles. But you can always expect some key differences, such as the overall cut and shape of each style!

Athletic Vs Slim Fit Chinos

The difference between athletic and slim fit chinos is that athletic fit chinos offer more room in the seat and hips than the slim fit style of chinos. Many popular brands, such as the Banana Republic, sell Chinos in various cuts, including athletic fit and slim fit.

Bana Repbulics athletic and slim-fit chinos both have a tight waist that sits right at your actual waist, tapered lower legs, and narrow leg opening. The only real difference lies in the thigh area of the two styles.

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The Unbranded Brand Ub201 Selvedge Jean

The Unbranded Brand UB201 tapered fit selvedge jean is perhaps their most popular pair of jeans. If you want something a bit slimmer with more of a taper, check out the UB422 model. What I love is the lack of branding on these jeans. For the back label, theres a blank brown leather patch. Its just a no frills dark indigo wash selvedge jean.

The selvedge detail on the cuff has a blue stitch instead of the usual orange/crimson color stitching which is a nice differentiator. I can tell if its Unbranded jeans based on this small detail.

Additionally these jeans have union special chain-stitched hems and hidden back pocket rivets. Another unique detail are the copper tin rivets, buttons and button fly.

Typical of selvedge, these jeans are much thicker than your standard jeans coming in at a midweight 14.5 oz. Its a great cloth for the cooler spring, fall and winter months. I wouldnt wear these jeans during the summer.

Levis 513 Slim Straight Jean

Banana Republic Jeans

The Levis 513 jeans are their slim straight model. Its more relaxed through the thigh and legs than the 511 slims with a slightly wider leg opening. This pair is for guys who like a more comfortable, relaxed fit while still having a fitted look.

There are 7 colors currently available on the website and 25 colors available on Amazon.

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Jcrew 484 Slim Fit Jean

The 484 Slim-Fit Jean is slim through the hip and thigh, with a narrow, tapered leg opening. Theres a handful of different colors and washes to choose from. The indigo dyed jeans are prone to color transfer and may bleed in the wash. Made with 100% cotton, its a classic pair of jeans in every sense of the word.

What Are Athletic And Slim Fit Pants For Women

For women, athletic and slim-fit jeans offer the same characteristics as athletic and slim-fit pants for men. Womens athletic pants still have extra room in the seat, hips, and thighs, perfect for anyone with muscled legs or a curvier shape. Slim-fit pants for women have more narrow hips and thighs.

Both types of pants offer women options for a tailored, closely-fitting pants or jeans style. Athletic fit suits people with roomier thighs, while slim-fit styles suit people with a more slender build.

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