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Best Designer Jeans For Men

How To Buy A Quality Pair Of Jeans

5 BEST Affordable Jean Brands For Men

For the folks who just want the upshot without getting into the weeds, you can bet on brands that specialize in jeans. Think the most popular jeans brands like Levi’s or Lee as well as independent denim brands like 3sixteen or Tellason. Andrew Chen, owner and founder of 3sixteen, says to rely on denim-focused brands because they simply have more experience. For these brands, it’s not just an afterthought to help round out a seasonal collection,” Chen says. “Companies that make the same jeans year in and year out are always making tweakssometimes imperceptibleto improve the product.

The quality of a pair of jeans mostly comes down to the fabric and the stitching. The kind of jeans you’ll find at most big-box stores are a mid-weight denim . Speciality denim shops often carry denim that can get much heavier which lasts longer but sacrifices comfort. Lighter denims are more appropriate for summer, but are more delicate. Jeans that are made using 100% cotton tend to stretch out with wear and shrink with washing and drying. Jeans that use some form of elastane do provide more comfort and stretch, but poor-quality elastane can wear out over time.

Abercrombie Skinny Jeans $47 Original Price: $79

Much like Abercrombies jeans for women we reviewed and love, the brands skinny jeans for men are top-tier. The pair is available in nine lovely shades to fully stock-up your wardrobe, has a built-in stretch for comfort and flexibility, is subtly stitched and has a soft feel. Whats better than that?

What To Look Forward To

A.P.C. has been a prominent name in raw denim since its debut in 1987. All of this companys jeans have a street price above our initial $200 cutoff. But in the future well consider A.P.C.s Petit Standard jeans. They are only slightly above that limit, and they are made of 14.5-ounce denim, with a straight leg, a low rise, and a button-fly zipper.

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Best Mens Designer Jeans

Theres a hidden aspect to haute couture thats rarely seen in public. Dior, Chanel, and Hermès are a few of the only elite brands that utilize rare fabrics, including leavers lace, Muga silk, and Japanese denim.

The jeans on our top 12 list arent made of high-grade Japanese denim. But this luxurious denim is considered a direct competitor to the more regular cut of textile used to make these designer jeans.

This material is typically constructed out of cotton, polyester, and elastanebasically, its the Powerpuff girl-equivalent of fabric blends.

Whether you prefer acid-wash, lightly bleached, or standard Indigo, theres a pair of jeans out there calling your name. Considering the enormous market for luxury denim, you should probably consider your current aesthetic before copping a pair.

For instance, do you prefer the Ed Hardy aesthetic or simple minimalism? Whatever style of jeans you choose, were certain that our top 12 list of the best mens designer jeans will tickle your fancy.

Wild Dreams Of Denim: Best Jeans Brands For Men

Popular Designer Jeans For Men Ye Jean

It’s a denim world.

At Luxe Digital, we independently research, review, and recommend products we love and that we think you will love, too. Learn more about how we curate the best products for you.

The best jeans brands for men are all about taking the original workwear staple and giving it a 21st-century update, elevating the humble classic to a dynamic style statement.

The best mens jeans feel urban and edgybut at the same time evoke an easygoing and carefree vibe. Whats more, they last virtually forever. The best jeans for men work hard, play hard, and live hardjust like us.

So whether youre an everyday rebel who wouldnt be seen rocking anything but black skinnies, or youre looking for something more preppy and smartor if you want jeans that nod back to your skateboarding glory daysthen here are the best jeans brands for you.

Skinny, slim-fit, straight-leg, regular, and relaxedthese denim brands offer an array of styles and cuts, with everything from extravagant distressing and zipper detailing to raw unwashed jeans for denim diehards. Find the brand that speaks to youand your legs.

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What Were Looking For

Sizing: Andrew Chen, co-owner of the denim brand 3sixteen and a partner at Self Edge, a specialty denim shop, says the most important thing to consider when buying denim is the fit. Ive seen lots of customers fall in love with a certain fabric or design details on jeans, only to force themselves into a cut that does not work with their body type, notes Chen. As Strategist writer Erin Schwartz learned from self-described denim whisperer Clotilde Testa, owner of Walk the West Vintage in Hudson, New York, you should start by knowing your waist, hip, thigh, and ideal rise measurements, which you can find by measuring either your body or a pair of jeans you already have that fits well. The rise measurement runs vertically from the crotch to the top of the waistband the larger the measurement, the higher the rise. A higher rise will place the waistband closer to your actual waist and belly button and measure more than 11 inches on average a mid-rise will sit between your waist and hips and measure between 10 and 11 inches on average and a low rise will sit more at the top of your hips.

The 12 Best Mens Designer Jeans

In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis joined forces to patent the first-ever pair of jeans. This event marked an important step in fashion history, as denim pants slowly became a classless wardrobe staple.

From the Whitney Houston era of the 1980s to the Y2K fad of the 2000s, the traditional pair of jeans has managed to adapt and blend with several different trends. I think its fair to say that this closet essential will never be considered out of style anytime soon.

Given their practicality, versatility, and timeless design, perhaps its time to finally invest in a pair of luxury denim jeans.

For those in need of recommendations, well spotlight a few of the best mens designer jeans that are sure to blend well with any tee, sweater, or hoodie.

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Best Jeans For Overweight Men

Too many overweight guys try and squeeze into their ill-fitting jeans, but the truth is there are plenty of options out there for the huskier gent.

For everyday jeans, bigger guys should opt for a relaxed-fit. For nights on the town, a straight-cut jean will slim down your profile.

Larger guys should look for high-rise jeans. The extra length in the fly gives more room in the crotch and seat and also flattens the stomach.

1. Wrangler No. 23 Relaxed-Fit

A classic working jean and a great option for an everyday pant.

30+ reviews have a lot of positive things to say about the comfort, fit, and durability of these 13oz workhorses.

2. Levis 502 Taper

Built with a high-rise for extra room, the 502s taper below the knee.

Youre essentially getting the same look as a slim-fit jean, but with all the room you need to be comfortable.

3. Nautica Relaxed Stretch

Made with Nauticas very own Comfort First fabric, these have a bit of stretch to them.

With a taper under the knee, larger guys get a more streamlined look.

Finding The Best Mens Designer Jeans

Best Pants for Men | Mens Fashion & Streetwear

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy task. Think back to your old jeans. Did they really hug your booty and accentuate your legs?

An ideal pair should flatter your figure, no matter the silhouette.

From high, mid, to low rise, denim pants should feel tailored around the waist, hips, and thighs. The calves can fit loosely or tightly since it depends on the silhouette youre going for.

Of course, this may not apply to mens designer jeans that are supposed to offer a baggier shape.

Assets such as flexibility, practicality, and design are also important. At the end of the day, you dont want to be stuck with a pair of jeans that are hard to sit in and difficult to style. Trendsetters should also find a pair that blends with their current wardrobe.

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Madewell: Comfy Stretch For A Muscle


Waist sizes: 28-40 | Inseam lengths: 30-34| Leg opening: 13 ¾ inches| Style: Slim | Material: 75% cotton, 20% hemp, 3% elastomultiester, 2% elastane denim

Sometimes you want a taper, but nothing too drastic, and Madewell is a master at flattering the body with its denim. These offer more room in the seat and thigh, so they work well for muscular builds, says Collins. The fabric has both structure and stretch, so it looks polished but is also comfortable. They also come in a few different washes, from darker indigo to lighter, faded pairs.

J Crew Classic Straight

Another great straight-fit option are these jeans from J. Crew. Theyre modeled after jeans from the Fifties with a slightly higher rise and a roomy yet flattering fit through the hips and thigh. The denim is high-quality too, and looks great after a few weeks of wear. Get them in a length that wont have any break at the ankle for the true mid-century look.

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Our Favorite Pairs Of Raw Jeans

To test raw selvedge denim, I brought in six pairs to wear over the course of two months. Because it takes a while for raw denim to form to your body, I wore them religiouslyand tested them aloneswapping them on and off on a regular basis and jotting down notes about the style, feel, and look. These recommendations are my personal favorites. But all of the raw denim jeans I looked at were exciting for various reasons.

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The Best Designer Jeans For Men

Top 10 Best Jeans for Men in 2017

So youve got the basics downyou want a pair of sophisticated denim to flex on all your Japanese denimhead friends that froth over everything from the Osaka 5 to vintage Levis.

When it comes to designer jeans, Acne Studios jeans are classics . The Swedish label has built its name on crafting modern, but classic, denim, injected with small punches of personality that dont overwhelm denims inherent appeal[

]If you want to impress real #denimheads, you cant go wrong with Hiroki Nakamuras Visvim. Tapping into Japans long-standing legacy in the world of denim production, Visvims pieces are definitely priceybut no one blends traditional Japanese craft with Americana quite like Nakamura does. This par is built from 100% cotton Japanese denim with slight whiskering.

Of course, wed be remiss not to shine a spotlight on RRL when it comes to designer jeans. Effectively Ralph Laurens pet project, the RRL brand is rooted in the iconic designers love of classic American pieces, focusing on hard-wearing and heritage clothing that taps into the U.S. connection to workwear and rugged adventure. This pair, which boasts hand-distressing, has a stonewashed look that appears as if they mightve been pulled from an old mine shaft the day before.

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Scroll Down To Find The Best Jeans On The Market

Skinny Jeans

If market research is to be believed, then gen-z has canceled skinny jeans. Thanks to a Tik-Tok-based rebellion against tight-fitting jeans, the numbers point to baggy fitting styles being in vogue currently. But, of course, nothing is quite that black and white.

The ripped skinny jeans adored by Love Island contestants and footballers alike may make you cringe, but nothing can stop Lenny Kravitz-style rockstar skinny jeans not being cool. Rap’s love of rockstars has meant that many artists are looking to its most famous dressers and replicating their looks. The likes of Playboi Carti, Lancey Foux, and Lil Uzi Vert are reminding us all of what made skinny trousers popular in the first place regardless of what TikTok says.

Logo-Print Slim-Fit Jeans

Straight-leg jeans

The style that has supposedly taken over from skinny jeans, it’s the classic straight leg. If you had to point toward what a “standard fit” of jeans is it would be these and for good reason. Having a bit more space in the leg means that you have more range of movement, there’s no risk of your blood flow from being cut off, and they are Switzerland in any debate about how wide jeans should be.

While a plain pair of straight-leg jeans could be considered a wardrobe essential, it doesn’t have to be a plain option. Check out some of our favorites below.

Raw Low-Rise Jeans

Logo Grid Cuff Wide Leg Jeans

Best Jeans For Men With A Flat Butt

If youve got a flat butt, you can use some visual trickery to add a little more to your derriere.

Youll have the best luck looking for jeans with widely spaced and smaller back pockets. Both of these features make that booty look fuller.

1. DL1961 Nick Slim Chamber

DL1961s Nick Slim Chamber is lean through the thigh, so itll do a good job adding weight to your behind.

Because its straight through the leg, youll still have the room you need in the crotch and thigh.

2. Outerknown Ambassador Jeans

Built with wider-set pockets, The Ambassador Jean by Outerknown gives the appearance that you have a larger butt than you actually do.

3. Revtown Taper

Smaller pockets are what land the Revtown Taper on this list. While theyre still big enough to hold a wallet, youll get the benefit of illusion.

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How Should Jeans Fit

The vocabulary of denim can be confusing. Whats the difference between slim fit and skinny fit? What does relaxed fit actually mean?

Finding which cut looks the best is a journey. Youre looking for balance. If the fit is too small, its like youre wearing denim tights. Too much room and youre swimming in a sea of fabric. Neither is flattering. Find the balance.

The five main jeans fits are:

Skinny jeans fit tighter around the thighs and butt. Theyre skinny from the waist down with a tapered leg. If youve got thin legsthe kind that no amount of squat-deadlift supersets will bulkskinny jeans might just be your thing.

Beware, though. The tighter they are, the thinner you look. Theres nothing wrong with the long and lanky look. In fact, many women prefer it. But any extra weight on your upper body is pronounced. An ill-fitting shirt or extra ten pounds will make you look top-heavy.

If you arent sure whether your legs are skinny or just average, bump up to a slim fit.


Slim fit jeans are our number one recommendation for most guys.

They strike a nice balance between straight-leg, which can appear too loose on some guys, and skinny jeans.

Not too tight, not too loose. Slim fit is straight through the hip with narrow thighs and a taper to the leg opening.

If youve never tried on a pair of slim fit jeans, drive out to the mall, now. Youll be surprised at how much baggage a simple taper sheds.




Buy Stylish And Comfortable Designer Jeans Online

Top 5 Best Selling Designer Jeans for Men on Amazon! 2020 updated!

Who doesnt like a good-fitting pair of jeans? Nothing equals the feeling of wearing a pair of designer jeans that accentuates the body and hugs every curve. Jeans are probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man/woman can possess. They can be worn with tops, shirts and even kurtis. They can also be worn for a variety of occasions. Thanks to online shopping, you can buy trendy and comfortable jeans from the comfort of your home. From skinny jeans and bootcut jeans to high-rise jeans and low-rise jeans, there are jeans that are available in different types and styles. If youre looking to buy a good pair of jeans and wondering where to buy it from, youve probably landed on the right page. Online stores have a vast range of designer jeans to cater to your individual needs and requirements. When you buy these designer jeans online, you can even avail great deals and discounts on your purchase. You can also check the size chart to pick the accurate size. These stores have jeans for men, women and kids, so you can buy jeans for any gender and age group. It is also quite easy and safe to make online payment these days. You can use Netbanking, credit/debit card or the COD option to make your payments. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. Once you place your order, the product will be safely delivered to your doorstep.

Pick from a Vast Range of Designer Jeans Online

Some of the popular brands to buy a good pair of designer jeans from are:

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Whats The Difference Between Jeans And Pants

Are jeans pants? Are pants jeans? Is there such a thing as denim pants that arent jeans?

Yes. Not always. And yes, they existjust ask your grandpa if you can borrow his.

The difference between jeans and pants is in the construction. Jeans are made from denim fabric and have a double-sewn seam running down the leg. They also have metal rivets reinforcing the hip pockets and sometimes the back pockets.

Pants is the overarching term for any sort of trouser, jeans included. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isnt always a square. Jeans are pants, but pants arent always jeans. Geometry.

Chinos, dress pants, khakis, and Zubaz are all pants, but you certainly wouldnt mistake them for jeans.

Are Mens Designer Jeans Worth It

Jeans are a timeless necessity. They can last you for decades if theyre cared for properly.

Of course, no amount of gentle handwashing and safe-keeping will prevent a poorly-constructed pair from unraveling.

With that in mind, its important to invest in a premium pair of denim jeans. You can rest assured that the companies weve featured pass the quality test in terms of practicality, design, and versatility.

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