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Best Jeans For Big Belly And Skinny Legs

The 4 Features That Make Or Break The Fit

Jeans for Pear Shapes & Wide Hips | PRIMARK & TOPSHOP

All too often, were being dictated by trends, what your friends wear, or even a particular fabric or look when we shop for jeans. Instead, look for jeans that suit your body.

Many consumers buy the fit that is prescribed by fashion . If you look at the matter from a tailors point of view, or from the technical side, a skinny would never be recommended, says Paul Kruize, who makes bespoke jeans.

To find a pair of jeans that makes you feel comfortable and look good, consider these four features of the fit: the shape of the leg the rise the length and the fabric.

Comfortable Pants With Elastic Waistbands

Let me show you the extensive options you have when it comes to selecting pants to hide your belly with elastic waistbands that create flattering and chic looks.

From on-trend cropped jeans to wide leg black trousers, mostly every kind of pants you can imagine comes in elastic waistband styles these days.

An extra benefit of selecting pants and skirts with elastan is that they also help you tuck your tummy in.

Liz keeps her top outside her pants which is a technique you can use if you need to hide a little bit of a tummy.

Get her look with this similar top, jacket, pants and booties.

Jeans For Big Thighs: Top 12 Brands In 2022

Finding that pair of perfectly fitted jeans is never easy, especially if you are looking for jeans for big thighs! If you are a fan of Sex and the City, you might recall the scene where Charlotte told Carrie her concern about her thighs.

Charlotte: I hate my thighs!

Carrie: The problem is not in your thighs. Sweetie, the problem is your head!

In real life, Kristin Davis ,who played Charlotte, is a typical pear shape , i.e. with prominent thighs and wider hips.

If you are indeed a pear shape, watch this video

I fully agree with Carrie that sometimes we all tend to be unnecessarily obsessed over what we might view as an imperfection about our body, even though they are barely noticeable by others.

On the other hand, it is totally normal that we all havecertain parts about our body that we wish to conceal or make less obvious.

Ideally, the right pair of denim should make your hips and thighs look slimmer, and if you are petite, they should also make your legs look longer.

I believe the best way to understand what works and what doesnt is to look at some real life examples, therefore, I will quote some pictures of petite celebs who happen to have the pear body type and bigger thighs. Kim Kardashian , Rachael Bilson , Shakira , and Megan Fox are the most famous petite pear shapes.

Of course pear shape is not the only body type who may have prominent thighs. Perhaps you are a plus size women, or you could have a really athletic body type with prominent thighs.

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Frame: A Trendy Slouchy Style


Waist sizes: 23-34 | Inseam length: 29.5 inches | Material: 100% cotton

For a wide leg jean in a softer material, this chic mid-rise denim chino can be worn for a more slouchy look, says McCool. Ill be wearing this jean at my kids’ football and soccer games all season because its a relaxed classic that gives me Lauren Hutton 1980s vibes.

Agolde: Cool Girl Relaxed Denim

Looking for the Best Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Legs  Top 12 of 2021


Waist sizes: 23-34 | Inseam length: 32 inches | Material: 100% organic cotton

Premium denim brand Agolde was originally founded in 1989 and then relaunched in 2014, quickly becoming a favorite with denimheads, particularly for its vintage aesthetic. This is by far my favorite high-rise, straight leg jean for women, says McCool. I receive compliments every time I wear this style. Its so flattering and has a wider leg, so you can even fit a tall boot underneath it in winter. McCool also recommends adding a belt and a silk blouse with these jeans to elevate your look.

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Can I Wear Skinny Jeans If I Have A Big Belly And Skinny Legs

Even though skinnies look great on almost everyone, skinny jeans are not the best jeans for big belly and skinny legs.

The skin-tight fit emphasizes your slender legs, and the tight ankle openings further highlight them, which is great for showing off your legs, but not for creating a balanced look. As mentioned, proportion is key to achieving a flattering look. Skinny jeans highlight your skinny legs, but at the same time, they also create a contrast with your curvier midsection, making you look top-heavy.

If you want the effect of skinnies without looking top-heavy, you can try slim-fit jeans or tapered straight-leg jeans. They give you the same look, but the wider ankle opening helps to balance out your torso.

Ellos Womens Boyfriend Jeans

Its safe to say that Ellos Womens boyfriend jeans leave a lasting impression on women who put them on. These jeans are available in colors like blue sanded, black distressed, and white distressed, in several different sizes. They have both front and back pockets that are pretty deep. The back pockets can very easily hold a mobile phone or a wallet.

Conveniently, you can toss these jeans in the washing machine. They do not get torn in a heavy spin cycle.

These jeans are designed in Sweden and demonstrate Scandinavian artistry and way of life. With a focus on simplicity and attention to detail, they are fashionable and flexible. These jeans are made from half cotton and half Spandex materials.

These jeans are pretty versatile. Though they are boyfriend jeans with a relaxed fit, you can wear them in a business or sporty casual setting. Their comfortable feel and high waist make them one of the best plus-size womens jeans. Their flexibility means you can rest assured that you will be comfortable all day long. They may be worn with any top and will never go out of style.


  • Fits rounded hips and stomach.


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Wrangler Mens Classic Regular Fit Jean

The best mens jeans for potbelly is regular fit jeans. Also, straight legs can make your belly and legs look almost equal.

So, it will give you an excellent shape. But in terms of this Wrangler jean, you dont only get the right fit but also get comfortability!

As this one is made of pure cotton, you can always wear it. It will not make your comfortable life pissed.

On the contrary, you can select it for hardware jobs. Wear this and go through wear and tear. I bet this will come back like new!

With the five pockets, you can store anything. Also, it helps your beer belly look a little smaller. With zipper closure, there is a button for closure too!


This jean will remind you of the 90s I assure you that. These best pants for big belly man have a straight fit along with straight legs.

The best part of straight legs is they make your beer belly look petite. As a result, you can hide it and look better!

I love that these jeans are not too tight but not too loose. In cases, if you wear a snug fit, it might bother your movements.

And in the vice-versa situation, you might hate looking fatter. But these jeans can give your thighs a regular fit!

Wash it in the machine and use it! It will sit on your waist when you wear it. It has button closure for your perfection!


With 100% cotton, you will never escape the comfort zone with these best mens jeans! Among various colors and sizes, all you need to do is pick up the perfect one for you.



What Should You Wear If You Have A Big Tummy

STYLE TIPS How To Hide Belly Fat & Clothes To Hide A Tummy

The look is finished with loose tops, T-shirts, and tunics. If you dont want to show your stomach, its a good idea to layer a loose piece of clothing over the top. When wearing a large amount of clothing, it is critical not to go overboard. There is a common misconception that if you make your body appear larger, it will all look good. Finally, a jacket with an open back will complete the look.

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How Much Is Best Pants For Big Belly And Skinny Legs

Best Pants For Big Belly And Skinny Legs come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Itâs difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best pants for big belly and skinny legs.

Effective Belly Hiding Elastic Waistband Skirts

Just as with pants, you can find plenty of styles of skirts which feature an elastic waistband.

Skirts too can be very effective in hiding bellies and stretchy skirts are very easy to fit.

If you add a print in the mix, they can be really flattering as they highlight your curves and the elastan sucks in your tummy.

This means you can dress to suit your body type as well as being stylish and comfortable.

Georgette opts for a skirt style that you can usually find with either an elastic waistband or a zip closure.

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What Jeans Make Your Legs Look Bigger

Wearing light-washed jeans will make your legs appear larger than they are, as will wearing white trousers, which can make your legs appear longer. Choosing plain dark jeans is a good way to avoid drawing too much attention to your legs.

Get The Perfect legs For Days Look

You can increase your legs appearance by doing a few things. The first step is to choose a pair of skinny jeans that have an 8.5- to 9-inch rise. The results will be more defined legs and a more flattering appearance. Flare kicks can also help you achieve a more extreme look. Finally, make sure your bottoms are the same color as your pants. Using this style, you will give yourself a leggy appearance.

What Clothes To Wear If You Have A Big Stomach

Top 10 Jeans For Big Belly And Skinny Legs of 2021

Are plus-size women more demanding than thin ones? Quite naturally, you need closing for any occasion. It is to be:

Your garment should fit you the best. So you feel confident in your beauty and charm. Jeans make your off-duty, casual style. They should look great and let you move freely all day long.

A problem still exists. Fashion industry doesnt meet demands of plus-size shoppers completely. Available options are unfashionable, boring or frumpy. Fortunately, there are designers and brands that offer sexy, trendy jeans. They fit your curves and lifestyle.

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Wrangler Womens Retro Mae Plus Size Mid Rise Boot Cut Jeans

These jeans are designed with a contoured waistband. They are mid-rise and have a flattering fit and a slimming silhouette. Throughout the day, these Retro jeans will stay in place comfortably as they maintain tummy control.

They are very comfortable for women in the post-pregnancy period. These jeans have five pockets. The back pockets are adorned with embroidery and have the Wrangler logo patch.

Wrangler Retro jeans are a modern take on the classic Wrangler designs, combining the best of the past with the present. Made of a sturdy cotton-spandex blend, these jeans are built to last. Not only do they ensure an ideal fit, but they also allow for a greater range of motion in the abdomen, providing flexibility to the wearer. They are versatile and can be worn for different occasions, from lunch with friends to drinks with a date.


  • Perfect fit for daily use.


Best Jeans For Beer Belly

Having a beer belly is easy. But seeing yourself in the mirror in this shape every day can be heartbreaking. And the time you realize that your old favorite outfits are not fitting anymore, all you do is hide! However, you can be relieved a bit if you get the best jeans for beer belly!

When we talk about beer belly, you might think that excessive beer is the reason. But the primary reason behind beer belly is calories from sugary beverages, alcohol, or too much food.

If you are addicted to alcohol, your body burns alcohol, and the fats remain the same. So, the fat gets stored. All you need to do is get rid of the fat if you want to be more confident.

The other way to encourage your confidence is to get the right pants for a beer belly. Not only the pants but I will tell you how to wear the right jeans too. Check out my top picks to look at the mirror and be happy!


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How Do You Wear High Waisted Jeans Plus Size

Some jeans aspects make your legs look longer. They include:

  • high-rise design.

Jeans with high-rise waists provide perfect tummy control. They ensure smoothing, slimming effect. Fabric may contain 1-2% of elastane, some amount of polyester, rayon or viscose. Anyway, it is to be soft, flexible to walk, super comfortable.

How to wear plus size skinny jeans? Prefer dark colors and washes. They visually minimize your stomach and bottom. Monochromatic clothing is always beneficial. Its a slimming option! High-heeled shoes and boots also help. They fit both boot cut and skinny jeans. So, heeled footwear elongates your legs. You appear taller, feel strong and confident.

Overall Conclusion

Itty Bitty Boot Jeans by Democracy are the best for big stomach. They are flattering thanks to boot cut silhouette and Ab smoothing panel. Adored jeans by Jessica Simpson grant you romantic touch of vintage. Flex Motion jeans by Lee could be a happy medium in terms of rise and cut.


Hello, my name is Jennifer. Im from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Lets try to answer the questions together. Im looking forward to your feedback.

What Were Looking For

How To Wear High Waisted Jeans With A Tummy | 3 WAYS

Size range: The recommended pairs range in sizes from 14 to 40. But those arent actually the numbers to pay the most attention to. Sole-Smith goes so far as to say that youre better off ignoring the traditional sizing system like 18, 2X, or 34 completely. Know the measurements of your hips, waist, and inseam instead for a better fit. Creative digital strategist Samantha OBrochta adds that you should always double check the measurements listed on the sizing charts for a pair youre about to add to your cart.

Weve included both plus-size-specific and straight sizes brands on this list. Blogger Casey Brown suggests looking at curve lines to ward off the dreaded waist gap and weve included these whenever possible. (A tip if youre set on shopping secondhand: Vintage Levis 550 and 560s are among the most curve-friendly, according to Emma Zack, founder of Shop Berriez, who learned this from denim aficionado Shelby Anderson of House of Tame.

Cut style: Skinny jeans were the most popular among the women we talked to. But OBrochta mentions that companies have been expanding their extended-size offerings a pair of well-fitting straight-legs on a plus-size model convinced her to finally give the cut a chance. Accordingly, we focused on including different cuts to make sure this guide wasnt so skinny-jean focused.

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Large Waist Small Hips Jeans

Large waist small hips jeans are a great choice for those who want to accentuate their waist and hips. They are also a great choice for those who want to create the illusion of a smaller waist. These jeans are also a great choice for those who want to show off their curves.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best jeans for big thighs and small waists. Amazon has the most comprehensive reviews section of any online retailer, in my opinion. Levis Ribcage jeans have long been rated as a top choice among buyers of this body type. Pair these Annystore skinny jeans with a smaller waist if youre looking for high-waisted skinny jeans. The Gloria Vanderbilt tapered jeans are a wardrobe favorite among reviewers of all heights. SweatyRocks says these boyfriend jeans have a small waist and are baggy on the legs. Finding jeans that fit my large thighs and do not gap at the waist is a rare gem, according to one reviewer.

Included More Images And A Better Description

The online store Amazon has been including more and better images with their product descriptions. This makes it easier for customers to get an idea of what theyre buying. Additionally, Amazon often includes a video demonstration of the product if it is available. The combination of images and videos makes Amazon a great resource for online shoppers.

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Democracy Womens Plus Size Ab Solution Itty Bitty Boot Jeans

Finally! Can we say Tummy Control!? Not only do these jeans have interior slimming power mesh panels, but they also have a comfortable, flexible, elastic waistband. The sweetheart-shaped booty accentuates your assets for a confidence boost.

The no-gap stretchy waistband on these jeans mold to your waist and stay in place, so you can wear them without fear of them gaping. The Absolution® creates a slimmer silhouette in both the stomach and legs and flatters the body.

These jeans have a zipper fastening and the standard five pockets. One of the best plus-size womens jeans around, the material is of fantastic quality. The fabric fibers include spandex , polyester , rayon , and cotton . There is also an ever-increasing demand for these jeans, which we dont expect will stop any time soon. It has almost a full five stars review rating.


  • Great fit for different body shapes.


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