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Best Way To Store Jeans In Closet

How To Store Off

How to Organize & Fold Jeans in Your Closet

There are two simple rules of thumb to keep in mind for sweater storage: folded and dry!

  • Step one is to launder your sweaters and allow them to dry completely before folding and storing them away.
  • It is best to store off-season sweaters folded in a cool, dry location. Ideally you will store them folded on a high closet shelf or in a fabric box where they have some ability to breathe.
  • If you do not have shelf space or fabric box containers, folding sweaters in an airtight container is the next best option.
  • Even if sweaters are stored in an airtight container, consider dry areas in your home for storage as opposed to a basement or attic.
  • If you do store your off-season sweaters in a more moist environment like a basement or attic, consider including a few silica gel packets to help prevent unwanted moisture to seep in.


How Do You Organize Folded Jeans

Folded jeans can be organized two different ways. You can fold your jeans and file them into drawers, bins, or boxes. The other method is to simply stack your folded jeans on a shelf about 5 pairs high. Use shelf dividers to keep the stacks separated.

After you have selected your preferred method for storing jeans, you can organize them further by sorting them by style, color, thickness, brand, and more. Depending on how many pairs of jeans you own, and how frequently you wear them, there are endless storage options that can work for you. If you find it hard to choose only one, pick out a couple of your favorite methods and experiment with each to see what works best for your lifestyle.

What You Need To Organize Your Closet

The first step to organizing your closet is to ensure you have the right tools and supplies on hand before you dive in. Resist the urge to start this project after a long day of work. To organize your closet for the long haul, youve got to do a little prep work and find time in your calendar when you have two to three hours to commit to this process.

Heres your quick closet organization toolkit:

  • Shopping bags: Use sturdy bags to transport clothes to the donation center, tailor, and dry cleaner. If you don’t have bags, boxes and bins will do in a pinch.
  • Tape measure: Measure shelving and hanging space. Don’t forget a notebook to jot down your closet’s measurements.
  • Full-length mirror: To decide between “toss” and “keep,” make sure your mirror can accommodate your entire image.
  • Catch-all basket: This includes loose change, papers, rubber bands, hair clips, wads of cash , and assorted receipts you’ll find in pants pockets. You don’t want to have to stop in the middle to file these small items so just put them aside for now into your catch-all basket.

Additionally, have an idea of what youre going to do with clothes you decide to get rid of ahead of time. You have three options: donate, consign, or trash. Try to donate and consign as much as possible, while trash is only for the items that are beyond repair/use.

The Spruce / Daria Groza

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Make Your Life Easier With An Orderly Storage System For Your Clothing

Elizabeth Larkin is a professional organizer with a strong interest in productivity, time management, and process refinement. She used her organizational skills and effectiveness to pen articles with helpful information on cleaning, organizing living spaces, and decluttering.

The Spruce / Candace Madonna

It’s inspiring to think about organizing closets when watching home design shows. But in real life, it takes planning to declutter and reorganize a closet to make sure it’s more functional. Follow these tips to tackle the organization of closets so they rival those you see on TV.

Fold And File Jeans In A Drawer

My Closet Tour and Tips for Keeping an Organized and Beautiful Wardrobe ...

If you opt not to fold jeans because they take up too much space in a drawer, perhaps the filing method would work better. To fold jeans in this way, follow these instructions:

  • Lay jeans on a flat surface, with the front facing up. Smooth out the denim to prevent creasing.
  • Fold the pair in half vertically.
  • You can either fold the jeans with the back pockets facing out or in. If there are embellishments on the back pockets, it may be best to face the pockets outward to prevent wear and tear. This will also allow you to quickly identify the pair.
  • Fold the jeans in half horizontally by bringing the hem towards the waistband. Smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Fold one to two more times until your jeans are in the shape of a rectangle.
  • Then place jeans in a drawer as if they were files.
  • Filing jeans allows you to quickly locate the pair you are looking for, and the folded edges look tidy. You can fold and file your jeans into drawers, or you can arrange them by style and color and put each group into separate baskets, bins, or boxes.

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    Hanging Sweaters And Other Knitwear

    As tempting as it may be, avoid hanging heavy knits at all costs. More likely than not, your wool or cashmere sweateror even your jersey-knit topwill become misshapen the longer it stays on a hanger. If youre short on drawer space, dont risk ruining your sartorial investments: instead, consider folding and storing your extra sweaters in inexpensive cotton-canvas hanging closet organizers made specifically for sweaters.

    But if you still insist on hanging your sweaters, try your hand at this shape-preserving hack.

    Storing Boots On The Ground Or Wall

  • 1Line boots up along a shelf or on a mat for easy access. If youd like to store your boots in the closet on the floor, place a mat under your boots to protect the floors from things like dirt and other outdoor elements. Putting boots up on a tall shelf is another great way to store them easily, lining them up beside each other with the toes facing you.XResearch source
  • Place a doormat inside your closet to go under your boots.
  • If youre installing shelves in the closet, make sure the shelves are tall enough that your tall boots can fit easily.
  • 2Keep your boots inside boot boxes to stack them. Purchase boot boxes that are long enough to store your specific pair of boots. Place each boot on its side in the box so they’re resting horizontally before securely closing the lid. Since the boxes are long and flat, you’ll be able to easily store more boot boxes on top of one another. Label each box so you know which boots are inside.XResearch source
  • To ensure your boots keep their shape, stuff each boot with newspaper or another material before placing them in the box.
  • Boot boxes are most often made of plastic for extra protection and can be found at your local home goods store or online.
  • Choose a clear boot box so you can easily see which boots are inside.
  • Put the boots you will not use for a while at the bottom.XExpert Source
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    Brand Of The Best Way To Store Jeans In A Closet

    The concept of buying from a well-known or popular brand is an age-old debate. One group believes in maintaining the quality and durability of its name and fame. The other school suggests you choose the best price and offers. That an unknown brand serves poor quality products is not always a good concept.To reduce your confusion and make a wise decision, we have prepared a list of the better best way to store jeans in a closet for you.

    Stack Folded Jeans On A Shelf

    How to Fold Jeans to Maximize Space

    If your closet has more shelves than hanging space, storing folded jeans in stacks may be the best option for you.

    Two things to keep in mind. One, do not place the stacks tightly side-by-side. Make sure you leave enough space on each side to be able to select one pair without disturbing the other stacks. Using shelf dividers can make separating the stacks easier.

    Secondly, avoid stacking your jeans too high. To keep jeans from falling over, limit stacks to about 5 pairs of pants.

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    Hang Or Fold: Scarves

    Have a collection of scarves? “Scarves can be folded, rolled, or hung,” explains DeMorrow. While scarves can be stored a variety of ways, the size of the scarf will often dictate whether it makes more sense to fold or hang. “Bigger scarves that act as shawls should be folded as that is easier for something so big,” says Reynolds. “Small ones that are worn around the neck can be folded and stored in drawers or a container as well as hung from scarf hangers.”

    How To Organize & Store Jeans In Your Closet

    So let me show you. This is my hot pink closet or hot pink floor on my closet. It needs to be vacuumed. So over here on the side of the closet, I used to have a double hang. A double hang is when there is a rod above and a rod below and there are like two stacks of hanging space. So I had a rod here and eight months ago, I installed all these drawers and youll never going to believe what Im about to tell you.

    Also on this side of the closet, I had all of my jeans and my pants hanging. And now, all of my jeans and pants are in a drawer. Can you believe that? So, all the stuff was hanging all right here. When I decided to fold them instead of hang them, they fit perfectly inside one drawer allowing me to store dressy tops, leggings, skirts and shorts, dressy boots, in addition to the pants.

    So I was able to like literally quadrupled my storage space when I folded instead of hanging.

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    Got Another Bookshelf Then Youve Got Another Closet

    Most kids dont need huge closets A bookshelf converted into closet space will be just enough storage! Make the most out of a small room or nursery with this closet bookshelf. When you tie in the double closet rod idea from #12, youll end up with even more space for your kids clothes! This DIY solution also works great for dress-up clothes and costumes!

    No matter how big your home is or what the storage situation is like, there are so many clever ideas for storing your belongings and keeping your sanity. The trick is to find what works for you and the space you have and to take the time to put those items in their designated places. Did you find an idea that would solve your problems?

    How To Keep Your Leggings Organized

    How Do You Organize Your Jeans?  Neatly Designed

    If you love leggings, you might be wondering what the best way to organize them might be.

    Regardless of how many pairs you have, its frustrating to dig through a drawer or pile to find the exact pair youre looking for.

    Luckily, there are easy ways to organize your leggings and keep them that way, eliminating all that hassle and chaos.

    These are the ways pro stylists and organizing experts suggest keeping your leggings organized for good.

    Fold and Store Differently

    When it comes to folding leggings, weve all been frustrated and confused.

    Sure, we were taught to fold our clothes and stack them horizontally in drawers or on shelves. But when it comes time to search for that certain pair of leggings, you disrupt the stack as you dig around .

    First, fold your leggings in half lengthwise, so one leg is on top of the other. Then, bring the ankles up to the waistband to fold them in half from bottom to top. Last, bring the folded edge of the knee portion up to the waistband, too.

    This fold should form a neat square or rectangle thats easier to store.

    Use storage boxes to file them vertically. That way, you can see every pair and avoid making a mess!


    Rolling up leggings is a great alternative that may work better for you, depending on your storage preference.

    Use storage boxes inside drawers or on shelves to keep the rolled leggings upright.


    Multi-tiered hangers can typically store 6-12 pairs of leggings in just a few inches of real estate in your closet.

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    Diy Clothing Storage Rack

    Or build your own DIY clothing rack in just 30 minutes. Hang your clothes and organize your shoes and accessories all in one place! Since its on wheels, you can move it out of the way whenever you need to! Take this opportunity to showcase your favorite pieces or to plan out your Monday-Friday outfits!

    Hanging By The Waistband

    These types of hangers are sometimes called “skirt hangers,” but they work equally well for trousers. To hang pants by the waistband, use a hanger with two clips attached. Make sure to purchase hangers where the clips are adjustable, meaning they must be able to slide along the bar of the hanger. This way you can move them to accommodate any size waistband. Fold you pants in half lengthwise so that the creases on the legs line up. Then secure each clip to the waist band. The waistband will be thicker than the cuffs of the pants. That is why a clothes hanger with clips is better than a clamp when hanging by the waistband. This type of hanger also requires a medium or long-hang closet section.

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    How To Fold Clothes Like Marie Kondo

    is all the rage. This folding style is all about making differently shaped clothing items look uniform by tucking the edges, the neck, and hemlines and hiding any visible seams or straps, Brookshire explains. When all your similar clothing items are folded the exact same way, your drawers will naturally look neater and it will help you find what youre looking for quickly.

    Ways To Keep Organization Easy

    Fold Your Jeans in Seconds with this 1 Easy Tip: Closet Organizing 101

    Getting your leggings organized feels great, especially when you find a method that works best for you.

    Keeping your leggings organized might be ticky, so heres what you can do to maintain your organization method, whichever you choose.

    Purge Regularly

    Keeping your leggings organized becomes difficult if youre buying more but never getting rid of anything.

    Its helpful to keep only the pairs that you actually use and make a regular habit of sorting out leggings that you dont wear anymore.

    Purging any clothing you havent worn in a while helps avoid the chaos of an overly cluttered closet, and youll be able to find what you need more easily.

    You can donate the items you decide to let go, and most organizations will offer a receipt you can use to write off the donation when you do your taxes.

    You might also consider selling leggings in good condition on websites and apps designed for fashion resale. Its a bit more effort, but it can be a great way to make extra money.

    Think Before Buying More

    Everyone loves a good sale, but just because theres a deal doesnt mean that you need anything new.

    Before you buy new leggings, ask yourself if you have anything similar already. Do you really like the leggings, or are you just excited about the price? Is there a specific reason you want or need them?

    Continually buying more leggings can add up quickly and make organizing your closet that much more complicated.

    Put Clean Laundry Away ASAP

    Dont let that clean laundry pile up.

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    Edit Your Wardrobe First

    Clothes retain their good looks longer when stacked neatly or hanging freely. But before you begin organizing clothes, create breathing room in closets and drawers . Consider donating apparel that hasn’t been worn in a year, no longer fits, is too damaged to repair, or is decidedly never coming back into style. Install closet systems, over-the-door racks, and drawer organizers to keep your remaining garments tidy.

    Folding Over A Hanger

    Perhaps the most common way of storing pants is by folding them carefully over the bar of a clothes hanger. There are special pants hangers with movable bars made for just this purpose. These types of pant hangers are often provided with a new suit purchase. But an ordinary hanger works fine as well. The only advantage of the specialty hangers with the movable bar is that the trousers can’t slip off as easily. As a premium hangr, they are also usually made of wood. However, velvet hangers and those with anti-slip bars work just as well. To hang your pants by folded over a hanger, start by folding them in half lengthwise just like the cuff and waistband methods mentioned above. After it is folded in half lengthwise, drape the pant across the bar of the hanger so that is equal length on either side. The big advantage to hanging your pants this way is that they will now fit in a double hang closet section. Many people don’t have very much long-hang or medium-hang areas in their closets. Double-hang where one rod is installed over another is popular because it literally doubles the amount of hanging space in the closet. If you have a lot of pants that need to be hung rather than folded, this may work better for you.

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