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Boyfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans

Style Tips For Wearing Mom Jeans And Boyfriend Jeans

DENIM DISCUSSION | TOPSHOP Mom, Boyfriend, Straight Jeans Review || theStyleHungry

Mom jeans can be among the hardest jeans styles to wear if you have a tummy pooch, a flatter bottom or are pear shaped. The taper in the leg can accentuate a pear shape and the rigid denim can make it hard to zip the pants over your stomach. Mom jeans also tend to flatten and elongate your rear. Below are a selection of styles that are good alternatives to mom jeans if you have a muffin top or tummy pooch. If you are pear shaped, a better option than a tapered leg jean would be a straight leg or wider hem jean such as bootcut jeans or trouser jeans to balance your curves.

What Body Type Do Mom Jeans Look Good On

Mom jeans are the pretty comfortable, and they look good on just about any body type. If youve got an hourglass shape, theyll help accentuate your curves in the right ways.

Theyll give you some much-needed shape if youre body type is more rectangular, or more straight up and down. Additionally, if youre pear-shaped, theyll help balance out your proportions.

No matter what your body type, mom jeans are an excellent choice for comfort and style.

get the look:

Who Can Wear Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are great for most body shapes and look particularly good on curvy bodies. They are so shaped that they have more room in the torso area, perfect for curved body shapes. They may not have the same fitting effect for apple body shapes as most of their weights holds up in the middle. In such cases, wearing a mom jeans fit may emphasize a round stomach.

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Signature Strauss By Levis Gold Label Mom Jeans

We love Levis at my house almost everyone owns a pair. Levis Gold Label mom jeans feature the classic high waist and five pockets, making these jeans great for horse riding.

In addition to cotton, they have 2% elastane which makes them slightly stretchy. The style detailing includes some trendy distress points.

Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans: All You Need To Know

Difference between mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, and boyfriend jeans ...

Although jeans are a must-have item in every womans wardrobe, skinny or slim-fit jeans are no longer the only choice in present-days fashion. You can have a nice break from these usual jeans with styles like boyfriend jeans or mom jeans of yesteryears that have made a comeback. In this blog, we will dive deeper into comparing boyfriend jeans vs mom jeans to help you make a better choice according to your style.

There are several questions that may pop up in ones mind when going for unique styles like mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. You may wonder whether these styles are currently in fashion? Whether they flatter your figure? Or, are they only appropriate for casual wear, or can you build a streetwear outfit with them?

Dont worry. After reading the entire blog post, you will have your answers besides having a clear standpoint on what type of jeans you should go for.

What To Expect In This Article?

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Ruisin Classic High Waist Jeans For Women Vintage Denim Pants

These vintage-style high-waist mom jeans from Ruisin will take you back to the 80s! They feature a comfortable high-waist, classic denim blue and are also available in other classic shades.


  • High-quality denim, YKK zipper, and classic high-waist


  • Truly vintage classic


  • It could leave a gap at the back when riding especially if you have a smaller waist in proportion to hips.

How they compare

Great pair of jeans under $50 bucks- true vintage style. They have gorgeous colors and very durable material. Most users found the fit very comfortable.

What Are The Differences Between Boyfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans

In todays world of fashion, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest trends. But for womens clothing, there is a shorthand: jeans come in two types: mom jeans and boyfriend jeans.

The difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans can be summed up in a single word: comfort. Mom jeans are tight-fitting, while boyfriend jeans are loose-fitting.

Boyfriend jeans are relaxed, low-rise jeans that look like they belong to a boyfriend. It has a relaxed fit and may have a bit of stretch to it.

Mom jeans are also called mom jeans because they are low rise and tight around the hips with extra room around the thigh and leg.

There is a lot of debate about what the difference is between boy jeans and mom jeans. And while there are a few similarities, the styles are very different. We will explore the difference between these two types of pants and help you determine which one you should wear.

1. Boyfriend jeans: These are often made from denim material and they tend to be more relaxed in shape with roomier calf areas. Theyre also generally wider at the hemline, too.

2. Mom jeans: These tend to be tighter in fit and more formfitting than boyfriend jeans, but not as much as skinny jeans.

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Mom Jeans Vs Straight Jeans

Straight-leg jeans have the same width in the leg of the pants from the hip to the ankle. As you can imagine, this means quite a wide leg opening down by your ankle! This loose fit allows for easy movement. In womens jeans, the leg often ends at or just above the ankle.

Straight-leg jeans can have several different waist styles, including a high waist or a low-cut waist. Mom jeans, in contrast, always have a very high waist.

Also, mom jeans typically have a baggier cut in the seat and thighs than straight jeans. Straight jeans have a pretty rectangular, boxy appearance because they do not nip in or out like mom jeans, which shape to fit curved bodies.

Boyfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans


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Comfortable, relaxed, and always chic, boyfriend jeans and mom jeans are definitely must-haves for every fashionistas wardrobe.

They look a bit similar, but they fit and flatter different body types and suit different styles, so if you want to up your fashion game, read on to find out how you can level up your style with these two different jeans.

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How To Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

Due to their casual and slouchy nature, these are a great style of jeans to wear out and about, rather than trying to dress them up. If you are an inverted triangle shape, style them with your favourite camisole or a tighter top to draw the eye to your waist. Id highly recommend finding a pair of high-rise Boyfriend jeans for your body, as this will help create the waist in the perfect point. This higher waistline will also help with elongating your legs. Continue the elongation of your legs with a pair of wedges, or go all out for your date night with a clutch and a pair of nude stilettos.

If you are an oval or rectangular shape, lower rises are much more comfortable for you and Id recommend untucking your tops. This will help with the shape of your silhouette.

Little Vintage Girls Vibrant Classic Mom Jeans High Waist

Dont let the brands name fool you. These mom jeans from Little Vintage Girls are suitable for women in their 30s and 40s. They are available in 7 different sizes and 13 attractive colors you will never run out of what to wear!

I love the fact that this is an all-American brand, and the jeans are proudly manufactured in the US.

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Mom Jeans: What They Are And The Body Type They Suit Best

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A friend called me the other day, and we got into a discussion on of all things jeans! We laughed about the styles of the yesteryears, especially the ones that were popular while we were in college. The topic naturally turned to mom jeans.

Mom jeans were initially designed for women who had just given birth and needed roomy clothes that would accommodate their post-pregnancy bodies, but now theyre used by many different body types. Mom jeans will suit you best if you have an hourglass figure or a pear shape.

Since the style of mom jeans is making a comeback with many younger women choosing it, I thought of writing this post. In particular, I will discuss why so many of my equestrian friends love mom jeans for riding and also the body types these jeans are best suited for. We will also cover the best mom jeans in the market.

But, I digress

  • 10.3 Do mom jeans hide belly fat?
  • Differences Between Mom Jeans And Boyfriend Jeans

    Boyfriend Jeans vs Mom Jeans, 5 comparisons by brand

    Weve understood a bit about mom jeans and boyfriend jeans as well as the body shapes that they can accommodate. Lets now see some of the difference between these two jean types that are usually mistaken for one another.


    Mom jeans have shorter length than the boyfriend jeans. Their lengths appear cropped.

    The boyfriend jeans come in long lengths and appear with their ankles folded.

    Leg Style

    As you may have already noticed, the mom jeans have a tapered leg, and can sometimes be straight. In the more updated style, it exists in a cropped jean style.

    The boyfriend jeans has a straight leg style as it replicates a man’s jeans. The legs are usually baggy. They may appear as a slim-downed version known as slim boyfriend jeans.

    Zipper area

    In the mom jeans, the crotch to waist length is quite long and the zipper area has more space.

    On the other hand, the boyfriend jeans, have a straighter cut in the waist, and less room in the zipper area.

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    What Types Of Bodies Are Mom Jeans More Suited For What About Boyfriend Jeans

    The nice thing about Boyfriend jeans is that they can be worn by all body types.

    Plus-size women who desire to appear smaller in size tend to go for Boyfriend jeans as they hide their folds and layers.

    Shorter women should also consider this type of jeans as it extends towards the very last centimeter of their legs, contrary to Mom jeans that make you look somewhat shorter.

    Mom jeans look better on women with narrower waists given the cinched waist of the cut. This does not mean the woman should be skinny, only that it is better if her waist is relatively smaller than her buttocks and chest curves.

    Boyfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans: The Verdict

    It mainly comes down to personal preference and working out which of the two are the most flattering jeans for your shape.

    Boyfriend jeans require more thought and attention if you want to nail the look. However, if you find the right balance with a fitted top or shirt and offset with pretty footwear and accessories, the finished look can be really fashion-forward.

    Word of warning: Do think about your height before investing. You may find that some boyfriend jeans drown your figure if youre petite.

    Mom jeans suit more people, regardless of stature, and are generally more versatile. You could throw on most tops with a mom jean and the style would work. The high-waist and tapered leg combo delivers a flattering silhouette, and if youre partial to a bit of 80s or 90s nostalgia, mom jeans are a real winner.

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    Who Is The Boyfriend Jean Good For

    Its a universal fitting jean, meaning pretty good for most. From the curviest body shapesas the waist can be cinched in with a belt to atall long and leggy body shape.

    Petite & Apple shapes need to be careful as too much slouch and fabric can drown a figure & give a frumpy outlook. The front rise sits around 8.5 to 10 under the belly button and the leg length can be rolled up or left down depending on the footwear. Its a season-less style.

    What Are Girlfriend Jeans

    HOW TO STYLE BOYFRIEND JEANS AND MOM JEANS* Stylish Boyfriend Jeans Outfit Ideas On Trend

    For your next jeans, there are many versions you can choose from.

    If it is true that the style of any jean depends on the maker in the case of the girlfriend jeans, the way they sit on the waist depends on the label too.

    They can have a slightly higher or lower waist but always higher than a boyfriend jean.

    A rule of thumb wants them with a high waist, fitter hips, some extra space between the legs, and a straight and more tapered cut for the legs, which can be with or without rolled hems and different lengths.

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    Whats Differences Between Boyfriend Jeans And Mom Jeans

    Boyfriend jeans and mom jeans have a lot in common. But there are differences between the two styles. Lets take a closer look at each one:

    Boyfriend jeans are usually made of denim, which is a durable fabric. Mom jeans, on the other hand, are typically made of cotton. Cotton is a less expensive alternative to denim because its easier to dye and costs less to produce.

    While both styles are designed to fit close to the hips, boyfriend jeans offer more coverage around the buttocks. Mom jeans, on average, cover the butt area slightly less.

    Both styles feature a high waistline, but boyfriend jeans tend to be tighter while mom jeans are looser.

    Boyfriend jeans are usually shorter, while mom jeans are often knee length or above.

    The rise of boyfriend jeans tends to be lower than that of mom jeans.

    Boyfriend jeans are generally considered to be more casual, while mom jeans tend to be more formal.

    What Jeans Does Jennifer Anniston Wear

    Jennifer Anniston, a fashion icon brought to life by the American sitcom, FRIENDS, has been known to wear different types of good-looking jeans.

    She loves pairing skinny jeans with high heels and Mom jeans with sneakers. She is usually linked to Rag & Bone jeans and has made it clear to all of us that jeans do not always have to be casual.

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    Why Are Mom Jeans Popular

    Mom jeans are definitely having a moment but why? While some fashion trends come and go, mom jeans seem to be here to stay. There are a few reasons for this enduring popularity.

  • Theyre flattering and lengthen the look legs. The high-waisted style and slightly tapered leg looks great on most body types and can accentuate the waistline and make the legs appear longer and more slender.
  • Theyre easy to style. Mom jeans are super versatile and can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
  • They have a nostalgic appeal. Mom jeans remind us of a simpler time when we didnt have to worry about trends or what other people thought of our clothes.
  • In a world that feels increasingly chaotic, mom jeans offer a touch of simplicity and comfort and thats something we can all appreciate.

    Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans The Classic Styles Difference In Fit

    Mom Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans: Was ist der Unterschied?

    What is the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans? Mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans? Have you ever wondered what are the differences in these styles and whether the jeans styles would flatter your figure? Well read on because this post will answer those questions for you! A picture is worth a thousand words and Ive put together images with a side-by-side comparison of mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans to see the difference in fit. Pictures are indeed great but words are still handy so I will describe the features that make mom jeans and boyfriend jeans that particular jeans style and add a few stye tips for some body types.

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    The Best Body Types For Boyfriend Jeans

    Not to be confused with the Mom jean style, Boyfriend jeans are looser and tend to have a baggier area around the crotch. These are perfect for people with an inverted triangle shape with smaller hips than shoulders, as well as oval and rectangle. Because of the baggier fit around the thighs, this will streamline your silhouette.

    Boyfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans: Whats The Difference

    Different jeans say a lot about the person wearing them. The cut, the color, and the size can all affect the overall look great.

    Boyfriend jeans and Mom jeans have received a lot of recognition lately and the following article studies the differences between the two, along with other specific details on each.

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    Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans: Which Is Right For You

    For the past several years, the skinny jean has been a top choice amongst the majority of young women. Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, with old trends re-emerging and new styles pervading the market.

    Two denim trends that have been spiking in popularity in recent years and becoming wardrobe staple pieces are the mom jeans and the boyfriend jeans.

    With an untrained eye, it can be difficult to spot what makes these two pieces different from one another. Lets take a look at their distinct features and what makes each style unique, so you can confidently make the decision on which style is right for you!

    Before I get into specifics, heres the cliff notes version of these 2 jeans. The main difference between the two jeans are in the zipper area. Mom jeans are high rise with a fitted cut that tapers in while boyfriend jeans have a straight cut at the waist and they sit lower on the waist.

    Keep reading to learn more and to find out which is the right fit for you!

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