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Curvy Mom Jeans American Eagle

Which Size Ae Curvy Mom Jeans Should You Buy

Mini Curvy American Eagle Jean Try-On Mom Jeans & Jeggings

The size you buy depends on your body measurements and personal tastes.

I was surprised to find that some Youtubers had the same body measurements but bought different sizes. Thats because some wanted very fitted jeans that stretch over time, but other wanted a looser fit. The reviews above should give you an idea about which size is best for you.

If you find an American Eagle Curvy Mom Jean Youtube review in a size I missed, let me know! I spent days searching Youtube for reviews, but couldnt find one in every size.

This article is part of a series of articles reviewing clothes in every size and body shape. Well be posting a new one every week or two in anticipation of our new shopping site thatll let you find clothing reviews from influencers shaped like you.

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Ae Stretch Curvy Mom Jeans At A Glance

The mid-sized and plus-sized women we found who tried on the American Eagle Stretch Curvy Mom Jeans had mixed reviews.

Most people bought their typical size. In their typical size, the pants fit well around the waist. The problem was that the legs werent baggy like youd expect from a pair of mom jeans. The jeans fit skinny through the thigh. They were only loose below the knee.

Some influencers sized up two sizes. The legs looked like mom jeans should when they sized up. However, the jeans worn in a bigger size were too baggy around the waist.

Overall, if you dont mind the skinny fit in the thighs, the jeans are a great option for curvy women. Thats because they have a higher rise than a typical American Eagle jean.

Shoppers had mixed reactions to the style. Some styles had fabric sewn behind the distressed material. Some shoppers loved it because it kept the jeans from ripping. Others didnt like that the jeans didnt have real holes.

Two other pieces of advice from women that stuck out to us:

  • Always buy on sale. American Eagle runs lots of sales. Youll get a much better deal if you wait until the price drops.

  • Dont buy without stretch material. Almost everybody who tried the non-stretchy curvy jeans hated them. It cut into some shoppers stomachs, making them uncomfortable. The women who did like them had to size up two sizes past their typical size.

Mom Jeans Are Made For Everyone

What goes around typically comes around again and for mom jeans, they are back in style. The younger generation has caught on and American Eagles designs that include different levels of waist height, curve appeal, and rips in the jeans, are to their liking. Of course, they are called mom jeans for a reason and moms still find these jeans attractive as well.

While American Eagle is one big brand that has wonderfully designed mom jeans, you can find other popular brands on Amazon as well. Prices will vary but they will also be very comparable to American Eagle.

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American Eagle Highest Waist Mom Jeans

Ladies, if you are shy about showing off your belly button, then these mom jeans were designed for you. They offer the highest waist while still keeping the wonderful designs. These styles are currently only available to purchase online.

AE Stretch Highest Waist Mom Jean

This highest-rise, single-button fly jean comes with a tapered, ankle-skimming fit. The jean has some stretch to them, making for a comfortable day. As another very popular style, these will cost you only $37.46

AE Highest Waist Mom Jean

These are classic cotton denim jeans that offer no stretch. Tapered, ankle-skimming, and rigid, they come equipped with a double-button fly. They are currently priced at $44.96 on American Eagle.

AE Ripped Highest Waist Mom Jean

If you like the highest waist feel with a ripped look, these are your mom jeans. Like most American Eagle ripped mom jeans, there are a couple of different levels of the rip. The highest waist offers three levels, and all three costs $44.96.

Best Bootcut: Levi’s 315 Shaping Bootcut Jeans

American Eagle Outfitters Jeans

If you have a closet full of skinnies, try adding a pair of bootcut jeans into the mix. With a clean, chic structure featuring just the right amount of flare, Levi’s bootcut jeans instantly give you the appearance of longer legs. The style also has a tummy slimming panel while the hypersoft fabric is extra stretch and soft. Supportive and comfortable? What more could you ask for?

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The Original Mom Jeans Are The Retailers Best Seller And Come In Four Different Styles

The American Eagle Mom Jeans is the first style American Eagle offers and is their best seller. These jeans are high-waisted, tapered, and ankle-skimming and have a few styles of their own. Lets take a look at the different offerings.

AE Mom Jean

These are the originals. The denim is rigid, so there is no stretch. They are high-waisted and have a single-button fly. They are priced at $37.46 on American Eagle.

AE Stretch Ripped Mom Jean

These mom jeans are high-waisted and come with a rip across one knee. They are ankle length and have a double button fly with just enough stretch in the material for you to enjoy a comfortable day. They are priced at $44.96 on American Eagle.

AE Strigid Ripped Mom Jean

These ones get their name because they are crafted rigid in the front while being stretchy in the back for the ultimate comfort. They have a comfortable stretch waistband that is a high-rise with a single button fly and are also tapered at the ankle. They cost $55.96 on American Eagle.

AE Stretch Ripped High V-Rise Mom Jean

This one has got it all going on as the rips arent too noticeable, but the stretch is. These mom jeans rise high enough to fit above the waist but with the V front, your belly button will show and the ankle is tapered. The cost of these is $44.96 on American Eagle

Ultra High Rise ’90s Straight Jean $89 At Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch

The Ultra High Rise ’90s Straight Jean in a light wash, currently $89 at Abercrombie & Fitch, is a quintessential Y2K era choice. The high waistline that sits above the belly button makes these jeans perfect for pairing with a tucked or untucked white T-shirt. The frayed hem gives it a worn-in feel. FYI: Though still available in every size in the light wash, the jeans are unsurprisingly sold out in select sizes in several other hues. Ultra High Rise ’90s Straight Jean, $89 at Abercrombie & Fitch

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How To Deep Fry A Turkey For Thanksgiving

Levis has been making denim since 1873, so its likely no surprise the brand has the classic bootcut down pat. Exhibit A: Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Bootcut Jeans., available for $22-$45 on Amazon. Skinny through the knee, the jeans flare out at the bottom. They can be found in three inseams and washes .

Best Boyfriend Cut: Free People Maggie Straight Jean


Featuring a relaxed fit and worn-in detailing, these are the ultimate boyfriend jeans and they’re under $80! When paired with a bodysuit, you can achieve a stylish contrast by combining a tighter top with looser pants. Add a pair of statement heels to complement the ankle-length hem.

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Ae Stretch Curvy Mom Jeans Size 12

CanadianFascination reviews American Eagle curvy mom jeans. She loves American Eagle jeans and feels they fit her like a glove.

Kaylas Thoughts:

  • Im at a point in my life where the only jeans I want to wear are American Eagle jeans because I love them so much.

  • If you’re any taller than me you should probably get the longs. Be warned that these are slightly shorter than a regular jean at American Eagle.

  • I do love the wash of these. I love the holes. I love the distressing.

  • These fit really well. If you’re curvy like me definitely try out the curvy mom jeans. The regular mom jeans are a stiff denim whereas these are a nice comfortable denim which youll like way more.

Kaylas Stats:

Ae Stretch Ripped Curvy Mom Jean

Up to 6 interest-free monthly installments fororders $2000 or more.

She’s never been more right than she was about this tapered, ankle-skimming fit, designed for curves with more room through the hip and thigh.

  • These jeans are Real Good: made in a factory that meets our standards for water recycling and reduction.
  • Mid-weight denim with just enough stretch for everyday comfort
  • The look of your favorite vintage jeans with stretch you know and love

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Best For Short Women: Madewell The Petite Curvy Perfect Vintage Straight Jean

Vintage-style jeans, also known as “mom jeans,” have been around all this time for a reason: They’re stylish, enhance your figure, and are the perfect option when you’re going for a cool, casual look. While true vintage jeans are usually narrow in the leg, hip, and thigh areas, leaving little to no room for movement, this pair of curvy Madewell jeans nails the classic style with a reconstructed design for all body types. Reviewers say the denim feels sturdy while still being comfortable and stretchy.

Ae Stretch Curvy Mom Jeans Size 18

American eagle women

Sophia Euphia reviews stretch curvy mom jeans along with the curvy mom jeans and the good ol mom jean. She has always had challenges finding jeans that accommodate her butt, but dont give her waistband gap. Sophia likes the curvy stretch mom jean fit around her waist in a size 18, but ends up sizing up to a 22 to get the relaxed leg look. She also gets the regular mom jean in a size 22, which she loves. Sophias video really highlights the importance of picking a size based on the look you want, and not based on the number on the tag.

Sophias Thoughts:

  • These are so high waisted, holy crap.

  • I love the wash of these, I love the rise of these, I love the length, I just don’t feel incredible in them.

  • This is the longest zipper I’ve probably ever seen in my life but I do like them. They make my butt look good

  • My favorite by far or the classic mom Jean if you get these size up a size or two. For me it was two sizes up and they fit me perfectly.

Sophias stats:

  • Typical Jean Size: 18

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Ae Stretch Curvy Mom Jeans Size 14

Kelly Elizabeth shares her thoughts on the Stretch Curvy Mom Jeans. She wears a 14 or 16 depending on the line. Kelly sizes down to the 14 in the curvy line because there is additional stretch in the curvy jeans. In this video, she tries on the curvy mom jean in a number of different washes.Kellys Thoughts:

  • I find all of these jeans actually fit exactly the same which is something that I found to be really really exciting. I cannot stand when I love a pair of jeans and want to buy them in a different wash and the different wash fits like horribly or is too big or too small.

  • They fit high-waisted. They have traditional front and back pockets as well as the traditional button and zipper closure.

Kellys stats:

Best For Tall Women: Madewell Tall Curvy High

Versatile and refined, skinny jeans are a wardrobe must-have. Not only is this denim option super cute, it’s specifically designed for ladies with hourglass figures. Plus, Madewell has lengths suitable for all heights, so you can finally own a pair that complements your long legs just right. For a cozy weekend outfit, add a crewneck sweatshirt with platform sneakers.

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The Ultimate Ae Mom Jeans Roundup

Hi friend! New around here? Just so ya know, I offer affordable personal styling and shopping services! to check out what I have to offer!

Are there any trends out there that youve always hated or just thought you could never pull off? Well Im here to tell you, you are not alone friend. Dad sneakers, for instance, I dont see myself trying. I dont think Im cool enough for that haha. Berets, neon hues, and tiny sunglasses, just to name a few, are still on the nope list for me. But if Ive learned anything about life , its never say never.

Enter, mom jeans. I dont know why, but for the longest I was so against the mom jean, convinced I could never pull those off. Then one day I got a wild hair and decided, meh. Why not. My life was forever changed that day. Okay, thats a little dramatic, but my denim collection did see a major shift. Now I cant stop buying all the mom jeans. Heck, I even bought a pair of mom shorts the other day, and its February. I dont even like denim shorts.

Im particularly in love with American Eagle Mom Jeans. Ive always shopped at American Eagle and just love the style + quality of their products. Something about their denim is so comfy and flattering. Not to mention its WAY affordable. So today Im going to be sharing two of my recently purchased mom jeans + what I love about them!

Classic Medium Wash Mom Jeans

Levis Womens Classic Bootcut Jeans Originally $70 Now $40 At Macys



Classic and Levis is almost redundant, but we guess the brand did it for emphasis when it named its Womens Classic Bootcut Jeans. The lapis sights wash, which is on-trend light, is currently marked down to $40 from its usual sale price of $70. Seven other washes are available at full price. The leg-lenthing bootcut silhouette is the same throughout. Levis Womens Classic Bootcut Jeans, $40 at Macys

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Best White: Madewell The Curvy Perfect Vintage Jean In Tile White

Whoever made the “no white after Labor Day” rule clearly never wore white jeans this amazing. Turn heads and look super stylish all year long in this pair of Madewell jeans. Featuring a high waist and straight leg, the outfit possibilities are endless. If it’s chilly, pair these size-inclusive jeans with a sweater and boots, and on warmer days, try an all-white ensemble with tennis shoes and a tee.

Best Stretch: Nine West Heidi Pull

Say goodbye to stiff jeans forever this pair of top-rated stretch denim provides unbelievable comfort whether you’re sitting at a desk or getting fresh air. Smooth as butter and ultra-slimming, these jeans will suddenly become a favorite in your rotation, as they already have for several customers. The hardest part will be deciding which of the five colors you should get.

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American Eagle Curvy Mom Jeans

As the name suggests, American Eagle Curvy Mom Jeans are designed for ample curves. Ladies will find these jeans with more room throughout the hips and thighs for more comfort and mobility. Although they are built for curvy women, they do not lose any of the American Eagle styles.

AE Stretch Curvy Mom Jean

As with the straight jean, the Stretch Curvy Mom Jean also comes in two ripped styles. Both are high-rise and both have what American Eagle calls their limitless waistband. The difference between these two styles is one simply has more rips in it than the other and they also run at either $52.46 or $44.96 depending on style.

AE Stretch Curvy Mom Jean These mom jeans are built for curves. They are high-waisted, tapered, and ankle-skimming with plenty of room through the hips and thighs. These have a single-button fly and cost just $37.46 on American Eagle.

American Eagle Mom Straight Jeans

American Eagle Outfitters Jeans

These American Eagle Mom Jeans are the classic straight-leg fit. Like the above Mom Jeans, these also have a few different styles to them that should satisfy. Lets see what they offer.

AE Stretch Mom Straight Jean

These mom jeans ride high, over the navel. They are straight-legged with some stretch to them with a single-button fly. They can be yours for $34.96 on American Eagle.

AE Ripped Mom Straight Jean

When American Eagle says ripped, they arent joking. The ripped jean comes in two ripped styles ripped on both legs and fabric completely missing. Both high-rise jeans dont offer any stretch except for the waistband and will cost buyers either $52.46 for the fabric-missing style or $41.96 for the ripped-on both-legs mom jeans.

AE Patched Mom Straight Jean

These mom jeans offer a wonderful design that includes fun patches on both legs along with rips in both the front and back of the jeans. The jeans themselves do not stretch except for the comfortable waistband and they are high-rise with a single button fly. They are priced at $59.96 on American Eagle.

AE Strigid Mom Straight Jean

Rigid in the front and stretchy in the back. These jeans are high-rise with a single button fly. This is a very popular mom jean with the retailer and costs $52.46.

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