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Girlfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans

Girlfriend Jeans Outfit For Fall

how to style MOM JEANS! WHAT TO WEAR with mom/girlfriend denim!

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Nothing says fall like plaid print, and an oversized plaid shirt is a fall staple. Wear it alone or unbuttoned over a cropped tank top for a layered look that is made a bit more feminine with a pair of slim-fitting high-waisted girlfriend jeans in a dark or black wash.

Keep the outfit laid-back with some cool sunglasses and high-top sneakers like Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars or combat boots.

Comparison Table Between Mom Jeans And Girlfriend Jeans

Parameters of Comparison

It also has a lot of extra area in the zipper, crotch, and leg sections. tapering Legs and elastic waistbands are common features of the design.

A blouse or shirt tucked inside the jeans is frequently used with this look. Women in the United States preferred this style of jeans until the early 2000s when lower-rise jeans became fashionable.

In the 2010s, mom jeans were once again popular among young fashionable ladies. Mom jeans have resurfaced in the wardrobes of females all around the world.

The mom jeans rebirth couldnt have come at a better moment, given the burgeoning gender acceptance and feminine equality initiatives.

In the 1960s, hippie cultures hip-hugger bell-bottoms became a trend, due in part to celebrities, and by the 1970s, they were everywhere, typically with high waist front pockets and high flares, but by the time punk bands like the Ramoner burst up, denim had evolved significantly. Denim was cut skinnier and with a lot more holes.

Punk predicted the popular pegleg Jean of the 1980s and 1990s. These are the actual originators of mom jeans.

Which Body Types Look Best In Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans flatter the athletic body type, apple body shape, and the inverted triangle shape.

If your frame is more top-heavy like an apple shape or the inverted triangle shape, the baggier cut of boyfriend jeans can help balance your proportions if you wear them with a fitted top.

If you have an athletic build , then boyfriend jeans will also flatter your figure.

The baggy fit helps to create curves around your hips, and if you pair them with a top that has a bit of volume and heels, you can create a curvier figure.

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are both comfy denim must-haves. Even though they have a similar relaxed fit and effortlessly chic look, they are far from the same. Now you know which style fits your body type and style best, you can start shopping for jeans that flatter your figure.

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Best For What Body Type

In general, boyfriend jeans look best on people with slender bodies, whether you are petite or quite tall. This is because the slouchy, loose cut creates the illusion of a straight line from your hips to your ankles, giving you a boyish appearance. If you have a more curvy shape, the jeans will stretch to cover your curves instead of hanging loose and baggy as the style intends.

On the other hand, girlfriend jeans provide a lot of shaping and support for anyone with pretty much any body type. They can highlight the height of a tall, slender person, and the tighter, tapered fit of the legs can also look good on a person with more curves to accentuate!

Should You Size Down In Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans vs Mom Jeans, 5 comparisons by brand

If you prefer a more fitted look to your jeans then you can try sizing down as boyfriend jeans do tend to run larger. But, boyfriend jeans are intended to fit baggier so you sticking with your usual size will give you that look.

Additionally, the fit often depends on the brand. The best way to figure out what will work for you is to try on a few different pairs and see what feels best.

Remember that you can always cuff or roll the jeans if theyre too long. So dont be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect fit!

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Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend Jeans: What Is The Difference

Trendy girlfriend and boyfriend jeans let you dress for style and comfort at the same time. But striking just the right note means choosing the perfect type of jeans for each occasion. So what exactly is the difference between boyfriend vs girlfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are baggy and feature a loose waist, while girlfriend jeans have tapered legs and a more fitted style overall. Girlfriend jeans are a modification of boyfriend jeans that accentuates curves. Boyfriend jeans have a looser appearance and a more relaxed cut.

In this article, you will find out what boyfriend and girlfriend jeans look like. You will learn the key differences between these popular kinds of jeans. Finally, you will find out how these styles compare to other trends like mom jeans.

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Who Can Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Anyone can rock a boyfriend jeans, it all depends on how you wear it. The boyfriend jeans emphasize the hips and create a stylish masculine-feminine look. Curvy body shapes may need belts to hold their waist. Long and leggy body shapes can fit into this jean type with ease. Petite and Apple shapes should be mindful of the boyfriend jeans fit they wear to avoid being drowned in the outfit.

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Girlfriend Jeans With A Bodysuit

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A chic bodysuit looks great with girlfriend jeans and will flatter your figure in all the right ways.

This type of outfit is great for going to dinner, on a date, or out with friends, since it strikes the balance between casual and dressy.

Some long, layered gold necklaces will look fab with this draped surplice bodysuit, and a pair of heeled brown ankle booties match the look well. Carry a cute handbag like this brown patent shoulder bag that is 90s-inspired for a trendy touch.

Which Is Right For You


Deciding whether mom jeans or boyfriend jeans are right for you may mean spending some time in the fitting room and sampling a few pairs of each. Pigeon says, You may have to try on a few pairs to get the right fit. Its all about proportions, balance, and finding your right fit.

Reviews are mixed on whether a mom jean works for a woman with a pear-shaped figure. The high-rise/long zipper can draw attention to a less than taut tummy and even accentuate a barely-there pouch. But the high-rise can also hide a belly, especially if you choose a brand that offers a slim out in the stomach area. As for the tapered leg, it can make a rear appear flat. Depending on your shape, youll want to make sure the pockets accentuate your rear curves and that the jeans seams line up correctly on your legs, says Pigeon.

As for boyfriend jeans, the style is fairly versatile, and there is a pair out there to flatter most body types. Be careful about going too large on a boyfriend cut you want to be comfortable but not sloppy. And if you have large hips or thighs, a classic boyfriend can make you look larger due to the loose fit and extra fabric. You may be better off with a slim boyfriend or girlfriend version.

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Boho Girlfriend Jeans Look

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Youll be seeing crochet and 70s-inspired fashion everywhere this season, so get in on the trend by styling your girlfriend jeans in a retro, boho way.

Opt for jeans with some distressing or rips, and wear them with a crochet top. This colorful crochet crop top has major summer vibes and features a halter neck with an open, lace-up back.

Some Birkenstocks or other comfortable footbed slide sandals keep this outfit looking relaxed for the daytime, though you could swap them out for some heeled sandals if youre going out at night.

Accessorize with a straw circle crossbody bag and eclectic jewelry like a stack of rings with stones to add to the bohemian vibe.

The Difference Between Boyfriend Jeans : Girlfriend Jeans : And Mom Jeans

Personally, I have found the difference between these three types of jeans very confusing. Yea they all look the same, but there are some small details that differentiate them from each other. We are facing unmarked territory that hasn’t really been clarified for everyone.

Boyfriend Jeans-

The jeans above are from ZARA for $69 and are called “Jeans slim boyfriend Malibu Blue.

When I think of boyfriend jeans, I immediately picture jeans a guy would wear. Of course they are adjusted to a women’s body however they are almost the same as guys jeans.

Boyfriend jeans are usually low to mid rise as they sit right on the hip. The denim used for boyfriend jeans are slouchy and sorta have a baggy feel. Things that can help identify boyfriend jeans include the relaxed fit. It carries more of a straight leg that looks loose on the client. Boyfriend jeans also have a baggy shape and they sit lower on the hip. There are high waisted boyfriend jeans however that’s when they start to classify as either girlfriend or mom jeans.

Girlfriend Jeans-

The jeans above are from Urban Outfitters for $69 and are called “BDG Girlfriend High-Rise Jean – Light Wash

Girlfriend jeans are very similar to boyfriend jeans except they are more feminine in certain qualities.

Mom Jeans-

This jean can be found at Urban Outfitters for $69. They are called “BDG Mom Jean – Pintuck

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Baggier Version Of The Boyfriend Fit Jean

Very skinny figures and petite frames can be overwhelmed by excessively baggy, slouchy-fit boyfriend jeans. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a large bottom and/or wide hips, the bagginess of slouchy boyfriend jeans can make those areas appear heavier.

Shop at Amazon, Regular Fit and Loose Fit Boyfriend Jeans

Wearing clothes that are too bulky is least flattering for full or very curvy figures. A girlfriend jean or slim cut boyfriend jean will flatter your curves the best.

There are some boyfriend jeans that may be designed to be worn with a baggy, slouchy fit or some women may size-up so that their boyfriend jeans have a very loose fit.

Want To Know What A Boyfriend Girlfriend Or Mom Jean Is

Splurge vs. Save: Are Gap Girlfriend Jeans As Good As rag &  bone Dre ...

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I get asked this question a lot Whats the difference between a Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Mom Jean? So heres the answer

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Girlfriend Jeans With A Biker Jacket

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Give your girlfriend jeans a cool, edgy vibe by wearing them with a faux leather biker jacket.

A biker jacket is especially ideal for nights out on the town and looks great with a pair of black heeled ankle booties for a dressy touch.

Dont forget a trendy accessory like a zebra print shoulder bag for an eye-catching pop of print against the denim and faux leather.

How To Style Mom Jeans

80s Inspired Mom Jeans

An 80s-inspired outfit is the best way to mimic Princess Dianas style. You can put together a cute vintage look with mom jeans wear them with a cream sweater, chunky boots, and a small black bag. If you want a sporty look, go with an oversized athletic T-shirt, sneakers, and a blazer.

90s Inspired Mom Jean

Relive the 90s with these stylish jeans. Mom jeans are an iconic piece of clothing that looks great with retro flair. Choose from oversized printed T-shirts to chunky turtlenecks to pair them with.

90s Inspired Mom Jean

Acid Wash Mom Jeans

If you enjoy being adventurous, acid wash mom jeans are a great choice. Theyre comfortable and versatile pieces that you can pair with almost anything, whether its an oversized jumper or a plain white T-shirt. Finish the look with strappy heels for an ultra-chic look.

Ripped Mom Jeans

Take the traditional mom jeans and give them a little edge with rips. The small tears to the big rips will instantly add a cool factor to any outfit. This casual fashion staple can be found in all styles of jeans.

Baggy Mom Jeans

Baggy styles are one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans youll ever own. Pair them with a tight top and oversized jacket to complete the look. A heel lengthens your legs and creates a streamlined appearance while maintaining proportions.

Black Mom Jeans

Blue Mom Jeans

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Which Jeans Are Most In Style Today

Boyfriend jeans have been very trendy, especially with petite girls who dig the tight shirt-baggy pants duo. Celebrities like Billie Eilish, who only recently became comfortable with showing off her body, had previously relied heavily on Boyfriend jeans and pants with such cuts, paired with oversized t-shirts or sweaters.

This look makes it impossible to determine the shape of the body underneath. This also serves the purpose of the recent body positivity movement which called out all brands that do not make suitable jeans for bigger women.

Today, brands aim to provide comfortable and fitting clothing for all body types.

Practicality always wins, and Mom jeans are guaranteed to be the most practical jeans you can own. You can wear them with baggy or tight shirts, sneakers, or high heels.

You can wear them to events where you want to show off your long legs, or to movie night with the neighbors where you just want comfort. Their wide usage range has placed them among the trendiest cuts today.

Distressed jeans are also very common today and are even worn by men. The scattered rips here and there show off slight skin, which could be very attractive.

Fully ripped jeans have also surfaced, where most of the knee and the quadrilaterals show. These styles are usually pulled off by rappers, skateboarders, or hip-hop dancers they were made for the pop culture.

Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans: The Images

American Eagle Mom Jeans Try-On & Review | PETITE Denim Jeans!

In the strictest sense of the terms the images show typical fit for the mom jeans and boyfriend jeans styles. The jean styles placed side-by-side can help you see what is the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans can be low-rise or high-rise but are typically mid-rise. Mom jeans are by definition, high-rise jeans. The main difference in mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans is in the zipper area. The crotch to waist length is rather elongated and the zipper area is roomier in mom jeans. But mom jeans have a fitted cut at the side-waist that tapers inward. In contrast, classic boyfriend jeans have a straighter cut in the waist, since they are mimicking jeans cut for a more angular, male figure.

The jeans in the pictures are left to right, are BDG Urban Outfitters Mom Jeans, Lee 90s Vintage Mom Jeans and Rag & Bone Rosa Boyfriend Jeans. These are older styles and may no longer be available. But Scroll to the end of this post for similar jeans

Another area that can differ is the cut of the leg. Classic mom jeans typically have a tapered leg though some have a straight-leg style. Classic boyfriend jeans have a straight-leg cut. The last area of comparison is the denim used to make the jeans. Classic mom jeans are made from a rigid, light wash denim without details such as fading and distressing. Boyfriend jeans on the other hand often feature details such as distressing and fading to imitate much-loved and worn jeans.

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Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans: Synopsis

Before I get to style tips about boyfriend jeans and mom jeans on different body types, here is the cliff notes version of what is the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans.

Classic Mom Jeans
  • Roomy in the zipper area and high-rise cut
  • Tapered leg style, can be straight leg as well
Variations: Updated Mom Jeans Style Elements
  • Fading and distressing
  • Can be made with stretch denim
  • Cropped style jeans
  • Slouchy fit, sits lower on the hips
Variations: Slim Boyfriend / Girlfriend Jeans
  • More fitted cut
  • Different rises
  • Cropped style jeans
  • Can be made with stretch denim

Why Are Mom Jeans Popular

Mom jeans are definitely having a moment but why? While some fashion trends come and go, mom jeans seem to be here to stay. There are a few reasons for this enduring popularity.

  • Theyre flattering and lengthen the look legs. The high-waisted style and slightly tapered leg looks great on most body types and can accentuate the waistline and make the legs appear longer and more slender.
  • Theyre easy to style. Mom jeans are super versatile and can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
  • They have a nostalgic appeal. Mom jeans remind us of a simpler time when we didnt have to worry about trends or what other people thought of our clothes.
  • In a world that feels increasingly chaotic, mom jeans offer a touch of simplicity and comfort and thats something we can all appreciate.

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