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High Waisted Bum Lift Jeans

What To Look For In The Perfect Pair Of Bum Lift Jeans


Dont be swayed by the very clever marketing names every pair now comes with you need knowledge. Take at least five pairs of jeans into a fitting room with you and choose one size above and below what you think you are they will all look different. And pay just as much attention to the pockets as you do the leg shape. Why weve never been told this, I do not know.

Tips From A Fashion Expert On Buying The Best Bum Lift Jeans

Look for:

  • Ahigh, upward-angled V yoke . It helps lift the eye upwards, creating an anti-gravity effect.
  • Smaller, higher pockets. These too draw the eye upwards and inwards, creating that lifted, peachy look.
  • A bit of stiffness. Jeans with around 2-5% elastane keep their shape well, but 100% cotton jeans are stiffer, and therefore hold you in.

Plus, some tips for what to wear to the dressing room, while you’re at it.

  • Don’t wear granny pants. They may dig in and create lines, making it harder to tell which jeans are the most flattering
  • Do wear a seamless thong. This ensures your jeans fit smoothly with no added lumps and bumps. Briefs can pinch inwards and create a distorted silhouette.
  • Do wait until your cycle has finished. Period bloat can force you to go up two to three sizes, and youll end up with a baggy fit.
  • Do wear layers. This way, you can strip down when you work up a sweat. Slip-on shoes are good for making multiple trips back and forth, too. A tight tee or vest will let you easily check out the shape of the jean.
  • Do use the personal shopping services. These are offered free by some of the bigger stores. Call ahead, tell them your size and have a selection waiting for you, instead of trawling around the shop floor.

Moda Xpress Womens Butt Lifting Stretchy Skinny Jeans

If you want to show off your body and showcase your bum these midrise jeans are some of the best. These jeans are relatively inexpensive and are of good quality at the same time. You also have a wide variety of sizes to choose from so it doesnt matter your size now.

This Moda Xpress jeans available at Amazon. Here are more details about these jeans:

Material: Womens Push-Up Butt Lifting is designed with a quality stretch material that contours your body nicely.

Double Front: No double front is present, but the jeans stylish design is not affected by the omission of this.

Pockets: Stylish five-pocket jeans offering you several pocket styles and designs to choose from.

Fit: The jeans are built to provide comfort while maintaining the shaper you are looking for

Tool Loop: These butt-lifting jeans do not feature a tool loop but still remain a great designed product.

Moda Xpress Push-Up Butt Lifting jeans available at Amazon.

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What To Look For:

Now that weve established that, lets talk jeans and, ahem, butts. If thats something youre hoping to accentuate with a little help from denim, heres what to look out for:

  • Back pockets that sit higher upStrategic pocket placement can help create the illusion of a lifted bum.
  • Deep V-shaped yokeThe yoke is a fancy word to describe the part of your jeans in the back just below the waistband essentially right where your butt goes. It can range from a deep to a shallow V, to no yoke at all. But in order to accentuate curves, you want a deeper depth.
  • High-rise/high-waist jeansThats not to say that mid-rise or low-rise are forever off the table, but when the jeans sit higher up, they hug you better around the waist and hip area to give that beautiful booty a lift.
  • Super skinny jeansTheres skinny jeans, then theres whats called super skinny, which fit just a little bit tighter to accentuate your backside just like leggings would.
  • Sculpting/lifting technologyCertain brands use specialized denim that works double duty to lift and sculpt in order to lend the impression of a rounderderriere .

Looking for a way to make the whole jean shopping process WAY easier?

Colombian Design Jeans For Bigger Butt


For women who are on the go, these are some good jeans for the sport. These jeans have a unique design that will make the wearer look outstanding enough. One of the main features of these jeans is their ability to grip the bum firmly highlighting quality features.

This Colombian Design Jeans available at Amazon. Here are more details about these jeans:

Material: Colombian Design High Waist Butt Lift Levanta is made with various extra durable materials like cotton and spandex. This offers some amount of elasticity for a comfortable feel.

Double Front: although these jeans are will be designed to fulfill all the major functions of jeans they do not include a double front.

Pockets: These jeans feature two well-placed large pockets.

Fit: They are stylish and comfortable for smaller women. The waist is high and the jeans flow all the way down to the ankle.

Tool LoopColombian: Design High Waist Butt Lift Levanta Cola Skinny Jeans do not feature a tool loop, but they have sturdy loops.

Colombian Design High Waist Butt Jeans available at Amazon.

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Laty Rose Butt Lifting Colombian Jeans

LT.ROSE butt lifting jeans is an elegant and timeless pair of these. These jeans are made with over 100% cotton, which provides comfort while giving your body the highlight it needs. These jeans could be a part of your closet for years without getting old-fashioned.

These Laty Rose butt lifting jeans available at Amazon. Here are more details about these jeans:

Material: LT.ROSE Butt Lifting Colombian Pants are designed with quality stretch technology. These jeans have quality stitching and a high waist that lifts your butt.

Double Front: The double front design is not a trait in this denim.

Pockets: You have your typical five-pocket design, meanwhile you still have the option to choose from two pocket-designed jeans.

Fit: These have a timeless look, they give a nice rise to your bum.

Tool Loop: TLT.ROSE Butt Lifting Colombian Pants will not be featuring a tool loop.

LT.ROSE colombian butt lift jeans available at Amazon.

Shape Concept Jeans Levanta Cola Colombianos

Labeled as one of the sexist women jeans. These shape-concept jeans are not only inexpensive but very trendy. Some of the best materials are infused together to create this butt lifting product. These jeans are specially made with extremely capable bum lifting technology.

The levanta cola jeans available at Amazon. Here are more details about these jeans:

Material: Made with soft, smooth, stretchy, and breathable fabrics. The jeans offer a lot of comforts and lift even the smallest bum.

Double Front: These jeans are made without a double-front design.

Pockets: You will have four good-sized pockets for all your accessories.

Fit: Sits on the body nicely without being too tight or too baggy. Perfect for any outing.

Tool Loop: Tool loops are not available in this design.

jeans levanta cola colombianos available at Amazon.

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Women Butt Lift Colombian Jeans By Aranza

Rated as one of the best butt highlighting jeans the Pantalones Colombianos are classy. The jeans are well designed and grip your butt well showcasing your appealing rear. These are not only good-looking on your bum, but also comfortable. You can wear them to a party at work or even with your bestie.

Aranza Colombian jeans available at Amazon. Here are more details about these jeans:

Material: Womens Push-Up Butt Lifting is designed with a durable elastic material that contours your body nicely.

Double Front: No double front is available in these push butt lift jeans.

Pockets: These jeans are available in both three-pocket and a five-pocket design.

Fit: The fits comfortably latching onto your body and lifts the butt area.

Tool Loop: The style of butt lifting jeans is not inclusive of a tool loop.

Aranza Colombian jeans available at Amazon.

How To Wear Body Shaping Butt Lifting High Waist Skinny Jeans For All Body Types

FASHION NOVA JEANS TRY-ON HAUL *booty lifting jeans* | Jaylee Ortega

Butt lifting skinny jeans are designed to be figure flaunting – and combined with a high waist, strike the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated. A good quality pair of butt lifting high waist skinny jeans will make a woman look and feel sensual by reconnecting her to her body and reigniting her own self-worth and power. But how do you wear and style your high waist skinny jeans so that they sculpt and enhance your silhouette according to your body type? Fortunately, here are our best fit body type recommendations to help you create a stylish look that youll love and feel great in!

Butt Lifting High Waisted Skinny Jeans for an Hourglass Body

Our Expert: The hourglass body type is the most common, and provides a woman with an overall balanced look as her top and bottom half meet at a smaller waist. For her, emphasis of her natural feminine curves helps to create a very sensual look, making skinny jeans a must-have in her wardrobe. Think Marilyn Monroe or the Latina look, and youll picture just how sensual an hourglass body can be.

The butt-lifting high waist skinny jean is ideal for a woman with an hourglass figure . Adapting to her natural body shape, skinny jeans hug the waist and hip areas, and help to lift, shape and smooth her butt so as to enhance her sensual qualities. To create a sexier look, complement the butt lifting high waisted skinny jean with a fitted top tucked in and a pair of designer heels to create a fun and stylish look.

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Some Other Jeans Have That Make Your Bum Look Good

  • Aranza womens push up butt lifting stretch jeans: These Colombian jeans have slowly become some of the most worn butts lifting jeans in the region. They make you look sexy, yet you can still feel comfortable with the material. Women Butt Lift Boot Cut Jeans, you can visit using the link below.
  • True Religion Halle Big T in Scenic Route: These are a bit pricey, but could be worth it. They are made by True Religion, a Los Angeles company that focuses on giving women some of the best styles to choose from. The company has been around for the last 20 years and has tried to perfect these jeans to get your bum a lift.
  • Moda Xpress Butt Lifting Ultra High Waisted Skinny Jeans: Moda Xpress is a new brand that produces quality womens apparel. The jeans help to highlight your figure making the woman look more rounded and sexy. Check amzon to view the Moda Xpress Colombian jeans.

Buy Butt Lifting Jeans Online

Want to select the perfect outfit that will enhance your best features? Do you wish to create a smootherline under your outfit? Thats where ModaXpress butt lifting jeans can help you! There is an incrediblerange of designer butt lifting jeans which can meet any and all of your requirements for a slimming,classic and sexy outline. Every woman has the right to live each day feeling and looking her best. Withbutt lifting jean you can feel confident and look sexy with high-quality butt lift jeans that will enhanceyour natural beauty.

Our range of butt lifting jeans for women fit perfectly in the right places to enhance your curves. You canpick your right choice from the full range of styles, and these jeans for your butt do a miracle for yourfigure without making you feel uncomfortable. Whether youre looking for Levanta cola jeans orBrazilian jeans,ModaXpress has everything covered.

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Best Jeans To Make Bum Look Bigger

Jeans that have stretch materials are some of the best jeans to help shape up your bum. You want your jeans to feel comfortable, but at the same time show up your figure.

Some jeans may not offer both, so its important to do some research on your jeans before purchasing.

Get a pair of jeans with a V-shaped yolk and the pocket lowered, this will help to shape up your body nicely. Your curves and the full figure will be highlighted showing off your bum.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of High


Choosing between rises is mainly about comfort and aesthetic, but the high rise has some advantages. They let you wear more revealing tops without showing too much skin, making a crop top or even a bralette more elegant. The high rise also highlights the smallest part of your waist and creates the illusion of long legs, which makes them a great option for those with a long torso.

On the other hand, longer tops and bulky sweaters may look awkward with a high rise, especially if there is too much fabric to tuck into the pants seamlessly. For those that are used to wearing mid and/or low rise jeans, the higher rise may feel uncomfortable and restrictive with the extra fabric. Ideally, you will own a few jeans in different rises, so you can find the best fit for your outfit and mood for any given day.

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Dl1961 Plus Size Jeans For Bigger Butt

If you are a plus-size woman, these are the ideal bum lifter for you. You can get your butt lifted no matter how big you are, these are designed to last longer than your average jeans. You will find that these jeans are a bit pricey, but is a very good investment.

The DL1961 Classic five-pocket denim jeans available at Zappos. Here are more details about these jeans:

Material: These Mara are made from extremely heavy-duty material, they can take a lot of wear and wash from you.

Double Front: You have somewhat classical designed jeans with an extremely modern look.

Pockets: The Mara butt lifting jeans bears five low-built perfectly threaded pockets.

Fit: These allow women of different sizes to look and feel super confident.

Tool Loop: No tool loops are available in this edition.

DL1961 Plus Size Mara Straight in Stellars on zappos.

Jeans That Make Your Bum Look Bigger Butt Lift Jeans

Nowadays, people have grown obsessed with their looks. With the evolution of social media, you can hardly blame people.

When you share an image online you are not just sharing with friends and family, but with strangers, your future spouse, or even a potential client. People all over the world now have unlimited access to our images.

With that in mind, you want to get the best out of one of your favorite pieces of clothing in your closet. Your jeans, your wear them everywhere and love that they can be dressed up for the office and down for the party.

People always want their bum to look much bigger. People love showcasing their figure as it not only highlights their nice physique but it also boosts their confidence.

People want to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes and jeans that highlight ones physical structure does that.

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How Do I Style High

High-rise are so popular because they are universally flattering and can be dressed up or down. During the day, you can pair them with just about anything, whether that’s a crop top or a tucked in tee or sweater.

For an evening look, Welch recommends pairing a bodysuit or corset with high-waisted jeans. Throw in some heels and a blazer, and you’re ready to hit the town.

My Quest To Find The Best Bum Lift Jeans

High Waist and Butt Lift Denim only at Moda Xpress

What if I could find a pair of jeans that did the hard work for me – no squat challenges required? After all, the denim world has come a long way since my boot-cut 90s-jeans wardrobe.

There are now jeans that can create all kinds of visual trickery, thanks to clever fabrics, pocket placement, and construction techniques. To be crystal clear – none of our bodies need sculpting, slimming, or lifting to be valid and worthy. But if a killer pair of jeans could give me a confidence boost, and they’re comfy, and I’ll wear them loads, why not? With this in mind, I began my search for the perfect bum-boosting pair. And that search, like so many things in life, starts with Instagram.

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