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How To Bleach White Jeans

Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide

DIY Bleached jeans

Mix one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts baking soda into a paste and rub onto the stained area until it has been completely covered with this mixture. Let sit for at least 20 minutes before rinsing off with cool water. If any residue remains, repeat steps 1-3 until all traces of the stain have disappeared. Wash as normal after removing all traces of stain from your pants.

How To Get Stains Out Of White Jeans: 7 Ways

Washing white jeans to remove stains may not get all the stains out, and bleach can damage the fabric. So how do you get stains out of white jeans? It just depends on the stain and the situation. Below are several methods that you can use to remove stains from white jeans, including which methods to use with certain types of stains.

The Ultimate Guide To Bleach Your White Clothes

No doubt, white clothes are hard to keep bright as they tend to lose their brightness and get dingy after a while because they easily attract stains. But do you know you dont have to toss them? If you wish, you could get that whiteness back! How?

There are safe tricks and bleaching methods that can help you get rid of those stains and dull look without damaging your clothes. From bleaching your white clothes by hand to using a portable ultrasonic cleaner like Sonic Soak that is extremely powerful without damaging your clothes – and that can clean absolutely anything!

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How To Diy 90s Half

What you need

  • Plastic bag


  • Lay a protective covering such as a plastic tarp or newspapers on the surface you will be working on.
  • Lay the pair of jeans flat on the ground.
  • Tape off all the sections you do not want the bleach to go to.
  • Carefully tape off the crotch area, part by part, ensuring that all areas are covered from the front, middle, to the back.
  • Also, tape off the pockets that you wonât be bleaching. When taping off the back pocket, lay the tape past the seams and then cut the excess parts to ensure that all the parts of the pocket are fully covered.
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Put undiluted bleach in the spray bottle.
  • Spray the bleach on all the untapped parts of the jeans. Ensure that you spray a sufficient amount on each part.
  • Leave the bleach on for 1-5 hours. The longer the bleach stays on the lighter they become. Keep an eye for your preferred shade.
  • Once you achieve the desired shade, rinse the jeans with cold water then wash and dry.
  • The Bleach Soak Method


    Soaking your jeans in a solution of bleach and water is the most popular method for fading denim. It lets you see how much color is left in your garment and helps you maintain an even fade.

    1. Set up your work area. A bathtub or big basin will work well. Either way, layer newspapers or spread out a plastic tablecloth to protect the surrounding floor.Open a window or turn on a fan. You will get sick of hearing this, but wear rubber gloves and safety glasses!

    Mix equal amounts of hot water and bleach.

    2. As a really important step, let your jeans sit for about half an hour. Swish them around every so often to make sure the cloth is evenly exposed and check for your desired color.

    3. Carefully wring out the jeans over the bathtub or basin, scoop them into something big like another bucket, and carry them to your washing machine.

    4. Wash your jeans on a cold water cycle with no detergent to stop the fading.

    5. You can also use this method to fade only a portion of your jeans. For example, to fade only the lower legs, just place that part of the jeans in the bathtub.

    If youre going for a tie-dye look, rubber band sections of your garment just like you would to tie-dye something in a vat of dye. Then follow the steps described here for the best results.

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    Will Stains Come Out Of White Jeans In The Wash

    Some stains may come out in the wash, depending on the source of the stain and its color. But, you shouldnt rely solely on the washing machine to remove stains from your white jeans.

    Its better to pretreat the stain before washing to better the chances of it coming out. Pretreating the stain will help break it down so that the washing machine will effectively remove it. And remember, dont put the jeans in the dryer if they are still stained, even after washing them.

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Wine Stains

    Wine stains are notoriously difficult to get rid of. The stains are stubborn and seem to get bigger when you scrub at them. Luckily, there is a chemical-free way to remove these pesky wine spotshydrogen peroxide.

    Pour hydrogen peroxide on the spot until it soaks in, waits about 10 minutes, and wash it off. If the stain remains, repeat the process until its gone.

    Try some baking soda mixed with dish soap for more stubborn wine stains if this doesnt work.

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    Use Aspirin For Old Stains

    Aspirin works surprisingly well as a stain remover. It is beneficial for old stains that are hard to remove.

  • Crush a few tablets into powder.
  • Mix the powder with warm water
  • Apply the solution directly onto the stains using either an old toothbrush or sponge brush, depending on how big the stain is.
  • Let this sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly with cold water while scrubbing at any remaining residue with another clean rag or paper towel until all traces are gone.
  • Once everything has been removed, wash as usual using cold water only, so nothing runs when you put it through the dryer cycle later.
  • Here are the answers to your questions:

    What Causes Yellowing Of White Clothes


    Environmental factors like the nicotine from cigarette smoke or greasy cooking residue can cause fabrics to yellow. Underarm yellowing on shirts happens due to a reaction between your antiperspirant and body salts. Clothes that are stored improperly can react with the acids in a cardboard box or wooden shelves and turn yellow.

    Chlorine bleach is great for cleaning and disinfecting but it can cause yellowing if overused or if used on white synthetic fibers like nylon, microfibers, or polyester. The bleach weakens the fibers and returns the synthetic polymers back to their original color, yellow.

    Even white fabrics made from natural fibers like cotton and linen can turn yellow if they are exposed to too much chlorine bleach. Overuse of chlorine bleach can also cause white clothes to yellow when hung on a clothesline outside to dry because the sun adds another layer of bleaching due to ultra-violet rays. Bleach can also cause the protein in sweat to permanently bond with cotton, creating a yellowed stain.

    And, if you are using too much detergent or fabric softener and not rinsing well, the high heat of the clothes dryer can “bake” the residue into the fibers and leave them grey or yellow.

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    How To Care For White Jeans: 7 Tips

    Seven simpleand unexpectedways to keep your white jeans white, from skipping the bleach to the best recipes for removing everything from grass to ink to wine.

    As much as we love our white jeans, they present a bit of a conundrum. Theyre the unofficial uniform of summer, meant to be worn at a time when nearly every activity involves being outdoors, and yet theyre pretty tough to keep clean. But rather than over-wash them or, worse, not wear them at all, we called up Cameo Cleaners, which washes everything from red carpet dresses to vintage denim, to ask how to keep stains to a minimum and whites looking white.

    Their advice is probably easier than what youve been doing. Instead of tossing your denim into the wash after every wear, follow their washing tips and one of the stain-removing recipes below, if necessary. Here, how to make your jeans last through summer and far beyond.

    1. Stop what youre doing. Chances are youre doing the white-jeans-washing thing a little wrong. From here on out, no more bleach, dryers, scrubbing, soaking or stain-remover pens.

    2. Avoid bleach. Even chlorine-free or color-safe bleach will cause white denim to turn yellow over time. While youre at it, skip white vinegar too, a popular but ineffective substitute. Vinegar does prevent dark or black jeans from losing their dye but it wont noticeably freshen up your whites.

    For coffee and grass: Add concentrated dish soap .

    For ink: Use glycerin-based soap .

    How To Keep White Jeans White

    So you bought a pair of white jeans. First of all, well done. They’re an all-round classic and you’ll find yourself reaching for them far more often than you expected. But therein lies the rub. The more you wear them, the more likely they are to get dirty, and the more you’ll need to wash them

    To that end, we’ve gathered the best denim care advice to help you keep your white jeans white.

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    How Do You Whiten Dingy White Pants

    To whiten washable clothes, combine warm water and oxygen-based bleach in a solution. Take into account the packages recommendations for how much water to use per gallon. Allow the white garments to soak overnight or for at least eight hours after theyve been submerged. It is critical to have patience.

    How To Use Bleach Safely

    Gray to white  bleaching jeans

    You should always follow these safety precautions to use bleach safely. It can harm your skin, irritate your lungs, and seriously damage your eyes if you arent careful.

    Most importantly, never mix bleach with any other chemicals! You could accidentally create a chemical disaster far worse than any bunsen burner incidents you may have observed during your high school chemistry labs.

    Wear protective gear like rubber gloves and safety goggles. If possible, wear old clothes that cover as much exposed skin as you can, too.

    Cover your work area in case of splashes. Dollar store plastic tablecloths taped down with a bit of masking tape work great! In a pinch, you can also lay down old newspapers.

    Give yourself adequate ventilation to disperse that terrible smell! Open windows work well, and bathroom fans work even better.

    Finally, its a good idea to do a trial run on a hidden spot of the garment before you get started!

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    How To Bleach Denim Jeans And Jacket

    Denim trends like the distressed look or the dip-dyed craze come and go pretty quickly in the fashion world. If you have a closet full of outdated denim, you may want to consider updating your style with the help of a little bleach. Whether you want a two-toned look or a retro 70s tie-dye style, you can refresh your wardrobe by learning how to bleach denim jeans and jackets.

    The most popular way to bleach denim jeans and jackets is to soak a garment in a solution of bleach and water for several hours. Techniques such as taping off a section of a garment before bleaching create an asymmetrical dip-dyed look. Using a spray bottle or paintbrush to apply the bleach will also create a stylized design.

    In this article, youll learn the most popular techniques for bleaching denim. You will also learn important safety precautions. Finally, youll find out how to care for your bleached garments.

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    Safety Tips Before Whiten Your Clothes

    If you use bleach wrongly, it can cause damage to your clothes by marking them because bleach can be corrosive. It is a harsh chemical, and you need to bear some things in mind so you can bleach your white clothes safely.

    • Ensure the room where you are going to use the bleach is well ventilated
    • Make sure your clothes can bear the strong cleaning power of the bleach before using it. You can confirm this by testing the bleach on an area of the fabric that is inconspicuous first.
    • If the bleach spill, use a damp cloth to clean it up almost immediately
    • The method or format you want to use should determine the type of bleach you will use. If you are going to bleach with washing machine, use liquid bleach but if it is for spot-stains, make use of pen or spray.
    • Avoid contact with bleaches by wearing plastic apron on your clothes and rubber gloves to protect your hands.
    • Ensure your clothes label does not have the phrase do not bleach before you bleach
    • Bleach made specifically for laundry purposes should be used. Also, never mix ammonia with bleach as it can release toxic gas.
    • Ensure that you do not bleach natural fibers such as leather, wool, or silk.
    • You can destroy your clothes by using concentrated bleach on them directly. Ensure you dilute the chemical before you bleach your white clothes with it.

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    Use Baking Soda And Dish Soap

  • The first thing you want to do is mix one cup of water, two tablespoons of dish soap, and one tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl until it forms a paste-like consistency.
  • Then take the mixture and apply it directly onto the stains using either an old toothbrush or sponge brush, depending on how big the stain is.
  • Let this sit for about ten minutes before rinsing off completely under running water while scrubbing at any remaining residue with another clean rag or paper towel until all traces are gone.
  • Once everything has been removed, wash as usual using cold water only, so nothing runs when you put it through the dryer cycle later on! And there you have it beautiful white jeans once more.
  • How To Bleach Jeans One Leg Half Bleached Jeans

    DIY Two-Tone Half Bleached Jeans

    You can also use bleach to create a two-tone style in your jeans. Whether youre old enough to remember the 90s or just young and hip today, you will love this fun retro style!

    The key to achieving a two-tone style is to carefully seal off any areas of denim that you do not want to fade. You can seal off these areas with duct tape, packing tape, contact paper, or garbage bags taped shut over large areas.

    For example, if youre trying to create the 1990s look with one leg white and one leg black, you could place the black leg in a garbage bag and seal the open of the bag to the fabric with tape. You can even tape off alternating pockets for even more color contrast!

    Make sure you carefully seal a clean edge up the crotch line of the back and front of your jeans as well. You will have to place several short pieces of tape layered over each other to fit the curved edge. This will give you a clean line between the two shades of color!

    Before you start, look at your jeans and imagine that any areas covered in tape or plastic will remain the original color, while any exposed areas will fade to the new light color. Make sure you have clean, crisp tape lines so that you will not have messy edges between the two colors.

    Finally, you probably want to use the spray method to apply the bleach. If you let your taped garment get wet, the glue on the tape might dissolve, and youll be left with a giant mess!

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    How Long Does It Take To Bleach Jeans

    It can take as little as ten minutes or as long as several hours to bleach jeans depending on the dye in the original pair of jeans and on the color you want.

    The longer you leave your jeans exposed to bleach, the more they will fade. Of course, the danger is that the chemicals will eat at the fibers in the cloth if you leave the material exposed for too long.

    Ideally, you should test out your chosen method on a pair of thrift store jeans first. This will let you see how the pants are doing and how light or dark of a shade you can achieve. Your goal is to get the color you want without ruining the cloth!

    You can also mix more water into your solution for more delicate materials such as stretch jeans.

    Bleach will not shrink denim jeans, but it can erode the synthetic fibers in stretch jeans, causing loss of stretch recovery.

    Hang Your Denim In The Sun

    Sunshine can have a bleaching effect on colors, so for an added whitening boost, hang dry your white denim pieces in the sunshine.

    Lets get ready to tumble. You are going to have loads of fun making sure your white denim stays fresh, our style experts are ready to lend you a hand. Looking for a new pair to keep squeaky clean? Take your style quiz, order a Fix and let an expert stylist do all the work. Keep what you love and return the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free.

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    How To Diy Bleached Dirty Jeans

    What you need.

  • Identify the areas you would want to âdirtyâ.
  • Put your gloves on.
  • Lay a protective covering such as a plastic tarp or newspapers on the surface you will be working on.
  • Dip your jeans in cold, clean water until they are wet.
  • Wring any excess water and place your jeans, straightened out, flat on top of plastic tarp.
  • Pour 100% concentrated bleach in a bowl.
  • Dip the sponge in the bowl and let it soak up the bleach. Gently wring any excess bleach.
  • Rub the sponge on the parts of the jeans you would like to fade out, as if wiping them. The bleach will start to work immediately but it is best to leave it for at least an hour to set.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Put your bleach dirty jeans in the washer and then dry them in a drier or hang them to dry.
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