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How To Cut Shorts From Jeans

Finish The Hem On Cut

How to Make Cut-Off Shorts – DIY Shorts | Levis®

If you want a turn up on the legs of your cut off shorts, you have finish the hem as follows:

  • Fold the hem up once on each leg and iron it flat.
  • Then turn the hem over again and iron again. Take your time to make sure it is neat and even.
  • Sew a few small neat stitches at each seam, inner leg, and outer leg, to hold the turn up in place. There’s no need to sew along the whole hem as it should stay up once it’s ironed.

If you want a frayed and raw hem, just pull a few strands of cotton out along the cut edge. If you want an uneven hem, chop a few pieces out but don’t make them too big. You can always make a few more cuts if you want more. Wearing and washing your new shorts will fray the edges naturally.

Frayed hems look good too. Just pull some of the cotton threads, then wash the cut off shorts.

A Foolproof Guide To Making Diy Cut

Dont ruin another pair of perfectly good pants.

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Planning To Turn Jeans Into Shorts

  • 1Choose a pair of jeans to turn into shorts. The best jeans to choose will fit you comfortably in the hips, butt and thighs. Remember that baggy jeans will become baggy shorts, and tight jeans will be tight shorts.
  • Jeans made with stretchy material are not the best candidates to turn into shorts. They usually have pieces of rubber or plastic woven in with the fabric, and those won’t look good dangling from the bottom of the shorts.
  • You can also turn khaki fabrics into shorts. Just take a look at the tag and make sure they are 100 percent cotton, or close to it.
  • 2Pre-shrink the jeans. If you’re converting a pair of jeans you’ve barely worn, or that have never been washed, run them through the washer and dryer before proceeding to cut them off. This will pre-shrink the jeans so they won’t end up shorter than you want them to be.Advertisement
  • 3 Depending on how loose or tight your jeans are and what shape they are in, choose from the following lengths:
  • Capris are cut off right at the calf, and look great with heels or sandals.
  • Capris are only a little shorter than regular pants, so this is a good choice if you don’t want to make a drastic alteration.
  • Tight fitting or “skinny” jeans look better as capris than loose-fitting jeans. You want the bottoms of the capris to hug your calves, rather than swim around them.
  • Bermudas hit at or right above the knee. Depending on the type of jeans you’re converting, bermudas can be super comfy or incredibly stylish.
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    Cutting Jeans Into Shorts


    When you think of making a new garment you know it is work! Buying fabric, prepping it, measuring the body, marking the pattern, cutting and then sewing it all this without making a mess of the whole thing. What if you can get an item of entirely new clothing without all these hullabaloos. Just cut something and you have an absolutely delightful new clothing- introducing the cut off jean shorts.

    As if a cut off jean shorts needs an introduction! Everyone knows how to cut old jeans and make them into shorts. But I have something different up my, ahem, jeans hem.

    There are some nice ways to jazz up the cut off jeans to make it look slightly different than all the other same-old-indigo-coloured-jeans you are cutting. You dont want to seem as if you are wearing the same shorts everyday.

    Try Them On And Pin Them Up


    Try the jeans on and get someone else to place a pin where the finished shorts should sit on the front of the leg.

    Now, if you want a turned-up hem, place a second pin further down the leg to allow for the turn up. So, if you want an inch turn up, then place this second pin 2 inches lower down to allow enough fabric for the hem to roll over twice.

    If you want to leave the hem raw and frayed, you only need to allow an extra 1/2 inch as raw edges usually curl up a little.

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    Denim Cutoffs With Eyelet Hem

    This is a very easy way to roughen up your girly jeans simply add metal hardware. So easy to insert.

    Make the smallest hole you can make to insert the eyelets or grommets and use a rubber mallet or special grommet tool to fix it in place.

    Here is a tutorial that explains about the tools that you can use to attach the metal grommets on fabric.

    Leave the hem as it is for a rough look.

    You may want to add some rips here and there for a tougher look. Use the seam ripper to take out the vertical thread in places leaving the white thread of the denim intact.

    Make more vertical rips like this.

    The girly look is totally gone what to do with the pink button?. Replace the jeans button to a rugged one.

    Cutting Your Jeans Into Shorts Successfully

    The process of how to cut jeans into shorts is so easy you only require basic DIY or crafting tools. As easy as it may sound, minor mistakes, like inaccurate measurements, can lead to a disaster. You can also end up continuously cutting until the length of the shorts no longer suits you. That is why, as always, practice makes perfect. Its always best to start with a length far longer than what you really want and adjust accordingly. Good luck and have fun with your new DIY cut-offs.

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    How To Make Cuffed Cut Off Jeans

    The first method gives you the standard rolled up cuff look for your shorts. This method looks best if the outside of your jeans are darker than the inside, because the cuff will be more noticeable.

    A few things to note before you begin: In the first two methods below I finished the cut edges by serging. If you dont have a serger, use a zigzag stitch on your regular machine to finish the raw edge. Also, please be aware that a cuffed hem is easier to do at a spot on the jeans where there is NOT a lot of taper. If the width of the place you cut is much smaller than the width of the place youre trying to roll it up to, youll end up with bunching. Finally, this is a good method for turning jeans into capris too!

    Add Diy Finishing Touches

    DIY: How To Properly Cut Your Jeans Into Shorts

    For this step, you can add finishing touches to the shorts edges and throughout the shorts. Lets learn about each of them below.

    Jean Shorts Edges

    This step on how to cut jeans into shorts is something you shouldnt skip. You have a lot of options for edging the jeans, namely:

    • Frayed Edges – If you want to stop the fraying at a certain point, machine stitch around your finished marked line. Otherwise the fraying may go on indefinately – of course you may want that! Then, to start fraying, pull some of the blue threads with your fingers or a pair of tweezers. This will leave the distinctive white threads hanging down. You can also rub the edges with sandpaper, pumice stone, or a shaver to get even more dramatic results. Read the full article on how to fray fabric for lots more tips.
    • Cuff – A cuff is a little bigger than a hem. To create one, fold the edge toward the first line you made and then fold again in half. Take your warm iron and press it on the cuff to keep it in place. You can sew the sides of the cuff to hold it in place.
    • Add Fabric – You can also add more style to your cut-off shorts by reinforcing the edges with another fabric, such as cotton or lace. Measure the fabric or lace you want to add and sew it on the edges. Read how to sew lace trim. Lace is best sewn with a zig-zag stitch.

    The Rest of the Shorts

    Apart from adding finishing touches on the shorts hems, you can add some glam to the shorts using the following suggestions.

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    How To Distress Your Cut Off Shorts

    If you want your shorts to look aged, worn and distressed, then you can achieve this yourself and make a unique piece of clothing. Put your shorts on and mark places where you want holes or cuts while you are wearing them to make sure they end up correctly placed.

  • Sandpaper them. Take a clean piece of rough sandpaper and rub hard on places where you want a worn out look. Sandpaper quickly breaks the denim threads and this effect looks good around pocket edges and along seams. The longer you rub, the more threads you will break so stop often and check what you are doing.
  • Use a razor blade to cut slits in a few places. Be very careful of your fingers and any piece of furniture you might be leaning on. Pairs of small slits look good. Don’t make the cuts too long because the shorts will completely lose their shape.
  • Scrape scissors back and forth in areas to make distressed patches.
  • Use bleach if you want to fade the colour. You can dilute bleach in water and lay your shorts down flat to make an even fade all over. Make sure you wash the shorts after 20 minutes or so to stop the fabric rotting in the bleach. You can also splatter neat bleach in areas of your shorts by dripping the liquid from a large spoon. Take care not to get the bleach on carpets or floors in the process. To fade just some areas of the denim, like the front of the thighs, rub bleach on with an old rag and leave for a few minutes before washing.
  • How Do You Turn Cuts Into Shorts

    Shorts with a little baggy waistband and a wide leg look great on the outside but are baggy in the middle. It is a good idea to mark the shorts on the outer seam where you want them to be washable or chalked. You should cut two to three inches below this point. You can try them out for yourself.

    Sew Your Own Shorts

    Before sewing the legs together, make sure the raw edges of the fabric are completely even. The shorts will then be finished by hemming the bottom with a basic hemming stitch and using a seam ripper to remove excess fabric from the seams. It is now time to show you the very first pair of shorts you have designed.

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    How To Cut Jeans Into Shorts In Just 6 Easy Steps

    Want to know how to cut jeans into shorts? Then you’ve come to the right place! I really wanted to splurge on some new denim shorts, specifically the Bermuda ones.

    Since summer is around the corner, these shorts are truly functional. But then, I realized that I had a pair of jeans that I wasn’t using. So instead of splashing out, I decided to take things into my own hands.

    Watch me as I transform my Levi’s skinny jeans into something trendy. The tutorial is super easy, and it will show you the best way to cut jeans into shorts. Grab your scissors, and let’s do this!

    Choose The Right Pair Of Jeans

    DIY cutting Jeans into Shorts

    You cant just choose any pair of old jeans because not all of them will look good as shorts. For example, baggy jeans will end up as baggy shorts, while tight jeans will turn into tight shorts. Plus, stretchable denim will usually have plastic or rubber woven into it, which will dangle from the shorts bottom. Ideally, use a pair that fits your thighs, buttocks, and hips comfortably and is made from 100% cotton.

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    Bleached To A Lighter Shade

    You can use bleach to turn the boring indigo colour of the jean shorts to a lighter one Just dilute the bleach with water and keep the shorts in it for some time. If you want an uneven bleached effect you can spray more bleach on selective places.

    Know how to use bleach and use all precautions.

    As an alternative just make the bleach marks in selective places in the shape you want by stamping the shorts with stamps dipped in beach

    Cut Off Jeans In 15 Minutes

    Every style lover will love wearing this rolled hemmed cut off jeans that will be big summer comfort. It will take only 15 minutes to transform your jeans into these cut off jeans. These cuff-offs impress with the hemmed bottoms and are a little upon the knees for a cool fashion statement. Details here itsalwaysaut

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    > How To Turn Jeans Into Shorts

    Assuming you would like an introduction on how to turn jeans into shorts: With the weather warming up, its time to start thinking about summer fashion. One of the best things about summer fashion is that you can take items you already have in your closet and turn them into something new. A great example of this is turning a pair of jeans into shorts. Jeans are a staple in most peoples wardrobes, but they can be a bit hot and heavy when the temperatures start to rise. Shorts are the perfect solution to this problem, and they can be easily made from a pair of jeans. With just a few cuts and some sewing, you can have a brand new pair of shorts that are perfect for summer. If youre not sure how to make jeans into shorts, dont worry. Its actually a very simple process. All you need is a pair of jeans, a sharp pair of scissors, and a sewing machine. Once you have these items, youre ready to get started.

    Cutting Your Jeans Into Shorts

    How to Cut Jeans into Shorts (without Sewing Machine)

    Now its time to cut off your jeans into shorts. To start this process, you need to wear your jeans. Use fabric chalk to mark the length of the short.

    It can be at the calves, mid-thighs, knees, or upper thighs. Once you have marked the points, you can remove the jeans.

    Now put your jeans on a table, desk, or any flat surface. Use a ruler to make cut-off marks. Make sure you are marking on the outer part of the jeans. Trace the cutting with the chalk. Repeat the same for the other leg.

    Image Source: InStyle

    Once you are done with the tracing, its time to cut the jeans. The cutting path should be at the slight point below the crotch. It should be forming a V shape, making it easy to cut the jeans. The V shouldnt be too much. It should be subtle.

    Use fabric scissors which are made for cutting heavy fabrics like denim. Start cutting on the marks. Dont worry if the cutting line is not straight, as this will not be visible.

    Try your DIY shorts once you are done with the cutting part. See how it looks.

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    Hand Stitch The Cuff In Place

    Hand stitch the cuff in place with needle and thread. Its easiest to turn the shorts inside out as you do this and sew from the inside of the leg, catching the top of the cuff as you sew. This isnt required, but it helps the cuff stay in place through the wash. You dont have to sew all the way around the cuff just a few stitched at the inner and outer seam of each leg should do it.

    This is what your finished DIY denim cut offs look like:

    How To Make Cut Off Jean Shorts

    Learn how to take your old jeans and make cut off jean shorts, either with a cuff or with a fringe or frayed edge. Sewing optional.

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    Taking old jeans and cutting them off to make shorts is one of my favorite summer upcycle crafts! This is also a great way to get a little more use out of jeans that have holes in the knees or are too short for a child but not too small width wise.

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    Make Your Own Summer Staple

    Who doesnt love a good pair of cutoff jeans? They style easily and can create multiple looks, and with barbecue season in full swing and travel opening up, they’re the perfect addition to your closet. Cutoffs look great with your favorite T-shirts, tanks, and crop tops, and when it comes to shoes, they pair with wedges, high-heeled sandals, or a pair of classic Converse sneakersthe options here are truly endless.

    Plus, you dont have to buy a pair. For an authentic pair of DIY cutoffs, learn how to cut jeans into shorts and you’ll have your own in minutes. If you happen to have older denim that’s frayed or shrunk over time , use those to customize cutoffs unique to you, or you can also hunt for the perfect thrifted or vintage pair to transform. Start with a pair of jeans that fit you well, but be sure they are not too tight on the legs, says Maddie Orlando. I love an oversized denim look and think that this style also makes for the shorts.”

    Ready to start a new creative project? Below, find the rest of Orlando’s tips on how to cut jeans into shorts.

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