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How To Distress Jean Shorts

How To Rock Ripped Jeans Like A Pro

DIY Distressed Shorts | 5 Ways to Distress Denim!

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for many people, but there is a fine line between wearing them professionally and casually. Ripped jeans look great on a thin line, but they must be worn correctly to achieve a polished appearance. The most important tools for tearing jeans are a cheese grater, steel wool, sandpaper, and a pumice stone or foot file. A pair of small but sharp nail scissors is required to make sure the holes are properly formed. Ripped jeans can also look stylish if you know how to pair them. Ripped jeans also offer a plethora of versatility when it comes to how they can be worn. It can be paired with a vintage tee, a crop top, a fun graphic tee, or black or white sneakers for a more laid-back look.

Tools You Will Need To Distress Jeans

The most important item you need to properly distress your jeans is the right pair of jeans. You will want a pair of classic, traditional, starchy jeans that are 100% cotton. Jeans with elastic, like skinny jeans, are structured differently than classic jeans and wonât work with our distressing techniques.

You can either source a new pair of jeans, or see whatâs been left neglected for all these years in the back of your closet. If this is your first time distressing denim, then maybe use a pair of jeans you donât mind practicing with !

Next, youâll need the right tools. Luckily, most of these tools are common household items that are easy to find and even easier to use. The full denim distressing kit is as follows:

* Real denim jeans

* Bobby pins

* Disposable razor

* Sandpaper

* Scissors

* Tweezers

Start Fraying The Jeans With Sandpaper

Before cutting the jeans with scissors, fray them with sandpaper, a razor, or with a cheese grater to thin out the spot you want to rip. This will help loosen the fabric, and it will also give it a frayed look. The next step is to cut it. However, it can be slightly more time-consuming. If you dont want a slightly distressed look around the cuts, you can go ahead and cut it.

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Fraying With Tweezers Or A Seam Ripper

  • 1Work in small sections to avoid holes that are too big. Cutting holes in your jeans will make them fray over time, and picking the threads out with tweezers or a seam ripper speeds up that process. To avoid fraying your shorts too much, try to work in sections about 1 in large.XResearch source
  • Unless youre working on the hem of your shorts, in which case you can go all the way around.
  • 2Create a small cut in your shorts with scissors. Since tweezers and seam rippers are mostly for pulling thread, youll have to open up your shorts first. Use scissors to make a small cut where youd like the frayed hole to be.XResearch source
  • If youre fraying the hem of your shorts, cut off the bottom hem to expose the loose threads.
  • 3Use the tweezers or seam rippers to pick out individual threads. Grab a pair of tweezers or seam rippers and use them to pick out loose threads as you see them in your shorts. On denim shorts, the threads are usually lighter than the outside of the jeans, so theyll be easy to grab. On other materials, you might have to pinch and pull in small sections to fray your cuts.XResearch source
  • You can pull as many or as few threads as youd like. When you wash your shorts, the areas will become more frayed on their own.
  • Your final look will be a slightly frayed area with individual threads sticking out. Your shorts will become more frayed the more you wash them.
  • Where And How To Manage A Ripped Jeans

    Custom high waisted denim shorts Levis distressed by Jeansonly, $39.99 ...

    Image: Shutterstock

    • Now that you have learned how to scrape, shred, and drill holes into your jeans, lets go over a few things you should know.It is also important to understand how to strike a balance without actually ripping the jeans apart or making them look like rags. Also, know the best placement for each of these.
    • Unless you prefer to go all out, overdoing the distressed look can leave a bad aftertaste. So, according to the fashion police, the two-and-a-half rule looks and works best. So, two holes, two shreds, and a scrape is a good starting point. Feel free to tweak it, but this is a good reference for amateurs.
    • Shreds look best in the thigh region, and a couple of inches long is good.
    • Holes usually start on the knee and go up two inches . Dont go overboard with the holes keep the length to an inch and only as wide as your leg because they show more skin when you sit. Plus, horizontal ones are better.
    • Scrapes near or above the thigh are great.

    Precision is a must when it comes to making ripped jeans at home. But, with the right tools and prior planning, you will soon be able to flaunt a pair of DIY ripped jeans. So, make sure to follow this ultimate guide on making ripped jeans and getting started. You should avoid running your scissors on the fabric without taking measurements or marking the areas you want to cut or work on because once you cut off a large chunk of it, there is no coming back.

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    Cut And Pluck For Big Threaded Holes

    For not-so-subtle distressing, follow these steps: Cut horizontal strips half an inch apart. Make the strips as long as you want the hole to be. Take a pair of tweezers and pluck all the blue threads out of the strips. As a pro tip, the white threads run horizontally and the blue run vertically in denim. By removing the blue threads, you can create that horizontal white-threaded look. I also tore some of the white threads to make the opening a little messier.

    How To Rip Jeans With A Razor

    To rip jeans with a razor, first make sure the jeans are clean and dry. Lay the jeans flat on a surface and use a sharp razor to make a cut along the desired area. Start at the top of the jeans and work your way down, making sure to angle the razor so that the cuts are not too deep. Once youve made the initial cuts, pull the jeans apart to create the ripped effect.

    Youll need to go over your jeans with a razor and draw a rough sketch of how you want them to look. Its as simple as distressing the jeans by putting a thick magazine inside the pockets where youll be cutting them. Line up the holes top and bottom with lines drawn in the shape of a circle. If you have a thick magazine, you will not be able to cut slashes or holes into parts of your pants where you do not want them. Furthermore, you can keep the denim tight with the magazine, making cutting easier. Jeans should be washed twice during the first use. It is also possible to conceal the new holes by washing and drying them in the same manner.

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    How To Rip Your Jeans The Right Way

    One way to pull your jeans is to rip them, but there are several other methods as well. Razors and scissors can be used to scrape jeans, pumice or sandpaper can be used to create a distressed look, or you can mark and rip them yourself. Consider using a cheese gurgle to add some flair to your jeans, or instead use a pocket scraper or another area. If you cut something with sandpaper or scissors, smooth it over as much as possible before removing any loose threads.

    The Rules Of Wearing Distressed Jeans

    How Can I Fray & Distress Jean Shorts Myself? : Style Creations

    Theres something about distressed jeans that make them irresistible. Maybe its the way they look like theyve been through a lot, or the way they hug every curve. Or, maybe its because they make us feel like were part of a club a club of people who dont take life too seriously and know how to have a good time. Regardless of the reason, distressed jeans are here to stay. And, as with any trend, there are certain rules to follow if you want to wear them the right way. One of the most important rules? Make sure your distressed jeans have rips. Rips in distressed jeans add an element of edge and toughness that is essential to the look. Without them, distressed jeans just look like regular old jeans that have been through the wash a few too many times. Rips also help to show off a bit of skin, which is always a good thing. So, if youre on the hunt for the perfect pair of distressed jeans, make sure they have rips. Trust us, it will make all the difference.

    Distressed denim is a good match for a graphic tee, flannel, or simply a plaid shirt, lace-up boots, or high-tops from the 1990s. Its important to keep the color and graphics in mind when experimenting with a new look you dont want to go overboard with it. Consider contrasts for example, skinny jeans and a bulky hoodie look great together, or a longer-sleeved tee and moto jacket look great as a layering piece. Chelsea boots, lace-ups, and oxfords are the footwear options for a casual-dressy look.

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    Ripped Holes And Shredded Seams Add Character

    We all love a new pair of denim that pairs well with our favorite tee or a crisp white button-down. It’s hard not to, as jeans can be our go-to for many occasions. There are no rulesthe fit can be skinny, straight, baggy, taper, mid-rise, or relaxed. And just as you’ll find unlimited colors to choose from, there are also countless design features. You can opt for your pair to be ripped, torn, have patches, faded denim, and the much loved worn-in look, distressed jeans. While fashion trends come and go, one style that remains a staple in our wardrobes is distressed denim, says Emily L. Foley. “Its a familiar go-to for most people and works with every denim style, from skinny jeans to boyfriend fit.”

    Meet the Expert

    Emily L. Foley is a writer, TV spokesperson, and expert on all things fashion and beauty.

    The good news is that while it can sometimes cost a pretty penny to get a pre-distressed look, you can also try your creative hand and do it at home. You can opt to use a pair that’s been in your closet for a while and give it new life, or you can grab an inexpensive pair and customize them. “Just remember to start small,” says Foley. “You can’t make holes smaller, but you can always make them bigger,” she says. Read on for our easy-to-follow guide to distressing jeans.

    A Complete Guide To Distressing Denim

    Depending on how distressed you want your jeans to be, there are several ways to go about distressing them. Perhaps you just want them to be softer, or maybe you want them to be ripped and rugged. To soften your jeans, use some sandpaper to gently sand and soften the jean. To lighten the jeans for a distressed and worn look, carefully use bleach to fade the jeans from dark to light blue. To rip, tear, or add tasteful little holes to your jeans, you can use a wide range of household tools such as disposable razors, bobby pins, and scissors.

    In our user-friendly denim distressing guide, youâll learn how to distress your jeans to match the look you are going for. Ditch the expensive designer ripped jeans and grab a pair of new or neglected menâs or womenâs jeans to get started.

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    What Are Distressed Jeans And Jean Shorts

    Designers love complex terms for simple style. Distressed denim refers to denim jean items damaged intentionally to make them seem old or vintage. In the 80s, people just ripped them to show angst and rebel. Ripped jeans grew out of the 1970s punk rock movement and first became a street fashion trend in the UK.

    Designers picked up on the music trend and parlayed it into a new look, manufacturing pants that carried the same rips across hundreds of thousands of pairs. While the punk bands and fans had razored their own jeans, designers had machines churn out whole lines.

    Designers returned to this look in the 2020s, but the populace has swung back to the do-it-yourself trend of the 70s. You can distress your own jeans using at-home methods and achieve the same look that you would pay hundreds of dollars for in the stores.

    How Do You Rip Jeans And Make It Look Professional

    DIY High Waisted Distressed Denim Shorts

    There are a few ways you can rip jeans and make it look professional. One way is to use a seam ripper to carefully remove the stitches from the seam of the jeans. Another way is to use a sharp knife or scissors to cut through the fabric. You can also use a sandpaper block to distress the fabric.

    As summer approaches, the number of shredded denim seen on street stylers and A-listers will only grow. The trick is to make it look good. Donna Ida Thornton, a denim expert and owner of True Denim, will walk you through the process of ripping your jeans to create the ultimate denim ripping experience. Because the fibers in jeans are more delicate and can fall apart, its best to rip them if they arent too stretchy or have elastane. The best places to apply rips are knees, back pockets, and hems, where your jeans will naturally wear and tear.

    If you want to achieve a more subtle, understated look, you can easily do so by using your razor and coarse sandpaper to get a more understated finish. If you want the look you want, you can scrape the razor or press the sandpaper against it. Denim with distressed washes is a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. If you want a more subtle take on the look or want to wear it as is, razors and sandpaper are the ideal tools.

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    What Is The Best Way To Rip Jeans

    The best way how to make distressed jeans is to first have a plan in mind. Use a flat hard surface when doing it, and use chalk to mark the outlines. The next step is to use sandpaper, a razor, a cheese grater, or a pumice stone to give your jeans a frayed look. Ensure you go slow and have a minimalistic look since you are just learning how. Maybe you can fray your pockets or edges or rip the knee area. Once you feel more confident, you can move ahead and do more.

    Distressing your jeans is an easy task when done right. Ensure you follow all the steps mentioned above to give your old pair of jeans a ripped makeover.

    How To Distress Jeans: More Options

    When it comes to DIY distressing anything goes. The most important outcome in this fashion statement is that you are happy with the final outcome, being able to dress the jeans up how you want.

    Make the most of your efforts and distress your jean shorts at the same time. This will not only give you another piece of clothing to add when washing your jeans. Distressing your jean shorts first is a great way to practice.

    1. Use Bleach

    Use bleach to fade and soften your jeans. Put the jeans through a cold water wash while adding a 1/2 cup of bleach to the washing machine. The bleach will attack the denim fabric, wearing it down and leaving it looking like you have owned the jeans longer than you have.

    2. Fray the Pockets & Edges

    Use a razor or cheese grater to fray your jeans. Fraying your jeans pockets and edges is another commonly used DIY action when distressing. Remember that when you fray your jeans like this, the focus will be on a small area. Look for a few 2-inch patches to do this on.

    3. Rub with Sandpaper

    Use sandpaper to rub-down the denim to lighten it. Lay your jeans flat, take the sandpaper to a 2-3 inch area, and rub lightly on the denim. You will see the colouring come up as you rub away the threads, take it as deep as you like. The longer you rub, the whiter the patch will become.

    4. Cut – Rip – Tweez

  • Cut horizontal strips half an inch apart. Make the strips as long as you want the hole to be.
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    How Do I Stop My Distressed Jeans From Ripping More

    If you want to stop your distressed jeans from ripping more, you can try a few different things. First, you can try wearing a belt to help hold them up. Second, you can try sewing a piece of fabric or ribbon onto the inside of the jeans to help reinforce the area. Lastly, you can try using a denim patch or iron-on patch to help cover up the hole.

    When you notice that your jeans are starting to show signs of rips, dont be afraid to take action. If the jeans are washed on the gentlest or delicate cycle of the washing machine, they can keep the dye in the jeans, and if they are washed in a lingerie wash bag, they can keep the fabric in good condition. You should be patient and take care of your denim jeans no matter what you do, no matter how long you wear them.

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