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How To Style Wide Leg Jeans

Platforms With Wide Leg Jeans

Styling Tips for Flared Jeans | How To Style Wide Leg Jeans

If you have wide leg jeans, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a platform shoe that doesn’t go with it. I personally like to pair a more substantial jean with a similarly noteworthy shoe.

Choose a platform lug heeled boot with chunky heel to wear with your wide leg jeans for fall/winter and tuck in your favorite sweater.

For summer, slip into a pair of funky platform slides, sneakers, clogs or sandals. For a night out, wear an ankle or cropped pair of wide leg jeans with a velvet pair of 70s inspired platform sandals. T

ake a cue from the image above and add interest with a polkadot semi-opaque stocking. And if you’re wondering platform footwear looks great with wide leg jeans too!

Wide Leg Jeans Outfit For Winter

Products:Jacket, Jeans, Shoulder Bag, Ankle Boots

Cropped jackets and coats have become a stylish outerwear option in the wintertime, and their short length will pair perfectly with some high-rise wide leg jeans. This faux suede sherpa-lined cropped coat will look ultra-chic worn with a pair of black high-rise wide leg jeans when its chilly out.

Add height with some platform ankle boots these cream Chelsea boots tie in all the colors of this outfit, and their lug soles will give you some added traction for winter weather conditions.

Dont forget a trendy handbag, like one with a gold chainlink strap, to complete the look.

Ankle Boots With Wide Leg Jeans

Ankle boots with any type of wide leg jeans work well but with a cropped versions of the jeans, you’ll have more options. If they fall to or higher than your ankles, you can choose chunkier, looser-fitting ankle boots.

Cropped wide leg jeans also allow you to show off are any embroidery or detailing your ankle boots might have.

Favorite ankle boots for all wide-leg jeans: square toe and almond toe, especially at longer lengths. Color-wise, anything goes, but worth noting white, snake print and metallic ankle boots are having a moment!

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What To Wear With Wide Leg Pants For A Wedding Or Occasion

If you’re not a fan of dresses and prefer a two piece outfit over a flattering jumpsuit, then wide leg pants could be your occasionwear go to look. A strong replacement for long skirt outfit ideas. A wide leg pants ensemble still offers a floaty, relaxed and feminine feel, but for dedicated pants wearers, they’re often more comfortable too. Dressy wide leg pants are ideal for what to wear on a cruise, particularly for evening events and in the summer the breezy silhouette will keep you cool.

For evening wear wide leg pants, look for softer and silkier fabrics that offer a beautiful drape and a little bit of luster to seal the deal. Or go bold in brights for an statement outfit. If you do want to go for a top with more volume, make sure to either choose a sheer fabric – such as a chiffon blouse or look for off-the-shoulder detailing to still highlight a narrower part of your frame.

RRP: $109.95 / £100 | One of the big shoe trends 2022, mules made a return to the runway and straight back into our closets. A great occasionwear shoe – as you don’t have to worry about heel rub, these have a sturdy block heel design for added comfort.

When To Wear Wide Leg Jeans

What I wore This Week

Before we dive into this how to wear wide leg jeans guide, we thought it best to discuss the whens before the hows. This type of cut is usually worn as casualwear.

Denim is typically associated with everyday clothing and modern street fashion. From grocery-store shopping to laidback hangouts, jeans are considered the go-to pair for many trendsetters.

Season-wise, these bottoms are usually fashioned during winter, spring, and fall. Denim isnt receptive to hot temperatures, given its low amount of breathability and stretch.

Its worth noting that wide leg pants can be worn as formalwear, so long as theyre not jeans. But, for the purposes of this article, well only discuss its denim counterpart.

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Check Out The Best Wide

The consumer decides which wide-leg jeans are the best. From the way the cloth feels to the precise width of the leg, tastes in denim are extremely individualized. Personally, Ive never come across two people who absolutely adore the same pair, much less the same manufacturer.

The best wide-leg jeans, according to denim experts, are more comfortable and adaptable than other shapes. Long-lasting pairs, according to Joyce Lee, SVP of design at Madewell, have a lengthening effect. Wide-leg clothing today has so many fantastic features that you can choose the style that best suits your body shape, she explains. I adore pants with higher rises and a full-length inseam because they accentuate the appearance of long legs.

Sarah Ahmed, cofounder of Warp + Weft, cofounder of DL1961, and chief creative officer, advises considering your alternatives for fit and feel. Make sure your jeans are the right size for you because any pulling or sagging will only become worse with time, she advises. The most crucial thing is that your jeans should be at ease and make you feel wonderful. The fit can be made or broken by the inseam length, curved waistbands, and strategically positioned pockets, she continues.

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American Eagle Crossover Baggy Mom Jean

These American Eagle jeans pay homage to the OG mom jean with a comfort stretch waistband and trendy, asymmetrical button closure. The flare balloons out more in the middle and tapers at the end, offering a more slouchy silhouette instead of an intense, culotte-style wide leg.

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How To Wear Wide Leg Crop Jeans

Wide leg crop jeans are a great option in the fall for taller women. For a classic layered look, pair your wide leg crops with simple sweaters and over coats.

To elevate the look, add heeled boots that hit right at your ankle. Make sure to keep this look clean and neutral. The goal is to add interest to the outfit with various textures and silhouettes.

A tucked-in sweater and skinny ankle boots will offset the bulkiness of the crop, making you look balanced, yet still curvy. A win-win in our fashion book!

Many places sell wide leg crops as well as full-length jeans, including our favorite stores: Madewell, Levis and Reformation.

get the look:

Cool Weather Colors & Plaid

9 Tips for How to Style Wide Leg Trousers and Jeans

Youll be amazed by the different range of colors you encounter in the fashion stores this year. Its as if everything has changed and thats good because I think were all a bit bored and looking for some exciting new fashion trends. Brown trousers are taking over from black, and this means there are cardigans, shirts and tops to match in all brown shades like tan, sand, khaki, chocolate, cream, mustard and earth tones.

And for winter, the gem colors like deep purple, blue sapphire, deep burgundy red and deep pink are appearing on short, thick knit sweaters. Gray and brown plaid blazer jackets are super-trendy, along with tweedy blazers, which should be oversized to balance with wide-leg jeans.

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Accessories For Your Wide

Wide-legged pants can add dramatic flair to your outfit, so you can go as bold or as subtle as you want with your accessories.

Tamera @tamerabeardsley above keeps her look all-neutral but adds impact with her wide-brimmed hat.

Bronze Age toteRebecca Minkoff hobo bagNordstrom cashmere & silk scarfGas Bijoux station necklaceKarine Sultan linear hoop earrings

Petite Wide Leg Trousers

While you may think that wide-legged pants would be a no-no if you are petite as they could make you look wider rather than taller, they are actually very flattering.

They can make your legs look longer and you look taller, particularly if you wear a high heel underneath them.

There are more tips here on how to dress when you are petite.

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What Length Should Your Plus

Of course, the length of your pants is always important, but with wide-leg pants, the right length can make the look . If you plan on wearing heels or a platform shoe with your wide-leg pants, then youâll probably want to go with long pants. Ideally, they would hit your leg just past your ankle, grazing the toe of your shoe. Long pants can also give the illusion of longer legs and generally work best as high-waisted pants. Floor-grazing pants are a great look in formal settings or anywhere youâre likely to wear tall heels.

If youâre looking for a shorter length, you want that wide-leg to fall above the ankle like a crop pant length. This length works great with strappy sandals or pumps and could even work well with crisp, white sneakers for a more casual look.

Wide Leg Pants Are Fashionable

Outfit Remix: Wide Leg Denim, Two Ways

Victoria Beckham is among the many celebrities embracing the wide legged pants trend. I cant remember the last time I saw a photo of her wearing skinnies.

Here is a similar pair of wide leg pants and collared shirt.

Below, you can see wide-legged pants on the fall 2021 runways.

Jason Wu Victoria Beckham Etro

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Loafers With Wide Leg Jeans

For boxy wide leg jeans, choose a chunky soled loafers, with or without metallic hardware whichever is more your style. For a finer, higher-waisted, 70s-inspired floor-grazing wide leg jean, pick a classic loafer with a slightly square toe. Patent versions can be fun too!

A simple low loafer makes a great conservative office shoe with wider jeans, when paired with a simple blouse. Cropped wide-leg jeans also work well with loafer mules, and if you’re wearing Gucci’s Pricetown slip-ons in black or white, you can’t go wrong!

Outfit Ideas With Wide Leg Jeans

Oversized silhouettes play nicely with big jeans. Case in point, this stylish outfit combines the best of both worlds. Featuring an extra-large cable knit with a pair of wide-legged trousers, its an outfit that screams comfy, cozy, and casual.

The un-cropped hem of the pants may seem like a dealbreaker in terms of practicality, but it helps provide that illusion of height.

If you prefer a tapered cut, we suggest wearing platform heels to prevent any ground scraping. Perfect for coffee dates and routine errands, this is how to wear wide leg jeans fashionably.

Tired of blue? If so, you can easily make do with a pop of green. Featuring a pair of emerald-dyed denim, this wide leg jeans outfit is catered for those who love the limelight.

The high-waisted cut and the flared hem do wonders in accentuating your height.

Plus, the addition of the orange plaid sweater vest and collared white tee help in blending those vibrant hues into a cohesive fit.

The matching bag and sneakers are a must-have, considering that Oxfords and a standard black bag will only mask the vibrancy of this outfit.

White tees are the safest bet when it comes to styling. Despite its versatility and convenience, it can get quite boring if you adopt the average crewneck every day.

For a more stylish alternative, we refer you to example C of our how to wear wide leg jeans guide.

We recommend topping the OOTD with a simple tote bag for a touch of casual class.

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Where To Shop For Wide Leg Denim

Of course, you cant create a wide leg jeans outfit without the star attraction! In terms of saving versus investing, wide leg jeans are definitely more of a cyclical fashion trend. The last time they were in style, I was in elementary school and jamming out to the Spice Girls. When it comes to shopping trends, spend what your budget comfortably allows. Dont feel like you need to find the highest quality of denim because they likely wont be worn past 2-3 seasons. Keep in mind that Im applying this timeframe in terms of trends. Thats not to say that you cant wear clothing you purchased if its no longer trendy or anything, its just likely that you will also grow out of the trend around the time that it begins to phase out So, where do I recommend shopping for wide leg jeans?

  • Topshop is a great option for stiff denim and a shorter hem.
  • Zara pants tend to run long, so those of you who are taller will have the best luck shopping the trend with them.
  • For the ultimate short-term trend, stores like Madewell or American Eagle are great budget-friendly options.
  • If you love to hunt, this is the perfect trend to thrift and get some great vintage finds.

Inspiration: Follow my all about styling wide leg pants for even more outfit ideas!

All in all, I love the wide leg trend and it couldnt have come at a more perfect time as I was growing tired of my usual denim styles.

Would you wear a wide leg jeans outfit?

What Shoes To Wear With Wide

How to Hem Wide leg/Flared Jeans with Original Hem | LYDIA NAOMI

Thinking of how to wear wide-leg pants with chic shoes? Dip your toes into an array of trending options before stepping out in your new wide-leg pants and denim. Sneakers, sandals, boots and heels pair harmoniously with these pants. The key to your most polished look is a spot-on inseam. Cropped versions should stop between the bottom of your knee and mid calf. Full-length pants and jeans should barely touch the floor with shoes on. Keep this handy tip top of mind when deciding what shoes to wear with wide-leg pants.

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What To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans And Pants: How To Style Them

Skinny jeans have dominated the fashion space for a really long time and its time for a change. To all those people wondering are wide leg jeans in styles? Yes, they are back in style and totally ruling the fashion space in 2021. Wide leg jeans and pants are definitely one of the hottest non-skinny jeans trends that we cant get over. This trouser like wide legged pants will accentuate your waistline and add a really nice dimension. The wide leg jeans style will flatter and look perfect on all the body types. Heres a small guide on what to wear with wide leg jeans and pants.

Universal Standard Carrie High Rise Wide Leg Jeans

If a dramatic wide leg is the look you’re going for, these jeans from Universal Standard deliver. Black denim and a wide cuff along the hem lend a dressier vibe to this pair that could be worn as an alternative to slacks. They’re available in three washes and sizes 00-40.

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Style Guide: How To Style Wide Leg Jeans

Want to learn how to wear wide leg jeans? This denim silhouette may have first surfaced in the 70s, but its just as popular, if not more, today as it was back then. Wide leg jeans are comfortable, flattering, and unique. While they may not be your everyday pair of jeans, theyre a great option when you want to switch up your style from time to time. There are so many great ways to wear them too.

Similar to all our favorite items of denim clothing, theres always a time to wear wideleg jeans, regardless of the season. From cropped silhouettes to full-length styles, wideleg jeans can be worn all year long and for any number of occasions. Here, we break down how to style wide leg jeans with your favorite pieces.

Wide Leg Jeans With A T

9 Effortless Ways to Wear Fall

A basic outfit is anything but boring when wide leg jeans are in the mix. Add a *little bit of spice* to a plain t-shirt and white low-top sneakers by opting for a pair of wide leg jeans. Theyll make your outfit stand out while still looking laid-back.

Printed denim has become a big trend this year, especially when it comes to wide leg jeans. Bold prints give these jeans a fun, retro feel.

These adorable feature a flower and smiley checkered print throughout for a 70s-inspired vibe.

Style them with a sweet cami top, t-shirt, or cardigan sweater plus some white low-top sneakers, like a pair of Nike Air Force 1s.

Give your wide leg jeans a polished look with heeled ankle booties and a camel-colored coat. This outfit, which would work especially well in the fall, has an elevated look that is fashionista-approved.

You can wear anything from a crop top to a button-down shirt under your coat, depending on where youre heading. The coat will give the jeans some structure, and its neutral tan color always looks chic.

An oversized jacket like a varsity jacket or bomber jacket is going to give your wide leg jeans a cool, sporty look, especially when you add sneakers like Nike Dunks or Air Jordans.

Since both the jeans and the jacket have loose fits, try wearing a bodysuit or crop top underneath to balance them out and emphasize your waist.

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How To Wear Wide

We dare you to explore how to wear wide-leg pants this summer. Fashion history repeats itself, and wide-leg pants are an ever-evolving style. This striking silhouette flatters every frame and the loose leg line keeps you cool under the blazing sun. We know you will steal the spotlight this summer, just like Coco Chanel in the 1920s sporting wide-leg pants for the very first time.

Did we spark your curiosity? Heres how to style wide-leg pants this summer.

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