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How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Choosing The Right Pair Of Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Styled 5 Ways | Fashion Over 40
  • 1Choose a worn pair of jeans. If you want to be true to the name “boyfriend jeans,” then you want to wear a pair of jeans that look like they could have been borrowed from your boyfriend — which means they probably weren’t his newest, shiniest-looking pair. Whether they’re frayed, faded, or have a few tears, the jeans should look a bit worn, even if you just bought them an hour ago.XResearch source
  • Don’t go overboard with this. Your jeans can look slightly worn without appearing messy, really old, or just generally looking like they need to be donated or thrown out ASAP.
  • 2Choose a pair of women’s pants. Though the boyfriend jeans are meant to look a bit big and like they could have belonged to a man, they shouldn’t actually be made to fit a man’s body. If you buy a pair of men’s pants, they’ll be too baggy, too big around the waist, and they won’t have the same flattering cut around the front and back.
  • Make sure to resist the temptation to actually wear a pair of men’s pants and to invest in — or borrow — a pair of women’s boyfriend jeans instead.
  • 3Consider the cut of the jeans. Though boyfriend jeans are usually low-waisted, you can also buy a mid-to-high waisted version of these jeans. The kind of cut that is best for you depends on your body type.XExpert Source
  • How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Ankle Boots


    Keep your ankles warm and stand elegant by pairing your boyfriend jeans with a T-shirt , ankle boots, and a scarf. A pair of slouchy knee-high boots will make you appear super casual and chicer. Also, it will impart a semi-professional vibe, but you can tweak your outfit for almost every occasion. If nothing works for you, select a patterned top, baggy boyfriend jeans, and Chelsea boots to create a bold statement.

    Cant You Just Fit Into A Pair Of Mens Jeans

    You might be wondering why you cant just borrow a pair of mens jeans to achieve a similar look and feel. Well, boyfriend jeans are typically created with the womans shape and figure in mind. You can always borrow a pair of denim jeans from your boyfriend, spouse, male friend, etc., but it wont offer the same look and feel like a genuine pair of boyfriend jeans.

    Boyfriend jeans are designed with the womans figure in mind. Therefore, you can expect them to fit better and look more natural when worn. This is why so many women young and old alike are choosing to buy and wear boyfriend jeans.

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    23 How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans For Curvy Girls

    Rock those curves like a boss, my friend. Boyfriend jeans are a great option for curvy girls as the extra give in the thighs and calves make for a fun contrast to a more structured upper half. Start with a black tee and top it off with a blazer. Roll your jeans at the cuffs and opt for delicate pumps this is a great outfit for a meeting with a client or lunch with colleagues.

    Kenneth Cole Riley 85 Leather Pumps

    Boyfriend Vs Mom Jeans: Which Is Right For You

    Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

    When it comes to boyfriend vs. mom jeans, theres a lot to consider. Each have their own unique benefits that can make them the perfect choice for your next denim purchase.

    If youre looking for a relaxed and comfortable feel, then boyfriend jeans are definitely the way to go. But if you want an edgier look with a bit more polish, then mom jeans are the way to go.

    Ultimately, the choice is up to you and what you feel best suits your personal style. So try out both styles and see which one you like best!

    Happy shopping!

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    How To Style Bf Jeans Outfit For Everything On Your Calendar

    If theres one thing we can count on to have our backs through all those I have nothing to wear moments, its a pair of jeans! Classic yet relevant, jeans have been the answer to all of our wardrobe woes for as long as we can remember. Theyre easily styled with separates right out of our closets, and showcase maximum versatility! Besides, there are several places where you can flaunt the same pair of jeans with various pairings, maybe with jackets for women or an array of accessories, but thats not a good enough reason to not own one of each existing type, of course, aligned with your body type.

    Since skinny jeans season is over, its now time to stay relaxed and give in to effortless pieces. Theres nothing better than a bf jeans outfit to take you through summer looking stylish and staying at the top of the trends! To point you in the right direction though, weve put together some of the most trusted styling ideas for everything on your social calendar.

    Shirts To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans:

    Cotton and denim shirts look totally cool with boyfriend jeans. Loose tees and crop tops also look cool with boyfriend jeans.

    Now wondering where can you find the best boyfriend jeans for yourself? Well, like I said before many brands now have ready to wear boyfriend jeans for women in their stores. Forever21, Gap, Zara, Koovs etc. are some brands where you can get a stunning pair of boyfriend jeans for yourself. Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

    Stay tuned for more stuff on style and fashion. Take care & stay stylish!

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    With A Printed Button

    A pair of boyfriend jeans especially in blue allows you to wear different prints.

    While a white button-down shirt is great if youre looking to go minimalist with your outfit, a printed button-down shirt works well if you want an outfit thats fun. There are different prints and patterns that you could pick and wear with plain pants so that your overall look is not overwhelming.

    All you need to do is get a pair of shoes in a color that coordinates with the colors on your shirt and accessories that go well with the shirt too.

    The best part about this look is that since the button-down already looks great, you dont even have to accessorize much.

    If you want, simple earrings should do the trick so that your look is just enough for the eyes and not overwhelming.

    Should You Size Down In Boyfriend Jeans

    1 PAIR OF BOYFRIEND JEANS 4 WAYS! / How I Style Boyfriend Jeans

    If you prefer a more fitted look to your jeans then you can try sizing down as boyfriend jeans do tend to run larger. But, boyfriend jeans are intended to fit baggier so you sticking with your usual size will give you that look.

    Additionally, the fit often depends on the brand. The best way to figure out what will work for you is to try on a few different pairs and see what feels best.

    Remember that you can always cuff or roll the jeans if theyre too long. So dont be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect fit!

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    Boyfriend Jeans With Blouses

    Yes, you are free to mix and match. How bout teaming boyfriend jeans with a lace top? The result looks amazing! You can even add a peter pan collar blouse that will upgrade your style into new level.

    There are other cool tops to choose from, like strapless tops, sleeveless tops, cold shoulder blouses, and other eye-catching designs.

    Boyfriend Jeans With Heels

    I love wearing boyfriend jeans with casual, rugged shoes, but adding a feminine touch to the original boy-fit jean makes for a stylish contrast. And sometimes, the higher the heel, the better! Thankfully there are many different types of heels that go with these jeans. Below you will find out how to wear boyfriend jeans with heels.

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    How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans 5 Fun Outfit Ideas

    Now that you know the rules, here are five outfit ideas to inspire you!

  • The Professional: Dark-wash boyfriend jeans + crisp white top + belt+ long blazer + pumps
  • All Smiles and Sunshine: Boyfriend jeans + floral blouse, tucked in + block heels + big, bright purse
  • Off-Duty Model: Boyfriend jeans + t-shirt with a fun saying on it + ankle boots + scarf + satchel
  • This Old Thing?: Boyfriend jeans + solid-colored t-shirt + thick belt + beanie + pumps
  • Denim x 2: Boyfriend jeans + canvas sneakers + denim button-down top + belt
  • Rip Them Up With Reckless Abandon

    How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Outfit Ideas

    Bring out your inner rock star by ripping up your boyfriend jeans. Shredding them yourself will let the tears look as authentic as possible. Plus, you can control the placement of your rips. Before you start slashing away, hereâs what youâll need: scissors, a craft knife, sandpaper for distressing, and a pair of tweezers. Figure out the placements you desire, and perhaps practice on an old pair of jeans. And once you build up your confidence, before ripping up your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, make sure you put something in between the front and back of your jeans to avoid cutting through them. If youâre feeling artsy, try adding some embellishments, like studs and rhinestones, and fraying the hem. If youâre afraid youâll make a mistake, you can also purchase pre-ripped denim or invest in an in-store alteration service.

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    Outfit Ideas With Boyfriend Jeans

    Our first idea for how to style 90s boyfriend jeans is the easiest to implement. All you need is a white top , a set of white sneakers, and a denim jacket.

    Ideally, youd want the denim jacket to match your boyfriend jeans so that your top half and bottom half have an equal balance between denim and white. This look is casual to a tee and can be used in numerous settings.

    If youre wondering how to wear boyfriend jeans in a slightly classier style then allow this look to inspire you. The black blazer and black scarf carry this outfit, honestly. You could even swap out the black shirt for a white one.

    However, wed recommend keeping the black boots especially if they have a pointed toe to really sell this look as dignified.

    Another important part of learning how to wear boyfriend jeans is figuring out how to use them in conjunction with statement pieces.

    This look drives forward with a graphic tee and a loud pair of Nike Air Force 1s. What makes them stand out is how much of the models body the boyfriend jeans cover.

    What were saying is that because the boyfriend jeans are so long they limit the amount of real estate the shirt and shoes take up. That may sound counterintuitive, but it actually makes those pieces pop more because theyre not as in-your-face.

    How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans: 30 Inspiring Outfits To Check

    If there is one jeans style trend that continues to baffle fashion designers year after year, it has to be boyfriend jeans. Who would have thought that a baggy, over-sized style of clothing would remain popular for so long? Yet, nearly three decades after making its way onto the mainstream fashion scene, this tomboyish style is more on-trend than ever.

    The truth is that boyfriend jeans have been around since the very beginning of denim back in the 1800s. Think of those classic Levis 501 jeans. The same comfortable, loose-fitting style so popular among the working class of the American public has not changed much over the years. What has changed, however, is the way that we style them.

    Fast forward some 200 years and such jeans have become the hottest clothing item in the modern womans wardrobe. They are the go-to style choice when we want to look laidback and relaxed yet still modern and edgy. We can style them casually with a cotton T-shirt and sneakers or, for a more dressed up effect, with a leather jacket and stilettos.

    But dont just take our word for it. Weve collected some of the trendiest styles of boyfriend jeans to help you find out how to wear boyfriend jeans, and how to style them.

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    Boyfriend Jeans Outfit For Summer With Open Toe Sandals

    Open-toe sandals in a boyfriend jeans outfit the perfect marriage! Any strappy sandals will fit your pair of boyfriend jeans, but I personally love these ergonomically designed sandals with a deep footbed. If you have a flat foot , you know that medial arch support is essential for all your shoes. Give your feet the treatment they deserve and say goodbye to uncomfortable heels!

    11 Casually Chic Velvety Jacket And Jeans

    Boyfriend Jeans Outfit – Secrets Of A Stylist

    If you love effortless fashion then this look is the one for you. European girls are renowned for effortless beauty and timeless style and that is what a look like this reminds us of! Throw on your favorite boyfriend jeans and pair them with a striped top as well as a velvety or woolly jacket. Neutral colored booties and a cute embellished purse finish the look off.

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    What Are Boyfriend Jeans For Women

    Ditch your boyfriends hoodies for a pair of jeans that derive inspiration from the masculine favorite, made just for women! Cuffed, loose and yet not anti-fit, these denims are the perfect pick for the city gals who wish to mix comfort with style in all the right ways.

    Theyre also a classic, just like any other pair in your closet! Wed be surprised if you told us that you havent seen more than one bf jeans outfit on your social media feeds, whether they were featured on Entertainment news handles flaunted by models and celebs, or seen on your favorite influencers. Their popularity is not difficult to notice, and its easy to familiarise yourself with how to style boyfriend jeans even if youre not one to stay updated with changing fashion trends.

    Industry insiders label them as the it pair of jeans to own, and with good reason. Besides their all-rounder attributes, boyfriend jeans also help you strike the right balance between street and runway based on what you pair them with. They can be distinguished by their slouchy fit at the crotch and the thighs too, and very less tapering at the bottom.

    If youre aiming for an androgynous yet feminine look, then these are the jeans you should be slipping into this summer and everyone after it. Now, lets explore what to wear with boyfriend jeans! Youre definitely going to want to take notes and keep them handy.

    Are Boyfriend Jeans Popular

    It seems that boyfriend jeans are also having a moment right now. Celebrities and fashion bloggers are rocking the relaxed, slouchy style more often than even just a couple years ago.

    Recently, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Palermo, and Selena Gomez have been spotted in a pair of boyfriend jeans! But what is it about these jeans that makes them so popular? For starters, theyre incredibly comfortable.

    Boyfriend jeans are loose and relaxed, so you can move and breathe easily in them. They also have an effortless vibe that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

    Whether running errands or going out for drinks with friends, boyfriend jeans are always a good choice. And of course, we cant forget to mention that they look great on everyone!

    Whether petite or plus-size, you can rock a pair of boyfriend jeans with confidence. So if youre looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of jeans, look no further than the boyfriend jean!

    get the look:

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    How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans: 8 Styling Tips And Outfit Ideas

    Now is the time to don a pair of boyfriend jeans to rock your effortless summer look.

    The world started calling these boyfriend jeans because they seemed borrowed from him. Quite literally! This outfit is carefree, casual, and chic with a great fit around your waist and hip and broad downwards. From streetwear to airport looks, boyfriend jeans stood the test of time. If you are a little confused about how to wear boyfriend jeans, look no further for styling inspiration. This article covers 8 cool ways to wear boyfriend jeans for every occasion on your calendar. So, lets get started.

    How How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans In Winter

    8 Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans


    You may find it difficult to pair those loose, baggy bottoms with oversize jackets, puffy coats, and ankle boots. But boyfriend jeans can make a winter style statement, especially a comfortable layer over thermal underwear on chilly days. So, lets check out some amazing ideas to style this outfit confidently.

    • Pair your boyfriend jeans with an oversized blazer and chic patterned belt for a playful take on menswear.
    • Try boyfriend jeans with a statement coat or long-sleeve blouse and sneakers.
    • Your boyfriend jeans will look awesome with a bold, puffy jacket or bomber jacket and sleek ankle boots or combat boots.
    • Match light-wash boyfriend jeans with a wool coat or layered sweaters and statement ankle boots.
    • This fall, create a cool, casual look by wearing your boyfriend jeans with a black turtleneck sweater and white sneakers.

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    Pairing The Jeans With The Right Top

  • 1Pair the jeans with a tank top. There are a variety of ways to wear tank tops with your boyfriend jeans and all of them will make you look great. Here are some options to try:
  • Wear the jeans with a bright colored tight-fitting tank top.
  • Wear the jeans with a simple black tank top that exposes just an inch of your belly.
  • Wear the jeans with a flouncy tank top.
  • Wear the jeans with a simple white tank top and a black cardigan.
  • Wear the jeans with a knitted white belly shirt.
  • Wear the jeans with a spaghetti strap tank top or a halter top.
  • 2Pair the jeans with a dressy top. Your boyfriend jeans may give you a bit of a casual look, but you can dress up your outfit with a feminine dressy top that makes the pants look fancier. Here are some fantastic ideas:
  • A polka-dotted sleeveless button down shirt will look great with a light pair of boyfriend jeans.
  • Wear a long-sleeved almost-sheer button down shirt with a pair of light jeans.
  • Wear a pair of dark jeans with a tight-fitting black turtleneck sweater.
  • 3Pair the jeans with a casual top. There are plenty of ways to pair your boyfriend jeans with a casual top for a cute but everyday look. Here are a few tops to try with your new pair of boyfriend jeans:
  • Wear a loose-fiting v-neck white t-shirt and tuck the front into your jeans. Let the sides of the shirt hang down.
  • Wear the jeans with an everyday graphic tee.
  • Wear the jeans with a striped v-neck t-shirt.
  • Wear the jeans with a tight long-sleeved boat neck shirt.
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