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How To Wear Skinny Jeans With Boots

Can You Wear Skinny Jeans Tucked Into Ankle Boots

How To Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

Absolutely! But this depends on how long the skinny jeans are. If the jeans reach somewhere above your ankles, and you are wearing ankle length cowboy boots with them, well, you might not tuck them inside the boots.

Also, there are skinny jeans and then there are very skinny jeans. If they are snug-skinny, you know, as if they are a second skin, the jeans will go easily inside the boots. So that should not be a problem at all.

If the jeans do not fit like a glove on your ankles, they will bunch up when you try to force them into the cowboy boots.

The last thing that you want with your skinny jeans is to get them bunched up and wrinkly inside the boots.

Fold The Jeans To Just Above The Shaft Of The Boots

Girls who love to wear their jeans this way with their ankle boots look really cool and chic. First, set the boots outside your leg without wearing them.

You want to see how they measure up against your ankle, and take a silent note of the place where they reach.

You can then commence rolling up or folding up the jeans to just the right place, you know, where the boots will reach.

You can then wear the jeans if you were folding them outside your legs or just slip-on the boots if you were folding the boots when they were on already.

What To Wear With Skinny Jeans

The secret to wearing skinny jeans is all in the styling. The trick for styling skinny jeans is all about finding balance for your look. Not all skinny jeans are made equal, so these rules will vary depending on the style that you choose.

When youre styling your skinny jeans, you dont need to worry about letting them bunch up. This look was once a fashion faux pas but now screams effortless chic. Youll get the best look for this styling tip when wearing cropped skinny jeans.

Like any style of jeans, you can wear skinny jeans with any type of top, from an oversized sweater to a tank top. The one thing you want to remember is to create balance in your look. If youre wearing a crop top, you want to skip skinny jeans with a low-rise silhouette.

1. Free People Blue Bell V-Neck Sweater, $128 at Zappos, 2. True Religion Stella Low Rise Skinny Jeans, $149 at Zappos, 3. A.L.C. Jordana Crop Top, $225 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 4. Kut from the Kloth Donna Fab Ab High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans, $89 at Nordstrom

Skinny jeans can also be the perfect way to experiment with wearing denim on denim. As the jeans have a more understated silhouette, it can feel less daring when styling them with another type of denim or the same denim wash.

You can take a leaf from Hilary Duffs style book by coordinating your favorite skinny jeans with a contrasting denim jacket for a colorful moment.

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Wearing Ankle Boots In The Spring: Do Or Dont

While booties are obviously a no-brainer for cold weather style, we can sometimes find ourselves wondering when its time to put them away. Thankfully, ankle boots can absolutely work for the spring season! Its all in how you style them.

First, you may want to go for a pair of boots in a lighter color. Black booties can work, but is sometimes overwhelming when paired with those softer spring colors. Brown, tan, nude, and even blush are all great color choices for warmer weather.

Jeans are still a great option for spring, but all heights of ankle boots can also work well with shorts, skirts, and dresses. Pairing your boots with a variety of bottoms is a sure-fire way to get the maximum amount of wear time and versatility out of them.

And there you have it! Ankle boots are a timeless staple that wont be going anywhere anytime soon, so dont be afraid to invest in a great-high-quality pair. Youre sure to get your use out of this classic style for plenty of falls, winters, and even springs to come.

How Do You Wear High Booties With Jeans

What Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans in 2020

Again, height is a huge factor when determining the best way to wear skinny jeans with booties. If you want to wear high booties with jeans and youre tall, you can get away with several options:

1.) jeans tucked into booties

2.) cropped jeans

3.) single-cuffing your jeans

If youre on the shorter side and want to wear high booties with jeans, your best option will likely be to tuck your jeans into your booties.

As you can tell from the photo above, Im wearing high booties. If I were to cuff my jeans it would make my legs look about 1 foot long. If I were to wear a cropped pair of jeans, they would probably touch the top of the booties and still make me look stumpy. Cuffing would do the exact same thing so tucking my jeans in is the best option.

If youre looking for more inspiration on ways to wear jeans with booties, check out some of these combinations below.

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Can You Wear Boots With Straight Leg Jeans

You can wear boots with straight legs jeans, as long as you pair the right kind of boots with the jean. For example heeled boots that fit under straight leg jeans look best, as they will elongate the leg. Pair a boot that fits closely to the calf to avoid bulking.

Choose a straight leg jean with a shorter hem, so they dont completely cover the boot, and choose a boot with a higher shaft so no part of your ankle is showing. This will create a more streamlined look, as a bit of ankle showing can look odd with straight leg jeans.

Wear Flared Jeans With Ankle Boots

If you havent seen my post about fashion trends for fall/winter 2020-2021 you should definitely do that.

Flared jeans are the ones from other trends that are gonna be huge this year.

Ok, now lets continue what weve started!

So, why flared skinny jeans and ankle boots work together?

Because they just do! ))

In fact, this combination is perfect because it doesnt look bad. It looks better than anything.

In most cases flared jeans have the hemline finishing after the ankle bone. That hides the boots under the jeans without any weird folds or cuffs.

If you want to look chicer, lets do a bit more advanced things. I am kidding, of course. There is nothing advanced in here.

But in fact, if you wear pointed-toe ankle boots with flared jeans, you are gonna really look more interesting. So, your outfit will look chicer as well.

Time for my favorite one!

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More Quick Tips For Booties & Jeans

  • Wear taller bootsover skinny jeans.
  • With booties that are fitted to the calf, wear the boots under your jeans. This style of booties is perfect to wear under straight, tapered, and wide-leg jeans.
  • If you booties arent fitted to the calf and they are taller, more like mid-calf booties, try cuffing your cropped jeans.
  • Over the knee and knee-high boots always go over skinny jeans.

How To Wear Ankle Cowboy Boots With Skinny Jeans

The Complete Guide to Wearing Boots with Jeans

Many people ask: Do skinny jeans go with cowboy boots? Well, as a matter of fact, the two go together very well.

But there is a whole way to the style, so you really need to be very deliberate about it. There are two important things to consider here.

One of them is that the boots shafts only reach to the ankle. Thus, most people wonder whether they should wear their skinny jeans tucked into the boots or fold them just above the boots opening.

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Best Denim Color To Pair With Cowboy Boots

While it can be fun to experiment with different jeans colors and boot combinations, theres still a way to elevate the look and make it classically appealing.

The best denim colors to pair with cowboy boots are those with darker washes. Dark blue and charcoal colors will look great, as will the traditional black jeans.

Mid hues of blues are acceptable, too, especially during the spring and summer months during the day.

However, we recommend avoiding lighter washes because they dont look as good paired with boots.

Lighter jeans with cowboy boots are now more commonly associated with dressing up or recreating a retro look.

But again, we suggest avoiding these looks to maintain a fresh and modern style.

Best Boots For Just Running Out Real Quick: Ugg Classic Minis

Im never not gonna recommend UGGs. They have so many uses, especially when its cold, and you just need to run out really quickly and mayyyyybe you dont even want to bother with socks?

UGGs are my winter flip-flops.

And if youre going to go the UGG route, Im still a huge fan of UGG minis.

sweater | levis | UGGs

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More Ankle Boots With Jeans Outfits

Need some more ankle boots outfit ideas? Here are a few to inspire you.

Im loving the frayed hem of the jeans on these straight ankle cropped jeans. They look great paired with medium shaft black booties and these jeans show a bit of skin.

If you dont love the fringe hem and are looking for something cleaner, try these MOTHER jeans. A bodysuit and pointed-toe ankle boots are a great way to rock this look.

Pro Tip: This is a good option to try for the over-30 set that wants to dip their toe in the mom jeans + booties trend without looking like a 20-something.

These black skinny jeans are cropped at the ankle and look great paired with patent combat boots. Theyd look just as cute with a pair of Chelsea boots, flat boots or short ankle boots with a stiletto heel.

Love sock booties? Try a jean with a high-low hem like Monic of Simply Sutter blog.

Sock boots are a fun trend to try this fall and are more of a medium shaft boot so follow the tips for styling those above!

What other style questions do you have? Let me know in the comments below + tell me what your favorite way to wear boots with jeans is!

Do Cowboy Boots Go Under Or Over Jeans

The New Ways to Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

This depends on a few things. One of them is why you are wearing the boots. If you are wearing them for culture, you can wear skinny jeans with the boots and tuck the pant legs inside the boots. You can also wear skinny jeans folded right above the opening of the boots.

If you want to attend a formal event wearing the boots or you are wearing a semi-formal pair of pants such as chinos, you cannot tuck them into the boots. You need to wear trousers over boots.

If you are wearing cowboy boots for work, you will have to wear them with the jeans tucked inside the boots so that you can keep the debris from getting inside the boots.

If you wear skinny jeans, they will definitely have to go inside the boots. If you wear boot-cut jeans, they will go over the boots. If you wear straight jeans, you choose whether they will go inside the boots or over the boots.

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Red Cardigan And Gold Accents

Can you mix brown and red? Heck yes! I love the look of brown and red together and love the look of this outfit.

A knotted white tee gives you a solid base for some simple gold necklaces which pull in the gold bangles. The brown cut out of the boots give them a fun look and the red cardigan is a beautiful completer piece!

A simple twist on your classic chambray top and dark denim is to add a stripe tshirt or graphic tee underneath! Keep your chambray shirt unbuttoned so your t-shirt peeks out for a fresh and new look.

Get The Right Jeans Length

Its important to note that your skinny jeans will likely ride up more than other types of jeans because of how tight they will be.

To rectify this many will buy skinny jeans that are an inch or two longer than their usual pairs.

This will be especially important to do if youre wearing them above your boots rather than inside them because it will look unattractive if they are too high up your thigh.

You may not need to do this if you are only going to wear your skinny jeans inside your boots, however, if you wear them with other shoes this would be a good idea.

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Best Boots For Formal Occasions

If the dress code is appropriate, you can wear jeans and cowboy boots to some formal occasions such as a western wedding.

Its best to avoid lighter colors that are more commonly associated with casual wear and stick to matching black jeans and cowboy boots.

The best boots for formal events are a classic pair of black dress cowboy boots. They usually feature intricate stitch work and patterns on the sides of them.

You can also find them in quality materials and may be stained to form a look that makes them appear slightly aged but still smart.

Again, these look best in black and paired with black, fitted skinny jeans, allowing the details to be seen.

What Jeans Do You Wear With Boots Ladies Guide

Whats the Best Way to Wear Ankle Boots + Skinny Jeans?

Figuring out what jeans to wear with boots with can be a bit tricky, especially when there is so much style advice out there. To tackle this Ive created a guide that answers the question for a whole host of different jeans and boot combinations, to make sure all bases are covered.

What jeans do you wear with boots?

Wear skinny jeans with any kind of boots and they will look great especially with over the knee boots and sock boots. Wear straight leg jeans over boots that are fitted to the calf and wear baggy or mom jeans with heeled ankle boots to elongate your legs and balance your outfit.

Different boots and jeans combos apply for the changing seasons, and for day-time and night-time outfits:

  • For day time outfits pair tan boots with indigo or light wash jeans. Alternatively pair black boots with light wash jeans.
  • For night time outfits opt for a darker wash jean to pair with black boots.
  • In spring/summer pair lighter boots with lighter jeans.
  • In autumn/winter pair your darker coloured jeans and boots together.

Now you know the basic rules for pairing jeans and boots, lets breakdown different styles of boots with different jeans in pictures, for style inspiration.

Cropped jeans with chunky boots:

Wear cropped or cuffed jeans with Dr. Martens boots to show off the boot and to not bulk the ankle and calf by trying to cover them by putting the jeans over the top. Dr. Martens or other style of chunky boots also look great with skinny jeans tucked in.

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Tuck Your Skinny Jeans Into Your Boots

Got skinny jeans that are longer? Dont sweat it. You can tuck jeans into ankle boots. In my opinion, this look is a tad harder to pull off but it can be done.

To get it right, be sure you are in a true skinny jean. If you try to do this with a pair of straight leg jeans or boyfriend jeans, youll end up with a bit too much fabric to tuck in and some bunching at the ankles.

This is the same way youd wear leggings with ankle boots.

Tuck The Jeans Into Combat Boots

The second thing that works great with tucked jeans is to wear combat boots.

They have the height where tucking the skinny jeans into them works just perfectly. So, there wont be any weird fabrics folded above your boots. Try it!

Cuffing your jeans is another option to wear with ankle boots.

There are many possible ways to cuff the jeans so that they fit with boots.

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Jumpsuit Styling With Boots

A raging trend nowadays, Jumpsuits create a unique style statement when styled with a pair of ankle boots. So, if you want to be the ultimate head-turner with your styling game, try wearing a wide-leg jumpsuit with a matching pair of chunky heels booties. Throwing a contrasting jacket or a blazer over this outfit would be a cherry on top. Moreover, pulling off the same look with a romper outfit will also make it work for summer days.

The Only Boot Styles I’d Wear With Skinny Jeans

The New Ways to Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

Seeing as I wear some combination of boots and jeans just about every day in the colder months , I’ve become pretty picky when it comes to my pairings. After all, with so much practice, I like to think Ive learned a thing or two about which combos look best and what feels the most current. Since skinny jeans feel like they’re simultaneously among the most popular denim choices but also one of the trickiest to style with boots, today I thought I’d share the top three types that I like to wear them with. Keep reading to see what they are, read about why, and, of course, shop my picks for each.

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