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Jean-michel Basquiat Exhibition 2022

What Should I Do If I Am Running Late Or Unable To Attend The Time Listed On My Ticket

Inside Jean-Michel Basquiat’s New ‘King Pleasure’ Exhibit

The time listed on your ticket is strictly enforced, and you must arrive 15 minutes prior to your time slot to enter the queue before proceeding into the exhibition. If you are unable to make your ticketed time, please exchange your ticket for a different time through our manage tickets page.

Once youâve logged into the page, click the top right button âmodify orderâ then select âtransfer orderâ that will allow you to choose a new date/time.

Associated Educational And Cultural Programming

In connection with the exhibition, the MMFA is offering a host of activities for all audiences:

  • A series of captivating events and lectures
  • A series of film screenings at Cinéma du Musée, proposed by music expert Ansfrid Tchetchenigbo, including documentaries and musical comedies, among others.
  • Creative workshops for families every Saturday and Sunday
  • Afternoon guided tours, Wednesdays through Saturdays, designed to stimulate reflection and discussion.
  • A series of concerts at Bourgie Hall inspired by the musical world of Basquiat
  • Themed night time events and visits of the exhibition in an electrifying atmosphere

The activities are progressively added to our cultural calendar. Consult it regularly to see whats new!

A Socially Engaged Artist

For Basquiat, music was a message about the transatlantic migration of cultural forms and the brutal reality of being a Black artist facing racism. His engagement with the African diaspora and the politics of race in the United States is one of the main threads of the exhibition. Anchoring the artists oeuvre in our time, it considers how his works relate to contemporary culture.

Jean-Michel Basquiat , A Panel of Experts, 1982, acrylic and oil pastel on paper mounted on canvas, 152.5 x 152 x 4.5 cm. MMFA, gift of Ira Young. © Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York. Photo Douglas M. Parker

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Is Photography Allowed Inside The Exhibition

Personal photography is allowed inside the exhibition however, commercial photography is strictly prohibited without prior approval.The use of flash, tripods, stabilizers, selfie sticks, gimbals, or lenses over 150mm is strictly prohibited.

Please email for more information about commercial photography.

Basquiat By Those Who Knew Him

Blum &  Poe represents Thorton Dial Estate

Towards the end of the exhibition, a section that I really liked involved a series of short videos by those who knew Basquiat. It includes an art advisor friend, gallerist, and family members. They tell anecdotes that capture the essence of Jean-Michel Basquiat as they knew him. His ambition and desire to be recognised as a serious artist. His erudite and many-layered references from art history and further afield. And his relationship with his father, the businessman who wanted Jean-Michel to have a stable career and yet was very proud of his son.

Its a good set up for the last couple of rooms of paintings, which display Basquiat at his most political and serious. Not that he wasnt political right from his SAMO graffiti days. But now we explore his head on exposure of racial injustices and similarly weighty topics. The idea is to understand the man through his art. As one information panel says: People often ask members of our family to opine on what Jean-Michel may have thought about certain topics, but one only needs to go to his work he speaks quite clearly and loudly for himself.

And that quote, for me, summarises the vibe of the exhibition. An attempt by a loving family to ensure that their most famous member is still relevant, still seen. Seen as a fully-rounded individual, not just a tragic cautionary tale about fame and fortune. Whether this is successful you can judge for yourself if you come to Jean Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure. I rather thought it was.

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A Major Basquiat Exhibition Sign Me Up

My recent trip to Chicago and New York was a little delayed because well I finally got Covid. All those months and years of being careful and it finally caught up with me! Once I had rescheduled dates, I was pleased to see that the one exhibition I really 100% wanted to see would still be open. And with a couple of evening options I could fit in around daytime commitments, it seemed like it was meant to be.

Im a long-time Basquiat fan. I love the aesthetic of his work. I love the complex layers of meaning. And I have such an admiration for artists whose creativity just pour out of them. In Basquiats case, including onto the furniture and appliances. Ive been to exhibitions of his work before, including at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. And Ive even been to plays about him.

This, however, is not your typical Basquiat exhibition. For starters, its not in a museum. Its also curated by his sisters and step mother, and thus comes with a very firm point of view. I was interested to see what bearing both of these factors had on my experience as a visitor. Join me now as we dig into that in a little more detail.

Does The Time Listed On My Ticket Matter

Yes, the time listed on your ticket is when you will enter the exhibition. Your ticket is only valid at your reserved time. Please arrive 15 minutes early to enter the queue, as the timed ticket reservations are enforced to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff and to make your experience the best it can be.

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The Architectural Gallery Space By Sir David Adjaye

While a whitewashed gallery space might highlight the rich textures of the artists work , Sir David Adjaye organizes the exhibition Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure more architecturally. The gallery is transformed into a complex streetscape, finished with textural wood panelling to emphasize the artists deep connection with the city.

Meandering through this recreated neighborhood, the visitor passes through a meticulous recreation of Jean-Michels childhood townhouse and his art studio. Every last detail has been accounted for, from a wall of bookshelves and spices in the kitchen, to paint splatters and scattered VHS tapes.

World Famous details Jean-Michels meteoric early success and includes paintings and other ephemera

Background On This Priceless Exhibit

Florida museum under fire over Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit l GMA

What makes this exhibit so extraordinary is that it was curated with the insight and priceless resources of the Basquiat family. Jean-Michels meteoric rise and untimely death from a heroin overdose at 27 years old make his paintings extremely coveted in the art world. Few pieces exist within one location. A single looseleaf extracted from his notebooks was auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To put that into perspective The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles possesses the worlds largest museum-collection of Jean-Michel works with a grand total of 6. In other words, the over 200 never-before-seen and rarely shown paintings, drawings, artifacts, and multimedia presentations of Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure are unprecedented. Moreover, including artifacts like his birth announcement, shoes, and bicycle helps to humanize a titan. It makes real and gives flesh and blood to a seemingly ethereal art-god.

Most importantly, his familys personal touch allows his often enigmatic paintings to be more accessible to someone who may not be entirely familiar with Jean-Michel. For example, at the exhibits entrance, a note from his sisters elucidates some of Jean-Michels multilingual wordplay explaining that Boxeo relates to how the family gathered around a television to watch boxing with Jean-Michels father.

This demonstrates how a seemingly innocuous note from the Basquiat family sheds light on paintings later in the exhibit.

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Do I Have To Purchase My Ticket In Advance

We cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door, as all visitors must reserve timed tickets for entry. We encourage you to purchase your tickets online through our website to ensure you can secure your desired date and time. A limited number of tickets are available for purchase on site at the box office.

A Novel Perspective On Basquiats Artistic And Musical Career

Music holds a prominent place in Jean-Michel Basquiats painterly practice in the form of sign, symbol and sound. His oeuvre is replete with depictions of musical instruments alongside references to opera, classical music, jazz, bebop, hip-hop and rap. Presenting some 100 works by the artist together with numerous sound clips, film footage and archival documents, the exhibition provides an innovative in-depth look at Basquiats career as a musician, the sounds that accompanied his mark-making and the musicians who inspired him, from Beethoven to the New York underground scene of the 1970s and 1980s and, notably, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Maria Callas.

Beginning with an exploration of the music that shaped Basquiats New York, the exhibition sheds new light on his career as a performer and musician, notably with the band Gray. It also looks at his painting compositional techniques as they relate to music, and references his ties to particular record labels, musicians, cultures and sounds.

Jean-Michel Basquiat , Anybody Speaking Words, 1982, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 243.8 x 156.2 cm. Private collection, Switzerland. © Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York. Photo Fotoearte

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Are Any Items Prohibited Inside The Exhibition

Outside food or drink , liquids, paint, markers, glass containers, aerosol cans, weapons, and hazardous materials are not permitted. E-cigarettes and smoking are not permitted on premises.

Bags, backpacks, and any items larger than 11 x 15 x 5 inches are not permitted. Baby carrier backpacks are not permitted soft, front-facing baby carriers and strollers are welcome.

Seeing Loud: Basquiat And Music


Organized in collaboration with the Musée de la musique Philharmonie de Paris, Seeing Loud: Basquiat and Music is the first large-scale multidisciplinary exhibition devoted to the role of music in the work of one of the most innovative artists of the second half of the 20th century.

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Basquiat Makes A Comeback With Latest Exhibition King Pleasure In New York

by STIRworldPublished on : Apr 30, 2022

The art of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat is both universal and world-renowned, yet it is also profoundly personal and intimate. In all of his contributions to art history, he explored themes that are still relevant today, such as inequality, social justice, and classism, women’s objectification and the history of the African-American experience. Basquiat was a generous, inquisitive, smart, fun-loving, and hardworking individual. No one understands his inner strength and courage better than his family, who are now bringing to the public a glimpse into his world through never seen before masterpieces to light. The family of Jean-Michel Basquiat is presenting Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure, a 12,000 sqft immersive exhibition celebrating the life and art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, at New York City’s landmark Starrett-Lehigh Building. The showcase also includes live music, fashion shows, performances, and educational initiatives in the spirit of Basquiat.

This is a way for us to collaborate as a community and fill in the spaces from all of our perspectives on Basquiat and his impact on the world. Its a gift to our family and others that they can look at this personal account of who he was, Lisane explains. We wanted to bring his work and personality forward, in a way only we can, for people to immerse themselves in. We want this to be an experiential and multi-dimensional celebration of Jean-Michel’s life.”

Is There A Designated Drop

Guests can be dropped off or picked up at the main entrance located on 27th Street near 11th Avenue. All entrances into the building are handicap accessible.

For specific inquiries about accessibility, or if you need assistance during your visit, please email .

Please note that visitors to the exhibition may be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded. By attending, you grant the exhibition permission to use photographs and/or audiovisual recordings in which you appear for archival, documentary, publicity, advertising, or other purposes.

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S Glamor At The Palladium

The final room of the exhibit grants one last moment of exhilaration and reflection as visitors are offered a seat between two colossal Jean-Michel pieces which once hung in the VIP lounge at the Palladium Nightclub in 1985. A stack of televisions plays images and videos, offering glimpses into the glamorous, avant-garde, 1980s nightlife scene all set to music which seems uncannily modern.

One mural in particular, NU-Nile depicts the entirety of human existence, from the Big Bang through the Nuclear and Space Ages still dependent on oil and notarized by Jean-Michel himself.

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Is There A Coat Check Or Bag Check

BASQUIAT | New York | May 2022

Unfortunately, we do not have a coat check, and visitors are not able to store coats or bags on premise. All backpacks, shoulder bags, and strollers need to stay with you at all times. Bags, backpacks, and any items larger than 11 x 15 x 5 inches are not permitted. Baby carrier backpacks are not permitted soft, front-facing baby carriers and strollers are welcome.

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Up Close And Personal: An Experiential Exhibition In New York Celebrates Jean

09 April 2022 to 06 August 2022 Venue
MonThu 11 a.m.6 p.m., FriSun 10 a.m.7 p.m. Location

There are many celebrated artists whose work is considered iconic, few however can boast such a meteoric rise to stardom and lasting cultural influence despite their untimely death, and Jean-Michel Basquiat undoubtedly belongs to this elite group. One of the most famous contemporary artists of all time, he has become a mythical figure since he passed away at just 27 years of age in 1988, his legacy still looming large within the worlds of fine art, fashion and music. Ironically, his posthumous status as a cultural icon and art market darling Basquiat is the second highest-grossing American artist at auction surpassed only by Andy Warhol has overshadowed the young man behind the art. King Pleasure, a new exhibition in New York, organized by the artists two younger sisters and managers of his estate, Lisane Basquiat and Jeanine Heriveaux and his stepmother Nora Fitzpatrick, attempts to rectify this by intertwining his artistic practice with his personal life, influences and the times in which he lived.

Installation view. Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure. Photo by Ivane Katamashvili.

Installation view. Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure. Photo by Ivane Katamashvili.

Installation view. Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure. Photo by Ivane Katamashvili.

Installation view. Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure. Photo by Ivane Katamashvili.

Are Service Animals Allowed Inside

Yes, service animals are admitted inside the exhibition. No other pets or animals are allowed inside the exhibition.

For specific inquiries about accessibility, or if you need assistance during your visit, please email .

Please note that visitors to the exhibition may be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded. By attending, you grant the exhibition permission to use photographs and/or audiovisual recordings in which you appear for archival, documentary, publicity, advertising, or other purposes.

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My Desired Day And/or Time To Visit Is Sold Out Is There A Waitlist

In the case of a sold-out time slot, please try to find an alternate time to visit us, as sessions occur every 20 minutes. If your desired date is not available, we encourage you to find out about future ticket releases by signing up for our newsletter and following us on and for the latest announcements.

I Purchased The Wrong Date/time For My Ticket Can I Get A Refund

200 Never Before And Rarely Seen Jean

Refunds are not offered. However, in the event that you cannot attend for your time and date, you can exchange your ticket for a new date. Only unused tickets are eligible for exchange for upcoming dates that have availability.

Please note, ticket exchanges are self-service and can be managed through our manage tickets page.

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Exhibition Designer Sir David Adjaye

sir david adjaye comments on the exhibition, jean-michel basquiat: king pleasure: the vision for this project to reclaim the narrative of basquiats life and work and to shed new light on an artist that is only partially understood aligns deeply with my studios mission of using design as a storytelling device. I envision the exhibition as an intimate narrative journey that not only displays his trailblazing career but cultivates his spirit and mission through the eyes and insights of his own family.

stay tuned for future coverage on the exhibition following its opening in april 2022.

jean-michel basquiat, untitled, 1983 | © the estate of jean-michel basquiat

the exhibition team explains the shows namesake:king pleasure is the title of a painting created by jean-michel in 1987 and the name of a bebop-loving bartender turned jazz vocalist whose first hit, in 1952, moodys mood for love, catapulted him to fame. the song was a favorite of the WBLS DJ frankie crocker, who played it at the close of his show every night in the 1970s. gerard basquiat, jean-michels father, was also fond of the tune.

Poster Jean Michel Basquiat

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