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Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Cologne

What Are The Best Smelling Jpg Fragrances For Men

LE MALE by Jean Paul Gaultier, which to GET?

The Nightlife Star

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau de Toilette Intense 40ml Spray This is the best choice in my opinion and the Gaultier fragrance that I keep a full bottle of for myself. Ultra Male was introduced as another flanker fragrance to the original Le Male and has surpassed its predecessor in terms of quality, smell, and performance.

I will say, this wont be the best option for those who are looking for a daily wear. This isnt an office scent, is limited to colder climates, and skews to a younger audience.

Its sweet, powerful, and spicy with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, pear, amber, mint, lavender, among others. Ultra Male has great longevity and a bold sillage, that works well for the nightlife during the colder months of the year.

Pear, cinnamon, and mint are really strong early in the wear. The pear and cinnamon give it a distinct vibe from Le Male.

Its got a candy-like presence while maintaining a masculine vibe throughout. Read my full review: Ultra Male Review

All Around Classic

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men 4.2 Ounce EDT Spray One of the most popular and widely used fragrances in the world. Le Male blends orange blossom, mint, lavender, and woods to create a fragrance that is sexy and wholly masculine.

The vanilla note is paired early on with the orange blossom, bergamot, cinnamon, mint, and lavender. The cinnamon and minty fresh spice aroma, is at its peak during this time.

The Bold JPG

The Herbal/Floral Cologne

Best New Release

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Smells Aromatic Sweet Anddated

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male contains notes of vanilla, lavender, mint, artemisia, cardamom, amber, and woods.

On first spray Im greeted with sharp, aromatic energy. The lavender, mint, and artemisia are the obvious culprits. The combination offers a green, slightly spicy, and softly floral aroma. Additionally, some herbaceous undertones are present too.

Accompanying this mixture is a vanilla note, pulsating up from the base. It provides a robust sweetness, persistent throughout the entirety of the fragrance.

As Le Male progresses on skin, I notice two things happen:

  • The lively opening aromatic composition starts gradually withdrawing and
  • Cardamom reveals itself, projecting a calming, warm spiciness. It projects a similar smell to Le Males excellent modern flanker, Le Male Le Parfum.

This progression continues as Le Male commences the dry down phase. The aromatics continue losing their earlier vigor and the cardamom becomes more pronounced.

However, I start to witness the subdued amber and woods make a contribution. They supply a dense, manly facet in the background.

Overall, Le Male doesnt vary greatly from opening till close. Its just more aromatically potent at the start, with mellow woody nuances at the end.

Furthermore, I dont hate the scent. I think it smells okay.

This reviewer had a few things to say:

Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men

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Best Smelling Jean Paul Gaultier Colognes

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Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances have enjoyed massive commercial success for both its mens and womens line. While now, Le Male is almost ubiquitous in its usage, when it was released in 1995 it became popular because of its great scent, even if now it trades based on its reputation. For this list, I have selected six scents from Jean Paul Gaultier which I feel represent a best of their mens cologne collection.


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Le Male Supreme Edition Jean Paul Gaultier cologne

| 15 Best Summer Colognes for Men .

We know that our odor is something we all worry about, especially over the hot summer months. Most of us have resorted to cheap sprays from our local supermarket that often do more harm than good – these usually offer disappointingly short life-spans, smell too sharply, and clog your nostrils like smog. After many trials and tribulations with male fragrances, weve learned a good cologne is a worthwhile investment for beating the summer stench.

Have you ever walked into a room, smelled someones wafting cologne and thought man, that smells awesome? Someones fragrance is often the first thing we notice, and its one of the main traits we remember. It holds power. Summer is a time of freshness and energy, so theres no better time to pick up your cologne game and make an impression on those around you. Dont be dissuaded by the hefty price tags of some high-end colognes. There are plenty of affordable options that smell just as good, if not better, than the pricey stuff.

We believe the best colognes for the hot season must encapsulate the quintessential summer experience: warm temperatures, long nights, cool breezes, days spent at the beach or lounging by a lake, and dates over drinks at a harbor.

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Only Suitable For Mature Men

As indicated earlier, Le Male embodies an old-school, dated vibe. Therefore, I only recommend this to men with a lasting bond to Le Male aged 35 or over. This is a similar age bracket to whom Id endorse a classy fragrance like Creed Viking.

For guys over this age, Le Male is quite versatile. You can wear this in any casual situation, or on dates. Additionally, its office friendly too.

Due to some of the deeper notes, avoid spraying in summer. Although I give the green light in any other season day or night.

Performance Isnt What It Used To Be

Back in the day, original formulations of Le Male featured beast mode performance. Many would rave about 12+ hours of longevity and projection.

The glory days are gone.

Over the years, reformulations have caused this scent to quell what tremendous performance it once had.

These days, expect closer to 7 hours of total longevity with solid projection from skin for the first 4.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Red For Women

Why it stands Out to Us

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Parfum for Women is a delightful blend of spicy amber, vanilla, and wood. Its the type of fragrance you wear when you have a carnal conquest in mind sharp, sexy, and enticing.

Since it came on the scene in 1990, it has refused to go out of style.

Our Experience with the Classique Red

  • Good projection. This is the type of fragrance you wear to get noticed by people even with their eyes closed. The scent is incredibly pleasing yet inoffensive.
  • Iconic bottle. You would be hard-pressed not to notice the striking iconic bottle design the fragrance comes in. Once again, its a beautifully shaped female torso design that stands out on the dressing table.
  • Sweet femininity. The cologne gives off a sharp, oriental, floral scent thats unashamedly sweet and feminine.
  • Long-lasting effect. To keep the fragrance warm and potent, apply it to pulse points such as your wrist, arm, and knee crease, throat base, and behind the ear. When this is done, you can expect it to last all day.

What We Didnt Like

Some people might find the bottle a bit expensive, but we didnt expect less. Even at its current price, its still worth the money!

Who Is It Great for

The cologne is great for vibrant women.


  • Perfume family: Eau de Parfum
  • Gender: Feminine

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Women 4

Ultra Male Fragrance Review | Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Cologne Review

The Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Women 4-Piece Gift Set can serve as a great gift for that special someone. It features some of the nicest scents for women in the perfume world.

Whether its your wife, girlfriend, or daughter, we promise shes going to love them. Women hardly get to turn down an oriental floral fragrance, especially when it features vanilla, amber, spice, and wood notes.

In addition, the colognes are all pocket size, so they are awesome for her handbag.

Believe us she would be impressedwhoever she is.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Women

Why it stands Out to Us

Introduced in the 90s, JPs Classique is a testament to the brands performance all-round. The mere fact the fragrance has survived this long shows that it appeals to most people.

How would you describe an orangey musky scent that leaves behind a memory of vanilla distinctive, right?

Thats exactly what the JP Classique is all about sensual, rich, and mature!

Our Experience with the Classique

  • Not too feminine. Like most female fragrances, the JP Classique comes off as sweet and playful however, the touch of muskiness makes it more mature and sexy.
  • All-purpose fragrance. The Jean Pauls Classique works great for both corporate and casual wear.
  • Perfect for colder weather. While the fragrance sits better during colder seasons, it is still light enough for warm weather.
  • Strong projection. The fragrance has excellent projection and can last over seven hours. Also, you only need to apply a small amount to smell so good.

What We Didnt Like

The price appears to be a bit expensive given the bottle size. But we werent expecting anything less given its performance. Perhaps, you only need a little of it at a time.

Who Is It Great for

The fragrance is highly recommended for young women who want to feel confident, sexy, and powerful.


  • Fragrance class: Eau de Toilette
  • Can be worn during the day and night
  • Sweet and seductive effect

Jean Paul Gaultier Set

If youre looking for a game-changer for your next holiday gift to him, then you should consider the Jean Paul Gaultier Set-4 Piece Mini Variety for Men. Its a cologne set that projects masculinity in a different dimension.

The box provides a nice selection of delicious, smelling colognes that are some of JPGs favorites.

This includes one Jean Paul Gaultier cologne for men, two womens colognes , and the popular JPG Fragile for women. Specifically, Fragile is known for its transparent tuberose fragrance and long-staying power.

Interestingly, all these fragrances are unisex, so its a gift set that can go either way regardless of what the product description says. They all look cute on a cabinet and will be duly appreciated by the receiver.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal For Women

Why it stands Out to Us

The Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal is a gem for honey lovers.

It was created to flag off the partnership between JPG and Puig. The intention was to fulfill their goal of creating a fragrance that was more sexy, playful, festive, and spicy.

Can we say the JPG Scandal meets this requirement? Yes, it does more than expected.

Our Experience with the JPG Scandal

  • Beautiful traditional bottle. Instead of the iconic torso bottle design, the brand is known for, Scandal comes in a transparent square glass that looks more traditional but elegant.
  • Addictive blend. Scandal is yet another delicious floral scent that carries a youthful vibe. This is created by an addictive blend of patchouli, honey, and blood orange, with a slight touch of powderiness.
  • Sweet fragrance. Scandal has an incredible scent profile that starts off with a strong bust of honey and graduates to a lovely mature fragrance that is undoubtedly feminine.
  • Long-lasting performance. When applied to pulse points on the skin, the fragrance can last up to 6 hours.

What We Didnt Like

The use of honey adds a lot of sweetness to the fragrance. Thus spraying too much of it can be quite cloying.

Who Is It Great for

Although all ages can wear it, Scandal is more suitable for younger women, preferably for date nights and clubbing.


  • Perfect for winter and nighttime
  • Suitable for all ages

Ultra Male By Jean Paul Gaultier For Men

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette

Why it stands Out to Us

If youre looking for something with a bolder projection than what Le Male offers, then the Ultra Male is the way to go.

The cologne is an infusion of fruity and oriental notes that culminate in a seductive yet energetic scent that caters to younger men.

Its not called the king of clubbing for nothing!

Our Experience with the Ultra Male

  • Ergonomic design. Besides having the same masculine feel as its predecessor, the bottle is very easy to hold. The featured atomizer performs just as well. Like Le Male, the cologne also with a storage tin can, which looks great on a desk and can be converted to store other items.
  • Perfect for colder months. Due to its added amber and gourmand accords, the Ultra Male qualifies more as a casual scent for colder climates. Its definitely not something to wear when the sun is out and hot.
  • Long-lasting performance. When applied to the skin, the fragrance promises long-lasting performance. We actually got over 9 hours, but the surrounding weather can influence this.
  • Compliment getter. Its hard to wear this fragrance and not get noticed. Few things are as seductive as its blend of fruity and oriental notes.

What We Didnt Like

The fragrance gives off a candy-like aroma reflective of its fruity notes. While younger men find this gratifying, it can be a turnoff for older men.

Who Is It Great for


  • Fragrance class: Eau de Toilette


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Our Product Selection Process

So, how did we make our selection?

We followed simple rules that were based on extensive research and testing.

We only went after colognes with amazing scent profiles, good performance , and reasonable pricing.

These are scents that appeal to most people and have gathered overwhelming positive reviews.

We also tested each fragrance before giving our final vote.

While no single fragrance is everyones favorite, we have no doubt you will find something on the list to call your own.

Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum Perfume Samples By Jean Paul Gaultier

is a Aromatic Spicy, Sweet Synthetic fragrance for men that can be worn by women. Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier features the stand out notes of Tonka Bean, Geranium and Sandalwood. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum was created by Quentin Bisch, Christophe Raynaud and Nathalie Gracia-Cetto. Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier was launched in 2022 in a Eau De Parfum concentration. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum samples and decants are only sold in 3ml, 5ml and 10ml sample and decant bottle sizes currently in our store. If you need larger Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum samples and decants please do not hesitate to reach out to us to make arrangements for a larger Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum samples.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Male For Men

Why it stands Out to Us

If youre one of those men who love to experiment with new things, then you should try out the Le Beau Male.

The cologne carries a fresh, seductive fragrance that features a simple blend of bergamot, tonka bean, and coconut wood. The result is a scent that is sweet, masculine, playful, and irresistible.

Some men say they prefer this to the signature scent. Maybe, you will too!

Our Experience with Le Beau Male

  • Great for cool weather. The warm scent profile makes this a better fragrance for cooler climates, especially winter. However, you can still wear it in summer, but the sillage wont be as good.
  • More playful. Compared to the original fragrance, Le Beau is more playful and juicier, which is indicative of its invigorating citrusy top and sweet base of tonka bean.
  • Not so big on performance. With this fragrance, you get about 4+ hours of performance. It may last longer, depending on your body chemistry.

What We Didnt Like

The product might be a bit pricey for some people.

Who Is It Great for

Le Beau is perfect for men who want a fragrance they can wear for everyday use.


  • Can be worn for any occasion
  • Works for all ages

Best Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne: Expert Recommendations


Although Jean Paul Gaultier started as a dressmaker, hes more popular today for his notorious fragrance line.

His first men and womens fragrances were released in the 90s, and became very popular due to their great scents.

Since then, Jean Pauls fashion house has continued to collect achievements in the perfume world. Today, they have a luxurious fragrance line that features many unconventional models.

JPG colognes are known for two things. The first one is their sweetness, which makes them ideal for colder climates and nighttime.

Secondly, they have an iconic bottle design, which is reminiscent of the male or female torso.

Today, we take a trip into their perfume collection to discover the best Jean Paul Gaultier cologne for men and women.

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Why Trust Us

Groomingwise is a beehive of information for ardent perfumers and fashionistas. We keep abreast of events in the fragrance world, which is why we are always on top of the game. So, you are in safe hands!

Most luxurious fragrances tend to be on the pricey side, which is why we try to identify brands that offer great performance to justify their price tags. To achieve this, we follow a precise research framework not based on personal affiliations or political interests.

We only choose perfumes that smell great, last long, and project well, so you never go unnoticed.

However, top picks are bound to change as more products are released in the market. So always keep an eye on our updates.

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