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Jean Shorts For Big Thighs

Womens Ripped Denim Jean Shorts

top 10 trousers for thicc thighs

The Luvamia denim shorts for women have five traditional pockets and are cuffed along the bottom edges. You can wear these Luvamia denim shorts to a club, school, outdoor, party, beach, and vacation, among other places.

These denim shorts go well with a crop top or T-shirt and are perfect for Spring, Summer, and Autumn. They are ideal for casual daily wear.

Wear these jeans shorts with a stylish jean jacket, crop top, or T-shirt for a road trip appearance, or combine with a silk blouse and jacket for an elegant street style approach. With seductive cut-offs, you may opt for a more relaxed appearance. With fitted pants, you can go for a more polished seamless look. Denim is not only for the beach. This smart-casual classic may be styled in a variety of ways.


  • Perfect amount of cotton, stretch and comfort to look fabulous and feel wonderful.
  • It doesnt have the itchy stitching some cheaper brands sometimes have.


Shorts With Wider Leg Opening

If you have thicker thighs, one of the main thing to pay attention to when choosing shorts, is the leg opening. .

This may sound surprising to you, but, the wider the leg opening, the more they can camouflage thicker thighs.

This is one of the pro-tricks used often by stylist.

That is, if you want to make something less obvious, then create space around it.

Not to mention, wider leg opening just feels so much more comfortable when your thighs are bigger, because of all that extra space.

How Can I Make My Legs Look Thinner

10 ways to make short, thick legs look slimmer

  • Choose drapey fabrics. Avoid clingy materials and instead choose soft, flowy fabrics. …
  • Try a full skirt. …
  • Find the perfect pair of trousers. …
  • Wear black opaque tights. …
  • Heels are your best friend. …
  • Avoid ankle straps. …
  • Nude shoes will slim and lengthen.
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    Picking The Right Fall Jeans For Big & Tall Guys

    You know its fall in Canada when guys everywhere step out of their house in plaid flannel shirts, boots, and overshirts. But we cant overlook the hardest working pants in your wardrobe: denim.

    Whatever your duties are this season, a good pair of jeans will cover your rear. Chopping and hauling wood? Raking the leaves? Evening star gazing with your gal? All denim events.

    Sure other pants varieties are cool – casual chinos are sleek and cargo pants are utilitarian – but denim adds charm like changing leaves add colour to a forest. What began as a specialized twill fabric from Nimes, France was transformed into riveted jeans by historic maker Levi Strauss in the 19th century. Originally made from miners, farmers, and other labourers, jeans have become a staple ever since.

    Now you can find jeans that cater to your specific body type and activities. To Mr. Strauss, Im sure all of our different fabrics would have looked like space-age technology straight out of War of the Worlds. From slim tapered legs, moisture-wicking and 4-way stretching materials, were living in the comfiest timeline.

    Find out which pair of jeans is right for you its all about fit, colour, and style at George Richards.

    Enough Room In Leg Holes

    The 9 Best Denim Shorts For Big Thighs

    When you have thick thighs, you would want to make sure that you get your hands on shorts that are equipped with enough room and space on the leg holes to comfortably fit your thighs without squeezing them. You dont want your thighs to be squeezed in between, especially when you are sitting down. To prevent this, make sure you get a pair of shorts that offer enough room and breathability for your thighs to fit and be able to move freely.

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    Gloria Vanderbilt Womens High

    Were you looking for the best jean shorts for tummy control? Here they are. They are flattering with a high-rise waist and pleated front.

    The 6-inch inseam lets them hit mid-thigh. Then, the leg opening is 24-inches and the fabric is stretchy, so the shorts are perfect for big thighs. And they even have usable pockets.

    As you might expect from this brand, these fashionable safari-style shorts go well with either blouses or T-shirts. They come in various color washes.


    • Mid-thigh jean shorts with tummy control
    • Flattering pleated front and high-rise waist
    • 6-inch inseam and 24-inch leg opening
    • Available in various color washes
    • Machine-washable
    • The front pockets are usable but a little small for a smartphone

    Best Stretch Denim Shorts: Paige Jimmy Jimmy Shorts

    If your jean shorts arent stretchy, they probably arent comfortable at all. These are slightly loose around the legs so you dont feel restricted as you walk or sit. Another added perk: the material is buttery soft. So much so that you wont want to take them off at the end of the day.

    Paige denim is known to stretch quite a bit, so consider sizing down if you dont want them to be too loose.

    Do you have a favorite pair of denim shorts that arent on this list? Let me know in the comment section below!

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    Go With The Curvy Fit

    More and more denim brands have introduced the curvy line to their jeans, and these are the best jeans for the curvy figure.

    What exactly is the curvy fit?

    These are cut with more space in the hips and thighs and they are smaller in the waist.

    If you have thicker thighs, one of the biggest challenges is to find jeans that fit your thighs but at the same time, are not too loose on your waist.

    The curvy jeans are designed exactly to solve this issue!

    Does Skipping Reduce Thigh Fat

    The Best Suit for Your Big Thighs Project Upgrade | GQ

    Most people take on rope skipping to try and reduce the size of their thighs and hips. Like any other workout routine, it is impossible to target one area of your body for weight loss. … Even though rope jumping cannot target your thighs specifically, it can be used as a full-body workout routine, including your thighs.

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    Lucky Brand Mens 410 Athletic Fit Jean

    If you have big thighs and calves, these jeans have a 15-and-a-half-inch leg opening. Theyre a little further from the skinny style as they have a more relaxed feel.

    However, the cotton-polyester-elastane fabric has a slim cut that hugs the body for a snug but stretchy fit. The front rise is 11 inches so they hit at or just below the natural waist.

    Reviewers like how the jeans move with them, saying they feel very comfortable. They come in a variety of colors, too.


    • Stretchy cotton-polyester-elastane fabric with room for big thighs and calves
    • Mid-rise waist and classic 5-pocket design
    • Available in a variety of colors


    • Not true skinny jeans, but a slim fit with tapered legs

    Best Shorts For Thick Thighs

    If youre someone with thick thighs and have been on the hunt for the best shorts to flatter you and your figure, make sure to stop and consider a few important things first before finalizing your purchase: style, size and length, and enough room in leg holes.

    I went on a search for the best of the best options around and have all my favorites reviewed below for you and me both. If you want to find out what made the cut and how these factors played a role in my decision process, stick with me to understand more.

    I clearly remember that as a pre-teen and teenager, I was very adamant to avoid shorts whenever I was heading out. I would always prefer pants, skirts, and dresses over shorts due to my thick thighs. Even though Im not really very overweight, my thighs have always been a source of insecurity for me, more so when I was a lot younger than I am now. But even today, if I wear the wrong shorts, they are either too tight around my thighs and make them look even bigger, or I would have to suffer through a day of constantly adjusting and pulling them down because they keep riding up.

    I still have bigger thighs today and Ive learned to accept and love that part of me. But even so, Im still careful on choosing clothes that work with my body and dont accentuate my thighs in the wrong way. I try to keep my legs healthy through exercise but I no longer beat myself up about my natural proportions.

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    Jcrew White Denim Short

    Size 31 | Inseam: 4 | Rise: 10.5

    Now I know finding a white short that is not sheer can be soo hard! These J.Crew white denim shorts have been a favorite of mine for years. These feel a bit lower rise than my others at a 10.5 but are not low rise at all. Online these show that they are cuffed but I unroll to get the full 4 inseam length. Fit true to size

    Stretch Fabrics Make The Best Jeans For Big Thighs

    The 9 Best Denim Shorts For Big Thighs

    If your body type is thick thighs but slender everywhereelse, then you might be constantly struggling with finding the jeans for bigthighs that will not be too loose in the waist area. If that is you, one possible solution is tolook for jean made of stretchy materials.

    Look for jean blends that include lycra, elastane,polyurethane, or spandex.

    Meanwhile, jeans with contour waistband will keep the jeansfrom creating a gap between your back and the waistband of your jeans.

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    Best White Denim Shorts: Joes Ozzie Cutoff Denim Shorts

    White shorts scream summer, so I certainly couldnt discount that when curating this list. These shorts have such great reviews that note how comfortable they are. Reviewers also pointed out that they arent sheer, which is extremely important when buying white denim.

    I also love that they arent too long or too short. Theyre a versatile staple that would complement a variety of body types.

    Find A Belt And Wear It

    ASOS Curve exclusive side split denim shorts in washed black, £28

    Hourglass girls will LOVE a high-waisted pair of denim shorts, and with good reason. Throw a black belt on for extra definition, and your silhouette will instantly work harder for you.

    If you’re broad-shouldered, show off your shoulders to keep the balance right and add short necklaces to draw the eye inward.

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    What Kind Of Jean Shorts Look Good On Thick Thighs

    The consensus is that mid-length shorts look best on big thighs because they are flattering on everyone. But dont let that limit you. Society needs to learn to stop body shaming people. We think you ought to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

    With that said, if you choose shorts with a high waist, they not only slim your silhouette but they are less likely to gap at the waistline.

    Take a look at these cool and comfortable denim shorts below:

    The best jean shorts for thick thighs Why we love them
    • Pull-on denim bermuda shorts with an elastic waist
    • Snug and not baggy, but also not too tight on thick thighs
    • Breathable, comfortable fabric is machine-washable

    Colrain Womens Ripped Hole Washed Distressed Short Jeans With A High Waist

    What To Wear If You Have Thick Calves & Ankles | BusbeeStyle TV

    This high-waisted ripped-hole washed distressed denim shorts are both classic and fashionable.

    These shorts will make you look slimmer all day. Is there anything cozier than these denim shorts? There isnt, in a nutshell. Wear all of your favorite cotton tees and singlets this summer for a look that will last from the first heat of summer to the arrival of autumn.

    I adore high-waisted mum-style shorts, and theyre proving to be a style thats here to stay summer after summer. It has a loose fit surrounding the legs with a high-rise belted waist to draw attention to the narrowest part of the body.

    The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label womens mid-rise shorts is a perfect fit! They are stretchy and comfortable, with an ideal length. Not too long, but just enough to prevent chaffing.


    • They are super cute and comfy.
    • These are made of a leggings-type material, so they are both comfy and flattering to your curves.
    • The fabric is nice and soft.


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    What I Look For In A Pair Of Jean Shorts

    If youre following the TL Method or other strength-based program, chances are your waist is getting leaner while your legs and booty are gaining mass. Girl, I get it. When I started doing HIIT training, some items in my dresser no longer fit. Its like, suddenly I had this body I was really proud of, but my clothes werent MADE for that body. Come on, I need shorts for big thighs and a small waist!

    I reached out to a few brands to see if they had any denim shorts for an athletic body type. Part of me just wanted to see what they had and try them out. As I searched, I realized there were three things I wanted:

  • They had to be ready-to-wear. Listen. I dont go to the dry cleaners. I dont have a tailor. I dont return things. I need things that work right away. Whats the point of buying a pair of shorts if you have to alter them before wearing?

  • They couldnt be too cheeky. I love my booty, but Im almost 30. I want to look great and feel good, and that includes not being hyper-aware that my shorts are riding up.

  • They had to FIT. This is the whole point, right? No saggy crotch, no bulky waste, no cutting off the circulation to my thighs.

  • Levis 541 Athletic Taper Jeans

    Levis 541 jeans are the OG of athletic fit jeans. Years after pioneering Athletic fit jeans, they still hold up as one of the best jeans for muscular thighs. Their longevity in the ever-changing fashion-world should speak for itself. Levi always offers quality.

    With stretch denim and a tapered cut, these jeans provide a relaxed feel and a tailored look. These days, they come in various colors as well, so you have your pick.

    Levi Strauss is widely recognized as one of the best denim manufacturers for a reason. These are definitely worth a try.

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    Body Type: Evenly Proportioned

    This is an update of the OG Levis 501 denim that immortalized denim pants into the canons of time. Equally versatile for yard work or a RL cashmere sweater, straight cut jeans feature well, straight legs but with a forgiving fit for hips and thighs. This is great for guys that are evenly proportioned and need a bit more room.

    How To Get The Best Jean Shorts For Big Thighs

    The 9 Best Denim Shorts For Big Thighs

    Before you shop, take your measurements. Please dont go off your pants size or the tag in an old pair of jeans unless you dont mind doing exchanges. Save time and effort with a measuring tape.

    • Measure around your natural waist near the belly button.
    • Next, check the widest part of the hips.
    • Then measure the length of your inseam from the crotch to the knee or the part of the thigh where you want the shorts to hit.
    • Lastly, wrap the tape around the thigh at the thickest part.

    Now youre ready to compare your measurements with a size chart to find the best fit.

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    Agolde Parker Vintage Shorts

    Style: High Rise, Short Shorts

    Adding these to the list because they are a best-selling short, however, may not fit everyone the same. The Parker shorts have a 2.5 inseam and offer a tighter fit that mimics your classic high waist short shorts.

    Fit: These shorts will fit thicker thighs, but are going to run a bit tighter on the hips. This is truly a style you have to try to see if it works with your body. Some are obsessed with the fit, whereas others say there is too much waist gap for wider hips.

    Want a Longer Inseam? The Parker Vintage shorts also come in a long fit with a 4-inch inseam! Shop the Parker Short Long. Shop Now.

    Choose The Right Length For Your Top

    Did you know the length if your top could totally change the look of your thighs? If you dont want to draw all the attention to your thighs, avoid tops that ends right on your thighs. Instead, wear a longer top that falls below your thigh area, which will totally direct attention away from your big thighs.

    Whatever denim style you are wearing, make sure to choose a top with the flattering length!

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    Liverpool Vickie Frayed Denim Shorts

    Size 12 | Inseam: 5 | Rise 11

    These shorts are new to me this season and I had high hopes with the 11 rise and 5 inseam. While they feel good when I first put them on there is something about the waistband that doesnt give in the ways that my others do that after about an hour wearing these I dont love them. Its possible that sizing up or wearing longer will help but in this current pair they dropped on the list because of that. If you have a smaller waist and have issues with shorts gapping these could be a GREAT option for you. True to size

    Best Denim Shorts For Moms: Levis Mid

    6 curvy girl outfits that will change your mind about shorts

    Moms can rock any length of shorts, but these are a practical pick for when youre chasing kids around all day. One mom mentioned that shes always hated wearing shorts because they ride up throughout the day, but that these are super stretchy, hold you in, and definitely dont ride up.

    A few people have asked me for some family-friendly shorts, and these certainly fit the bill. Plus, a good Target find is always a win!

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