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Jeans For Big Thighs Small Waist

Try Different Options To Find The Perfect Mens Jeans For Your Big Thighs

10 Curvy Girl Struggles | Curvy Girl Problems – POPxo So Relatable

Finding a pair of good jeans may be harder for your athletic build, but itâs not impossible.

It might take trying a few different options, but in the end, when you find that pair of jeans thats just right, itll be well worth it.

Iâve given you the 5 best jeans for men with big thighs that are currently on the market. I hope one of them will give you the fit youâre looking for. If not, I hope youâll give tailoring a try. It has helped plenty of other men with hard-to-fit body-types.

You worked hard in the gym for those thighs and glutes. Take the time to find jeans that show them off a bit.

Are Mom Jeans Good For Big Thighs What Other Jeans Are Good

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Mom jeans once had a bad reputation for being unflattering and out of style. But now, everyone is wearing mom jeans and totally loving them. But are mom jeans flattering on a curvy body shape? Are mom jeans good for big thighs or will they make your thick thighs look too big? What other jeans are good when you have thicker thighs? Its not always about the jeans that you like. Its about the jeans that are going to look great on you and showcase the body you want others to see.

  • Mom Jeans and Other Jeans
  • Vibrant Womens Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans

    Check it out on:

    Also with a very high-waist, Vibrants elastic skinny jeans are a great choice, as they will smooth and make your thighs look long and sexy.

    They close with one button and the zipper, with belt loops at the waist and the 5-pocket style. These jeans make a good option for both casual and more sensual outfits, as they give the impression of a slimmer silhouette. Plus they go great with heels, as well as flats.

    The material is 49% Rayon, 32% Cotton, 17% Polyester and 2% Spandex. You can get them in the color: Dark denim, Medium denim and Vibrant blue.

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    Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans 4 Petite Short Black

    • 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
    • Straight-leg jean with high rise and five-pocket styling
    • Front rise: 10.75, Back rise: 15, Inseam: 28.5

    Check Latest Price

    Lowest Price

    Product Details

    Gloria Vanderbilts # 1 selling womens jean in America with over 60 million sold nationwide the Amanda Classic High Rise Tapered Jean. This pant sits at your natural waistline with fully functional pockets, easy front zipper fly, belt loops for your favorite belt and contoured hips for that comfort fit youve come to love.

    Pairs great with all tops from fashionable to your basic tee shirt and all footwear from stylish heels and trendy boot to your favorite flats! The Amanda high rise Jean gives you the mid section confidence you want and versatility you need in any wardrobe, perfect to wear to work, attending a class or spending time with friends for family.

    Available in various colors, prints, embroidery and embellishments. Effortlessly fun and stylish. A versatile yet classic look that attracts and connects with the modern sensibility of consumers of all ages.

    Average, 31 In

    Reviews From Real Customers

    If this is the replacement pair for the one I ordered earlier. I love them! Was not aware that the first pair did not have an elastic back so the waist was too big. Had to return it. I replaced the returned pair with two others that did have the elastic back waist.

    You have solved a very great dilemma for me.

    Other wise, I love everything Ive ever purchased.

    I still really like these.

    What Jeans Make Your Legs Look Bigger

    The 10 Best Jeans For Small Waists &  Big Thighs

    Wearing light-washed jeans will make your legs appear larger than they are, as will wearing white trousers, which can make your legs appear longer. Choosing plain dark jeans is a good way to avoid drawing too much attention to your legs.

    Get The Perfect legs For Days Look

    You can increase your legs appearance by doing a few things. The first step is to choose a pair of skinny jeans that have an 8.5- to 9-inch rise. The results will be more defined legs and a more flattering appearance. Flare kicks can also help you achieve a more extreme look. Finally, make sure your bottoms are the same color as your pants. Using this style, you will give yourself a leggy appearance.

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    Other Jeans Styles That Are Good For Big Thighs

    Having curvy thighs is something to celebrate, but it probably doesnt feel that way sometimes. It can be difficult to dress for big thighs and still find something thats going to make the rest of your body look good, too. Luckily, you have multiple options when it comes to jeans. Mom jeans do look great but there are other styles you can wear to minimize the look of your thighs, too.

    Best Jeans For Body Type

    Youre an apple shape if:

    • You have medium-sized to large breasts.
    • The upper part of your body is in proportion with the lower half, but your waist is quite short and is where you carry most of your extra weight.
    • You have slim legs and a flat bum.

    With this body type, your aim should be to elongate the figure.

    As most of your weight is concentrated around your midsection, it is important to divert the eye away from this area whichever way you can. Achieve this by creating the image of curves and shapes with tops and belts that define the waist. A great trick is to focus the attention either up to your curvaceous chest or down to your slimmer legs.

    Say Yes to:

    • Any top with a nipped-in waist detail
    • Necklines that are wide or come to a deep V on your chest
    • Tops that end between your hips and upper thighs. Tunics and empire style tops beautifully skim the body to create a slimmed-down effect.

    Stay away from:

    • High-waisted jeans which will draw attention to your full stomach area.
    • Low-rise jeans as these will only give you a muffin top effect.
    • Any sort of ruffles or embellishments around your bust or waistline. Remember, the trick is to focus the attention everywhere else but your fuller midsection.
    • Tops that end in your midriff area these will make your body look stout and boxy. The same goes for tucking tops into your jeans. Your stomach will end up looking round and heavy. Rather go for longer length tops in soft fabrics that gently graze the body.

    Celebrity examples:

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    The Best Jeans For Big Waists And Small Legs

    When it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans, it can be tricky especially if you have a big waist and small legs. But dont worry, weve got you covered. Here are the best jeans for big waists and small legs, so you can look and feel your best. If you have a big waist and small legs, the best jeans for you are high-waisted jeans. High-waisted jeans will help to create the illusion of longer legs, and they will also help to cinch in your waist and give you a more flattering silhouette. Another great option for big waists and small legs are cropped jeans. Cropped jeans are a great way to show off your shoes and lengthen your legs. Just make sure that they are not too cropped, or else they will make your legs look even shorter. If you want to go for a more relaxed look, then boyfriend jeans are a great option. Boyfriend jeans are loose and comfortable, and they will also help to balance out your proportions. Whatever style of jeans you choose, make sure that they fit you well. Jeans that are too tight will only accentuate your problem areas, so its important to find a pair that fits you well and flatters your figure.

    If you are short, cropped jeans are a great way to show off your legs. Slim or straight jeans are the best options for maximum show. Flared jeans achieve the same look as bootcut jeans by cutting a wider swathe across your thigh and knee. Flared jeans are an excellent way to demonstrate your flower power if you have the guts to do so.

    American Apparel Easy Jean

    top 10 trousers for thicc thighs

    They are super stretchy! So sizing to your small waist and calves should still leave room for your thighs. Some of our readers commented they fit like they were tailored to suit them! They are extremely high waisted, so they may not be the best choice if you dont like high rise jeans. They are 30 inch inseam. So, for most petites, you will need to have them altered.

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    Our Top Picks At A Glance:

    Now lets review them more in-depth!

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    * Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases. The availability of the products in this page might change at any time. Please check the materials, features, colors and sizes on the various shops before buying. We do our best to be accurate, but sometimes our articles might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes.

    Your Body Your Mom Jeans

    Mom jeans have gone from being horribly uncool to becoming a must-have style. Lots of youngest and hottest stars wear them all the time, favoring the look over skinny jeans, low-rise designs and all those trendy styles of the past. Suddenly, looking like a 1990s TV star is a great look.

    Mom jeans styles work very well with many other types of blouses and tops, so its easy to style mom jeans and create different outfits built around them. They can be worn with just about anything. That goes for footwear, too. Mom jeans are a good look for any casual occasion.

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    Signature By Levi Strauss And Co Gold Label Boot Cut Jeans

    Check it out on:

    Signature by Levi Strauss is a boot cut design that really flatters a curvy lady.

    This pair of jeans are made of 81% Cotton, 17% Polyester and 2% Elastane. This helps give them that extra stretch, while the polyester works wonders for smoothing out any bumps along the way.

    They are medium height in waist and come with the classic 5-pocket style. The belt line is narrow and has loops, too.

    The special part of the design is the boot cut, which widens below the ankles. That makes the legs appear slimmer on the upper part and helps even out the silhouette.

    The stitched details are quite prominent on the back and the only color available is Rev Up, a dark denim shade.

    Levi’s Loose Straight Leg Jeans

    Best Jeans For Large Waist Small Legs


    Levi’s is the best for a reason. It’s trusted by the fashion crowd and the most popular styles are practically made for curves. Plus, with a large, fresh selection of denim, there’s something for everyone. This particular baggy pair is both trendy and comfortable.

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    Silver Jeans Co Curvy Fit Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans

    Check it out on:

    Designed by Silver Jeans Co., Suki is a super lightweight and trendy design.

    These jeans are made of 78% Cotton, 21% Polyester and 1% Elastane. They are slightly longer than regular jeans, which makes them perfect to wear with high heel boots. There are several details to this design, such as distressed front pockets, whiskering and contrasting stitching.

    An interesting touch is the signature pocket design that can be seen on the back pockets. They are made to resemble the letter S and are embroidered.

    The material and the slightly wide cut below the knees makes these jeans suitable for curvy women. They bring attention beautifully to your curves without being too much. There are 7 colors to choose from, the main three being: Dark, Indigo and Rinse.

    A Brief History Of Mom Jeans

    The origins of blue jeans date all the way back to the 1870s, when the patent for blue jeans was first filed by Levi Strauss, a store owner, and Jacob Davis, a tailor. Theirs was a match made in Heaven and jeans soon swept the globe. The two men were truly fashion visionaries, though they didnt know it when they first came up with the iea blue jeans. By the 1950s, the sexiest screen icons were seen rolling around and posing in their blue jeans.

    Jeans went designer in the 1970s, with some of the biggest names in fashion creating their own high-end pairs of this classic favorite. Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein and many other designers introduced their own high fashion jeans. These jeans were not particularly fancy. They werent made with any special material. But they did have a designer label attached to them. Once any clothing item has that label, its going to cost you a whole lot more.

    In the 1970s, jeans were everywhere and they were worn to everything. Darker, curve-hugging jeans were highly popular at this time. Mainly, they had wide, flaring bottoms. The designer influence on jeans had a far-reaching impact and soon, everyone was wearing them.

    In the 1980s, fashion lost its mind. Tapered legs that were tightly rolled at the bottom came into style. Loose, baggy styles were big at this time, a big difference from the clinging, form-hugging skinny jeans that came later.

    In the 1990s, jeans were made with straighter, wider legs in a somewhat baggy overall fit.

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    Jeans For Guys With Big Thighs Small Waist

    Shopping for jeans can be challenging if you’re a guy with big thighs and a small waist. You may feel like there are no options that fit correctly or that make you feel confident. But don’t worry!

    Plenty of comfortable and stylish jeans will flatter your body type and look great on you. Let’s take a closer look at why jeans for guys with big thighs and small waists may be hard to find and what types of jeans should be considered.

    Finding the right pair of jeans when you have a big thigh/small waist combo can be difficult because most jeans are designed to fit one body, the so-called “common” shape.

    Unfortunately, not everyone fits into this category, so finding the perfect pair of jeans can be hard work. So what should you look for to find the best-fitting pair?

    First, choose a jean style with plenty of stretches or give like bootcut or bell bottoms. This will help accommodate your larger thighs while still giving you room in the waist. Next, choose darker washes over light ones, as they will help create an even silhouette and make your legs appear longer.

    Slim-fit styles are generally better than relaxed-fit styles, as they will hug your frame without being too tight in the thigh area. Make sure to try on multiple pairs before making a purchase, as the fit may vary from brand to brand.

    Levis Mens Big & Tall 559 Relaxed Straight Fit Jeans Navarro Stretch

    Inner Thigh Gap & Slim Waist Workout (Do This!)
    • Extra room through seat and thigh

    Check Latest Price

    Lowest Price

    Product Details

    This favorite five-pocket style sits at the waist, has a relaxed fit through seat and thighs, a zip fly and straight leg. 100% cotton. Giant Reed, Blue Cash, Levine, Steely Blue have a hint of stretch and are 99% cotton/1% elastane.

    Machine wash. Imported. In navarro stretch, size 46 by Levis.

    75% cotton, 24% polyester, 1% elastane.

    Reviews From Real Customers

    I have worn the Levi 550 jeans for many years and the quality of the material was excellent. However, the last three pairs purchased in 2021 have all torn straight down along the side of the back pocket and cannot be repaired, Appears the material has changed to an inferior quality.

    Other comments starting in 2020 stated the same thing. Company advises 90 day return. So, save your receipt and the tags from the jeans. Come on Levi step up the quality of the fabric and the manufacturer.

    Wore these for years not anymore. I bought several pairs on sale a year ago and denim tore on 2 pairs within weeks, had to throw out. The material has been cheapened, thinner than it used to be. No tear strength.

    So I switched to Wranger sold at Walmart for 1/2 the Levi sale price. I have had no failures after a year of daily use. So bought some more there.

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    American Next Level Jegging

    This is the newest version of their famous Eagle Sateen X Extreme Leggings. Perfect for anyone who gets stuck trying to wiggle skinny jeans over their thighs, only for the waist to still be too big. They make short length, which is perfect for petite women. The best part? You cant beat the price of $49.95. That is the regular price, and you can buy one get one 50% off when on sale!

    What Color Jeans Should Big Guys Get

    Now, when it comes to jeans for men with muscular thighs, youâll also find fewer options when it comes to color.

    Thatâs okay though. You donât need a pair of jeans in every color of the rainbow. In fact, Iâd suggest you stick only to the basics:

    • Dark Navy / Dark Indigo

    These are the best jeans colors for men and will look good on anyone.

    Go for a dark navy and black jeans can very easily be dressed up and down, making them incredibly versatile. You can wear them with business casual shoes, a dress shirt and blazer for a smart casual look, or with a T-shirt and white sneakers for a more casual look. Either way, they look great.

    Grey jeans are more appropriate for casual outfits. You can still dress them up, but the outfit overall will look more casual than with navy or black jeans. Still, they are a good alternative for when you want to switch things up a little.

    So what about light blue jeans?

    Well, they can be pulled off well if you know what youâre doing style-wise. Too often though, I see men wearing light-blue jeans that create that detested âdad jeansâ look. Thatâs why I would recommend to just avoid them altogether.

    If you want to wear light blue legwear, youâre better off trying to find some regular pants for guys with big thighs.

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