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Jeans For Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Sweaters For The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The perfect pants for the inverted triangle (v shaped body type)

Large, chunky knits are less desirable than finer knit, straight fitting sweaters. Chunky necklines and upper body embellishments should be avoided.

If you like chunky knits then keep them to the darker colours.

Knitwear will add volume regardless of the knit gauge so keep it simple in flat knits. Slim turtlenecks, crew neck, or v-neck sweaters that either are tucked into a waist-defining bottom or fall below the hipline.

You can also create volume with a sweater by doing partial or half tuck. Lighter knits tuck in easier and will create some volume around the lower portion of your body.

Inverted Triangle Vs Hourglass

You lean toward an hourglass shape if you have slight curves, like a more defined waist and a full bust, similar to rectangles, some of the bombshells who are listed as hourglasses are actually busty carrots like Angelina Jolie. They have the curvy bust, but their hips dont match up to their shoulders, and they dont have a dramatic and defined waist like a true hourglass.

How To Style Skinny Jeans On A Circle Body Type

This body type is typified by carrying fullness over the rib cage, with relatively slender arms and legs. To make the most of skinny jeans, choose a slouchy sweater or swingy tunic top, preferably with an open neckline, that hangs no lower than mid-hip. If your goal in selecting tops to go with skinny jeans is to accentuate your legs and downplay a rounder torso, a statement necklace or fashion scarf are great accessory choices to bring attention higher, to your face and add a touch of personality.

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Jeans For The Inverted Triangle Shape

Remember how we are all about adding volume to those hips? Well, your jean choice can be crucial to do this.

Avoid skinny or slim-fit jeans that only narrow your hips. Instead, opt for jean silhouettes that have volume/room in the hips, or have a wider leg.

Pockets and hip embellishments are encouraged, which means you can have some fun playing with denim trends each season.

And dont be afraid to try colorful, printed, or light-color denim that will help add a bit more emphasis on your lower half. Darker colors tend to elongate and slim, but because your hips are so narrow we want to avoid this.

Best Jeans for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Avoid: You should skip skin-tight trousers, cigarettes trousers, and stirrup trousers that all emphasize your narrowness.

How Do I Know If My Body Represents An Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Jumpsuits Do

Think of an upside-down triangle. Its wider at the top and smaller toward the bottom. If your body closely resembles that pattern, you may have an inverted triangle shape, but here are some other factors to consider:

  • Your shoulders are strong, beautiful and broad.
  • Your bust is on the fuller side.
  • Your waist and legs are smaller or more narrow than your shoulders and bust.

If you are having a hard time deciding if this resembles your body shape, you can always take your measurements and compare the numbers to get a more precise look.

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Tops With Vertical Detail

The inverted triangle shape should think vertical- as anything that has width in a horizontal direction is only going to make your shoulders look wider.

For petite women, another benefit of wearing vertical details is they will also visually create length in your body, and thus make you look taller. Consider vertical stripes, thin lapels, and vertical seams that draw in at the waist. Princess seams, side paneling, pin tucks and top stitching all look great on inverted triangle shaped petite women.

It is important for the inverted triangle to create some balance between the slimness on your bottom half and the width of the top. Tops with vertical details on the upper body will make your upper body look more slender and therefore will balance with your slim bottom half.

Diagonals And Verticals For Slimming Effect

One thing that both diagonal and vertical designs have in common is that theyre both great for slimming.

Verticals thin down by emphasising length while de-emphasizing width, and diagonals slim down by visibly reducing width. In other words, diagonals shorten while verticals lengthen.

Therefore, it makes sense for an inverted triangle woman to wear these lines and patterns as her top to downplay her broad shoulders.

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Characteristics Of An Inverted Triangle Body Type

  • Shoulders and back have a broad quality
  • Shoulders have a strong squareness to them, prominent
  • Very little waist definition, if any
  • Your bust can be any size
  • Hips look small compared to your shoulders
  • Tends to have a flat or small bottom
  • Beautiful, legs that are often well-toned
  • Athletic-looking silhouette

This body type is characterized by a top-heavy silhouette with no curves to speak of in the midsection. Your legs and arms tend to be quite muscular or toned, which is a point of pride for many inverted triangle body types.

Your waist can be anywhere between narrow and straight to broad and wide, depending on your unique proportions.

This is another one of those neutral body shapes that can hide weight gain or loss, but with more emphasis on the latter than the former. As you gain weight your upper body will appear disproportionally larger without a corresponding growth of your waist and hips.

Shoes For The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

How To Dress If You Are An Inverted Triangle Body Shape

While you might not get to indulge in statement earrings or necklaces, you can go full-force with statement shoes.

Pop color shoes, interesting detail shoes, and high heels all help add interest to your lower half.

Because you most likely have athletic, long legs you can also opt for heels with ankles straps or block heels without looking stout.

Boots are also great for you because they add some volume to your lower half.

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Inverted Triangle Body Shape Dress Code Tips

The inverted triangle body type looks best in clothing that gives the illusion of curves in the hips and lower half, as well as a defined bust. Below are some style rules to help you create this illusion.

  • Avoid clothing that has a straight fit or is too tight opt for drapey, relaxed and flowy styles, especially around your shoulder line. The goal is to soften your shoulders.
  • Pay attention to the color balance of your outfit. A dark top paired with light bottoms or vice versa will create the illusion of width in different areas. Remember, inverted triangle-shaped women have a wider upper body, so its important to balance out that area with patterned, colorful, or lighter bottoms.
  • Maximize the illusion of a defined waistline by wearing clothing that has interesting detailing around the midsection.
  • Avoid wide necklines that will further broaden your shoulders horizontal line.
  • Try to keep things simple when youre wearing patterned or busy clothing. You want the focus to be on your hips, so dont add too many design details that will compete for attention. And keep any patterns or bright colors to your lower half to balance out your strong shoulder line.
  • Try clothes that have volume along the hips . Lower half volume will help balance out your body shape.
  • Avoid skinny bottoms or pants that cling to your hips and minimize their visual effect. This will make you appear top-heavy.

Jeans With Brighter Colors

Best petite jeans for you is straight or skinny jeans in light or bright color, which will balance your broad shoulders and add some femininity to your athletic body frame.

Olive color jeans has been the favorite choice of color for jeans by many Hollywood celebrities and models in recent years, because it is sexy, classic and chic.

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Inverted Triangle Vs Apple

You lean toward an apple shape if you have a big bust and gain weight around the midriff. Age, menopause, childbirth and other factors can change our bodies, and if youve gained weight around the middle, you may mistake yourself as an apple. The main differences between apples and inverted triangles are apples will gain weight in their midsection FIRST, and an inverted triangle will gain weight there eventually. Carrot shapes also tend to be more angular and muscular in their arms, shoulders, and torsos, and apples are softer and more rounded in those areas.

Wearing the wrong pants can also create a tummy where there is none. This is such a common problem that Ive created a FREE Masterclass on how to find pants that fit you right, and you can reserve your spot right now! If you want to dive even deeper into dressing for your body shape, my new 2-part course, Style Your Silhouette has an entire module dedicated to bottoms and so much more!

Skirt For Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If you have an inverted body shape, then you need to choose skirts that create a balance between your hips and shoulders.

A flare skirt will create width to the hips and an illusion of curves. You can wear a full, ballerina, tulip, or straight skirt. It can be very short, or long, depending on what you want.

You should also draw attention to your lower body by choosing skirts with bright colors and details like panels, pleats, and so on.

Skirts that have various patterns and stripes are great choices. Dont wear skirts that hug your hips as they will draw attention to your hips and waist.

Urban CoCo Womens Stretchy Flared Casual Mini Skater Skirt

This skirt is made with a stretchy fabric which makes it a comfortable cloth. It is a short flared skirt which will definitely give the hips a curvy look.

Whether you are going to a date, party, or casual outing, you can rock it. It will also put your legs on full display so, pair it with great shoes.

This skirt is a great choice for women with the inverted triangle body shape.

This inverted triangle body shape skirt as at the writing of this article was listed for about $13.95 however you can look up current price detail on Amazon with the link below.

Basically wearing this skirt and peering it with an of the inverted triangle tops is how to dress petite inverted triangle and her looking stunning.

Topdress Womens Floor Length Skirt Floral Print Chiffon Maxi Skirts

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Baggy Clothes And Styling Tips

The goal with this shape is to focus on the lower half to create balance. When it comes to wearing baggy clothing you want to make it intentional, otherwise, it looks cheap and that you dont know your size.

Oversized is not the same as big. With oversized clothing, it is made to appear larger in certain aspects but meant to fit a certain size like a small or medium. Generally, when you get a larger size the piece is larger in width, height, or both.

You want to wear fitted with loose fitted to create balance. Or you can show aspects of skin to balance out the baggy clothing. Because you are an inverted triangle focus on the top half to be fitted and the bottom half to be loose. Pants with a bootcut and flare flatter the body. Try pants with a turn-up, culottes, palazzo, flare, and harem silhouette are great for inverted triangles. Boyfriend jeans, wide-leg pants, cropped pants look amazing on your body and create curves around the hips and thighs.

Mid Blue 90s Straight Jeans, $75

If you want to opt for some baggy tops you want something that will distract or minimize the shoulder and/ or bust. Go for necklines that are deep, narrow, and asymmetric. Trapeze and wrap are great for your shape. Drop shoulder, dolman, kimono, and wide straps sleeves are suited towards inverted triangles.

Coats And Jackets For The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Double-breasted styles add too much bulk so stick with single-breasted when possible. Blazers look great when they have a tailored defined waist, but you can also pull off a more oversized longer style as long as you keep it open.

It will cause a straight line from the widest point of the shoulders all the way down to where the blazer stops causing it to visually widen the hip and waist area balancing the look. Then your legs become the stars.

Darker colours are usually best, but as long as the cut is right you should be okay.

A-line or cocoon style jackets and coats are also great for widening the lower half and balancing your shape.

Keep away from large collars/lapels or breast pockets. Keep the embellishments to the lower half.

All coats and jackets should hit below the hipline and flare slightly at the bottom. Belted styles are also great as they give you a waistline and the gathered waist will flare out to volume for the bottom half which is what we are looking for.

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Best Shapes For Your Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Your Inverted Triangle body shape is the body shape category that less than 5% of women fall into.

Simply imagine a cocktail glass as you start broad in the shoulders and you narrow down in the legs.

You will need to create balance by giving the impression of a wider lower part of the body, to make the most of your body shape. And by drawing attention away from the upper body with well fitted styles in a darker colour you will look slimmer.

Soften The Shoulder Line

The Perfect Style Jean for YOUR Body Shape (The ONLY Jean Guide You’ll Need)

Reduce the wide appearance of your shoulders by playing them down and balancing them out with the narrower hips.

  • Soften the broad shoulder line with soft, draping, and weighty fabrics
  • Avoid wide necklines that broaden the shoulders and other strong shoulder details
  • Steer clear of patterns on your tops and scarves around your neck and shoulders
  • Keep your upper body clean and uncluttered

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How To Add Balance To Your Inverted Triangle Figure

The clothes that best suit you depend on your body measurements and preferences. Just because fashion stylists claim that a certain piece of clothing looks fabulous on an inverted triangle frame, it doesn’t mean it is a good fit for you. Don’t ignore your own preferences and find outfits and accessories that resonate with both your body shape and personality.

That being said, some style tips can make your life easier when you are faced with the endless choice of outfits you probably already have in your wardrobe. Your body has a natural poise, and your athletic physique will help you pull off various combinations and styles.

Some women love their wide shoulders and don’t feel the need to camouflage or draw attention away from them. Others may look to create the illusion of perfect balance between their upper body and lower body or draw attention to their lean legs. We believe these fashion tips are worthy of consideration if you have an inverted triangle body type:

The Emerald House Lisbon Reviews

karan patio chair

You need to consider pear shape styling guidelines when you dress your lower body . If the opposite is true, you are a top hourglass and should consider the inverted triangle shape dallas cowboys roster 2023 party down south. V necklines are ultimately flattering for a triangle body shape as they accentuate your long neck and draw attention away from the shoulders, giving you more balance. Wrap dresses and tops are also the perfect options for this type of figure, which. Ovals should go for slim to straight legs, depending on how big their upper body and lower body is. In July 1984, during hiatus, art director, Jack Hart had decided to change the look of both of the showcase podiums, each of them, separately, had a gold trapezoid shape , surrounded by gold borders and they contain a golden outline of a Goodson asterisk.

BodyshapetriangleshapeBodybodydressdressinvertedtrianglebodyshapesInverted Triangle Shape Body

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What It Means To Be A Petite Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted triangle shares some similar characteristics with rectangle shape.

Some women are clearly inverted triangles. Others tend toward some features of being rectangle shaped, but are slightly triangular in an inverted way.

At Petite Dressing, we believe each petite body type have their own unique treats and everyone has the potential to be attractive, as long as we use the right dressing techniques to enhance our assets.

First things first, lets take a look at what is an inverted triangle shape.

  • You have prominent and broad straight shoulders, which are wider than your waistline or your hips.
  • Like the rectangle shape, you are likely to have athletic build
  • You have ample bust and a wide back. Your chest may be larger and your back may be fuller than petite rectangles.
  • You have a proportionally larger upper body
  • You tend to have rather flat buttocks. Your hips are slim and your bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side
  • Your waist is subtle and you have a tendency to gain weight first in your belly and upper body, especially your back, when you gain weight.

In one word, petite inverted triangle shape women have an athletic build, and above are the typical features of petite body shape.

Best Jeans For Inverted Triangle Body Shape/ Athletic Body Shape

How to dress for your body shape â Subtle Style

An athletic body shape can refer to the inverted triangle body shape which consists of narrow hips and shoulders that are appreciably wider than your hip-line. Athletic body shape can also refer to women who have muscular legs and thighs. Athletic figures characterized by muscular legs and thighs may be any shape for example, an inverted triangle, rectangle, have the curves and a small waist of an hour-glass or pear shape or have extra weight around the middle like apple body types.

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