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Jeans Small Waist Big Thighs

Levis Curvy Bootcut Jeans

LUXURY JEANS HAUL (small waist, wider hips) *I’M TRAUMATISED*

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Also a loose-fitting design is by Levis, the 529 Curvy Boot cut jeans. They are made of 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane and are mid rise.

There are five pockets and they sit just below the waist. This is a great design for women who are heavier on the thighs rather than hips.

The slightly flared legs work well for big thighs, by giving a more symmetrical and proportional appearance to your legs.

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Skinny jeans, as mentioned before, are an option for curvier women, too, so you dont have to shy away. This design by ZADDIC is extra stretchy, so you wont feel restricted and uncomfortable in the least.

They come in a high waist and have a butt lifting effect on the back. This will make your body look more defined and toned.

There are five pockets and it also comes with the classic front and back highlights of jeans. There are 4 colors to choose from: Blue, Grey, Black and Dark blue.

Mom Jeans And Big Thighs

Mom jeans are actually an incredibly flattering style. Maybe thats why theyve been popular in womens wear for almost a century, even before they had a known name. The high waist actually helps to emphasize this area and make your waist look smaller. Thats never a bad thing. Everything about mom jeans is flattering to the womans shape because it hides problem areas and emphasizes the stuff you want to show off.

Since mom jeans are somewhat loose-fitting already, they are a super comfortable fit for women with thicker thighs. Meanwhile, they still showcase the curves of your backside and they dont hide your hips. The best jeans dont hide your curves. They just show them off to their best effect. Mom jeans de-emphasize your thighs and put the focus on your hips, rear end and waist. Thats what jeans should do. The natural fit of mom jeans shows off the hips and the backside, but helps to hide the thighs.

Mom jeans are also highly versatile. You can roll them up to create cute capris, wear them long and pair them with all sorts of different shoe options.

To make sure youre flattering your shape and give your legs a slimmer look, buy jeans in a solid color all the way down the legs. Faded and gradient styles are going to make your thighs look wider. A uniform color, particularly a darker wash color, will make your thighs look slimmer because this will create a lengthening effect on your legs.

Levis Big Tall 559 Relaxed Straight Stretch Jeans 46 34

  • 92% Cotton, 6% Elastomultiester, 2% Elastane.
  • Button closure.
Lowest Price

Product Details

Big & Tall clothing from DXL. These five-pocket jeans have a comfortable, relaxed fit through the seat and thighs for all-day flexibility. Crafted with Future Flex Stretch, an advanced stretch technology for extra give and flexibility, theyll keep you looking and feeling great from day to night.

92% cotton/6% elastomultiester/2% elastane. Eco-friendly Created in accordance with the Better Cotton Initiative. Relaxed fit. 5-pocket style. Zip fly with button closure. Signature Levis tab. Straight leg.

Machine wash imported The Better Cotton Initiative is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. It ensures that workers are treated fairly, pesticide usage is reduced and farmers are educated about sustainability practices.

75% cotton, 24% polyester, 1% elastane.
Waist Measurement
Outseam 48 in

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Guess Power Curvy Mid

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For a more casual style, Guess Power jeans for curvy women are what youre looking for. They are chic and stylish, with the 5-pocket styling.

The fabric is a combination of 73% Cotton, 14% Rayon, 11% Polyester and 2% Elastane. These jeans have a normal waist, with belt loops around and zipper-button closure.

What adds to their look are the copper-tone stitches that really make the color of the pants pop out. They easily stretch out for a comfortable wear and are normal in length and skinny in cut.

There is only one color available, a blue jeans shade called Reller wash.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes When Picking Out Denim

The 10 Best Jeans For Small Waists &  Big Thighs

Dont be afraid to size up to fit your hips. Never buy a pair of jeans that will fit in a few pounds from now, says Eves. If a pair of jeans doesn’t zip or button, dont rely on the ‘wearing in period to fix the problem. Nobody looks as confident and comfortable in a make it work pair of jeans that dont really fit.Thorpe advises picking a jean style that works for you rather than something trendy. Too many people pick jeans because its cute rather than for the fit. Not every jean is made for every body. I have to try on many jeans before I find the perfect pair for my figure.

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What Is The Best Jeans Fit For Guys With Big Thighs

Knowing how jeans should fit is a must, no matter whether youre a skinny, muscular or fat guy. These are some basic guidelines:

The waist of your jeans should neither be too tight or too loose. When itâs too loose, youâll find yourself having to pull it together with a belt, which will give your jeans a fugly scrunched up look.

They shouldnât fall down when you wear the jeans around the waist without a belt, but they also shouldnât be pinching. When you walk around, it shouldnât feel like itâs dropping. You should be able to put two fingers in the waist and move them side to side.

For the ultimate look, the jeans should feel a bit tight around your athletic thighs. As mentioned earlier, with stretch denim, the material will give to your thighs with wear quite quickly. Then, you want the jeans to taper down to your ankles.

As for length, if theyâre too long, youâll find that the jeans will bunch at the ankles. Instead, you want just a slight break. The fabric should end around halfway down the back of your shoe.

Are Mom Jeans Good For Big Thighs What Other Jeans Are Good

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Mom jeans once had a bad reputation for being unflattering and out of style. But now, everyone is wearing mom jeans and totally loving them. But are mom jeans flattering on a curvy body shape? Are mom jeans good for big thighs or will they make your thick thighs look too big? What other jeans are good when you have thicker thighs? Its not always about the jeans that you like. Its about the jeans that are going to look great on you and showcase the body you want others to see.

  • Mom Jeans and Other Jeans
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    Try Different Options To Find The Perfect Mens Jeans For Your Big Thighs

    Finding a pair of good jeans may be harder for your athletic build, but itâs not impossible.

    It might take trying a few different options, but in the end, when you find that pair of jeans thats just right, itll be well worth it.

    Iâve given you the 5 best jeans for men with big thighs that are currently on the market. I hope one of them will give you the fit youâre looking for. If not, I hope youâll give tailoring a try. It has helped plenty of other men with hard-to-fit body-types.

    You worked hard in the gym for those thighs and glutes. Take the time to find jeans that show them off a bit.

    What Color Jeans Should Big Guys Get

    Small Waist & Round Butt Workout | Hourglass Program at Home

    Now, when it comes to jeans for men with muscular thighs, youâll also find fewer options when it comes to color.

    Thatâs okay though. You donât need a pair of jeans in every color of the rainbow. In fact, Iâd suggest you stick only to the basics:

    • Dark Navy / Dark Indigo

    These are the best jeans colors for men and will look good on anyone.

    Go for a dark navy and black jeans can very easily be dressed up and down, making them incredibly versatile. You can wear them with business casual shoes, a dress shirt and blazer for a smart casual look, or with a T-shirt and white sneakers for a more casual look. Either way, they look great.

    Grey jeans are more appropriate for casual outfits. You can still dress them up, but the outfit overall will look more casual than with navy or black jeans. Still, they are a good alternative for when you want to switch things up a little.

    So what about light blue jeans?

    Well, they can be pulled off well if you know what youâre doing style-wise. Too often though, I see men wearing light-blue jeans that create that detested âdad jeansâ look. Thatâs why I would recommend to just avoid them altogether.

    If you want to wear light blue legwear, youâre better off trying to find some regular pants for guys with big thighs.

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    The Best Ankle Crop Jeans

    Flared ankle jeans are back, and according to loads of buyers, Levis Ribcage jeans are a great pick for this body type. The ultra-high-rise waist is tapered and smaller, according to reviewers. The thighs and hips, on the other hand, have more than enough room thanks to the straight-leg silhouette. This pair come in seven colors.

    • Available sizes: 24 44

    One reviewer wrote: I have a small waist with a bigger butt and bigger thighs, and the ribcage jeans have so far been the absolute best fit. These are no exception- buy them!

    Why Shop With Us

    Anneke Knot is a full-time fashion and beauty freelance writer. Before freelancing, she wrote for Real Simple and Health magazines. Now, she writes about beauty and fashion for multiple publications. In order to find the best jeans for wide hips, Knot put top pairs from trusted brands to the test. In addition, she interviewed professional fashion stylists, so they could provide their top recommendations.

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    Your Jeans Shopping List

    • Comes in denim in a bunch of different washes and fabrics.

    • This classic trouser cut has a relaxed fit through the waist and thighs.

    • Is tailored through the bottom of the legs to provides a slim – not tight – fit.

    • Invest for a quality product that is fashion-forward.

    Bonus:The Graduate comes in a luxe brushed cotton in a bunch of colors. Buy a taupe, navy or gray shade to have comfortable-yet-dressier pants too.

    Adriano Goldschmied: The Everett Jean

    These look surprisingly too slim for a thick thigh, yet provide enough room for many athletic guys.

    • This 5-pocket jean is cut in a slim straight style, but with slightly more room in the waist and thigh than most skinny jeans.

    • Suitable for a slimmer athletic build

    • Opt for the super stretchy style for a chill fit you can appreciate.

    • Come in fantastic summer weights and lighter colors.

    The name says it all.

    • A roomier seat and thigh area gives way to a straight leg.

    • Accessible price-point lends to stockingup on multiple washes.

    • Cut can run a little big, with many clients taking a size down for optimum fit .

    • Colors can be a bit bleh to ensure a sophisticated style, only choose super dark indigos or black.

    The 5 Best Jeans For Men With Big Thighs In 2022

    Top 10 Best Jeans For Small Waist Big Thighs With Expert Recommendation

    When you have big thighs, finding jeans that fit well is hard. Most jeans are either too tight around the thighs, or they have too much space around the waist and/or ankles.

    Athletic fit jeans are the exception youve been looking for. They are designed for muscular legs, but chubbier men often find they fit for them as well.

    These are the best jeans for men with big thighs on the market today:

    Read on to discover why you should give these jeans a try.

    You are not doomed to wear baggy jeans that you have to scrunch together with your belt, just so you can fit them over your muscular thighs.

    Note: This article may contain affiliate links. That means if you click a link and purchase something, I earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own.

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    Choose The Right Length For Your Top

    Did you know the length if your top could totally change the look of your thighs? If you dont want to draw all the attention to your thighs, avoid tops that ends right on your thighs. Instead, wear a longer top that falls below your thigh area, which will totally direct attention away from your big thighs.

    Whatever denim style you are wearing, make sure to choose a top with the flattering length!

    Silver Jeans Co Curvy Fit Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans

    Check it out on:

    Designed by Silver Jeans Co., Suki is a super lightweight and trendy design.

    These jeans are made of 78% Cotton, 21% Polyester and 1% Elastane. They are slightly longer than regular jeans, which makes them perfect to wear with high heel boots. There are several details to this design, such as distressed front pockets, whiskering and contrasting stitching.

    An interesting touch is the signature pocket design that can be seen on the back pockets. They are made to resemble the letter S and are embroidered.

    The material and the slightly wide cut below the knees makes these jeans suitable for curvy women. They bring attention beautifully to your curves without being too much. There are 7 colors to choose from, the main three being: Dark, Indigo and Rinse.

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    The Best Curvy Bootcut Jeans

    These bootcut jeans from WallFlower flare at the knee for a retro look that works with just about any type of shoe. Still, these are stretchier than most, have a curvy silhouette, and sit at the hip bones, so theyre a favorite among those with self-described thicker thighs and smaller waists. They also come in tons of colors and sizes , and they have a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 16,000 reviewers have weighed in.

    • Available sizes: 0 24

    One reviewer wrote: Finding jeans that fit my large thighs but do not gap at the waist is a rare gem. Finding them at a good price is such a bonus. These jeans are a great find and I plan to buy more.

    Love L Ripped Skinny Jeans

    Small Waist (ABS) & Round Butt Workout ?26 Days Hourglass Program ?

    Check it out on:

    Yet another stunning pair of distressed jeans, this one is by Love L.

    They are made of 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex, so they are closure to the classic denim jeans.

    The waist is higher than normal-waist pants and it closes with a button and zipper. If a belt is needed, then not a problem, there are belt loops around the waist.

    There are two front pockets and two back pockets, as well as the tiny front pocket on the right side. The rips are placed along the thighs and below the knees, for a very modern look.

    The length is slightly longer, creating subtle wrinkling at the ankles. They come in two colors: Light blue and Dark blue.

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    Everlane Athletic Fit Jeans

    Everlaneâs Athletic fit jeans offer another solid option for men looking for some extra room in the hip and thigh area. The legs are only slightly tapered, so if youâre looking for something in between a straight fit and a tapered fit, these might be the jeans for you.

    Itâs available in three colors, but itâs hard to argue with this slick dark indigo pair of denim. Itâs good quality, especially for the price.

    Fashion 2love Colombian Design High Waist Jeans

    Check it out on:

    Also in a high and wide waist design, Fashion2Loves Levanta Cola Colombian design jeans are a must have for curvy women. They are made of 76% Cotton, 22% Polyester and 2% Spandex. This fabric blend evens out the shape of your thighs and smoothes everything out.

    The super wide waist tucks the tummy in completely and also helps round out the hips, while bringing out the small waist. Youll rarely find a more flattering design for big thighs.

    The butt-lift design will make your whole silhouette look fantastic and you will look toned and sexy.

    There are five pockets on this design and a four- button closure along with a short zipper. The slight highlight on the thighs makes them appear much slimmer and the wrinkled ankles give them a very laid back look.

    You can wear this design with heels and flats as they will look great regardless.

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    Lee Curvy Bootcut Jeans


    Check it out on:

    And lastly, Lees boot-cut jeans for curvy ladies bring out the sass and class. They are made of Cotton, Rayon, Polyester and of course, Elastane. However, the ratios vary in different options, so you can check that out for each one.

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    They are midrise jeans, with a button and zipper closure, as well as belt loops on the waist. These are longer than normal, especially suited for heels. This length goes great with the wider-cut bottoms.

    There are five pockets on these jeans and they are a normal fit, loosening at the knees and down.

    The natural light effect goes well with the colors and also makes the legs look slimmer and longer. At the hips and waist it creates fake wrinkling, which goes so well with the casual look of these jeans.

    The colors available are: Lakeshore, Black sky, Black, Majestic, Meso, Rinse, Dallas, Soar and Cascade.

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