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Jeans With Rips In Back

Effortless Style In Ripped Jeans

How To Repair Ripped Jeans 3 Ways

Are you planning an evening out with friends and want to be on trend while also looking chic and sexy? Then look no further. To show off your long legs, why not try a pair of our skinny ripped jeans. Paired with a cropped cardigan and a pair of stilettos, you will not only look stylish but will feel it too.

Alternatively, go for effortless cool with a pair of high-waisted white ripped jeans. Add a pair of strappy heeled sandals, a statement top and a cool white jacket to complete the look. If you want to be more understated though, match your straight leg jeans with a fancy top or even a matching blazer for a super special effect.

How To Fix Ripped Jeans Back Pocket

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It happens to all of us. One day you are working on something or simply going about your business when you feel a tear. You turn around to see the back pocket of your jeans hanging by a thread. It was your favorite pair of jeans too

As a staple in so many peoples wardrobe, jeans are often worth looking after and repairing when necessary. The lengths I know I go to to find a comfortable, fitted pair of jeans definitely make me want to keep hold of them whatever the cost.

So how exactly can you fix the ripped jeans back pocket? In short, youll need a sewing kit, some spare denim, and iron-on patches and youre good to go.

What Are The Different Types Of Ripped Jeans

There are many different types of ripped jeans. Some have small holes, while others have large holes. Some ripped jeans are distressed, while others are not.

Ripped jeans were first popularized as a fashion statement in the 1980s. Punk and alternative scenes gave them the ripped jeans look. There are two types of ripped jeans: repair and destruction. A pair of destroyed jeans has one or two holes over their knees. As the classic rock star look, this one is accompanied by distressing. As part of a full-day look, destroyed jeans are ideal. Instead of ripping apart the fabric, a single cut or tear is used to rip apart the knee. One person prefers the subtlety of a single knee rip, while the other prefers the full-on edginess of a torn knee.

Ripened jeans can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and style, which is why they are not a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing. Wear a faded ripped jean with a casual look. For a more professional appearance, choose a ripped jean that is in good condition but has some wear. Wear a ripped jean that has been excessively worn and is in tatters with a laid-back and rebellious look.

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How To Rip Jeans At Home 7 Easy Steps

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Distressed jeans are a classic wardrobe piece that dont seem to ever go out of style. The frayed edges and artfully torn holes are a signature style everyone hunts for when looking for that perfect lived-in denim look.

Buying jeans that already have a deconstructed or distressed look can be expensive, though. If youve been wondering how to rip jeans, weve created a guide that will have you ripping your jeans like a pro in no time.

Ripping your own jeans is a great way to personalize your denim exactly how you want it, and it will probably save you some money as well. But to make your DIY distressed denim look authentic, you probably shouldnt start hacking at your pants without some sort of plan.

Believe it or not, there is a technique to creating jeans that look genuinely broken in!

Dont worry, though cutting your own jeans is pretty simple, as long as you follow a few easy directions. Below is a guide to ripping your jeansin 7 painless steps.

What Are Jeans With Rips Called

Women Ripped Back Skiny Jeans

What happens when you rip a piece of paper? Rip jeans are in danger of being ripped off in the political era. Distressed denim was introduced as a new name for ripped denim in 2010.

Ripped jeans come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Cotton denim degrades over time, allowing you to create a jean that is tailored to you. Lue jeans are so soft that even you will never want to put them on, and the Dream Jeans have a legging-like feel. Ripped jeans can be washed in a variety of ways, including light and dark washes. Distressed jeans, as opposed to hem-dominating hem-dominating hem-dominating hem-dominating hem-dominating hem-dominating hem-dominating hem-dominating hem-dominating hem Shop our entire line of womens jeans to find the perfect fit.

Mom jeans are derogatory terms used to describe the high waistbands of jeans that were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The term was associated with the grunge and alternative rock movements of the time because the cuts and incisions on the jeans were a form of protest against society. It was Madonna and Britney Spears who helped popularize the style, and fans quickly followed their lead. Even though the term was first used in the early days of fashion, it has recently come to be regarded as derogatory. In fact, many people nowadays see the term as a nostalgic nod to the days when people were expressing their anger and frustration through their actions.

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Front And Back Ripped Jeans

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What Do You Call The Pocket On The Back Of A Jeans

It is a pocket of money found in coins, watches, and match pockets. Finally, there are two stitched-on back pockets and a pointed back pocket in the back. When jeans were originally designed, they were only four pockets deep. Its common to believe that the coin pocket is the fifth pocket in the coin box.

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Sporty Style Those Distressed Jeans

For those of you who are looking for a casual sporty style, there is an impressive range of jeans waiting for you. Our destroyed jeans are available in a variety of colours including black, blue and light blue.

Choose the figure-hugging distressed ripped straight leg jeans or better still the organic skinny high waisted destroyed jeans. Just add a slouchy sweatshirt and a pair of trendy trainers, and it will look like you have just stepped out of the gym.

Dress To Impress With High Waist Ripped Jeans

DIY: Ripped Knee Jeans *TREND*

Have you ever wanted to look like one of those beautiful catwalk models? Thanks to our ripped high waisted jeans, you will now be able to achieve that look. Take your pick from the different colours available.

For an edgier vibe, team a pair of our black destroyed jeans with chunky boots and a leather jacket.

Why not treat yourself to a couple of pairs of jeans. That way, you will always have the right jeans for the right occasion. At such affordable prices, you can have a great selection of jeans in your wardrobe too.

So, take a look at our impressive collection of jeans today! Here at NA-KD, we can offer you a great selection of ripped jeans for every season.

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Fixing Holes And Tears

Ok, so now youve given your pocket the once over and you know what you have to do, lets get into the nitty-gritty of the sewing involved.


Placing the material over the space left by the hole, use pins to keep it there as you work on it.

Okay, so now its time for your sewing machine skills to shine. Go over the damaged area left behind, making sure not to sew both sides of the jeans together accidentally.

Sew all of the edges up using a needle and 20 inches plus of thread. Make a knot at the opposite end from the needle and get to work, using a thread which wont look dissimilar from the color and style of your jeans.


For smaller tears, again youll need 20 inches plus of thread to do the job. Tie a knot in the same place as for holes, as far away from the needle as possible.

Pinching the edges of the torn areas together, start to sew, ensuring that any frayed or damaged parts are on the inside.

Upon completion, go back and re-stitch the area, so that you can be sure there wont be a next time.

Casual Distressed Jeans For Women

Want to spice up your BBQ look or be the hottest thing walking when you show up to brunch? We have you covered, girl. Many of our low- and high-waisted ripped jeans for women are perfect for your day to day outings when you want to look casual but put together all at the same time.

  • Light blue ripped skinny jeans in womens sizes with extreme distressing on the thighs and knees with a crop top for when you want to look hard af.
  • Medium wash jeans with mild distressing on the knees, a basic tee, an oversized blazer and booties for a lunch meeting with baes mom to show off a softer side.
  • Gray ultra high-waisted ripped jeans for women that can go from day to night by changing from your tee into a low-cut bodysuit or lace teddy.
  • Cropped high rise jeans with minimal distressing with polished pumps and a sleek updo for casual Friday during the summer.
  • Mid-rise jeans in red or yellow for a pop of color in your cheerful summer look.

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Ripped Jeans For Women

Who doesn’t have a pair of jeans tucked away in their wardrobe somewhere? In the past when your jeans were ripped, you would most probably immediately throw them away and rush out to buy a new pair. Today we do the complete opposite. When buying a new pair of jeans you may actually be looking for stylish ripped jeans.

Here at NA-KD, we have a great selection of ripped jeans. Take a look at our impressive collection and find the perfect ripped jeans for any occasion.

Why Do My Jeans Rip At The Back Pocket

SUDB Women

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There are a few reasons why your jeans may rip at the back pocket. The first is that the pocket is simply too small to hold everything you are trying to put in it. If you are constantly putting your phone, wallet, and keys in your back pocket, eventually the pocket will rip. The second reason is that the fabric of the jeans is simply too thin. If you are constantly sitting down or bending over, the fabric will eventually give way. The third reason is that the pocket is not reinforced. If the pocket is not made of a strong material, it will rip easily.

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Get Creative With Color

Add a splash of color to drab jeans with this simple look.

All youll need is some acrylic paint, masking tape, a few brushes and a newspaper.

Using a stable surface like a table, lay the jeans out flat and start to place masking tape on the legs in any pattern you fancy.

Once youve done this, get your favorite color of acrylic paint and get to work painting the spaces in between the masking tape. You may have to go over them several times to get the right amount of pop in color.

Finally, peel off the masking tape and iron the jeans to ensure the paint really sinks into the fabric and youre good to go and parade around in your cool, colorful new jeans!

For a visual tutorial, watch this video by Sewing For A Living on YouTube.

How To Sew A Perfect Seam

When sewing a seam, make sure the fabric is evenly folded and that the line is even. To accomplish this, you must be familiar with the seam allowance. The seam allowance of a fabric is defined as the distance between the fabrics cutting line and the stitch line. The lining is the part of the garment that is at the inside of the garment and can be finished in a variety of ways.

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Three Types Of Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans have been around for quite some time, and they have a lot to offer. These jeans are a versatile, low-cost option for anyone looking for a stylish, comfortable pair of jeans. There are several different types of ripped jeans available, each with its own unique style. You can learn how to choose the right ripped jeans by reviewing these three options. Ripped skinny small cut jeans are made of thin, rounded jeans with slight cuts that dont become too noticeable. These jeans are ideal for people looking for a fashionable and low-cost pair of jeans without compromising comfort. Ripped Sequel Jeans: These jeans are more similar to skinny jeans with a more pronounced cut than ripped skinny jeans with a more casual cut. The ideal client would be someone who desired a more extreme look but was willing to pay a little more. Ripped massive cut jeans are the most extreme option that people desire because they are designed for those who desire the biggest and ugliest ripped jeans. Theyre not for the faint of heart, but if youre willing to put in the effort, theyre well worth their weight in gold.

What Is A Distressed Jean

How to Fix Ripped Jeans DIY | Sew Anastasia

A distressed jean is a type of denim garment that has been intentionally damaged or worn to create a more aged or vintage look. This can be done through various methods such as sandblasting, bleaching, or even simply by putting holes in the fabric. Distressed jeans are often seen as more casual and relaxed than other denim styles, making them a popular choice for everyday wear.

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What Causes Ripped Jeans

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What is ripped jeans? Why is it worn? The jeans in this collection have distinct ripped spaces at the knees, making them look frayed, worn, and distressed. The use of a blade or a pair of scissors to make these rips can result from overuse, or they can be created at home in a DIY fashion.

Tirath Singh Rawat, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, sparked a social media storm when he speculated about ripped jeans. Some women took to Twitter to voice their outrage at his remarks, which offended women of all ages. Distressed jeans, which were popular in the late 1970s, are the foundation of ripped jeans. rips are associated with rebellion and rebellion causes, in addition to people. Wearing it suggests that you are rebel while also being grounded. Some of the designers who have created ripped clothing include Diesel, Citizens of Humanity, and Balmain. This item has also been stocked by high street retailers such as Zara, Levis, Marks and Spencer, and others.

Ripped Jeans & Distressed Jeans

Give your everyday denim collection an edge with our range of ripped jeans for women. From the staple ripped skinny jeans to the retro mom fit and low-rise styles, stay one step ahead of the trends with our collection with distressed jeans for women. Give your off-duty look that extra edge with a pair of black wash jeans with holes, style them with an oversized tee and snake skin boots to finish the look. Or dress up your jeans with rips in the back with a slinky bodysuit and diamante accessories for drinks with the dolls. With new styles added daily, this edit of cute ripped jeans is sure to keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest knee ripped jeans. For a retro 90s look, style baggy destroyed jeans with a graphic tee and a nice pair of sneakers. Whatever your style, were sure to have a pair of ripped jeans for you.

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Why Do I Always Rip My Pants

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There could be a few reasons why you might always rip your pants. It could be that youre always getting caught on things and tearing your pants that way. Or, it could be that your pants are always too tight and youre constantly splitting them open. Whatever the reason, its a bit of a nuisance. Hopefully you can find a way to stop it from happening so often!

When your thighs rub together in rubbing tension, it causes your pants to become loose. Because of the daily activities that occur on a daily basis, the crotch area is subjected to the most abrasive action. Tight and slim-fitting trousers, as well as wearing them while walking, can cause your pants to rip at the crotch area. When cycling, your legs produce an up and down motion so quickly that even a small amount of friction is produced in your crotch when you peddle. Here are a few precautions you can take to prevent your crotch from becoming infected. In your closet, you can covertly conceal a powerful item: the right pair of mens trousers. By simply going for your regular slim-fit pants for the third time, you can quickly and easily wear them again.

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