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Joe’s Jeans For Men

How To Contact Joes Jeans

Joe’s Jeans

To get in touch for more questions or just to say hello because why not:

  • Phone: 1-877-528-5637
  • Text Support to 69957

Our Joes Jeans review found that customer service hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.

Explore your options for stylish jeans with The Prefect Jeans or NYDJJeans, two brands looking to take typical jeans to the next level.

What Is Joes Jeans Return Policy

If you receive your items and arent too pleased, dont give up just yet. And dont wear or wash your items. Just hold on, wait a minute, and breathe. Okay? Okay. You can make returns within30 days as long as its unused and in its original condition.

Return shipping is $7 with the label provided by Joes and returns are processed on the site, so head there to get it going.

Overview Of Joes Jeans

The brand got their start in 2001 by an actual guy whos actually named Joelast name Dahan. He launched the denim empire after 7 years in the sportswear biz.

Determined to make jeans suitable for manybody types and, not only that, but also flatter different figures, Dahans company has set themselves apart from competitors who do nothing but make jeans for the default skinny type.

As a trendy, celebrity-worn brand, they are headquartered in Los Angeles, naturally. Also, the products are made in the US.

There isnt an abundance of information available on the brand, but onto more exciting things: pros and cons.

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Comparison: Joes Jeans Vs Paige Jeans

Our Joes Jeans review would not be complete without a side-by-side look at a competitor. PAIGE is a denim brand that is size-inclusive and gender-inclusive like Joes. So, whats the diff?

What are the similarities between the two? On a basic level, youll find these 3 things in common between Joes and PAIGE:

But PAIGE does these 3 things differently:

  • Sells a greater collection of non-denim clothing
  • No kids clothes
  • Generally, less stretch and comfort, more about style and fit
  • Both brands have high-end prices, so it doesnt come down to a budget thing. It just comes down to who you are, what kind of comfort and stretch youre itching for, what styles appeal to you, and if youre interested in buying more than denim during your order.

    What Is Joes Jeans Shipping Policy


    Our Joes Jeans review found that for shipping within the US, youve got:

    • UPS Ground $10
    • UPS Ground for orders over $150FREE
    • UPS 2nd Day $20
    • UPS Next Day $30

    Once your order ships, you can expect to receive tracking info in the confirmation email.

    For international shipping, you can order to Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and Mexico. Fees range from $23 in Canada to $51 in UK and Australia.

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    Joes Jeans Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    Its time now to turn our eyes and ears over to customer opinions. Specifically, on the brand site, Amazon, and Reddit, we found some informative testimonials that will help you make your buying decision a little easier.

    Firstly, the brand site. Here are the star ratings for some of the bestsellers shared in our Joes Jeans review:

    • The Provocateur 4.5/5 stars out of 56 ratings
    • The Honey 4.5/5 stars out of 66 rating
    • The Ozzie Short 4.7/5 stars out of 3 ratings
    • The Brixton 4.4/5 stars out of 13 ratings
    • The Classic 4.3/5 stars out of 15 ratings

    Its all looking great so far. Take this Joes Jeans review on The Classic, for example, whoraves about the quality:

    Bought these for my husband and they fit perfectly! He can wear them anywhere, everyday or dress up with a nice shirt to go out. He needed new pants and these fit the bill. So happy that I splurged and bought two pairs of Joes for him. Will definitely be purchasing again!

    Customers love the denim, calling it very flattering as it sits tight in all the right places even while it is miraculously stretchy at the same time.

    Folks say that the jeans are the softest, most comfortable material, and durable, tooit holds up to so much wear and tear. We love to see it.

    One Joes Jeans review on the site shared some pros and cons of the jeans, with pros ultimately coming out victorious:

    Heed this fine advice:

    Okay, one last Joes Jeans review well share:

    Is Joes Jeans Worth It

    The verdict: worth it! Joes Jeans have stellar reviews. Customers are obsessed with the quality and keep coming back for more despite the pricey price.

    The jeans are also greatly inclusiveof different body types, genders, and ages, opening the audience way up. Everyones invited to Joes party and its gonna be lit and expensivein a good way.

    One downside to the products is the emphasis on stretching if you dont like stretching. But chances are, if youve gotten this far into our Joes Jeans review, you do like a bit of stretch, because you know by now that thats what theyre known for, really.

    Comfortable jeans are awesome jeans for the everyday and for dressing up when the style allows, too. With versatile styles and sizes, Joes Jeans is a brand we can recommend with several thumbs up.

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