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Levi Jeans Size Chart Conversion

Regular Straight Leg Fit

Levi’s 501 (Review, Sizing, Thoughts)

Similar in style to the classic 501 fit, the 505 is a regular fit Jean with a Straight Leg. Differing only with a zip fly rather than the 501s button fly, You get all the style that comes from a classic seat with the durability and comfort you expect from Levis. The straight-cut waistband hits at the waist and will sit evenly across the front and back. Available from both the Levis Vintage collection this season, the 505 Fit is available in a range of colours and washes. Try wearing the 1967 Pre- Shrunk dark Indigo 505 model with a pair of Bass Weejuns Loafers this season.

Levis Jeans Size Chart Conversion

If you are looking for Levis size chart conversion, then you are at the right place. Here you will get all the information about Levis jeans size. A size chart is a guide to help you find your perfect fit.

Levis has a very detailed chart which shows you all the sizes from small to 3X-Large. This chart is also available on their website. As you can see, it is a huge table with a description of each size along with its corresponding waist, inseam, and height.

Here is the size conversion chart for Men, Women, Kids Baby, Kids Little Girls, Kids Girls, Kids Little Boys, and Kids Boys.

How Do Womens Jean Sizes Work

  • The US, in general, uses the Size 0 standard, which corresponds to a waist and hips range for jeans sizes. There is a ½ inch difference between both the waist and hip for every size up. A size 4 womens jean, for example, could fit women with a waist size of 26 26 ½ inches and 34 ½ 35 inches hip measurement.
  • The other sizing system is the Waist/Inseam measurement, which exactly shows the waist size and the measurement of the inside leg of the jeans. If a pair of jeans, for example, says 36×34, then it means the jeans have a waist size of 36 inches and an inseam of 34 inches.
  • Another commonly used sizing standard is the Standard sizing or SML sizing which has sizes equivalent for labels small, medium, large, etc.

The inseam size is also usually indicated. The W/L size is often used for pants, dress pants and jeans, while the Standard SML is generally for loose-fitting bottom wear like jogger and lounge pants as well as workwear.

Most American pants sizes are based on the measurement of the waist and hips measured in inches. The UK and EU sizing also considers these measurements for womens jeans, although using different labels to convey sizes. This, however, can still vary from brand to brand and style to style.

Check this for more information about European Sizes: Conversions.

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Tips For Creating Jeans Size Charts

  • Make sure you specify not only the waist and length of the jeans, but also their cut and fit.
  • If you sell on different markets, make sure you use a conversion unit size chart.
  • Provide your shoppers with a main size chart for the waist measurements of the jeans, and a secondary chart for the length of the item.

What The Levis Numbers Mean

The Jean Size Chart : Need To Know : Fashion Feel Info

All Levis jeans follow a similar naming sequence, beginning with the 501. But, the reason for the 501 designation is, as we said, a bit of a mystery. Around 1890 is when we started calling our copper-riveted waist overalls the 501, says Jonathan Cheung, the Senior Vice President of Design Innovation at Levis. The mystery surrounding the number is largely due to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that destroyed many of the companys files. The 501 was a product identification number, but we dont know the reason why it was a three-digit number beginning with five, said Cheung. So now, as an homage to the companys legacy, all Levis fits are denoted by a number: 501, 505 and 511, among others. Each number denotes a cut designed for a specific style and body type.

Throughout the 20th century, Levis also made jeans outside of the 500 series. The 200s in the 1920s and 600s in the 1960s were both designed to be more affordable. But for ease of use, this guide will only describe the fits that are made by Levis today. Levis Vintage Clothing and Levis Made and Crafted are not included in this guide.

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Womens Jeans Cuts And Their Impact On Sizing

Aside from the waist, hips, and length measurement, sometimes, the style and cut of jeans especially the wide selection of styles for women, affect the sizing of womens jeans.

High waist and low waist jeans, for example, considers different measurements for the waist. In general, womens jeans can be categorized into the high-waist rise, medium-rise or low-rise, depending on how high in the waist the jeans are worn. A high rise will have a narrower waist measurement, compared to the low waist, which is measured around the pelvic bone area.

The style of the jeans could also affect sizing, say when your pants is slim fit, regular fit, comfort fit or if its loose style or jeggings, which tends to fit more snugly and tighter. These, however, involves the thigh and length measurements.

Womens jeans could also have different lengths long, cropped, ¾, hot pants or capris. How wide they are and the leg shape of the jeans could also affect the sizing. Although, generally, the waist measurement for these types of pants is standard, just differing in the inseam measurement.

High waist: this style of pants is characterized by the very high waistband. With this style, the waist measurement tends to be narrower as it is measured on the upper part of the waist, nearer the rib cage.

Hipster: in this style, where the waistband is placed rather low, the waist size could be a little wider since the pants sit on the pelvic bone area, rather than the actual waist.

Men Jeans Cut And Fit

Normally we are led to think that men own two garments for each season and that the only difference that distinguishes them is the color. That is of course not the case, and also mens jeans have different cut and fit, even though the choice is usually less wide as in women jeans.

Here is an overview of the most common ones.

Boot cut: these are the flared models, actually a bit overseen by fashion in recent years.

Regular: the jeans fit par excellence, the one that immediately comes to mind when you think of jeans: classic model, neither too loose nor too tight, does not adhere to the leg and has a straight and regular cut. Among the best fits for mens jeans, a regular cut is very versatile and can be used both for a casual look pants + polo, or in more elegant outfits in combination with jacket and shirt.

Baggy: the most comfortable ones! They are characterized by soft cuts, a relaxed fit, wide waist and lower crotch than traditional fits.

Relaxed: just slightly more large on the hips and wider on the legs than the regular fit, but enough to make them more comfortable to wear.

Drop crotch: tight on the lower part of the legs, but very, very comfortable in the hip and crotch area.

Slim fit: It is a fit that sits tight on the leg, and that falls straight on the shoe, without covering it.

Skinny: mostly manufactured with a stretch fabric that wraps around the leg to the ankle.

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How Does Levis Fit

Generally speaking, Levis clothing will all fit pretty true to size. Its worth noting that if you prefer baggier and slightly oversized looks you may need to size up when purchasing any Levis pieces as a lot of the pieces are more form fitting.

As usual, the denim is a slightly different case. Levis make things simple by implementing a numbers system to describe how the jeans fit. The most popular styles are the 501® Original, 502®, 504 Regular Straight, 510 Skinny, 511 Skinny, 514 Straight and 519 Extreme Skinny.

  • Its worth familiarising yourself with the different styles of denim available from Levis. The right pair will complement both your body type and your aesthetic.
  • Levis as a brand are very useful when it comes to providing measurements. Because of this, its always best to know your own sizing so you can use it to match one of the various size charts available from retailers online.
  • To take your own jean measurements correctly, measure from your crotch to your ankle and then around the waist also.

When Did Levis Start

Levi’s® Mens 569® Loose Straight Fit SKU: 7555272

Levi Strauss was born in Bavaria in 1829, going on to be the founder of Levi Strauss & Co in 1853. After moving to San Francisco, Levis were the first company to manufacture blue denim, receiving a U.S Patent in 1873. Growing ever since, Levis are still considered the be the original and the best denim brand around.

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Women Jeans Cut And Fit

As previously mentioned, jeans sizes are usually defined just using waist and length measurements. So its important to provide your shoppers with clear indications on the jeans cut and fit. Here is an overview of the most common womens jeans cuts and fits.

Straight: straight leg jeans, where the width of the leg remains the same from the crotch to the ankle. Think of a regular fit but with a slightly wider leg. The difference between the two models can be seen especially in mens clothing, in womens fashion are often used as synonyms.

Slim fit: slim fit jeans have a tight fit, follow the shape of the leg up to the calf, but remain slightly straighter in the last part of the leg without adhering perfectly to it. They are the perfect middle ground between skinny and straight jeans.

Skinny: definitely the tightest of all models on the market. They follow the body shape perfectly and wrap around legs and buttocks as if they were a second skin. Some brands also offer the Super Skinny version, more like jeggings than jeans.

Boyfriend fit: this fit is wide on the hips and wide on the leg, with a high waist and a low crotch. They are almost always worn by turning up the bottom hem.

Loose fit: also known as baggy fit, they became popular in 2019. Wide from the waist till the ankles, they then tighten slightly. They always have a low crotch and rather high waist.

Wide: this fit is wide from the buttocks to the bottom hem. These pants always reach the ground.

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Womens Jeans Size Chart

Womens jeans sizes vary from brand to brand, depending on the sizing standard used by different manufacturers particularly on the waist and hips area. The inseam tends to be a standard 28, 30, 32, and 34, depending on the manufacturer but all indicated in inches. A tag 26/32, for example, means that the jeans have 26 waist measurement and 32 inseam/length.

Jean Size Women

In general, to convert US womens jeans size to UK size, simply add 4 to your American size. To convert US jeans size to EU sizes, add 30. To find your Japanese jeans size, simply add 3 to your existing US womens jeans size.

Use the conversion chart below to make it easier to find the perfect fitting jeans size for you, whether in the US, UK, EU or Japan sizes.

The Complete Buying Guide To Levis Jeans: All Fits Explained


School yourself on the history, study the terminology, shop the jeans.

Welcome to Brand Breakdown, a series of comprehensive yet easy-to-digest guides to your favorite companies, with insights and information you wont find on the average About page.

In the beginning, there was one: the 501. In 1873, Levi Strauss and Co. received a patent for blue jeans reinforced with rivets and began producing stronger pants for working men. Over the past century, the brands jeans became a favorite of miners, laborers, rock stars and city-dwellers a quintessential American garment that transcended all social classes. And since the advent of the 501, Levis has created dozens of fits for its ever-growing clientele.

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What Is Special About Washes And Finishes

Denim washing and finishing techniques have recently been on trend to create a wider variety of look and print for denim wear and jeans.

Different denim washes include acid wash, rinse wash, mid wash, light wash, bleach wash, black/grey, white denim wash, colored denim, all-over tinting, and coated denim. Meanwhile, finishing techniques in jeans include vintage finishing, distressed, shibori or tye-dying, and whiskering.

Raw denim is unwashed and comes without any finishes. It is often referred to as dry denim and can be identified by its dark blue color and stiff handle.

All these techniques upgrade the look and feel of the denim, while the finishes, which includes any physical or chemical treatment, also tends to improve the performance of a fabric.

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How To Find The Right Size In Levis Jeans

To find your perfect Levis fit you should measure yourself. Making sure theyll fit right from waist to ankle, you want to measure your waist, hips and the length of your leg from crotch to ankle in inches. Once you have these measurements, youll be able to work out your perfect size, trusting your new jeans will fit like a glove.

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How To Correctly Measure Bust Waist And Hips:

Thigh girth measured at the most protruding points of buttocks taking into account the protrusion of the abdomen.

Waist to correctly measure your waist, you should get her measuring tape, pulling it slightly.

Chest to correctly measure bust size, you need to take a tape measure and attach it horizontally on the most acting points of a breast.

If you are unsure what size You will fit, just take measurements , and then specify them in the order notes, we will help You in choosing the right size. For more accurate data when taking measurements, do not use the old stretched-out measuring tape, the tape should fit snugly to the body without sagging, but also to get her not to be. Dont do measurements when you have a lot of clothes, this can result in obtaining distorted data.

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Williamsburg Vs Levis Fit Guide

Levi’s® Mens 560 Comfort Fit SKU: 7555270

The Levis 511 measurements are slightly smaller than the Williamsburg jeans. The biggest difference lies in the seat and thigh specs. In the Williamsburg jeans, the seat is 1 1/4 bigger and the thigh is 2 1/4 bigger. Straight leg jeans are generally larger than slim fits. With that in mind, we think the size charts show that you should wear the same size in both styles.

Measurements are taken from actual production samples. Our recorded specs may differ slightly from jean to jean, so we average and take into consideration the targeted measurements.

When comparing sizing, please note, we use total circumference measurements in our fit charts. Others may use 1/2-circumference.

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