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Levi’s Slim Fit Jeans For Men

Slim Fit Jeans For Men

Levi’s 511 Men’s Slim Fit Stretch Jeans (Quick Review)

Since its start in 1853, Levi’s® has been known to inspire the marketplace, the workplace, and the world. The pioneers of your go-to blue jeans, Levi’s® has helped dress people from all walks of life with their ever-changing unique collections. Going international in just a matter of years, the brand has been a global standout in the clothing industry by virtue of its unmatchable quality and durability. The synonyms of everything jeans, Levi’s® as a label has a versatile and iconic line-up that includes fresh denim styles to wardrobe staples ranging frombootcut jeans, slim-fit jeans, straight-leg jeans, and tapered jeans. Whats better is the brands motive to keep sustainability at the core of its practices minimizing the impact on the planet while keeping you on-trend. For todays and tomorrows consumers, Levi’s® is not just a brand, its a lifestyle.

Being the founding fathers of blue denim, The Levi’s® slim fit collection is ideal to keep you at the top of your denim game. Being the perfect hybrid between a regular and skinny fit, the slim fit helps elevate your off-duty styles with minimum effort. Be it a casual day look or an edgy night out ensemble, the slim-fit jeans are a no-brainer. Made from a comfortable fabric with stretch in a variety of styles, the Levi’s® slim-fit jeans collection has something for everybody. Looking to step out of your comfort zone or want to keep things simple, explore the range of slim-fit jeans in a lineup of colors.

How Often Should I Wash My Jeans

To preserve the life of your jeans, wash them less often. According to Hazel Morley, VP of design at Bonobos, you should hold off on cleaning them until they get visibly dirty or begin to smell. She said that she washes hers as little as possible. You can go as long as 2 months, like writer Justin Krajeski explains in our guide to cleaning jeans.

With raw denim, it depends on how you want your jeans to look. Steve Cruz, the store manager at Naked & Famous Denim, said to get an even color fade and a more neutral look, wash them more. If you prefer more unique fading and wear lines throughout, wash your jeans as infrequently as possible.

Are Vintage Jeans Better

Some people want the worn-in feel and faded look of vintage or pre-owned denim. Many modern brands try to replicate this look, but the unique fade crafted over time in a vintage pair is special. Shopping vintage is also a more sustainable option, and the hunt for the perfect pair is often fun for style lovers. You can find vintage denim at your local thrift store, online through secondhand marketplaces, or upcycled and reworked from select brands .

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Our Favorite Pairs Of Raw Jeans

To test raw selvedge denim, I brought in six pairs to wear over the course of two months. Because it takes a while for raw denim to form to your body, I wore them religiouslyand tested them aloneswapping them on and off on a regular basis and jotting down notes about the style, feel, and look. These recommendations are my personal favorites. But all of the raw denim jeans I looked at were exciting for various reasons.

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Find Your Perfect Fit For Jeans


Our assortment of men’s jeans provides a perfect start to any outfit from suave washed denim to a distressed look, and flattering slim fit to a more relaxed style, we’ve got jeans to fit every vibe. If comfort is your priority, pick a pair of straight fit jeans they are loose and free to move without feeling restricted. Straight leg jeans can have a baggier fit than the classic cut and will never feel too tight. You can also take your style quotient up a notch with slim-fit jeans. Create a smart casual look when you don a pair of slim-fit jeans with a striped T-shirt and slip-on shoes. Accessorize with a leather-strap watch and glasses for an extra touch of style. Relaxed fit jeans work well with any body type and give you myriad styling options. Pick a pair of in your wash of choice and don it will a round neck T-shirt, and loafers to chill out with your friends. Whatever you’re looking for, JCPenney has just the right pair of Levi’s for you.

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What About Raw And Selvedge Denim

I spoke with Kiya Babzani, the co-founder of Self Edge, and Steve Cruz, the store manager at Naked & Famous Denim, to learn the differences between the denim we see in most stores versus raw selvedge denim. Heres the lowdown, per Babzani: Selvedge denim was originally called self edging fabric because the process created its own finished edge that didnt require more work to prevent fraying. Around the turn of the 15th century, workers shortened the term self edging fabric to selvedge as an abbreviation.

The terms raw and selvedge are often used interchangeably for denim, but a pair of jeans can be neither, either, or both. Selvedge refers to the finished edge of the fabric, and raw denim is the material that is unwashed and untreated, making it stiffer and more prone to bleeding indigo onto anything it touches. But it also conforms to your body over time for a unique fit and look. Uniqlo, for example, makes jeans that are selvedge stitched without being raw denim, and Levis 501 Shrink to Fit jeans are raw without being selvedge stitched.

And thats the beauty of denim, he said. If you buy a pre-distressed pair of jeans, by contrast, they may have lines all over them. But they probably wont match the natural lines that are produced by your bodys movements. They also wont be as comfortable .

How We Picked And Tested

We started this guide by researching hundreds of pairs of jeans, culling the list to around 50 pairs of interest from popular retailers, other reviews, and roundups. For this piece, we focused on slim jeans marketed for men, though they can be worn by people of any gender. These jeans are shaped differently than jeans that are marketed as being for women. The jeans in this guide have straight cuts extending across the leg, a narrower waist, and a wider hip. By contrast, jeans made for women generally have a narrower hip and more size variety in the waist . We think slim jeans should fit comfortablyneither too loosely nor too tightly . They should fit straight through the hip, with a narrow opening around the leg. We used the following criteria to narrow down our list even further:

Construction: We spent time wearing each pair of jeans for a few weeks, as well as poking and prodding them to pinpoint issues like uneven stitching or flyaway threads.

Shrinkage: We measured the dimensions of each pair of jeans, and then we washed and dried them, noting any shrinking that occurred. None of the pairs we recommended shrank notably, but it was an issue with some that we dismissed.

Comfort: We considered how the fabric feltwhether it was coarse and rigid, or soft and smoothand how it might feel to wear all day.

Fabric: We noted the combination of fabric used, though most of the jeans we tested were 98% or more cotton, with the remainder being elastane.

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Levi’s Australia Men’s Slim Jeans

Men’s Slim Fit

Slim fit jeans for men are a big deal at Levis® Australia. There are dozens of comfortable slim styles available, including mens slim bootcut jeans, mens ripped slim fit jeans, and stretch denim straight leg jeans, so you can tailor and personalise the best mens slim fit jeans on the market.Mens slim cut jeans are slim through the thigh and tapered in iconic Levis® mens jeans styling. At Levis®, we believe in style choices, making our mens slim cut jeans the go-to collection for straight leg jeans, ripped jeans, dark wash jeans, and mens black slim fit jeans. As any guy knows, mens jeans are an important decision, and a quality pair of jeans will look good for many years, so check out Levis mens slim cut jeans and purchase with confidence.Levis® jeans for men conform to your body shape. The addition of special stretch-denim creates comfortable, adaptable jeans without compromising on strength. A huge range of finishing techniques are used to create the superior Levis® mens slim cut jeans range, with top sellers and new arrivals available online or in-store today.

Shop Classic Levi’s Jeans For Men At Jcpenney

Ultimate Buying Guide To Levis Jeans (501, 502, 511, 541, 510)

Today, jeans are considered functional fashion that’s fit for any occasion, and they’re the ultimate closet staple. Levi’s® jeans for men are classic, and JCPenney has a great selection of them to add to your wardrobe. Owning a pair of Levi’s is like making a friend for life whom you can trust every day. Levi’s® 501 is the original and classic look for men’s jeans. Browse the collection for classic fit 501s, as well as modern looks including straight, slim and relaxed fit styles that are available in big & tall sizes. You can even choose a dark or light wash according to your taste. JCPenney has a pair of classic Levi’s® 501 jeans for virtually every man, and you’re sure to find a pair you love.

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Why You Should Trust Us

As a style writer, I compare, test, and write about everything you can carry or wear on your person, from T-shirts to jeans. In preparation for this guide, I read reviews of mens jeans from a host of trusted sources to ascertain what makes a great pair. To learn more I also interviewed a handful of jeans experts, including Steve Cruz, store manager at New York Citys Naked & Famous Denim Kiya Babzani, co-founder of Self Edge, who absolutely schooled me on selvedge denim and celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston.

What About Plus

When it comes to finding a great pair of jeans for people who wear sizes larger than 40, theres a dearth of options. And those that were available were often cheap. We brought in three plus-size pairs of jeans for testing with Bruce Sturgell, the founding editor of Chubstrand we found two pairs of great jeans available in a wide variety of sizes. But its important to acknowledge that we found the number of decent plus-size jeans options to be overshadowed by the significant amount of smaller-waist jeans.

Availability is an issue, but fit is also more difficult when it comes to jeans. Its not like wearing a T-shirt, Sturgell explained. Denim is even more complicated. With jeans, you not only have to consider the waist size but also how a pair fits around your thighs and calves, how much range of motion they allow, and how high the rise is .

The cruel reality of it is youre not going to find a one-stop shop if youre a bigger guy whos interested in style, said Sturgell, who wears a size 44 waist. As a bigger guy, Im short and wide. I have a pretty traditional body type as far as my shape goes. Even with his more-traditional body type, Sturgell has to look high and low when it comes time to buy a new pair of jeans.

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