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Men’s Stretch Jeans With Spandex

Best Mens Blue Stretch Jeans: Nudie Jeans Lean Dean Jeans

Patagonia Men’s Stonycroft Jeans

If youre searching for some classic jeans with a little stretch, look no further than this pair from Nudie Jeans. One of the labels most-popular cuts, the Lean Dean boasts a slim, tapered shape, and theyre made from 12.5oz organic stretch denim.

Like the worn-in effect? Theyre lightly faded and whiskered, so they look like theyve already seen a bit of action. Whether youre hanging with friends or seeing a movie, we think theyll pair perfectly with a wide range of casual attire relaxed-fit hoodies to long-sleeved tees and sneakers.

Material: Organic cotton 99%,Elastane 1% | Sizes available: 28-36 | Colors: Mid Denim | Inseam: 32-34 | Care: Machine wash

Best Overall Mens Stretch Jeans: Ralph Lauren Sullivan Jeans

The perfect pair of mens stretch jeans dont exist, but these come pretty close. The Sullivan by Polo Ralph Lauren has pretty much everything a man could want from his denim. Providing endless styling options, theyre slim without being restrictive, while the classic shade of blue strikes the sweet spot between smart and casual. They also come in a wide range of sizes, so they can be worn by all men regardless of body shape.

Material: Cotton 99%, Elastane 1% | Sizes available: 28-42 | Colors: Indigo | Inseam: 30-34 | Care: Machine wash

Other Mens Apparel Essentials

With the perfect pair of mens jeans selected, its time to finish that ensemble! If youre in need of a pair of pants that are a bit more elevated – say, for a work meeting – a crisp new pair of mens casual pants is just the thing. Casual pants are a step up from jeans, but still maintain comfort and style.

And dont forget about a top to pair with your jeans. For a smart-casual look, jeans paired with anything from a mens polo to a button-down shirt will work just fine. When its time to kick back and relax, add a mens tee or hoodie to the equation and enjoy the R & R.

Don’t forget to search the collection of mens accessories for all other items you need to round out your look – from belts to sunglasses, we have them all!

Men’s stretch jeans from Kohl’s are ideal for providing a timeless look and maximum comfort you’re sure to love! Find all your apparel must-haves at Kohl’s, and create an outfit that is uniquely yours!

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What Are Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans are a type of jeans that not surprisingly are constructed from stretch denim fabric. Stretch denim is a relatively new type of denim cotton that incorporates a small amount of elastane, a stretchy, synthetic fiber also known as Spandex or Lycra into the fabric. Stretch jeans typically include about one to three percent elastane .

Jeans made of stretch denim material may look like regular jeans, but will provide more flexibility and “give” with the wearer’s body movements. Stretch jeans are also generally more form-fitting than jeans made without any stretch in the fabric.

What To Look For In Stretchy Jeans

Aliexpress.com : Buy New Men Spandex Stretch Elastic Jeans Leg Side ...

Like we said, not all stretch jeans are created equal, so its best to find the pair that fits your personal needs and lifestyle. Some need plenty of stretch some only need a bit. Some jeans go heavy on the stretch-minded design we mentioned earlier, amping up the use of elastane and other stretch fibers. Different styles take traditionally stiff cotton selvedge denim and turn it into a stretch denim blend.

The key is to search for jeans with the right amount of stretch, but not too much. Think sturdy and substantial, but still able to be dressed up. Its also best to reach for slim-fit, or straight-leg jeans rather than skinny no matter your body type, slim or slim-straight jeans will look best on most everybody and avoid the jeggings look we mentioned earlier that has fallen out of fashion.

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Mott And Bow Slim Crosby Jeans


Although stretch jeans arent going to show the same aging as a pair of sturdy selvedge, theres still a case to be made for getting as much wear out of your stretch jeans in a given week as possible . Mott and Bow make classic mens denim that blends both soft cotton and an expert washing process with just enough stretch to keep you moving from day to night in style. Theyve billed these as medium-weight jeans, which makes them perfect for wearing in most types of weather, provided the rest of your gear is seasonally appropriate. Thanks to a dark wash and without too many fussy details, these are perfect for the office or a weekend date night. Note the slim fit and the agreeable price for designer-quality jeans, too.

Best Mens Gray Stretch Jeans: Rag & Bone London Fog Jeans

Led by Marcus Wainwright, Rag & Bone is widely known for creating super cool clothing including some of the best mens pants and a rather impressive collection of denim. These refreshing light gray flex jeans come in the labels popular Fit 2. Theyre mid-rise and tailored through the hip and thigh with a narrow leg opening.

A versatile addition to your everyday rotation, they can be easily paired with casual or semi-formal tops and footwear. Case in point: theyll look right at home with a crisp white tee and box-fresh sneakers but can be just as effective with a leather jacket and boots.

Material: Cotton 90.5%, Polyester 8%, Spandex 1.5% | Sizes available: 28-38 | Colors: Light Gray | Inseam: 32 | Care: Machine wash

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Best Stretch Jeans For Men: Dress Smarter To Play Harder 2022

Fed up with having to break in your new denim? Well, youve come to the right place. Jeans are a key component in any guys wardrobe, but just like a pair of leather shoes, they can take a while to hit peak performance. To help, weve pulled together the best stretch jeans for men to suit every taste and occasion.

Stretch jeans are your fast-track ticket to free-moving comfort, whether youre hiking, commuting to the office, or simply want to be more comfortable day-to-day. An equally stylish than its raw denim counterpart, the stretch jean gives you the freedom of movement that usually only hard-worn denim provides.

But where can you find the best stretch jeans for men? We searched high and low and handpicked the very best on the market. Good news is, theres plenty of stretch to go around no matter what your taste or budget is. So keep reading, and you may just find your new favorite pair.

If you havent heard of Edwin , theyre the go-to denim brand. Style editors, celebrities, and that stylish guy in the office turn to them time and time again. Try on this tapered black pair, and youll see exactly why theyre repeatedly raved about.

Part of the labels Made in Japan collection, theyre a versatile choice for work, weekend lunches, and walks in the park. Wear them with everything from classic white tees to check shirts and crew neck sweaters.

Material: Cotton 98%,Polyurethane 2% | Sizes available: 28-38 | Colors: Black | Inseam: 30-32 | Care: Machine wash

Banana Republic World Traveler Jeans

Patagonia Men’s Straight Fit All-Wear Jeans


Without a doubt, you could feasibly wear every pair of stylish stretch jeans on this list from day to night . But what about when you want to go even further? As in, from a day at the office to a cross-country flight without missing a beat ? Enter the aptly named World Traveler Jeans from Banana Republic, assuredly made for the modern man on the go. Lycra gives these jeans their crucial stretch, while sustainable materials like recycled polyester add eco-conscious appeal and lightweight comfort. Select your chosen fit, including a Tapered fit thats pleasing on most body types, and pick up an inky blue or washed black pair for maximum versatility.

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How Much Stretch Should A Pair Of Jeans Have

How much stretch you should look for in a pair of stretch denim jeans is a matter of personal choice. Any amount of elastane in the jeans fabric will provide some degree of stretch factor, and give the jeans a more body-hugging silhouette than regular jeans. .

Typically, stretch jeans from the leading denim brands will have from one to three percent elastane . That said, though, some denim brands such as Not Your Daughter’s Jeans , now offer 4% Spandex in specific, body contouring styles of jeans.

When combined with a premium quality, medium weight denim fabric, here’s what you can expect from the different stretch denim jeans available:

How Should I Clean And Care For Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans should be laundered with care, as with your regular jeans. To keep your stretch denim jeans in good shape:

  • Check the garment care label and follow the directions carefully.
  • Don’t machine wash any jeans that are labelled “dry clean only”.
  • Do not wash stretch denim jeans in hot water use your machine’s cold water setting.
  • If possible, hand wash your stretch jeans in gentle detergent such as Ivory Snow, instead of machine washing.
  • Never use chlorine bleach on any denim fabric containing spandex.
  • Keep your stretch jeans out of the dryer, which can destroy the fabric. Hang jeans to drip dry.

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What’s The Difference Between Spandex And Lycra

Quick answer they are essentially the same. Lycra® and Spandex® are simply different brand names for similar forms of elastane, a synthetic, stretchy material that’s notable for its exceptional elasticity, strength and durability. Spandex is a trademarked name by the American chemical company DuPont, which invented the material in 1959. The Lycra brand name is trademarked by the company Invista, formerly a subsidiary of DuPont and now part of Koch Industries. So whether you’re buying spandex jeans, or lycra, what you’re getting is a pair of jeans with some amount of elastic stretch material in their denim fabric.

The Sneaky Way Clothing Brands Hooked Men On Stretch Jeans

Mens Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans Super Spandex Denim

Jeggings, rebranded

Clothing brands have been smuggling spandex onto the legs of unsuspecting men.

I definitely didnt explicitly understand what I was buying, Austin Ray, a 36-year-old writer in Atlanta, told me. What he was buying were Gap Soft Wear Jeans in Straight Fit with GapFlex, which is a nine-word phrase to describe a two-word trend: stretch jeans. Apparently I didnt think too hard about what those words meant, he said.

My friend David Covucci, a 34-year-old Brooklyn editor, also didnt understand exactly what he was getting into when he picked a pair of Banana Republic Rapid Movement Denim jeans off a clearance rack, but the pants immediately felt different to him. I knew something was up, but I didnt Google until I got home, he said.

If you wear womens clothing, it might come as a surprise that a little bit of stretch is a relatively new concept for most men. Stretchy jeans have been common in womens fashion for at least 20 years, but theyve only found traction in the mens mass market in the past five. Now nearly every major menswear brand offers at least one stretch option, and many go beyond the products tight-fit reputation with looser cuts.

So, the thinking went, what if the jeans were no longer stretchwhat if they were centered around the practical advantages of having a full range of motion?

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Best Mens Distressed Stretch Jeans: Amiri Bandana Thrasher Jeans

From Pharrell Williams to Travis Scott and Justin Bieber, every man and his dog is wearing distressed denim. If youre not restricted by budget, get in on the action with this forward-thinking pair from AMIRI.

Crafted from premium denim with a hint of stretch, theyre an excellent example of the labels knack for fusing retro rock n roll with ready-to-wear streetwear. To complete the eye-catching look, find yourself an oversized T-shirt and some statement sneakers. To really release your inner rockstar, dont be afraid to add a leather jacket to the mix.

Material: Cotton 92%, Elastomultiester 6%, Elastane 2% | Sizes available: 28-40 | Colors: Black | Inseam: 34-35 | Care: Machine wash

When Were Stretch Jeans Invented

While spandex was invented in 1959, stretch denim fabric didn’t appear until about 20 years later and the vast majority of jeans manufacturers only began offering stretch jeans in the 1980s and later. So who came up with the very first pair of stretch jeans in the 1970s?

In 1978, the first stretch jeans were created and launched by fashion designer Peter Golding. Golding marketed the revolutionary new denim style in ACE, his uber-trendy clothing shop in London’s trendy King’s Road district in Chelsea, which was frequented by the era’s most influential trend-setters, including the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Twiggy, and David Bowie.

Golding wanted to create a super-tight, sexy new jean style for his customers. He found the solution in a Japanese stretch denim fabric, which he used to create jeans in a range of colors, from dark wash indigo to black denim and even colored jeans, in a range of fits including the Rock Fit, Chelsea Cut, 2-way Cut, and Original Stretch.

The Peter Golding Stretch Jeans brand was an instant success in England and soon Golding was exporting the jeans to the United States, where they were sold by fashionable retailers including Bloomingdale’s and Fred Segal.

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Best Mens Designer Stretch Jeans: Purple Brand Mono Leopard Jeans

For designer denim fans, look no further than Purple Brand. Launched in 2017 by Rob Lo Hailing and Luke Cosby, the label believes jeans are the anchor of the modern mans wardrobe . They create a wide range of styles, each finished individually by hand no two pairs are the same.

This skinny-fit pair is up there with the best stretch jeans for men. Theyre decorated with a subtle leopard print thats not for the faint-hearted. Wear them with a bomber jacket, hoodie, and your favorite high-tops to bring a touch of character to everyday ensembles.

Material: Cotton 98%, Lycra 2% | Sizes available: 28-40 | Colors: Black | Inseam: 31-34 | Care: Machine wash

Looking to get more bang for your buck? Amazon Essentials serves up basic staples that dont cost an arm and a leg. One of the standout pieces are these skinny-fit mens stretch jeans.

They come in a wide range of colors, from dark indigo to washed black, and will slot effortlessly into your current smart-casual rotation. Whether youre hitting a party or hanging with friends, theyll look just as good with a long-sleeved tee as they will with a printed shirt.

Material: Cotton 98%, Elastane 2% | Sizes available: 28-42 | Colors: Black, Blue, Dark Indigo, Light Blue, + | Inseam: 28-34 | Care: Machine wash

Sourcing Guide For Stretch Jeans:

Multifunctional, All-Season Mens Pants by Patagonia

Buying Guide – Time to seize the 2021 new trends of apparel & garments business opportunities offered by the apparel industry in China. If you are looking to import Stretch Jeans of high quality & factory prices, choose from our verified manufacturerssuppliers or buy directly from China Stretch Jeans . There are also similar products such as denim jeans, trousers, and jeans to compare from before you make your final choice . Whether it’s career, casual or club clothes, variety and style are just a click away. Refresh your sourcing list with the latest trends in the apparel industry, offered by our reliable and verified Chinese manufacturers.Custom and/or OEM services are welcome anyway. Our wide range of apparel products highlights a variety of wardrobe essentials and everything else. Opportunities in competitive pricing can help you become a leading supplier in your own country.

Easy Sourcing

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Best Mens Stretch Skinny Jeans: Frame Lhomme Jeans

Founded in 2012 by Swedish entrepreneurs Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, FRAME is a premium label with a strong focus on creating really awesome jeans. This skinny-fit pair is one of their bestselling styles .

Cut from faded blue denim, they can be dressed up with a semi-formal shirt or teamed with a crew neck tee for more relaxed events. If youre planning to wear them regularly, youll be pleased to know they feature just enough stretch to keep you comfortable throughout the day and well into the evening. Its worth noting that the brand kindly recommends buying one size larger than normal, as this particular pair comes up a little small.

Material: Cotton 94%, Polyester 5%, Elastane 1% | Sizes available: 28-36 | Colors: Blue, Light Denim, Indigo, Black | Inseam: 32 | Care: Machine wash

How Your Jeans Should Fit In 2022

That also raises an age-old question: what fit of jeans is in style right now, and should you trade skinny jeans for boot-cut jeans? For most guys, we recommend going neither too skinny nor too wide in terms of boot cut we recommend landing right in the middle with tailored jeans, not baggy or relaxed-fit jeans. Although Y2K fashion is coming back in style with a vengeance, boot-cut jeans for men havent fully re-entered the mainstream yet. Were of the mind that boot-cut jeans are a trendy move, but one that can stand out if done wrong .

Overall, simple and classic is best. We say steer clear of rock star-skinny jeans these days but tread just as carefully when it comes to boot-cut jeans. Here are a few favorites that check the right boxes and hit the sweet spot as far as the best mens stretch jeans are concerned.

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