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Most Comfortable Men’s Jeans

How Your Jeans Should Fit In 2022

The Most Comfortable Pants I’ve Ever Worn

That also raises an age-old question: what fit of jeans is in style right now, and should you trade skinny jeans for boot-cut jeans? For most guys, we recommend going neither too skinny nor too wide in terms of boot cut we recommend landing right in the middle with tailored jeans, not baggy or relaxed-fit jeans. Although Y2K fashion is coming back in style with a vengeance, boot-cut jeans for men havent fully re-entered the mainstream yet. Were of the mind that boot-cut jeans are a trendy move, but one that can stand out if done wrong .

Overall, simple and classic is best. We say steer clear of rock star-skinny jeans these days but tread just as carefully when it comes to boot-cut jeans. Here are a few favorites that check the right boxes and hit the sweet spot as far as the best mens stretch jeans are concerned.

Lets Talk About All Things Stretch

I will say the Mugsy stretch is about as good if not exactly the same as other comparable jean brands.

For example, I feel like Perfect Jeans have slightly more stretch, but they are also overall not as loose to start out with. So, they need to be stretchier to allow them to appear tighter and STILL have some flex .

The Mugsy Denim really makes it feels like youre wearing sweatpants and not jeans. Thats quite a feat and probably my favorite thing about these pants. You can wear them year round .

Mugsy Jeans are made with supreme comfort in mind, and the stretch is one of the features that makes them so comfortable. The fabric is very flexible, which allows for a relaxed fit that still looks polished.

How Do I Know My Jean Size

The trick is to always try on your typical waist size and then try one size up and down to really get a feel for the best fit, says Joseph Tang, fashion director at Holt Renfrew in Canada. Be sure to sit, walk around and crouch down, as jeans are intended to be flexible and comfortable. Waist sizes tend to vary by brand and material, says Lall, who also finds that American brands run large while European tend to be true to size. Once you find a brand, style and wash that you like, measure your waist and use those jeans as your guide, he says.

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Abercrombie & Fitch 90s Straight Jeans

Abercrombie & Fitch has had one of the better comeback stories in recent sartorial history. Once hated by all, the brand is now a go-to for affordable, professional staples plus some seriously cool, vintage-inspired statement pieces. The brands 90s Straight Jeans are a great example of why the brand is cool again, boasting an on-trend cut to wear over bold sneakers, loafers, or winter boots. Plus, they come in a handful of great colors.

Our Favorite Pairs Of Raw Jeans

Salvage Havoc Slim Straight Stretch Jean

To test raw selvedge denim, I brought in six pairs to wear over the course of two months. Because it takes a while for raw denim to form to your body, I wore them religiouslyand tested them aloneswapping them on and off on a regular basis and jotting down notes about the style, feel, and look. These recommendations are my personal favorites. But all of the raw denim jeans I looked at were exciting for various reasons.

Return policy: one week

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Analysis And Test Results

We’ve chosen to assess each pair based on five key metrics: comfort, durability, range of motion, components, and sizing. Thus, we developed metrics and scoring associated with each of these critical metrics to objectively compare the nine pairs we tested. These metrics and their comparison help give you, the consumer, the information you need to best meet your needs and budget.

How Do Mugsy Jeans Compare To Other Jeans

Theres a really good reason that Mugsy was a close runner up in our best jeans review.

Our Pick: Best Mens Jeans A VERY Close Runner Up Our #1 Value Jean Pick Another great jean brand

If youre looking for THE MOST comfortable pair of jeans that youll love to wear, Mugsy Jeans are the perfect choice. Made of a blend of cotton and other materials, these jeans will feel great against your skin and the first pair of jeans youll reach for every day.

If you want jeans that feel like sweatpants but look like jeans, Mugsy Jeans are the way to go.

Were happy to give Mugsy Jeans the coveted We Tried It Seal of Approval, they are that comfortable. We love the modern take on the classic style of jeans.

I highly recommend Mugsy jeans for anyone looking for a new pair of jeans. Theyre some of the most comfortable and stylish jeans Ive ever owned.

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Work Sneakers For Men

For in-person work that keeps you on your toes, smart sneakers can be your best friend.

New Balance Slip Resistant 626v2

New Balance channels its athletic expertise into footwear made for getting the job done. Extra cushioning, slip resistance and crash-pad technology make this pair a customer favorite.

Adidas Stan Smith Low-Top Sneaker

An affordable mens staple, Adidas Stan Smiths are a shoo-in anywhere you choose to wear them.

Cole Haan GrandPro Rally Court Sneaker

Cole Haan is beloved for its unmatched combination of comfort, durability and style. These sneakers have the look of a startup with the dependability of a legacy brand.

The Mr P. Eco Edition Larry Sneaker

I am a big believer in wearing sneakers to the office, says Olie Arnold, style director of mens fashion and style destination Mr Porter. I always recommend a classic white lace-up, like our Mr P. Larry Sneakers. With their minimalist design and superior construction, they look just as good with a suit as they do with jeans or just about anything.

Cole Haan OriginalGrand Ultra Wingtip

Mugsy Jeans Review: Whats The Big Idea

The Most Comfortable Jeans I’ve Ever Owned

The founder of Mugsy Jeans had a realization, After years of rocking straight-leg jeans, a coworker finally came clean and admitted my baggy jeans looked awful. I knew it was time to up my game, but all the slimmer jeans I tried were too tight and extremely uncomfortable! Ive never been one to compromise, so I set out to fix the problem myself.

So, the Mugsy brand started out with a simple goal:

  • Supreme comfort
  • Clean & stylish fit
  • Room for the boys
  • They spend years working with industry experts and testing thousands of fabrics, they perfected the Mugsy line. Now guys can have total confidence in the way they look and feel.

    Most of their jean styles are around $110 not the most expensive jeans weve found, but also not the cheapest. Read our full guide to the best mens jeans guide to read more mens jean comparisons.

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    Rustler Classic Regular 5 Pocket

    Cut: Stretch Material:REASONS TO BUY

    The Rustler Classic Regular 5 Pocket present a superb value. They feature a classic cut, similar to the Levi’s 505 Regular Fit, and have an excellent level of durability. The fabric is stiff but holds up when abraded or performing dirty chores around the house. During our tests, the hem and knees had some color change but showed no signs of weakening. These break in the more you wear them, becoming more and more comfortable over time.

    While we appreciate the great price, the fit isn’t for everyone. The waist is narrow compared to other models, which may create some discomfort for those with a wider torso, particularly while sitting or squatting. While the fabric itself is strong, the components are not. The belt loops tore early in our durability testing, and the pockets are too small to be practical. The Rustler Classic is an excellent pair for folks looking for a classic, no-frills option with durable fabrics at an affordable price.


    For all the work-related details, some of the standard components are lacking. The zipper catches on almost every pull, and there are very few belt loops, meaning that they tend to bunch up around and under a belt when sitting or bending over. The thick duck fabric will take some time to break in and be comfortable for everyday wear. The Dickies Carpenter is an excellent value for a pair of sturdy work pants that won’t restrict your movement.


    What Were Looking For:

    Size inclusivity: Though we researchedjeans for specific body shapes , we know eventhose categories can be restrictive and limiting. So we were looking for brands that offer a wide range of sizes in both waist and leg. One of my six-foot-six friends told me that while finding a 38-inch inside leg isnt as difficult as it used to be, being tall isnt so much about leg length as it is the cut. Some brands just extend the leg without changing the cut, so they continue to taper until theyre skinny at the ankle. So a range of cuts, as well as a range of sizes, was crucial. We also considered the range of colours to be an important factor after all, if you find the jeans that fit you just right, its good to know you can pick them up in a variety of tones.

    Easy to find: Availability was important to us, too. While theres something insider-goods-y about joining a waiting list, setting an alarm for a surprise drop, or being part of a members-only Discord for limited-edition fits, we wanted to recommend jeans that were easy to find. This includes online a brand that either is available in several retailers or has a really solid online delivery policy as well as dependable brick-and-mortar stores. Related to this was a good returns policy, which we reasoned makes buying the wrong jeans less cumbersome.

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    The Mugsy Jeans Controversy: Are They Really Denim

    For centuries, jeans have been made from a sturdy cotton fabric known as denim. Denim is well-known for being tough and durable, which is why its often the fabric of choice for blue-collar workers.

    Lately, however, there has been some controversy surrounding jeans like Mugsy Jeans. These jeans are made from a blend of Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, and Spandex, and some people are wondering if they can really be considered denim. Can they really be denim?

    Most Comfortable Mens Jeans Find The Perfect Pair For You


    Have you been looking for the best jeans in quality and comfort? You may never realise how many uncomfortable jeans are out there in the market until you start looking for the perfect pair.

    A lot of companies just dont invest in quality materials to produce soft denim mens jeans. But sometimes the customers are to be blamed for their discomfort when wearing a pair of jeans.

    We simply dont consider certain things, and once the button closes on us, we add the new pair of jeans to our closet.

    People always long for comfort and protection, even from the garments they wear. Even nowadays,s more people choose to wear sweat pants or joggers over standard jeans to get comfort.

    This page has affiliate links & we may receive commission through the following chosen links at no additional cost to you.

    Wearing jeans should not only be about the look, but also comfort and mobility. Therefore it will help with a healthy lifestyle.

    But if you are a lover of jeans and have an issue finding the right pair. For the relaxation of your mind and body. This article will be highlighting some of the most flexible jeans.

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    Everlane Athletic Stretch Jeans

    Guys with meatier thighs often struggle to find jeans that look and feel good. If youre in that boat, check out these Athletic Stretch jeans from Everlane. They have plenty of room through the seat and thigh, but a tapered calf lends a slimming effect especially in a dark color. The denim fabric also boasts four-way stretch for optimal comfort, whether youre sitting in an office chair or walking to lunch.

    Other Mugsy Products: Shorts Chinos Shirts Tees And Much More

    Mugsy makes all kinds of different clothes from stretch chinos to shorts and even fall jackets.

    Know what a Jort is? Its a jean short. Thats not me in the photo above, but I wont be giving these jorts top reviews. But its not because they are great, but jorts are just not awesome, in my book.

    I have tried the perfect jorts, but I promise you dont want to see me wear them. They arent flattering on me , these dont look good on anyone, at least my opinion.

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    Mens Jeans: A Shopping Guide

    With social media seemingly dictating all fashion dos and donts, it can be hard not to fall into trends and fads, especially those that may not be suitable for diverse bodies. Experts recommend steering clear of what you think is trendy in the denim world and instead focusing on whats right for you and your frame.

    Men’s denim has gone from ultra skinny in years past to the current wide and oversized silhouettes we’re seeing for the rest of 2021, said Samantha Brown, a personal stylist based in New York City. While it’s important to look modern, I never advise my clients to follow trends that don’t speak to them. Baggy, 90s-style jeans may be in right now, but they’re not for everyone and can look out of context depending on who’s wearing them. Brown suggested a straight, uniform dark wash denim that fits properly as a timeless style that has more staying power than this season’s denim trend.

    When shopping for a pair of jeans that fit right, Turner Allen, a New York City-based mens personal stylist, recommended determining your general body type as the first step. This can be as simple as short and skinny or tall and burly understanding your bodys shape will enable you to manipulate your proportions to accentuate your best features, he said.

    My Experience With Fit

    Mugsy Jeans – The Most Comfortable Men’s Jeans Ever Made.

    To be honest, I still believe that Mugsy jeans are the most comfortable. 10/10 every single time.

    They fit very true to size, if not a little big due to the super flexible fabric. I typically wear a size 32 waist, 30 length and they fit really close to perfect. They might be a bit loose, because of the stretch, but only by one or two inches.

    However, I do wish the fit was about 5% less baggy. Ive tried several fits and found them to be ever-so-slightly baggy and not as polished as other jeans Ive worn. I know that seems like a super small thing and wouldnt stop me from getting this comfortable pair of jeans.

    Thats OK that doesnt mean they still arent one of my favorite brands but these are overall less fancy jeans than others I own.

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    Duer Performance Denim Jeans


    When talking about the most comfortable jeans for men, you cant leave out DUERs performance denim jeans, which were our pick for the best jeans of the year in The 2021 Man, our end-of-year product awards.

    These sophisticated stretch jeans quite literally feel like your favorite pair of joggers so much that youll probably consider running in them at least twice. Theyre lightweight and thin to give you total range of movement, meaning, yeah, you can do the splits in them if you so please.

    DUERs stretch denim fabric is made with 2% LYRCA spandex, which gives you unmatched flexibility.

    Lets make this simple: If youre looking for the most comfortable jeans for men in 2022, then DUER is the brand you need to know. There are a number of colors available for purchase, but in this case, you can never go wrong with a classic blue wash.

    Wrangler Riggs Workwear Ripstop Carpenter Jean

    Wrangler has been in the jean market for years, and they certainly know what they are doing. With heavy-duty construction, these work pants are ready for anything and even come with a lifetime warranty.

    Wrangler is confident that the jeans will last, and that is largely down to the high-quality and durable construction. There are double-reinforcements at the stress points, a reinforced tape measure clip, extra belt loops, and lined back pockets.

    You get the durability, and there is a ton of comfort too. The jeans are made from 100% cotton, giving all-day comfort, and the relaxed fit means that you can be hard at work all day without stopping. The action-gusset crotch and deep pockets add an extra layer of comfort that every worker will appreciate.

    The jeans are great for everyone, but carpenters will find them especially valuable. The classic carpenter style is also well suited to woodworkers, with durable materials and deep pockets.

    Thankfully, you do not need deep pockets for this pair of Wrangler Riggs work jeans. They are durable, comfortable, and affordable.

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    Banana Republic World Traveler Jeans


    Without a doubt, you could feasibly wear every pair of stylish stretch jeans on this list from day to night . But what about when you want to go even further? As in, from a day at the office to a cross-country flight without missing a beat ? Enter the aptly named World Traveler Jeans from Banana Republic, assuredly made for the modern man on the go. Lycra gives these jeans their crucial stretch, while sustainable materials like recycled polyester add eco-conscious appeal and lightweight comfort. Select your chosen fit, including a Tapered fit thats pleasing on most body types, and pick up an inky blue or washed black pair for maximum versatility.

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