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Short Mens Jeans 28 Inseam

Where Should Men’s Skinny Jeans End

Finding Your Correct Pants Inseam for Men Under 5’10

Make sure your skinny jeans are the right length. For men, skinny jeans should ideally display your footwear prominently. As opposed to looser fitting jeans that swallow your shoes, skinny fit jeans have a narrow leg opening that proudly displays your footwear. Therefore your jeans should end right at the top of your shoes or sneakers with little or no break around the ankle. Whats great about skinny jeans is that you can easily wear dress shoes with them in addition to sneakers and boots. If youre a shorter guy who is below average height, our skinny jeans will fit you perfectly since we carry inseam sizes from 28 inches, all the way down to 25 inches. These are perfect length sizes for men below 5 feet 10 inches tall.

How We Picked And Tested

We started this guide by researching hundreds of pairs of jeans, culling the list to around 50 pairs of interest from popular retailers, other reviews, and roundups. For this piece, we focused on slim jeans marketed for men, though they can be worn by people of any gender. These jeans are shaped differently than jeans that are marketed as being for women. The jeans in this guide have straight cuts extending across the leg, a narrower waist, and a wider hip. By contrast, jeans made for women generally have a narrower hip and more size variety in the waist . We think slim jeans should fit comfortablyneither too loosely nor too tightly . They should fit straight through the hip, with a narrow opening around the leg. We used the following criteria to narrow down our list even further:

Construction: We spent time wearing each pair of jeans for a few weeks, as well as poking and prodding them to pinpoint issues like uneven stitching or flyaway threads.

Shrinkage: We measured the dimensions of each pair of jeans, and then we washed and dried them, noting any shrinking that occurred. None of the pairs we recommended shrank notably, but it was an issue with some that we dismissed.

Comfort: We considered how the fabric feltwhether it was coarse and rigid, or soft and smoothand how it might feel to wear all day.

Fabric: We noted the combination of fabric used, though most of the jeans we tested were 98% or more cotton, with the remainder being elastane.

The Difference Between Waist And Waistband And How To Measure Your Waist

On jeans, the waist number usually looks like this: 32W.

If you only see two numbers, like 32 x 30, then waist refers to the first number.

There are two ways to think of the waist. The first is your natural waist. Then there is the waistband of the jeans.

The natural waist is located between the top of your hip bones and your rib cage. Usually, its at the same level as your belly button. There was a time that pants were worn around the natural waist, but thats no longer the case. The waistband of your jeans usually sits a bit lower.

Many sources will tell you to get your waist size, you need to measure the circumference of your natural waist by wrapping measuring tape around your natural waist.

However, this method is ineffective for most guys. If you actually wrap measuring tape around your waist, youll find the waist size is likely higher than most of your jeans waist size.

For example, my own waist circumference measures at 36, but I wear 32W jeans. Big difference. I wouldnt be able to hold 36W jeans up.

What I recommend instead is to find a pair of jeans that fit snugly around your waist and measure those.

You want to close the button and then measure the waist band from one side to the other. Then, multiply by 2.

So if you measure the waistband at 16, that means the waist size is 32W. If you measure the waistband at 17, that means the waist size is 34W. Etc.

Letâs look at the second key measurement that you have to know: the inseam.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Silver Nash Straight Mens Jeans 38 x 28 Buckle Short Inseam Good ...

Im a style staff writer at Wirecutter, and I compare, test, and write about everything you can carry or wear on your person, from T-shirts to jeans. In preparation for this guide, I read reviews of mens jeans from a host of trusted sources to ascertain what makes a great pair. To learn more I also interviewed a handful of jeans experts, including Steve Cruz, store manager at New York Citys Naked & Famous Denim Kiya Babzani, co-founder of Self Edge, who absolutely schooled me on selvedge denim and celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston.

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Common Jeans Fit Problems For Shorter Men

Since the vast majority of major clothing brands ignore men 5’8″ and under, shorter gents run into all sorts of fit problems when buying jeans off the rack – which is why they often settle for ill-fitting jeans or end up paying what we call the tailor tax.

Here are some of the most common fit problems men of modest height run into with jeans, along with some recommended solutions:

Fit Problem #1: Jeans are too long

This is, by far, the most common problem that guys under 5’9″ encounter with jeans. Since most jeans manufacturers don’t make jeans shorter than 30 inches, almost all jeans are too long off the rack.

There are three ways to fix this annoying problem:

  • Cuff your jeans
  • Get your jeans hemmed
  • Buy shorter length jeans
  • Cuffing is the “quick and dirty” solution, but not everyone likes the cuffed look. Getting your jeans hemmed is a decent solution, but it’s pricey and time consuming.

    Buying jeans that are the proper length to begin with is the best solution, and Peter Manning NYC is the best place to find jeans made specifically for men 5’8″ and under.

    Fit Problem #2: Rise is too low

    While low rise jeans are often “in style” for years at a time, this style isn’t necessarily the most flattering fit for everyone – especially shorter men.

    Often times, men end up buying low rise jeans and then pulling them up to sit on their natural waist. This leads to tightness in the crotch, and the jeans inevitably fall down to the hips throughout the day.

    Should You Buy Jeans A Size Bigger

    Unless you a brand indicates that their jeans run tight on the waist, you should order your normal waist size in jeans. This is because even if the jeans feel a bit snug on the waist, they will likely stretch as you wear them. One unique property of denim is that they will stretch and mold to your body as you wear them. Unlike other fabrics that will lose their shape, denims weave is strong and resilient so it keeps its shape. This is especially true for stretch denim which has additional recovery due to the elastane content.

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    Whats An Inseam And How Do I Measure It

    For short menâs jeans, the inseam is the most important measurement. Itâs the hidden reason why your jeans donât fit the way you expect them to even when your waist feels snazzy.

    The tag on your jeans might look something like this: 33W 30L or 33 x 30. The inseam measurement refers to the second number of these pairs.

    Now, jeans companies will tell you that the inseam is a measurement of the leg. But if you were to measure YOUR leg then you wouldnât get close to what you need.

    Hereâs what you should do:

    Look at the inside edge of your jeans from your left leg to your right leg. This should look like an arch .

    The top of this arch or the base of the âUâ is called the crotch. Thatâs where the two sides of the jeans meet.

    Draw a straight line down from that point to the bottom edge of the jeans. This brings you to the hem .

    Now, you can measure your inseam as follows:

  • Put on a pair of jeans that fit your waist but are a little long.
  • Roll up the hem of the legs so that they rest or just touch your footwear.
  • Slide the pants off gently.
  • Fold the legs on top of each other so it looks like you have one long leg.
  • Grab your measuring tape and measure a straight line from the crotch to the hem.
  • If youâre a modestly sized man, I bet your measurement came in under 30 inches.

    Herein lies the dirty little secret.

    5â9â 29â inseam jeans

    So donât rely on this chart. Your best option is to get the exact measurement for your inseam and verify it for yourself.

    Overly Distressed Jeans / Ripped Jeans

    NEW Jeans for Shorter Guys | Introducing Ash & Erie Jeans

    Lastly, i would recommend that you stay away from overly distressed jeans and ripped jeans in general.

    A little fading is fine. But acid washed jeans, or jeans with giant holes in them arent the most flattering on most men, but especially not on short men.

    The most common style advice I give to short men is that you want to imagine a vertical line from the bottom of your shoes to the top of your head, You can downplay your perceived shortness by wearing as few interruptions on this vertical line as possible, and make those interruptions smooth.

    Distressed and ripped jeans add interruptions to the vertical line and accentuate your shortness. They will make your legs look shorter. Avoid them.

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    The Best Jeans For Short Men

    So, youâre looking for the best jeans for short men?

    I get it. When youâre of shorter stature, finding well-fitting jeans is hard. Most stores only sell jeans that are made for men of average height and up, meaning, their jeans are too large for you.

    The best jeans for short men have a shorter inseam so the fabric doesnt bundle around the ankles. They should also fit snug around your waist and taper down from your thighs.

    Keep reading to find the best stores for short inseam jeans and what to look for when buying jeans as a shorter guy.

    Note: This article may contain affiliate links. That means if you click a link and purchase something, I earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own.

    Is Jeans Length The Same As Inseam

    The inseam refers to the length of the leg of the jeans from the center seam at the bottom of the crotch, down to the ankle. This inseam is whats used in the length size for jeans. Do not confuse the inseam for the outseam, which is the length of the jeans from the top of the waistband to the ankle.

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    Rise And Inseam: Measuring For Pants

    Pant Length / Inseam:

    Inseam is the measurement of your pants length from the crotch seam to the bottom hem. A professional tailor can take this measure for you. But, if you’re more comfortable, you can easily find this measurement at home. First, identify which of your existing pants fits you best. Next, fold that pair in half-lengthwise and lay on a flat surface . Then, measure from the crotch seam and straight down the pant leg all the way to the bottom. This is your inseam. Wish your favorite pair were just an inch longer? Cool beans! Just add an inch to the number.

    Trouser Rise:

    The rise on your pants refers to the distance from crotch to waist. Simply fold your pants in half lengthwise, and along the front of the pant, measure from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband to find the front rise. Rise is important because it determines where the pants sit on your body. First, rise is most commonly used to describe whether the pants are supposed to sit on your body. For example, low rise pants sit well below your waist, and high-rise just above. But YOU also have a natural rise – the distance between your crotch and waist, that also needs to be considered. If you are shorter than average, you may have a short rise.


    How To Measure Yourself For Short Men’s Clothes


    Finding your perfect FIT is easy- just find an inexpensive, soft tape measure and get to work! Don’t own one? Click the above link- we offer them right online at FORtheFIT.

    Neck Measurement:

    Finding your collar size is easy! First, with a soft tape measure, either 1) measure around the base of your neck, or 2) measure the collar on your favorite shirt. If you are measuring from a shirt, you will start from the center of the collar button and run the tape to the far end of the button hole. The resulting measurement is your collar size.


    If you intend to wear the shirt with a tie, the size you select should closely match your exact collar measurement. However, shirts you intend to wear without a tie may be purchased slightly larger at the neck. The larger neck offers comfort and a more casual look.

    Chest Measurement:

    To measure your chest, first relax your arms at your sides. Then, measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping the tape measure under the armpits. This is your chest size.


    Sleeve Measurements :

    To find what sleeve length to order, start by bending your elbow 90 degrees and placing your hand on your hip. Next, hold the tape at the center back of your neck. Last, measure across your shoulder to your elbow, and down to your wrist. Voila! You’ve just calculated your sleeve length.

    Waist Size Measurements:


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    Jeans For Short Men: How To Buy Wear And Care

    We may earn a small commission from product links. Blog posts at Nimble Made are written to provide value and advice for our readersany product we recommend are items readers use and love.

    Every guy needs a good pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Jeans are a great fashion addition because they are so tough and versatile. You can wear them for more casual outings or pair them with a blazer and button-up when you need to be more formal.

    If you are a short guy like me though, you know how tough it can be to find jeans that fit well . Either the inseam is too long, the jeans are too tight, or the pants legs just dont sit right. It can be very frustrating when you are at the store and none of the pants that you pick fit right.

    So we put together this comprehensive guide on buying jeans for short guys. Remember, just because you might be vertically challenged doesnt mean you can dress with style. So lets get into it.

    Short Mens Jeans Looking For Shorter Inseam Lengths

    In looking to see how people found recently, I noticed many entered the search terms short mens jeans. While weve carried short inseams for men and women for several years, this was the first time wed seen a high demand for short mens jeans. People were specifically looking for mens jeans in 26 inseams, 27 inseams, and 28 inseam lengths, so Im going to focus on these lengths for this post. Its pretty cool to see demand grow in a new category! So for all you short men out there, or people shopping for shorter mens inseams, this is for you.

    Best Brands for Short Mens Jeans

    At Search By Inseam, we carry a good selection of brands that make shorter length jeans for men. These include Express, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Lands End, and Levis. Eddie Bauer used to have mens jeans that started at a 20 inseam length, but they dont anymore. I dont know if they were testing the market to see what the demand actually was for inseam lengths that were that short or what But I do know we had customers buying them. Heres a little more about each brand that currently carries mens short inseam lengths:

  • Express: Express short mens jeans start at a 28 inseam length. The brand is high on style and trends. You can also find classics like bootcut and straight leg as well. This brands sales are typically buy-one-get-one 50% off. The price point is generally less than $90. Mens inseam lengths go from 28-36 inches in 2-inch intervals.
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    What Is A Short Inseam

    The inseam on jeans is in simple terms, the length of the leg. More specifically, the inseam is the length of the leg from the center seam at the bottom of the crotch, to the bottom of the hem. Most clothing brands offer inseams in 30″, 32″, and 34″. But, those lengths are only really made to fit half of the population of men in America! Men below average height That’s why we make jeans in inseams starting at 25″ and up to 28″. For shorter guys who are below average height, our shorter inseams will fit you properly.

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