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Sneakers To Wear With Jeans

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Shoe

The 6 Best Sneakers to Wear With Jeans

Runners, take your mark! The adidas Womens Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe is primed and ready for any challenge you throw its way. Designed with a rubber sole and a comfortable shaft, this tough yet lightweight shoe will have you feeling supported and secure with every step.

Forget chunky loafers or high boots for these comfy and lightweight sneakers. With a sleek grey and black pair, youll look good too!

Whether youre training for a marathon or just going for a leisurely jog, the adidas Womens Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe has got you covered. So lace up and hit the ground running!

Sneakers And Jeans Easy Outfit Ideas

Before we move on, I wanted to make it clear for once and for all. Gym sneakers are meant only for the gym and there are streetwear sneakers that can be used to style with all your everyday clothes. I am not saying runners are meant only for the gym, as you can easily wear them to the countryside, but wearing running shoes with your casual style clothes might look stupid.

Monk Straps With Jeans

Monk straps burnt brightly during the social media-driven hashtag menswear phase of the mid- to late-naughties then seemingly out. However, theyre still a solid footwear option, combining some of the formality of an Oxford with swashbuckling dash. Indeed, the hardware lends them a certain casual quality that coordinates well with riveted denim.

Dont sleep on texture either, as subbing out the shine of leather for the nap of suede will step them down in formality a notch.

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Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker Mocha

Ecco $159.95

Oh look, heres the Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker, again, in a deep mocha brown. This sneaker is available at and Ecco.

When to Wear: Works best with straight-leg jeans. Can work with shorts, but I prefer a slightly slimmer shoe for shorts.

I dont usually like full leather sneakers, but this Cole Haan GrandPro Tennis Handstain Sneaker is fantastic. This sneaker is available at Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales,, and Cole Haan.

When to Wear: You can wear these mens casual shoes with jeans. They look great with a rolled hem, straight leg, or slightly wider leg jeans. This leather is too dressy for shorts.

CLAE $110

I love the grey wool of these CLAE Bradley Sneakers. Pair them with medium blue jeans.

When to Wear: Works best with straight leg jeans to wider set jeans. Can also work with shorts if you know what youre doing.

CLAE $120

I love both colors the CLAE Ellington Sneakers come in, but the butterscotch suede is great for lighter wash jeans. These sneakers are probably one of my favorites of the mens casual shoes you can wear with jeans.

When to Wear: These look best with skinny, slim, or leaner jeans. They also work with shorts.

Trask $195

These Trask Aaron Sneakers are one of my favorite leather sneakers. They are not too shiny and the texture adds dimension. These sneakers are available at Nordstrom.

When to Wear: Works best with slim to straight leg jeans. Can also work with shorts.

3 Flip Flops With Cigarette Jeans

What Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans in 2020

Tuck in any solid-colored blouse or a T-shirt with a pair of jeans along with flip-flops. Flip flops are something that you can wear while traveling up to space even! They are lightweight and super comfortable footwear that one can ever wish for. Alternative names for Cigarette pants are Slim fit pants, Pencil pants, and Stovepipe pants. Grab a pair of Flip Flops for those days which require extra comfort.

Buy yourself a pair of Flip Flops on .

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Aerosoles Gain Time Sneaker

Dont hesitate to try the Aerosoles Womens Gain Time Sneaker! This fresh and stylish sneaker is perfect for fall, with its rich jewel tones and metallics.

The platform sole provides a little extra height, while the removable footbed keeps your feet comfy and cushioned all day long.

Skip the gym and take these directly to brunch, paired with your favorite skinny jeans. Youll love the look and feel of this sneaker!

Athlefit Lace Up Wedge Sneakers

Looking for a sneaker that enhances your long legs and flatters all body types? Look no further than the Athlefit Womens Lace Up Wedge Sneakers. A great style tip is to wear wedges.

This pair features a 3.1 heel and a classic sneaker silhouette that is sure to turn heads. The high-quality leather upper is durable and comfortable, while the padded collar provides all-day comfort.

The anti-skip rubber sole provides traction and durability on varied terrain, making these wedges perfect for a day out on the town or running errands. Whether youre wearing skinny jeans, leggings or a skirt, these sneakers are the perfect accessory to any outfit.

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From Heels To Loafers


Boyfriend jeans, though a heteronormative term for a popular denim style made for anyone who feels like wearing them, are the kind of staple that likely wont ever go out of style. Their concept is simple yet effective: jeans that feel relaxed and slightly subversive. Many attribute the origins of boyfriend jeans to Marilyn Monroe circa 1960s on the set of Misfits. But their prominence has only gained momentum over the last several years, particularly for those who arent fans of the denim trend on the opposite side of the spectrum: skinnies.

Wherever your allegiance falls, a pair of boyfriend jeans is worth adding to any wardrobe. However, because of their looser proportions, they can be more difficult to pair with shoes. Ahead, 10 footwear styles that work well with your favorite boyfriend jeans .

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Best Womens Sneakers To Wear With Jeans

Top 6 BEST Shoes to Wear With Jeans! (Look BETTER in Denim)

In todays story I am about to show you the best sneakers you can wear with jeans. Its no secret that sneakers are everywhere right now and they are even the perfect shoe for the office.

For women, sneakers evoke the same reaction as the word sex for men. And for a good reason sneakers are every womans just right height of fashion and comfort. However, when it comes to sneakers, there are many varieties and designs which makes it hard for a woman to choose when it comes to buying one. With so many options to decide from it is easy for a female shopper to be confused and overwhelmed while shopping.

Do you love your fashion style and wish that there was a way to make it even more unique? Perhaps you have been searching high and low, but are still trying to find shoes that can match your jeans. Well, my friends, I have the answer for you: womens sneakers! There are many styles of shoes out there that serve different purposes. Some work better with certain types of outfits such as sandals or heels. Others offer specific benefits such as running shoes or tennis shoes which may be preferable in certain situations. If you have been searching for the perfect shoe to complement jeans, however, then you may have encountered some difficulty and may be thinking that there is no such pair of shoes out there.

Why Womens Sneakers?

What Do Womens Sneakers Look Like?

How Can I Wear Womens Sneakers?

What Are Some Advantages of Wearing Womens Sneakers?

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Distressed Jeans & Mules

For distressed jeans with a subtle yet apparent grunge feel, consider creating an intriguing clash of aesthetics by pairing them with feminine heeled mules.

Open-back mules like Mach & Machs double-bow, crystal-embellished leather style have a refined and girly vibe, making them an unexpected option to team with a pair of ripped jeans. Or, you could opt for a more avant-garde takelike the sculptural Sara Mules from the celebrity-adored handbag and shoe label, JW PEI.

Derby Shoes With Jeans

Derby shoes are the best option when it comes to wearing jeans with business-appropriate outfits for that refined and dignified look. To create smart casual and semi-formal styles, youll want to pair derby shoes with blazers and button-down shirts. Guys can dress up the look with a tie or keep it relaxed without one.

For an eye-catching and chic street mix, go with black leather derby shoes with no-show socks and cuffed denim pants. Get a cool blend of dapper and casual by combining putting on a simple t-shirt, trendy asymmetrical zip-up and sports watch.

If you want a dressy outfit that screams luxury, pair patina-laden leather derby shoes with raw selvedge denim jeans for a unique look. This outfit can be topped off with a shirt and tie, but will also look trendy with a scoop neck shirt. In the summer, choose suede derby shoes in buff or tan shades, and then combine your footwear with soft, loose cotton and linen shirts.

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Fashion Guide On Choosing The Right Shoes With Jeans

From a hip-hop dance party to a late-night romantic candlelight dinner, jeans can be worn anywhere. Maybe that is why we always fall for it! Many of us get puzzled while choosing the best shoe that can go well with a pair of jeans. Here we have come up with a few fashion tips and tricks that are pretty practical and easy for you to follow next time you wear jeans.

  • Always try to go for low-cut jeans when opting for ankle boots. Low-cut jeans are the best pairing with ankle boots as they do not bunch up at the ankles and make you look strange. If you do not want that little skin showing above the boot then you can also go for skinny jeans as they are skin tight and wnt bunch up either.
  • The newest jeans trending right now are mom jeans, yes the trend is back! So get your hands on these and do not pair them with shoes that go above your ankle, Opt for anything like sneakers, pumps, or platform heels.
  • During summertime avoid wearing closed shoes with your jeans, no matter how tempting it may be. Go for sandals so you can keep your feet fresh while also rocking jeans, which can be hard to wear in heat by themselves.
  • You do not have to always wear basic colored shoes such as beige, black or white. Go for funky colors and patterns! Just make sure they dont clash with your jeans if they are patterned too. We do not want too much going on below the waist.

Best Dress Shoes For Men With Jeans

What Shoes Do I Wear With My Jeans? A Style Guide for Every Denim ...

As mentioned, jeans are an inherently casual type of pants, so any of the casual shoes mentioned above will provide a good option thats perfectly acceptable.

But why settle for acceptable when you can look exceptional?

Pairing a slim pair of jeans with a sharp pair of dress shoes will elevate your appearance even further, and help take your entire look to the next level.

Here are a few of the best styles of dress shoes to wear with denim.

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Best Shoes To Wear With Jeans

  • Choosing the best shoes to wear with jeans comes down to matching your footwear with your style, outfit, materials and the occasion.
  • Men can combine casual shoes like sneakers, trainers and work boots with jeans for a versatile and effortlessly stylish look.
  • For a cool and casual outfit that always looks good, style low-profile trainers and sneakers with jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Chelsea and chukka boots are great footwear for rugged and handsome smart casual ensembles.
  • Gentleman can create a smart casual to semi-formal look by pairing Derby and Oxford shoes with jeans, a button-down shirt and blazer.
  • For classy summer attire, go with boat shoes or loafers without socks and white or light-wash jeans and a light blue shirt.
  • When dressing up with jeans, make sure to put on dark wash and fitted denim pants.

Shoes That Have Some Sort Of Heel Look Better With Skinny Jeans Than Flat Or Low Heels

When it comes to choosing shoes with skinny jeans, remember that flats or lower heels are best if your goal is mobility and not looking like youre tottering around on stilts! If you are looking to wear a cute heel that is not high, then you should go for something that has a chunky heel. If the shoes are flat, it will make the skinny jeans look really droopy. Try to find something with some sort of height, but not too high, because this could make the jeans look even tighter around your legs.

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How To Wear Skinny Jeans With Sneakers

But what are the aforementioned sneaker styling rules you ask? Well, there are a handful devised by yours truly, listed below.

  • Make sure the sneaker type is fashionable or at least infused with some retro cool. If you go for retro, make sure your clothes are contemporary
  • As with fashionable sneaker styles, opt for trending colors too. As you’ll see illutrated in this post the following are fashionable sneaker color choices:
  • All bright white sneakers or white sneakers with black outsoles
  • Black leather sneakers with white outsole
  • Bright & colorful detailed sneakers on a neutral base
  • Printed sneakers can be fun, but often more difficult to style
  • Keep away from running shoes. You know, actual running shoes. Aside from a couple exceptions, you’ll simply look like you’ve forgotten to change your shoes when you left the gym. Aim for a lifestyle sneakers with skinny jeans. Aim to pair skinny jeans with tennis shoes so to speak
  • Big feet? Honestly, unless you keep to an immensely minimal sneaker in black or navy, they won’t work. Yeah, I know, I hear your pain. But you risk having your sneakers look clunky & miles long with your skinny jeans
  • Small feet? Say, size 7 or smaller? You can pretty much ignore all of the above. Lucky bastards.
  • Keep your sneakers squeaky clean. Otherwise, you’ll look homeless. Sorry for my lack of Political Correctness here, but it’s true. A little soap & water can go a long way!
  • Which Shoes To Wear With Jeans

    Top 9 Shoes To Wear With Jeans

    Who doesnt want to become a party slayer? Pair up the right type of shoe with your favorite jeans to become a head-turning sensation at every party you go to! On the other hand, one can become a fashion disaster just by picking the wrong shoe type with a denim outfit. Hold tight! As we are here to save you from fashion catastrophe within no time. Here is the burning question about which shoes will look good with my jeans? This is a puzzle that has been there in all of our minds, so here are a number of different types of shoes and rules on wearing shoes with different types of jeans. This article will surely be a great help to you in deciding which shoes best match your jeans the next time you feel confused.

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    Loafers & Penny Loafers

    The penny loafers low vamp combined with a wide leg opening can make your feet look weirdly stubby. So opt for jeans that are tapered and cropped or pin-rolled. As for colors, we love a medium brown pair that goes well with dark wash indigo but can also be paired with any lighter colors up to white denim. Black penny loafers will look great with gray or indigo denim.

    White Pullover With Black Skinnies And Black Sneakers

    Buy Similar Here

    So, how to make sneakers look perfect teamed with jeans? If you are the average gal like me, then you definitely know that pairing denim with sneakers doesnt always come so easily. If I do things wrong, the result can look daggy. How to avoid such outfit? You simply need to stick to these simple rules described in every image.

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    New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon Sneakers

    Take a look at the New Balance Womens Fresh Foam Beacon sneakers! This sleek and stylish sneaker is perfect for your everyday needs, with a comfortable and supportive fit.

    The mesh on the uppers helps your feet breathe when doing extensive exercises like running. The design of the ultra heel looks great and hugs your foot for a snug fit.

    Made with mesh and textiles, this sneaker is light and airy, perfect for all-day wear.

    How To Wear High

    the looksmith

    High-tops with jeans is perhaps one of the most classic casual ensembles in the book. Cool without being pretentious, its a foolproof option for coffee or a weekend wander. Choose a classic high-top style like a black or white Chuck Taylor and pair them with similarly timeless denim. In this case, you cant go past a pair of blue wash Levi 501s. Top it all off with a plain, crew-neck tee-shirt in white or black.

    If youre after something slightly more inventive than a plain tee, jeans with a denim shirt make for a classic pairing particularly when offset by white or boldly coloured high-tops. Think about wearing contrasting jeans and shirt and styling them with a contrasting shoe.

    Given the oftentimes slim design of high-top sneakers, its best to offset them with slightly looser fitting denim. Opt for slim or boot-cut styles that ensure your outfit doesnt appear top-heavy and style by cuffing at the ankle. Overly skinny jeans evoke a bygone era of early 00s boy bands dont go there.

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