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The Best Jeans For Men

Ash & Erie Indigo Wash Essential Jeans

10 Best Brands for Men’s Jeans on a Budget | Denim Starting at $6

I love dark wash denim, and the Ash & Erie Indigo Wash Essential Jean has the perfect dark wash. Its a dark blue that has since faded slightly overtime. Its made with 11.5 oz cotton which makes it a mid-weight fabric thats ideal for spring and autumn.

The jeans are made in the USA which is a departure from most of the brands in this list who have chosen to manufacture overseas. These jeans are made for those who swear by US made products. You can wear them with a blazer and boots or sneakers and a casual button down shirt.

Ive worked with Ash & Erie in the past, you can check out my original Ash & Erie review for more information on the brand.

How To Decide: Fit Rise And Wash

According to experts, there are five common categories of mens jeans :

  • Straight jeans: These jeans keep a consistent length from the top to the bottom of the pant leg without tapering at the bottom.
  • Skinny jeans: This style features a narrow opening at the bottom and has a close fit on the leg.
  • Slim-fit jeans: While slim-fit jeans are similar to skinny jeans due to their fitted style, theyre typically roomier around the leg and have a tapered leg opening.
  • Relaxed-fit jeans: This fit is usually more comfortable than the other options, and theyre still flattering due to a relaxed fit from top to bottom with more room around the thighs.
  • Loose-fit jeans: As its name suggests, loose-fitting jeans tend to be slightly baggier than relaxed-fit ones, providing plenty of space along the thighs and down the leg.

Along with fit, there are also multiple rises in jeans that dictate where on the waist a pair will sit. Allen noted three main rises for most jeans:

  • Low-Rise: This waistband hits around 4 inches below the belly button. A slimmer body type can pull off this rise for a relaxed, casual look, he said.
  • Mid-Rise: This rise typically features a waistband that sits between the hip bone and the belly button.
  • High-Rise: A high-rise style will have a waistband that sits at or just below the belly button or at your natural waist. According to Allen, high-rise jeans elongate the legs while defining the wearers waist.”

Go The Extra Mile To Try On The Jeans

When you have found a fit you like, try it on. If thats not an option, measure it against one of your favourite jeans to see if the fit works for you, and what size you need.

Dont buy jeans that are too big. Because denim stretches with wear, youll get the best result if you buy a size that fits snugly when you try them on for the first time. Just dont go overboard and buy them two sizes down! And never ever blindly follow size tags especially if you dont have any experience with the brand, fit or the fabric.

Most jeans are pre-shrunk. If theyre not, youll most likely be told by the brand or the store that youre entering the land of shrink-to-fits and unsanforized denim that shrinks up to 10%. In that case, you should pick your size according to what the brand prescribes. The actual shrinkage varies from denim to denim, so consult the seller before you buy .

If the jeans are made from stretch denim, and especially if theyre on the slimmer side of fits, its growth you should be concerned aboutin other words, what happens when the denim lacks recovery. Again, ask the seller about this.

When youre not able to try on the jeansif, for instance, youre shopping onlineand youre not sure about what fit or size to get, try bracketing buy the size you think you are, and then one size up and one size down. Just dont forget to return the jeans you dont need. And make sure to check if the retailer actually allows you to return only part of the order .

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Does The Wash Complement Your Wardrobe

Most jeans go through a washing process that softens and styles the fabric. Youve probably heard of stone-washed jeans or acid-washed jeans. Mostly, wash is just for style. But there are practical reasons behind the washing process, too.

You can find jeans that havent gone through a washing process. Theyll be marketed as raw denim.

The deep indigo, stiff fabric, and strong lines work well for dressing a pair of jeans up. Paired with a blazer and a button up, raw denim is a great choice for most business-casual meetings.

Stone-washed jeans are the most common type of jean. Youll find some light fading in the thighs and around the seat. Some brands take it to the extreme and will stone-wash until the jeans are nearly ruined.

The acid-wash trend has been dying a slow and painful death since the 80s. Even the Levis blog promoting acid-wash jeans has a hard time getting excited about them. Now thatll inspire confidence, right? No.

Here are our guiding principles for jeans wash, specifically related to color:

  • Dark wash denim is more suitable for more formal occasions, while light is more casual.
  • Light wash denim is more suitable for summer and spring, while mid-wash works better for fall fashion, and black and and dark wash for winter.

Wrangler Larston Slim Tapered Jean

Top 16 Best Jeans For Men

The Larston Slim Tapered Jean is Wranglers most slim and streamlined fit. Its super modern and not what youd come to expect from the workwear inspired brand. These arent your dads or grandads jeans thats for sure. This more modern jean fit comes in a variety of 5 different colors from silver smooth, blue bolt, indigo wit, black valley and rock steady.

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American Eagle Airflex Slim Fit Jean

The American Eagle AirFlex Slim Fit Jean is a newer addition to my collection and one of my favorite pairs of jeans to wear right now. I have the dark indigo wash AirFlex Slim Jeans which are classic and versatile as they come. In my opinion, its got a tasteful amount of distressing details and fading.

The AirFlex jeans come in 13 unique colors and a myriad of sizes to accommodate many different body types. These jeans washes and fit make them incredibly easy to style.

Scroll Down To Find The Best Jeans On The Market

Skinny Jeans

If market research is to be believed, then gen-z has canceled skinny jeans. Thanks to a Tik-Tok-based rebellion against tight-fitting jeans, the numbers point to baggy fitting styles being in vogue currently. But, of course, nothing is quite that black and white.

The ripped skinny jeans adored by Love Island contestants and footballers alike may make you cringe, but nothing can stop Lenny Kravitz-style rockstar skinny jeans not being cool. Rap’s love of rockstars has meant that many artists are looking to its most famous dressers and replicating their looks. The likes of Playboi Carti, Lancey Foux, and Lil Uzi Vert are reminding us all of what made skinny trousers popular in the first place regardless of what TikTok says.

Logo-Print Slim-Fit Jeans

Straight-leg jeans

The style that has supposedly taken over from skinny jeans, it’s the classic straight leg. If you had to point toward what a “standard fit” of jeans is it would be these and for good reason. Having a bit more space in the leg means that you have more range of movement, there’s no risk of your blood flow from being cut off, and they are Switzerland in any debate about how wide jeans should be.

While a plain pair of straight-leg jeans could be considered a wardrobe essential, it doesn’t have to be a plain option. Check out some of our favorites below.

Raw Low-Rise Jeans

Logo Grid Cuff Wide Leg Jeans

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Carhartt Rugged Flex Relaxed Straight

With 85% cotton, 14% polyester, and 1% spandex, you have the perfect mix for a durable and comfortable work jean. Not only does the material hold up well to scuffs, tears, and abrasions, but it also has the flexibility that you need when you are on the worksite . The material will stretch, making it easy for you to crouch, kneel, and get into awkward places, and the jeans will return back to their original shape when you are done.

We love the mix of comfort and technology, the material bringing ultimate comfort to all wearers. There is also a straight leg opening that leaves plenty of room for your boots underneath.

The button closure is durable, as are the sewn-on belt loops and double-stitched seams. The jeans sit just below your waist, so they wont get in the way when you are working. And, when you need to take care of the jeans, they are completely machine washable.

Relaxed and comfortable jeans from Carhartt that will keep you working all day.

Neymar Jr Looks To His Home For New Puma Collection

Men’s Jeans Fit Guide | The Best Style Jeans For Your Physique

Fit: The three main categories of jean fit are straight , slim and skinny. Slim is by far the most popular, featuring a trim yet comfortable silhouette that works with almost any personal style or body type. Its more narrow around the thighs and leg, but not so tight that you feel constricted.

Skinny is the skin-tight rockstar look thats always good to utilize from time to time, although it isnt as popular as it once was. The best skinny jeans should have some stretch built into the material, so you can still move around freely.

Straight jeans are currently making a comeback as comfort and versatility continue to be top of mind, so be sure to work a pair of these wider jeans into your wardrobe. As the name suggests, the best straight-fit jeans have a straight, tailored silhouette that gives you plenty of room to slide into, without drowning you in fabric.

Wide-leg jeans and baggy carpenter jeans are also still available, but theyre better left to the Nineties.

These categories give an idea of fit, but theres still variation between brands. If possible, always order multiple pairs of jeans, try them all on, and then return the pairs that dont fit properly.

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Abercrombie Skinny Jeans $47 Original Price: $79

Much like Abercrombies jeans for women we reviewed and love, the brands skinny jeans for men are top-tier. The pair is available in nine lovely shades to fully stock-up your wardrobe, has a built-in stretch for comfort and flexibility, is subtly stitched and has a soft feel. Whats better than that?

Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Stretch Jean

The is perhaps their most popular jean style with over 6,000 reviews currently. Theyre classic 5-pocket slim fit jeans with a little bit of stretch thanks to the 2% elastane.

The jeans come in 8 different colors from a vintage light wash, indigo wash to dark wash, and black. With Amazons size, theyre able to listen to listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail of their clothing, including jeans to ensure a better fit.

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Best Jeans For Men With No Butt

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Choosing jeans that fit well can be tricky. And if you have a small, flat butt, that makes things a whole lot more difficult. In order to make your life easier, Ive compiled a list of the 8 best jeans for men that look great even if you have no butt!

When it comes to making your butt look good in jeans you want to keep 2 things in mind:

1. Choose jeans with smaller and higher back pockets.

Jeans with higher and smaller back pockets will make your butt look rounder and more full.

Pockets that are too big or low will make it look like you dont have a butt even if you do.

2. Go for jeans with a slightly heavier denim.

A heavier fabric will drape better around your hips making them look more rounded.

Softer and lighter weight denim tends to crunch up and fold which will ruin your look.

Check out our in-depth guide with photos on How Mens Jeans Should Fit

Frank & Oak Cooper Selvedge Denim

Blue Ripped Jeans L32 Jerone

Whats not to love about a slim pair of jet black denim? A style much-loved by rock stars the world over, the Cooper Slim-Straight Selvedge Denim features a more agreeable but still nicely tailored fit for all kinds of style situations. You should certainly wear these with a black moto jacket to your next rock concert, and one could argue that you could wear them with a grey blazer and a blue Oxford to the office nearly any day of the week. Buy It

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Buck Mason Slim Stretch Jean

For a dash of rock-n-roll style mixed with a tremendous fit and great fabric quality, you cant top Buck Mason and the brands Slim Stretch Jean. You get the functionality of a tough pair of selvedge with the stretch of your favorite pair of chinos thats comfort that cant be topped. With a range of washes, the Slim Stretch Jean is practically made to wear with one of Buck Masons chambray shirts or even a simple washed crewneck tee for any occasion you can dream up. Buy It

What Type Of Jeans Are Popular For Men

Straight leg, tapered leg, slim fit, and skinny are the four most common styles or cuts of mens jeans. Straight leg is without a doubt one of the most well-known of these.

GQ makes it simple for you to compare each silhouette, from slim fit to straight leg to baggy and bootcut. After you figure out what the fit is for you, get yourself a pair of grade-A dungarees, and youre done. Straight fit jeans are exactly what they sound like: a straight silhouette running straight from the hips down through the legs. Slim tapers have a narrow leg and thighs that are trimmed in a trim. Straight pants are cut with a high rise that is closer to your waist than they are to your hips. The cut of cowboy bootcut jeans is casual and casual enough to pair with a pair of cowboy boots. It has been a long time since the bootcut was popular in the mainstream, but it has resurfaced recently.

Levis 527 slim bootcut fit jeans are ideal for women with large buttocks and thighs. The relaxed taper of the tree trunks is intended to accentuate their strength but also make them look stronger. In terms of breathability and comfort, wide-leg jeans are a great option. Despite not being as baggy as a Jawaharlal Nehru, the jeans in these days are still roomy.

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Analysis And Test Results

We’ve chosen to assess each pair based on five key metrics: comfort, durability, range of motion, components, and sizing. Thus, we developed metrics and scoring associated with each of these critical metrics to objectively compare the nine pairs we tested. These metrics and their comparison help give you, the consumer, the information you need to best meet your needs and budget.

Best Jeans For Tall Men

The BEST Slim/Skinny Jeans For Men 2022 (Zara, Legend London, Uniqlo & More)

Tall guys who dont buy the right pair of jeans are destined for chilly ankles.

It can be hard finding jeans in stock that have 36, 38, and even 40 inseams. A lot of tall men we speak to say they just get the longest inseam length they can find relative to their waist fit and suffer in short-pants hell.

Luckily, a few brands have stepped up and pitched in some extra fabric.

1. American Tall Carman Tapered-Fit

When your logo is a giraffe, it really does say it all. American Tall doesnt make pants with an inseam shorter than 36.

The brand make clothes exclusively for tall guys in the 63 and above range. Their Carman tapered-fit is no exception.

2. ASOS Design Tall Slim Jeans

Available with 36 and 38 inseams, these jeans are great for casual wear.

The slim fit just shows off how tall you are. Embrace it.

3. Old Navy Relaxed Slim Built-In Flex Max Never-Fade Jeans

With their tapered bottom and with plenty of room around the waist and hips, the Old Navy Flex Max runs true to size.

In Tall, youve got options for 36L or 38L length, but you can also pick these up in regular or big sizes as well.

Oh, they also have stellar customer reviews.

If youre a tall dude looking for black jeans on a budget, these are well worth a look.

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Lee 28779 Mens Dungarees Straight Leg Carpenter Jean

Known for manufacturing one of the most dependable workwear, Lee designed these carpenter jeans for a great range of motion. Loose throughout the seat and thigh, the fit surprisingly does not affect the form since the pants dont look too baggy. With the right size, they sit slightly below the waist. As such, I can crawl, squat, or move up and down the ladder without feeling like my pants are going to fall off.

Storage-wise, I get six pockets to carry personal items. Because the front pockets are deep and wide, I dont struggle to slip and retrieve my smartphone. Made of poly-blend material, the fabric is abrasion and wrinkle-resistant, which makes the pants low-maintenance. Appropriate for the summer, they are lighter and more comfortable. Their quick-drying capabilities reduce the time I spend doing the laundry.

  • The fabric seems thinner than most work jeans

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