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What Are The Best Jeans For Guys With Big Thighs

Benefits Of Buying The Best Fitting Jeans For Guys With Big Thighs At Amazon

Jeans For Guys With Bigger Legs (The Best Athletic Cut Tapered Jeans) Effortless Gent

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping destinations for many good reasons! The site offers a massive selection of products, great prices, and excellent customer service. Plus, Amazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping on millions of items. If youre looking to save money on your next purchase, Amazon is worth checking out.Here are just a few of the benefits of shopping at Amazon:

Choose The Proper Denim Blend To Fit Large Thighs

One of the main problems with regular jeans for men with big thighs is that they dont allow you to move around and, if you try, youll end up ripping out the butt and crotch.

Most men fix this problem by buying jeans with a waist several inches too big and just belting it. But that is an uncomfortable and usually ugly fix.

The best option is to buy jeans with a material that is meant to support both active motion and men with big thighs.

If you cringe a little bit when I say stretch jeans youre probably thinking of something like jeggings or yoga pants. Dont worry, no matter how big you get, Ill never tell you that leggings are actually the best jeans for men with big thighs.

Stretch jeans are really just jeans, except they fit better and are more comfortable.

Stretch denim is made by adding a very small amount of stretch material to the denim weave .

This allows the jeans to maintain the look and durability of normal jeans but means you can still squat down, climb a tree, or even trip on your face without tearing your jeans. All of the jeans on this list have some level of stretch to them which is one of the characteristics I always look for in jeans for men with big thighs.

How Jeans Should Fit

Back in the good ol days, jeans were workwear: everyday apparel that had to be durable. How it looked was less important. That meant fits were generously cut, and jeans had to fit any body type. When blue jeans became big business and a fashion item, designers began improving the fits to get specific looks. These days, patternmakers are developing techniques and ways of sewing that create the perfect fit.

Jeans are often described as a second skin. And because we wear our jeans virtually all the time, they see their fair share of wear and tearand you usually have to shell out a good deal of cash to get into a quality pair.

Thats why youll want them to fit you well, and show off your good sides. Theres no definitive answer to how jeans should fit, but the goal is to find something that balances out your proportions and highlights your best attributes.

As a rule of thumb, you should always be able to answer yes to these two questions when youre trying on jeans:

  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • Are you convinced you look good in them?
  • With that in mind, lets take a closer look at the four tangible features you should consider when youre shopping for jeans.

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    Levis 541 Athletic Taper Jeans

    Levis 541 jeans are the OG of athletic fit jeans. Years after pioneering Athletic fit jeans, they still hold up as one of the best jeans for muscular thighs. Their longevity in the ever-changing fashion-world should speak for itself. Levi always offers quality.

    With stretch denim and a tapered cut, these jeans provide a relaxed feel and a tailored look. These days, they come in various colors as well, so you have your pick.

    Leviâs is widely recognized as one of the best denim brands for a reason. These are definitely worth a try.

    Should I Wear Jeans Over Or Under My Belly

    The 11 Best Jeans for Guys with Big Thighs

    Under. Always under. You might think its best to squeeze your muffin top into the top of your jeans, but resist that urge! Wearing your jeans under your belly is best because you can easily camouflage your gut with a shirt or jacket. Plus, its way more comfortable to let it hang free and just cover it.

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    Wrangler Mens Classic 5

    The Wrangler Authentics Mens Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean is a classic pair of jeans that never goes out of style. With a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh, these five-pocket jeans sit at the natural waist for a comfortable fit. In addition, theyre made with durable cotton denim that will hold up over time, even though long days on the job.

    Great for long days on the job or working in the yard, this cotton jean keeps you comfortable throughout any task. It is made with breathable cotton for a timeless fit and all-day comfort and finished with a zipper fly, button waist.

    These jeans are known as the most comfortable pants for fat guys.

    Wrangler Mens Regular Fit Stretch Jean

    Do you want to be the good-looking guy she expects to see on the date? Then try Wrangler Mens Rugged Wear Regular-Fit Stretch Jean. The price-quality is mind-blowing, but giving you that handsome look is its real feature. Trending since its creation almost 70 years ago, these big guy jeans can be worn on any occasion with quite a number of shades to choose from. The rugged wear showcases the strength and durability of these jeans.

    Here are more details about these jeans:

    • Material: The Wrangler Rugged Wear jeans are made with 80% cotton and 20% denim. The material is stitched well and aims at providing soft comfortable wear for long periods.
    • Double Front: No double front is present, but the jeans stylish design is not affected by the omission of this.
    • Pockets: A stylish five-pocket design that stretches to provide mobility for big guys to place gadgets or wallets in.
    • Fit: Gives a loose feeling on the body, but provides the straight jeans/ skinny jeans look.
    • Tool Loop: Wrangler Mens Rugged Wear does not feature a tool loop, but strong loops are provided around the pocket which makes these jeans suitable for adding tool pockets.

    wrangler mens stretch jeans with flex-fit waist available at Amazon.

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    Your Jeans Shopping List

    • Comes in denim in a bunch of different washes and fabrics.

    • This classic trouser cut has a relaxed fit through the waist and thighs.

    • Is tailored through the bottom of the legs to provides a slim – not tight – fit.

    • Invest for a quality product that is fashion-forward.

    Bonus:The Graduate comes in a luxe brushed cotton in a bunch of colors. Buy a taupe, navy or gray shade to have comfortable-yet-dressier pants too.

    Adriano Goldschmied: The Everett Jean

    These look surprisingly too slim for a thick thigh, yet provide enough room for many athletic guys.

    • This 5-pocket jean is cut in a slim straight style, but with slightly more room in the waist and thigh than most skinny jeans.

    • Suitable for a slimmer athletic build

    • Opt for the super stretchy style for a chill fit you can appreciate.

    • Come in fantastic summer weights and lighter colors.

    The name says it all.

    • A roomier seat and thigh area gives way to a straight leg.

    • Accessible price-point lends to stockingup on multiple washes.

    • Cut can run a little big, with many clients taking a size down for optimum fit .

    • Colors can be a bit bleh to ensure a sophisticated style, only choose super dark indigos or black.

    Lucky Brand Men’s 221 Original Straight

    The Best Suit for Your Big Thighs Project Upgrade | GQ

    The classic jean from Lucky Brand Jeans is an essential addition to your casual, trendy style collection.

    The 221 Original Straight-leg jean, which is perfectly straight from waist to ankle, is the ultimate everyday jean that feels awesome and worn for years. These jeans have a zipper fly and a classic 5-pocket styling.

    The Lucky Brand Men’s 221 jeans are another great option for men who need a little more room in their hips and thighs.

    These jeans have a slightly tapered leg, so if you want something in between a tapered and a straight fit, then this is a great option for you.


    • Zippered fly with button close


    The 484 is a slim fit for men who prefer tailored jeans over skinny jeans. This pair has stretch and is made from Kurabo fabric, which is a supplier to Japan’s first denim brand. It’s perfect for the guy who walks or enjoys biking everywhere.

    They’re authentic denim but are also very soft and comfortable. If you didn’t think skinny jeans were for you before, this is the pair that will persuade you otherwise.

    They have more room in the thigh area, as do most of the other jeans on our list, and a tapered leg that gives them a casual feel without looking loose. Slim across the hips and thighs with a narrow design these jeans sit below the waist.


    • Perfect stretch on the body
    • They are comfortable and durable



    • They do not fade easily


    • Limited color options

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    Runner Up: Lee Performance Extreme Motion Series Slim Straight Leg Jean

    These jeans are sort of a fake outbecause they have slim in the title you might be apprehensive. But dont be- these are perfect for fat guys and big thighs.

    While these jeans do fit a little closer to your body , they are a great option for fat guys like us.

    How? Glad you asked. These super comfortable jeans feature Active Comfort denim. This unique material has all-way stretch which gives you the biggest range of movement youll find with any denim material.

    They are a mid-rise style, so not too high and not too low. The soft, yet durable material will make you feel like youre in your favorite pair of sweats, but with a uniquely polished look. The Extreme Motion waistband was made for all day comfort.

    If you have a bigger belly but thinner legs, these are perfect for you!

    But if you have big thighs, dont worry, these will still work great. You just might feel a bit snugger than if you were wearing some of the other options on our list.

    The generous leg opening may be slim, but its still plenty wide enough for boots or other big shoes.

    Make sure you pay close attention to your measurements and the size chart for these jeans. The chart is very accurate, so you want a precise measurement of your bod for the best fit.

    Check the latest price on and read more reviews on Amazon

    What I Love About Them: The entire pant is nice and stretch which is perfect for fat guys and big thighs.

    Wrangler Authentics Mens Athletic Fit Stretch Jean

    Wranglers have a reputation for being cowboy jeans or work pants, but dont let that put you off trying this pair. They feel custom-fitted because of the flexible fabric. Its made of 99% cotton, 1% spandex for plenty of breathability and just the right amount of stretch.

    Furthermore, they have an athletic fit with more room for the thighs and seat. But the legs taper at the bottom, making them resemble a skinny fit. However, the dye job makes them look permanently wrinkled and somewhat baggy in the front by the pockets. At least they dont smash the package.

    Of course, they have the usual front scoop pockets and back spade pockets with the tiny watch pocket in the front. .


    • Breathable, slightly stretchy cotton-spandex fabric
    • Roomy for the thighs and seat with tapered legs
    • Available in dark blue, light blue, charcoal, and charcoal black


    • Not truly skinny jeans, but they have slim legs that are roomy enough for big thighs
    • In each available color, the front dye job makes them appear baggy

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    Best Colors Of Jeans For Big Guys

    When it comes to choosing the best jeans for men with big thighs, color matters! So heres the quick and dirty guide for choosing a color of jeans for muscular legs.

    Black and dark denim:

    • Dark denim is more slimming than light, so if youre trying to reduce the presence of your thighs, dark is a good option.
    • The darker the denim is, the more it can be dressed up. You typically want to wear something dressier than sneakers with dark denim and always wear a belt.
    • Dark denim can be worn with a shirt tucked in and, if you really have to, a tie.
    • The only exception to the black/dark denim is dressier rule is when the jeans are faded, stone-washed, or distressed.

    Light/distressed colors:

    • Light denim is typically more casual and sporty. If you want an athletic look or you wear sneakers a lot, wear light denim.
    • Lighter jeans are a much more classic look and are easier to pair with pretty much any type of shirt. Just dont tuck that shirt in.

    When it comes down to it, you better have a couple of different colors of denim to wear. Personally, Im not a fan of blue jeans and stick with faded black jeans for everyday wear. But do what works for you!

    The Overall Lessons From Eli’s Experience:

    Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs: Our Top Picks

    Depending on how snug you like your jeans your best options are going to be either the 508s, 513s, or 501s.

    • If you’re my height and have similar proportions then you may need to find a pair of Levis in a 28 inseam. In fact, I actually had to have my 508s chopped down by 2 because of my wonky proportions. The 30 is just too long for a guy like me unless you plan to cuff, or if you like stacking your jeans.
    • The 513s and 501s have a leg opening that’s far too wide so if you decide to go with either one make sure you get the leg opening tapered.

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    Need Help Finding The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

    Denimhunters is a knowledge portal for denim enthusiasts and newcomers. Launched in 2011 as a pioneering denim blog, were a trustworthy source of denim knowledge and advice.

    Our Well-Made Essentials buying guides help you build a timeless and adaptable wardrobe of carefully crafted items thatre made to last. Start your hunt here!

    How We Picked And Tested

    We started this guide by researching hundreds of pairs of jeans, culling the list to around 50 pairs of interest from popular retailers, other reviews, and roundups. For this piece, we focused on slim jeans marketed for men, though they can be worn by people of any gender. These jeans are shaped differently than jeans that are marketed as being for women. The jeans in this guide have straight cuts extending across the leg, a narrower waist, and a wider hip. By contrast, jeans made for women generally have a narrower hip and more size variety in the waist . We think slim jeans should fit comfortablyneither too loosely nor too tightly . They should fit straight through the hip, with a narrow opening around the leg. We used the following criteria to narrow down our list even further:

    Construction: We spent time wearing each pair of jeans for a few weeks, as well as poking and prodding them to pinpoint issues like uneven stitching or flyaway threads.

    Shrinkage: We measured the dimensions of each pair of jeans, and then we washed and dried them, noting any shrinking that occurred. None of the pairs we recommended shrank notably, but it was an issue with some that we dismissed.

    Comfort: We considered how the fabric feltwhether it was coarse and rigid, or soft and smoothand how it might feel to wear all day.

    Fabric: We noted the combination of fabric used, though most of the jeans we tested were 98% or more cotton, with the remainder being elastane.

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    Dress Your Body Not Anyone Elses

    With menswear so focused on slim fit right now, it can be tempting to want to go that route to keep up with the trends.

    If you are a guy with muscular legs, though, dont do it!

    Avoid extremely slim-fitting pants, like skinny jeans, at all costs.

    If people only saw you from the waist down it would likely be fine. However, a muscular muffin top will definitely put your entire look out of proportion.

    Always go with what flatters your body type over what you are being told you should wear.

    If Youre A Style Newbie Avoid Light

    Best Jeans For Men With Big Thighs | Fran Denim Review Jeans For Muscular Men

    Light colored pants or brushed cottons are okay, but any denim in a very light shade is unlikely to flatter due to the uneven coloring from the fading.

    and you run the high risk of trying on jeans like these:

    Rather than wonder, keep it simple for now and only try dark washes or black jeans.

    Remember: the most successful, attractive men pay attention to the little details that others ignore.

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    The Best Joggers For Guys With Big Thighs

    SG Says: When it comes to the best mens joggers for big thighs, these from Nike should be your first and last stop.

    They feature an updated fit thats roomy through the thigh, with a tapered design that narrows at the knee. The overall effect is a clean, tailored look and a totally comfortable feel.

    For casual days, a great pair of joggers flatters men with larger calves and thighs because of their tapered silhouette. Just make sure you opt for a pair thats tailored, like the Nike style above, not sloppy.

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