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What Happened To Levi 505 Regular Fit Jeans

Jeans That Compare To The Original 505

Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans

If youre like so many other customers and are having a hard time adjusting to this new fit, we get it.

When you find a pair of pants that you love and consistently purchase, it can seem like an unexpected curveball when a company changes the style drastically.

However, there are a couple of Levi jeans that compare to the original 505 Regular Fit.

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With a long history of its own, Lee jeans helped to change the face of fashion. As one of the American denim pioneers, Lee also started by providing hardwearing, practical work clothes for the United States at the turn of the 19th century. By 1917, Lee claimed the title of most worn American workwear in industry from factories to railroads.

Levi 505 Regular Fit Vs Straight Fit

The main difference between Levis 505 regular fit and a 505 straight fit is that the version has a slightly tapered leg and a bigger thigh area.

Levis 505 jeans originally featured a straight fit, meaning that the overall shape of the legs from hip to ankle does not taper much and sits just a little closer to the body than a regular fit.

Today, you can also buy Levis 505 in a regular fit style. This offers more room in the hip and thigh area than the typical straight-fit style. The regular fit version also has an incrementally smaller leg opening of just 16, meaning the legs may have a slightly tapered look.

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The Complete Buying Guide To Levis Jeans: All Fits Explained

School yourself on the history, study the terminology, shop the jeans.

Welcome to Brand Breakdown, a series of comprehensive yet easy-to-digest guides to your favorite companies, with insights and information you wont find on the average About page.

In the beginning, there was one: the 501. In 1873, Levi Strauss and Co. received a patent for blue jeans reinforced with rivets and began producing stronger pants for working men. Over the past century, the brands jeans became a favorite of miners, laborers, rock stars and city-dwellers a quintessential American garment that transcended all social classes. And since the advent of the 501, Levis has created dozens of fits for its ever-growing clientele.

What Are Levis 505 Jeans

What Happened To Levis 505 Regular Fit

First released in 1967, the 505 was the first pair of Levis to feature a zipper! The 505 has its own unique flair but shares some strong similarities with the classic 501. For instance, it also sits right at the waist and has straight legs. While the 501 is called the original straight fit, the 505 gets termed a regular fit straight leg style, which sounds quite similar.

However, the 505 tends to have more space in the thighs, making the 505 jean style even better for physical labor or extensive movement. The downside to this looser cut is that you may find the 505 a bit baggy and less-than-trendy by modern fashion standards.

Of course, the zipper in place of a button also marks a big difference between the two styles!

Though not quite as revered as the 501, the 505 also has a dedicated following and has its own lengthy history by now as well.

One of the great things about the straight leg that falls from the hip through the ankle on the 505 is that it accommodates pretty much all body types. If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in a slim fit or skinny cuts, you may want to embrace the 505 with its classic, welcoming shape!

Currently, Levis continues to sell the 505 jean style for the same price as the 501. You can find the loose, practical 505 jean style in several different kinds of denim and a variety of colors.

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Men’s Levi’s 505 Regular

  • $69.50 Reg


  • This product is not eligible for coupons. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohls Cash® and Kohl’s Rewards® on this product.

Color:Shootingstar Stonewash

Be an original, in the original men’s jeans. First created in 1967, these men’s Levi’s 505 Regular stretch jeans remain as popular as ever.


  • Cut to sit at the waist
  • Extra room in the thigh falls straight to the ankle
  • Supports more sustainable cotton farming

Vintage Levis 501 Vs 505

Because good-quality Levis jeans can hold up for many years, you can sometimes find very cool vintage 501 or even 505 jeans for sale! Typically, clothing made before 1970 can be considered vintage. This means that the 1967 505 jeans really toe that line and dont quite fall into the vintage category.

The original 501 jeans certainly do, though! The best way to determine whether or not a pair of 501 jeans are vintage is to find the red brand label and look at the letters in the brand name. If you see a capital E in Levis, the pants were probably made before 1970!

One thing to keep in mind is that vintage jeans tend to fit much smaller than modern clothing does. Sizing worked differently back in the day.

If you find a pair of vintage jeans at a flea market, try wrapping the waistband around your neck, and if it reaches easily, the jeans will probably fit you. Its one of those old wives tales that usually works!

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Other Options To Consider Besides The 505 And 514 Jeans

  • Levis 501 Original Jeans As I mentioned earlier, the 501 jeans are one of iconic Levi jeans. They have a classic fit that isnt too tight, but still shows some shape. these jeans at Amazon .
  • Levis 541 Athletic-Fit Jeans The 541 jeans combine a relaxed fit with a tailored look that gives you a shaped look without an awkwardly tight fit. Similar to both the 505 and 514 jeans. these jeans at Amazon .
  • Levis 513 Mens Jeans The 513 jeans have a slim fit through the hips and a straight cut below the knee. These jeans will be a bit slimmer than the 505 and 514 jeans. these jeans at Amazon .
  • Signature Gold Label Relaxed Fit Jeans Signature is a sort of sister company to Levi . This is their popular version of a relaxed-straight jean that fits loose in the thighs, but straight below the knee just like the 505 jeans. these jeans at Amazon .
  • Levis 527 Mens Jeans These are my go-to work jeans because the leg opening is wide enough to handle work boots. Although the 514 jeans can handle some boots, if you need jeans for work, consider the 527 jeans. these jeans at Amazon .

Where to Buy the 505 and 514 Jeans?

505 Jeans

the Levi 505 jeans at Amazon . Relaxed fit in thigh with a straight cut below the knee. Runs true to size.

514 Jeans

the Levi 514 jeans at Amazon . Straight fit that in my experience fits a bit looser than the 505 jeans. Runs true to size.

Whats The Difference Between Levis 501 And 505

Levi’s 501 Original VS 505 Explained in 15 Seconds

The main difference between Levis 501 and 505 jean styles is that the 505 features a wider thigh area and has a zipper fly instead of a button. Because of these key differences, Levis 501 and 505 are not exactly the same.

That said, they do share many similarities. In some ways, the release of the 505 jean style in the 1960s celebrated Levis historys classic roots by updating the original 501 jean look.

Here is a breakdown of how these two famous kinds of jeans compare to each other.

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How Do They Fit

Fit is by far one of the most important aspects of how your clothes look, and one of the biggest differences between 550s and 505s.

All the jeans made by the Levi Strauss company fall into seven distinct categories of fit:

Skinny Fit Jeans, Slim Fit Jeans, Straight Leg Jeans, Taper Jeans, Boot Cut Jeans , Relaxed Fit Jeans and Loose Jeans.

The 550s fall into the Relaxed Fit category, while the 505s are in the slightly slimmer Straight Fit category.

To make matters slightly more confusing, the 505s are also frequently referred to as Regular Fit jeans, even though thats not one of the six categories.

The idea is that even within the broader Straight Fit category there are some variances.

For instance, the Regular Fit 505s have a slightly more relaxed style than other straight leg jeans like the 514s or or the vintage Levi 501s.

The best way to understand the difference between Levis 550 and 505 jeans is to understand the difference between their two categories: relaxed fit jeans vs regular fit jeans.

Relaxed Fit

As a general rule, relaxed fit jeans are a bit looser than regular fit, and slightly baggy, but not so much that they look disheveled or ill-fitting.

A roomier cut, they have quite a bit of extra room in the seat and down through the thigh area, where theyre wider than regular fit styles.

With relaxed fit the emphasis is placed pretty squarely on comfort theyre designed to give you plenty of room, and be easy to move around in.

Regular Fit

Leg Opening


What Are Levis 501 Jeans

Levis 501 style has a long history as the first type of jeans ever sold, way back in 1890! This classic straight-legged jean remains one of Levis most popular styles today. The 501 features sturdy denim, classic straight legs, a 16/17 leg opening, the traditional five pockets, and a button fly.

The 501 famously fits the working man and has been worn by everyone from gold miners to authentic cowboys to modern construction workers for almost 150 years.

Some elements that made Levis jeans so different from other pants include bar tacking, multiple close stitches grouped together, and rivets. Rivets, the tiny metal rivets clamped onto stress points in jeans, make the garment much stronger and more durable. Levi Strauss patented the idea of those tiny round metal rivets and used them for the first time on the 501 jeans!

As a fun fact, the five-pocket style has two pockets in the back and three in the front of the pants, including one tiny pocket that used to hold a mans pocket watch!

Over time, the width of the leg opening has varied in the 501. Todays 501 has a narrow leg opening than it used to, as the pant leg falls straight from the knee to the ankle. That said, the overall fit of this style is quite loose, with a comfortable seat and room in the thighs.

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Were Levis 505 Regular Fit Jeans Discontinued

Levis sells both the straight fit and regular fit version of its 505 styles today. It does seem that the brand temporarily discontinued the straight fit when it released the 505 regular fits, but this did not get a positive reaction. Because of that, Levis now offers straight and regular fits in its 505 styles.

You can buy these styles straight from Levis on the company website or from various sellers on Amazon or similar online sellers.

What To Wear With These Jeans

What Happened To Levis 505 Regular Fit

Because the 501 and 505 jean styles share the same high waist and loose leg opening, you can pretty much wear the same type of clothing with both kinds of jeans.

A few fashion trends you may want to pair with these pants include:

  • A classic t-shirt, left loose to hide the high waist. If you want to try to dress up these jeans, you can pair your tee with a loose-fitting, long blazer as well!
  • A hoodie for an urban and casual style. Or you can wear your favorite grubby old hoodie for a rougher, at-home look!
  • For women, you can dress up any type of jeans by pairing them with high heels.
  • Try wearing a vintage t-shirt, a leather jacket, and black boots with your 501 or 505 jeans for an out-on-the-town style.

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Are Levis 505 Dad Jeans

The Levis 505 are the epitome of dad jeans and embody the 1960s in every aspect. From rockstars, to hippies, to trend setters, this model never goes out of style and continues to come back hot on the racks.

If you are a fan of the 501s then the 505s are definitely for you. These jeans are classic bootcut paired with distressing and a relaxed fit to make any outfit more casual or add an edge to your outfit. These jeans are a classic Levis model and a definite shrink to fit fan favorite.

Levis 501 Vs 505 Womens Jeans

Levis 501 for women has all the hallmarks of the original 501 for men. It has a high waist, a button fly, and straight legs. Levis calls this style the blueprint for all other jeans in the world! If you like a classic look, you will love the Original 501 for women.

Levis sells many different types of the 501 for women, including a baggy 90s version, a stretch denim version, and a basic classic straight-legged version. While most Levis womens jeans do include some elastic, the classic version of the womens 501 style does not contain 100% cotton.

Levis 505 for women sits at the waist just like the mens version. It has straight legs with a 16.5 leg opening, as well. Overall, the 505 serves as a functional, loose pair of practical jeans for gardening or hiking. It is not one of Levis most popular styles for women because it lacks the slim or skinny silhouette a lot of jeans offer today, but the 505 will always win for the woman who wants an active lifestyle!

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Jeans Similar To Levis 501

If you find Levis traditional 501 jeans a little stiff or old-fashioned, you may want to try Levis 511 style. This much more modern version has a slim fit cut but contains more elastic, making these jeans much stretchier and easier to move in. Plus, you can rock a trendy style with the closer-fitting seat and legs in the 511.

Of course, you can also find quite similar jean styles from many other brands if you want to look outside of the world of Levis jeans. For workwear, you may want to look at brands such as Carhartt or Wrangler. For fashionable, trendy jeans, you can find a style to suit any body type from brands like the Gap to Calvin Klein to Guess to Lucky Brand.

Levi 505 Jeans Color Codes

Raw & Regular denim e501xplanation with Levi & 505 jeans

Every pair of Levis jeans has a special four-digit code that indicates the shade of dye or finishes used, and most jeans like the 505 come in various colors. You can find the color code of your Levis jeans on the care label sewn inside each pair of jeans or in the product description online.

The four-digit color code gives the company an easy shorthand to indicate the color and finish of each pair of jeans, Some of the most popular color codes you will see for the 501 and 505 jeans include 4886, meaning a dark stonewash, 0216 meaning a darker color, and 0117 for stretch denim.

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What The Levi’s Numbers Mean

All Levis jeans follow a similar naming sequence, beginning with the 501. But, the reason for the 501 designation is, as we said, a bit of a mystery. Around 1890 is when we started calling our copper-riveted waist overalls the 501, says Jonathan Cheung, the Senior Vice President of Design Innovation at Levis. The mystery surrounding the number is largely due to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that destroyed many of the companys files. The 501 was a product identification number, but we dont know the reason why it was a three-digit number beginning with five, said Cheung. So now, as an homage to the companys legacy, all Levis fits are denoted by a number: 501, 505 and 511, among others. Each number denotes a cut designed for a specific style and body type.

Throughout the 20th century, Levis also made jeans outside of the 500 series. The 200s in the 1920s and 600s in the 1960s were both designed to be more affordable. But for ease of use, this guide will only describe the fits that are made by Levis today. Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Levis Made and Crafted are not included in this guide.

Are Levi Jeans Good Quality

Although Levis are a legendary brand of jeans, they are some of the highest quality jeans out there. Not only are they good for dressy occasions, working in the rugged outdoors, they are also great to wear for sports such as skateboarding.

They were obviously not designed for that action, they are durable enough to withstand the stress of everyday wear.

Levis have actually become a must have in the skateboarding industry because they will stand the test of time and are durable enough to be work for the most extreme activities.

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