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What Jeans Are Made In The Usa

Wrangler Gets Rooted: Denim Company Rolls Out Fully American

10 Little-Known Facts About New Jeans Members

In an interview, the iconic brand explains its ambitious Made in America agenda.

The history of Wrangler blue jeans is rooted in America. The Greensboro, N.C., company first introduced its authentic western jeans to Americas cowboys in 1947 and eventually became one of the United States most popular brands.

Today, all the majorbrand blue jean companies manufacturemost of their products in foreign countries where labor costs are less prohibitive.

But Wrangler has undertaken a strategy to return to its roots by unveiling a plan to make a line of 100percent Made in America denim pants.

Appropriately, the new authentic American jeans are known as the Rooted Collection.

Wrangler has partnered with single-family farmers to produce five collections with each line of jeans branded with a different state. The Texas and Alabama jeans were available for purchase in April and jeans from Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia will hit the market in late June shortly before America celebrates its independence on July 4.

The state-specific jeans project is not only about returning some manufacturing to America. Important components of the American-grown cottonplan include conservation, soil retention, land stewardship, sustainability and helping local farmers.

What we were able to maintain is to make sure everything was made in the U.S. including the zippers, rivets and everything else.

Weve always had some manufacturing in the U.S. and we always will.

Lc King Manufacturing Co Tennessee

Founded in 1913, LC King Manufacturing Co is one of the oldest family-owned jeans factories in the United States. They still have a factory store and make their jeans on American soil using American denim.

Based in Bristol, Tennessee, they make a range of clothing from denim, cotton drill, and duck fabrics. Designed to be hard-wearing work wear, they carry jeans, overalls, and work shirts. Prices vary from around $90 to $200, depending on the garment.

The company is still owned and operated by the King family. Now in their fourth generation, they still strive to meet the standards of the founder, Landon Clayton King.

Denim Jeans Styles By All American Clothing

Denim jeans are part and parcel of the arts and pop culture of the Americans and, more so, blue jeans. With the popularization of jeans culture through Hollywood movie stars, denim jeans became a fashion symbol and a sign of youth over time. All American clothing is proud to continue the culture by producing high-quality and comfortable jeans made right here in the USA.

All American Clothing produces eight different styles of American-made jeans, including:

  • Straight leg jeans
  • Classic jeans, among many others

If youre looking for high-quality mens jeans or womens jeans that will last for years, then All American Clothing has what you’ve been looking for.

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Levis Mens 501 Original Shrink

You are made of genuine raw denim that conforms to your body. You have a one-of-a-kind fit, wear, and finish. The 501 shrink-to-fit jeans are an iconic straight fit with a distinctive button fly, sitting at the waist and being regular through the thigh with a straight leg.

There are three options for finding the correct size for shrink-to-fit jeans. Buy true to size in the waist and two sizes up in length. Wear them in the tub and leave them on to dry. If you intend to line dry your clothes, buy up to two sizes larger in length and waist.

For a traditional stiff feel, machines wash on warm and air dry. For those who prefer their denim unwashed, theres no need to size up simply hang them outside in the sun from time to time.

One thing is certainly more than 140 years after the blue jean was invented: Levis garments are beloved by the people who wear them, from presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, businesspeople to the everyday guy. Live in Levis states confidently and proudly that this best jeans made in USA is for everyone who isnt simply anybody.


  • Long lasting as per pricing
  • It gives a spectral look


  • Need to buy a larger size
  • It cannot be washed with hot water
  • The fitting is not up to mark at times

Round House Five Pocket Heavyweight Stonewashed Dungaree

Sugar Cane Denim Jeans Made in USA 1946 Reproduction

With over a century of manufacturing background, Round House has designed a variety of overalls and jeans that are made in the USA. The Shawnee, Oklahoma-based brand prides themselves in having dedication to the art of using denim.

These Five-Pocket Jeans are made from 100%, heavy weight, pre-shrunk cotton denim. It has a traditional zipper fly and every one of the 5 included pockets is extra deep, with some additional stitching and reinforcement on the back pockets. On top of that, the jeans have a relaxed fit design.

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Todd Snyder Slim Fit Made In Usa Raw Selvedge Jean

Remember the small batch denim from Todd Snyders Relaxed Fit Jeans, featured above? The same top quality handmade fabric is used in their Slim Fit Raw Selvedge Jeans, too. The raw denim can be a little snug and stiff when you first start wearing them, so be prepared for a lengthy break-in period some denim folks wait six months to a year before washing their raw denim, just to make sure it has the perfect look and feel. But since theyre not pre-washed and softened, raw denim jeans will last about twice as long as a standard pair, too.

Todd Shelton Pro Soft Darks Jeans

Todd Sheltons lightweight denim Pro Soft Darks jeans are my number one choice for summertime wearand since you can do an at-home try on to check for your best fit, theyre also one of the best pairs of jeans that you can order online. True to their name, these jeans are soft as heck and comfortable enough to lounge around the house in. But with their dark wash finish, theyre also a versatile wardrobe piece that can be dressed up or dressed down in an instant. Pair it with a white tee and sandals for casual get-togethers, or go for your nicest boots and a button down to up your style quotient.

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American Giant Dakota Straight

American Giant is a brand based on the principle that keeping supply chains local is critical to the overall success of our communities. Therefore, each and every one of their products are 100% American sourced and spun, sometimes crossing the country but never leaving its shores. When it comes to the Dakota Straight jeans, youll find that they were first woven in Trion, Georgia and then flown to Los Angeles, California for the finishing touch. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and just a little bit of spandex for stretch, theyll be comfortable to wear from day one.

Lee Womens Straight Jean

STOP Wearing Your Jeans Wrong! (7 Tips For PERFECT Fit)

Since 1889, Lee has been discovering new denim improvements. The brand has a long history in fit and fashion in the United States, and it currently provides more fits, styles, finishes, features, and options than ever before. Whether youre heading out for a weekend excursion or getting ready for a day at the workplace.

These high-waisted jeans have a relaxed fit across the hip and thigh and give all-around comfort. A strong stretch fabric aids in the creation of a slimming shape and is one of the best American Made Jeans.

A thin fit of jeans with a genuine five-pocket design. Our best-selling slim-fit jean features a classic five-pocket shape appropriate for most situations. This fabric is meant to have a pleasant grip power, making it suitable for any occasion.


The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.TM Womens Shaping Bootcut jeans places equal emphasis on comfort and style. We took our vintage-inspired structure and re-engineered it with a stomach slimming built-in panel to make a lady feel comfortable and confident in her jeans.

Aside from this miraculous feature, these bootcut jeans for women also include a mid-rise waistband that sits just below the waist, a thin fit that holds its form, and a longer leg with a bootcut opening. It is considered to be listed among the best womens jeans made in the USA as of the present market.


  • Available in multiple material options
  • It comes with a five-pocket style


  • Each material has a different fitting

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Texas Jeans North Carolina

Click on the Texas Jeans website and you will immediately see their credentials. A sliding header proudly proclaims their jeans are made from American denim and are made in America.

In fact, the denim they use is woven at the Mount Vernon Mills in Georgia. Its one of the last remaining denim mills in the United States. The mill uses American cotton, making Texas Jeans one of the few makers still producing 100% American jeans within the USA.

Based in Asheboro, North Carolina, Texas Jeans are part of the Fox Apparel group, a company that also produces battle fatigues for the US military. They are a true-blue American company with the USA close to their hearts.

Texas jeans are synonymous with work wear and are affordable. Unlike other US-based jeans manufacturers, they havent gone down the designer prices road. You can currently get 2 pairs of their jeans for $99.

Raleigh Denim Workshop North Carolina

Based in North Carolina, the Raleigh Denim Workshop specializes in hand-crafted jeans made from raw denim. Youll know you have an authentic pair of Raleigh Denim jeans because all the jeans smiths sign their work on the inside of the front pocket.

Having saved and rebuilt some old jeans-making equipment, the company began as a two-person team. They made their denim pants in a small warehouse in Raleigh. They have a bigger workforce but are still working out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

You can go and visit their warehouse and watch the talented jeansmiths working on new denim pants. You can talk through the design of your jeans with one of the owners.

Victor Lytvinenko takes the time to chat with customers about their personal styles before making jeans designed specifically for them.

As youd imagine, personal service from the top man in the company comes with a price tag. This level of customer service will set you back around $5000. There is a money-back guarantee if you dont like Lytvinenkos design. So far, no one has ever asked for a refund.

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Detroit Denim Co Michigan

Working out of a small factory in Detroit, Michigan, the Detroit Denim Co makes all of their jeans within the United States. The company uses local craftspeople to custom-build your jeans by hand, using your measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Their website states they are on a mission to make the worlds most sustainable jeans. Its a promise they are taking very seriously and it starts with consumption. Unlike other manufacturers, they dont mass produce their clothing. This saves on storage and reduces the likelihood of overproduction.

Instead, they work on a per-order basis. They only start cutting the denim when an order for jeans has been received and processed. The denim they use is also sustainable. They use bankrupt stock, end-of-bolt runs, and fabric destined for landfill whenever they can.

Known as deadstock, this leftover denim is sourced from fabric warehouses within the United States. Places like the old Cone Mills plant are based in North Carolina. Before it closed in 2017, they were the supplier of denim for Levis jeans.

Custom-built, all-American jeans from the Detroit Denim Co dont come cheap, though. A pair of hand-made jeans averages at or around $300. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that they are built to be durable, so they should last for years.

Where Our Clothes Are Made

Jeans Made in USA Shopping List

All our products are made in America, and presently they are produced in Illinois, California, Texas and Kentucky. If you’re not satisfied, we have a 30-day return policy after receiving your order for a refund or an exchange.

Our Story

Our mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the USA we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities.

Give us a shot and experience the comfort of American made!


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Are Levis Jeans Made In America

The answer to this one is mostly no. Most Levis jeans are made outside of the United States. Like Lee and Wrangler, Levis moved their jeans production to other countries to reduce costs.

Youll find that Levis uses factories, labor, and resources in places like Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. The reason is simple. Raw materials and cheap labor are easier to come by, enabling the company to lessen their overheads, improve profits, and provide affordable jeans.

However, until recently, Levis had a Made in the USA collection. Based in Texas and using North Carolina denim, this was a range of 100% American-made jeans. Unfortunately, the link to the website page no longer exists, suggesting that Levis no longer carries this particular collection of denim pants.

You can still find some Levis jeans that were made in America. They tend to be vintage or second-hand. The company offers gently used and vintage Levis for sale on its website. So technically, you could say Levis still sells jeans made in the US.

Top 15 Jeans Made In Usa To Buy In 2022

Jeans are the most common form of pants in the world. You and almost everyone you know possess at least one pair. Only a handful of them, however, raises the crucial question: where did these jeans originate from? Most apparel sector workers are subjected to inhumane and deplorable working conditions. Furthermore, the low-cost, low-quality cloth contains dangerous chemicals. The whole production process has disastrous environmental repercussions. That is why it is time to transition to more sustainable apparel and the jeans made in USA. Instead of using cheap labor from a Third World nation, seek for jeans produced in the United States.

Discover and support a brands commitment to an ethical cause.This post will teach you where to begin when looking for the best and most comfortable jeans for women and men.

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Schaefer Outfitter Jeans Ranch Hand Dungaree Original Fit

Schaefer Outfitter is a brand that prides itself in making Americas Finest Ranchwear. By being one of the last bastions of ranchwear that is designed and made in America, Schaefer has earned a fair share of lifelong customers.

These made in USA Ranch Hand Dungarees are one of Schaefers most popular items, made completely from 14.5 ounce cotton denim. The high quality denim is even produced in West Texas! The jeans feature reinforced outseams, a double stitched waistband and rear pockets, and rivets in the pockets. The jeans waist sits above the waist and flare at the bottom, so theyre cowboy boot friendly.

Jeans Made In The Usa


Jeans are a staple of every closet around America, and there is so much to consider when buying each pair! There are dozens of styles, colors, and fits that are different from brand to brand. We did the research to find the manufacturers that are making jeans right here in the USA. Check out our full list below.

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Laying A Foundation For Sustainability

A copious amount of research and development went into the Rooted Collection project before the first pair of jeans were sold. Wrangler representatives met with many farming experts to learn the secrets of growing a healthy, eco-friendly product and is now sharing the information with cotton farmers who will be future suppliers in creating allAmerican denim.

Each cotton grower must use effective crop rotation that requires at least three different crops grown on the farm over a fiveyear period.

Its all about the soil. Rotating crops creates fertile soil, said Atwood. Soil and land stewardship are at the epicenter of this program. Rotation is one key component. So is the use of cover crops which is a non-cash crop on the field in the offseason to keep soils intact. If you just plow over the field in the fall time and have no cover, no vegetation on it, what happens is you have wind and rain that washes away the fertile soil. You lose a lot of those micro-organisms. They are also destroyed by light and UV rays.

The third requirement isconservation tillage or precision planting. Instead of opening up all of the soil you just open a small six-inch strip that is elegantly plowed up and then they drop a skin in it and then the patch folds back over. It actually acts as a vegetation mat. It actually prevents weeds from growing up.

Wrangler jeans were originally built with the cowboy in mind and considers the rugged west part of its core identity.

Stovall & Young The Young Copper

Like all great business ventures, Stovall & Young started with a pair of best friends and a dream. However, Sean Patrick Stovall and Chris Young werent after some innovative new product or fleeting fashion trend rather, they just wanted clothing that was made as it was advertised on the label. In practice, this means that this pair of jeans are exactly as they appear, with some Greensboro-sourced White Oak Cone raw denim, a leather patch made in Portland, and a final construction in San Francisco. To put it another way these arent just American-made theyre a true interstate effort.

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